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OneTaste, Nicole Daedone - Victor Baranco, sex work, sex currency
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 06, 2008 09:52AM


Nicole Daedone attended More University and also "Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste Urban Retreat Center and the Insight Institute's Sensual Research Center"

but according to Robert Kandell
"She has spent the last seven years devoting her energy to the work of Dr. Victor Baranco, founder of More University".

Notice how her partner Robert Kandell posted in 2006 that Nicole Daedone studied Vic Baranco for 7 years, yet now her people are saying she only took a few courses? She spent 7 YEARS copying the methods of Victor Baranco!

one other thing to be looked into are these sex groups ideas about "sex work".
That is, sexual activities in exchange for money, or barter.

It does appear that some sexuality based groups in this area approve and encourage of the exchange of sex for money or its equivalent.
Of course, they have to be careful about how this is presented to the public, and may say one thing publically, but the opposite thing to their own members internally, and over a period of time indocrinate them along the lines of Flirty Fishing []

Of course, a more current method would be to present this type of sex work as being about "freedom and empowerment" or sex-therapy, etc.

Victor Baranco, according to these news articles engaged using a "sex currency".

Academy of Carnal Knowledge / Lafayette's More University class gave students 'sex currency';
Dan Reed, Chronicle Correspondent
San Francisco Chronicle 06-17-1992

More University, the Lafayette sensuality school that is battling neighbors over its homeless encampment, offered a unique course in carnal knowledge in which "More currency" was exchanged for sexual favors with others, according to former students.
Allan Steele, a Florida hypnotherapist, complained in April to the state agency that oversees private universities that the university leaders coerced students into prostitution and provided LSD and other illegal drugs.
Others associated with the school, however, have confirmed Steele's allegations about a "Technicians Program," a class in which those affiliated with the university may use "More currency" to hire students for sex.


Although Steele objected to the Technicians Program as being coercive, others who have participated in it offered praise.
"It was fun," said Pamela Breidenfield, a former student at the Lafayette campus. "Vic said it was an excuse to make out with people," she said, referring to Victor Baranco, the school's guiding spirit.
"Part of the course was, you could make dates, or sell `tricks' -- you could call it anything you wanted," she said in a telephone interview. "You could do it with people taking the course or people not taking the course."
Former students of More said the scrip was once old Pall Mall cigaret packs embossed with the university seal. It now resembles Monopoly money and is called "Karma Molecules." Initially, the scrip could be purchased with cash or earned by helping with the university's affiliated charity programs.

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Victor Baranco, Trellis House, Marc Beneteau, Cuddle Parties
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 06, 2008 10:31AM

There are also links to these Cuddle Parties, which are also being used by other Landmark grads as a way to find new 'marks'. a Cuddle Party is a Mark Group, which is a way to have an intro meeting to look for new recruits aka 'marks'.


also, Trellis House is not a passive group. They are constantly recruiting. They have a Mark Group coming up.

Notice the deceptive presentation.
Too bad they don't include the Victor Baranco definition of a Mark Group, that is, like a carnival barker looking for 'marks'.

Mark Group in Merion Station
Friday, November 07 2008, 7:30pm - 10:30pm

A Mark Group is an interesting three-hour evening designed for meeting people and having fun. Participants can get to know people from many walks of life in a relatively short time, in a safe and controlled environment. The group is an elementary laboratory in communication. The format includes structured games that make it possible for people to give and receive attention. A Mark Group is an enjoyable evening of surprising intimacy including an unstructured break with refreshments for less than the price of a movie and popcorn! Comittment to a Mark Group is "$10 or whatever".

Hosts: Elissa & Parker. Led by Marc Beneteau and Joanna Barr.

*** South Highland Avenue
Merion Station, PA 19066
Call Elissa at 215-****for directions.

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Victor Baranco, Robert Kandell blog, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 09, 2008 04:36AM

For all the enquiring minds out there, the co-founder of OneTaste Urban Retreat Center, Robert Kandell has a blog.

Robert Kandell’s Blog

Ladies, start your engines...The Ladies Man is back.
But other than lists of his sexual conquests of the ladies by initial, and angst about going to sex parties, there is some info about OneTaste.
It seems there is some trouble in paradise, people quitting, and the numbers seem to be shrinking a lot. There is even some info in there about shutting down the OneTaste Warehouse.

"Reports of challenges in San Francisco filter into my cell phone. I hear of enemies, those who were once so loyal, inside our gate calling us names and running their bullshit, conspiracy theories coming from the tall one, lewd comments from the hustler after an om with the sweet new student, the stroker who sleeps in, and many more."

He speaks about a "generous friend rented the Stinson house again".
hmm, who's this person who appears to be propping OneTaste up financially? Who is the moneybags?
Who is behind OneTaste financially, who's the investor or silent partner? (take a wild freaking guess...)

