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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: yetigoosemonster ()
Date: June 13, 2007 06:29PM

Hi Che,
Thanks for your bravery forcoming on this sight! I have been praying for all of you in KCF that Gods love would break through to you all... Once God has opened your eyes to the truth no man can close them... I know God is stronger than the forces that run and control KCF so fear not. Dont be paranoid Cheryl is not omnipresent but God is . He has sent his angels to you to guard you and protect you....
Know that we love you and are praying for you...

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: bruisednotbroken ()
Date: June 13, 2007 06:52PM

Some of the folk who have posted on this site may have already worked out who I name is Jacquie. I have been operating out of a position of fear and severe depression since leaving KCF....and I feel I must disclose my identity so that the fear I have towards Kirkby (the place!), KCF and it's members and leaders can be broken. This decision to disclose my identity is difficult for me and yet I feel it is right to do so.

I am extremely upset that the posters on this forum are not believed. We have all been exposed to the truth that is KCF....and the realization of that truth has indeed set us free.

Scripture says that "If Christ sets you free, you are free indeed." I believe I did hear from God on my last night in the fellowship....following a very manipulative prophecy given at the meeting, and tied in with other experiences I had had in the fellowship, I experienced one direct word from God. And what was that word? That word was "RUN"....and that I did. I have thanked God since that day that the freedom Christ brings is not a restrictive, confining, manipulative nor fearful one.

I am not bitter towards anyone in KCF....I am very mindful that no one can point out the wrongs to the membership or the leadership there, except that God speaks to their hearts directly. And He will.....I pray that day comes quickly.

So, from here on in....I will be signing every post I make...I might be uneasy/afraid....but I'll do it afraid....and I will be free.


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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: yetigoosemonster ()
Date: June 13, 2007 06:57PM

I appreciate that you see no wrong in KCF...
But that does not make the people on this sight liars.
I and the other people on this sight have shared their stories and we only have one story. I love Bill Turner and he was the onbe saving grace about KCF. He has prayed for me through the years and has a God Given ministry and is a good and kind man , and I love him very much...
Many of the things that have been shared on this sight have been done in secret. Imagine what it is like to be told a member of your family has sexually abused you that is why you are so emotionally damaged...
To be vulnerable enough to believe it even though you dont have any memories of it. To lose 20 years of your life because of this to breakdowns and depression. Many people in Kcf have been told their Fathers sexually abused them when it is not true. Many cant make ammends to family members now because they are dead. This is nothing but evil . Only you members in KCF know the truth. I know of 2 people apart from myself who were told this also that their mothers are evil manipulative and practising witchcraft. This is not true either but these are the strategies the Doyles have used over the years. There are also many more horror stories yet to be told.As people are allowed to tell the truth on this sight they will get free from the lies that have enchained them all these years. It sis a fact that children were interviewed in the sunday school without their parents consent and knowledge, made to point to a doll and say if anyone in their family had touched them... This is a fact....
Celtic Harp would you be happy if your kids were interviewed in this manner without your knowledge or consent????
There is no smoke without fire...
I believe that the community in Kirkby are discussing what goes on in KCF and there are worse very shocking revelations to come about the inhabitants of 69 Kennelwood Avenue....

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: yetigoosemonster ()
Date: June 13, 2007 07:05PM

In case you are wondering who Celtic Harp is this is their post in a locked forum. I await your comments....

Posted: 06-12-2007 09:12 AM Post subject: Another point of

view.RE:Kirkby Christian fellowship


please any true reserchers out there?i am a former member of this church and knew the leaders nt good at prose but hope my post can be understood...i was very ill self harm and deppression for years..i attended this fellowship for 2 years,durin this time i found the ministry i recieved in order with the gospel or i would have walked.on no occasion cause i was vunarable did i see any manipulation goin on,or felt usafe in anyway..their was no doubt in my mind that the holy spirit was with these people and i enjoyed all the brain washing or spooky castle stuff..just a church that was loving in every respect.i also met bill turner and found his sermons to be okay...i have read loads of stuff on line about the church and it is not true! i left the church due to a house move...on no occasion was my own judjment taken off me,or was i bible bashed...plz get a informed opinnion and truth in future as to the activitys of this is not as liverpool writter states..and i im my own person,nt a yes person.....and i have had mental shocked at all the stuff on are welcom to e.mail me for a proper informed opinnion..even better go to the church yerself....

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: dragonflyer ()
Date: June 13, 2007 11:06PM

Che thank you so much for your post ,i knew there would be some sensitive souls left at kcf.I think you are very brave,thank you and the others for your prayers.

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: June 14, 2007 02:32AM

Dear Che.

It is indeed very brave of you to write what you have on this forum.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths

It only takes a small pebbble to start an avalanche.

My regards
David Anderson (free for Jesus)

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: June 14, 2007 03:20AM

Hi all
I am so happy that people like che and 911 are leaving posts on this site. I have both of you in my thoughts.
David is right, it only takes a small pebble to start an avalanche. I think you are both very brave.

Yeti. I did read the post on the locked forum.
I am just relieved that the person got to move house before any damage happened. I suppose we have to accept that not everyone has had a negative experience in the fellowship. I don't know how long it has been since Billy T was part of th fellowship if that is the right way to put it. But I believe the fellowship was a different place then.

Jacquie. I think giving up your anonimity is good. It puts a face to the abuse you have suffered so those who know you from the fellowship will be able to put a face to a story and that makes it harder to ignore. I hope you know what I mean by that. Now you truly are free.

Love to you all
Trina xxx

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Celticharp ()
Date: June 16, 2007 12:34AM

Cant believe you lot,i can remember the days when you could not say enough praise for the fellowship..what i know is this?you would have shown more love if a spirit of reconciliation would have been fosterd among you where runnin a good race?whom spoilt things for ye.
Also in relation to knowledge on the fellowship,my family have been members for years..and i have a wealth of insight..i knw you lot too! and i knw your reasons for leaving..its sad.but Kirkby christian fellowship is nt a cult..i love all of ye..David and cherl,are nt weidos..plz dont insult them.
Is this site a family affair? hmmm.

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 16, 2007 12:58AM


Please keep in mind that personal attacks here are against the rules you agree to before posting.

What do you see as the checks and balances within Kirby Fellowship?

Is Cheryl responsible to an elected board? Could she be fired?

Have you ever seen a detailed report about the fellowship's finances, which specifically states Cheryl's salary and compensation?

Has Cheryl ever done anything that has drawn your concern?

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: June 16, 2007 01:10AM

Dear Celtic Harp.
Let me answer some of your points you have raised.

Reconciliation. We tried for years to get reconciliation with the leadership, we have proof of letters/cards signed statments from good honest respectable people. It was all ignored by the Doyles,

A Wealth on insight to the Fellowship, Big deal, I was there 16 years my wife 22 years we were both in leadership (for what it was worth) at various times throughout.

Yes there was times we could'nt speak highly enough of the fellowship, I am not ashamed to admit this. What i am ashamed to admit, is that i saw abusive behaviour within the fellowship and condoned it, thinking, wrongly, this was the way God operates, it wasn't and never will be.

A Family affair I know quite a few of the folk on this site, some are relatives Hannah is my daughter, Katrina and Beccy are my nieces. What's your point?

You will look on your comments in the not too distant future and be ashamed of what you have posted.

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