He reveals some of his LGAT seminar technique, when he says...
"We simply blast them with love and approval to the point that they don’t know what to do."
"The communication course is almost over and I’m looking out at the 10 participants and they looked stoned. I mean really, really stoned."

hey, asshole, that is called LOVE-BOMBING, and Trance induction, and maybe its not so smart to brag about what you do to people?
When someone tells "N" you are revealing the Tech, momma ain't gonna be too happy.

See how these guys think? They are smugly proud they can take people off the street and LOVE-BOMB the shit out of them. (search Google for Love Bomb, Love Bombing cult, etc)
Thanks a lot to Victor Baranco and Co.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse
Posted by: Fred ()
Date: November 22, 2008 03:14AM

In about 1980 or 1981, I spent about three months as a "student" at More U in Oakland, at their big purple house at 69 Hamilton Street (I don't know if they still have it) they used as a purgatory for "waywards" who hadn't behaved according to their rules at Lafayette, or who had simply displeased Victor Baranco. I also visited their Lafayette location once, possibly twice, and people who lived at Lafayette visited the Oakland house occasionally, but not often. I never met Victor Baranco or his wife. My memory on the specific year I was there is hazy, since I didn't like them well enough to take the time to remember the year accurately. I know nothing of their activities after that point, but the description of More U in Anticult's post, citing the 1994 article by K.L Billingsley, was very accurate, since that's how they were even in 1980. I'm somewhat surprised that, as of the time of Billingsley's article, 1994, they were still holding the same classes on the same topics, using the same terminology, and I'm even more surprised they're still doing things largely the same way (maybe now without the oppressive hand of Victor Baranco--don't know what kind of control his wife currently wields over members), but I guess they found a format that was still working well enough for them; or, they were/are stagnant, or both.

My 1980 impression of More U, was that it was run by a bunch of opportunistic libertines, people who genuinely liked sex (within the bounds of many rules, some of which struck me as somewhat naïve, limited, unnecessary, obtrusive, goofy, etc. at times), wanted other people to like sex (but within their mindset of what sex entailed, both physically and mentally), wanted to teach some sex techniques that, among other things, involved respecting the needs of one's partners, clear communication, were sometimes playful, etc.--but they also wanted some not-small amount of control over member's minds and time, wanted to charge exorbitant amounts of money for some of their classes, institutionalized theft and lying (in fact, they taught a course in theft--"steal something from a friend, and see how long it takes for them to notice"; they stole a number of things from me, and denied it even when I presented proof; I later learned they had some kind of formal recognition of the old "possession is nine-tenths of the law" concept), used various obnoxious techniques to keep people in line, including restricting privileges, ridicule, etc., and too often had a generally unpleasant, intrusive, fascist, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, and paranoid streak, while trying to put a happy face on it. I was once asked, only half-humorously, by the head of the household if I was a "spy", which puzzled me at the time--I'd just decided to check them out since I'd read about them in Playboy some years prior, and I couldn't imagine at the time who might want to spy on them. I think the "spy" suspicion came from their not being able to figure out why I held back to some degree, instead of immediately buying their line.

I was dismayed at the way in which the More U people hung on Victor's every word, walking on tiptoe to avoid displeasing him in the slightest way (which, from what I heard, could literally mean bringing him a glass the "wrong" color), which could mean temporary banishment from Lafayette to the Oakland purgatory. Maybe things are more reasonable now at Lafayette, now that Victor has died.

I never saw any evidence of violence, BDSM, child pornography, etc., but then again, I spent only part of a day or two at Lafayette, and the Oakland house was somewhat open to the public. But BDSM and violence were definitely not part of More U's curriculum at the time, and I suspect not even any "higher-level" curriculum, though apparently that's changed, at least at one offshoot, as Anticult points out. I wouldn't be surprised if individual members practiced some BDSM in private, but it wasn't part of the general culture of the organization. But as far as power/control/dominance/submission issues go, it was always clear that if you wanted to be a member of More U (as opposed to someone who just took a few classes and left), that you were expected to kowtow to their power structure, so power/control issues existed apart from sexual practices. One of the organization's genuine goals was to create common sexual ground amongst its members, but that didn't extend into total control--I saw people whose sexuality involved shyness in some, lascivious in others, businesslike attitudes in others--you name it--without an attempt at whittling down these differences, except as they might have interfered with free expression, loyalty to Victor, trying to "stand out" too much (perceived as a potential threat to the power structure?), etc. I did see one woman living in the Oakland house treated in a somewhat demeaning fashion, but it seemed to go no farther than to treat her as a kind of black sheep for some kind of past misbehavior, for which she could redeem herself by not being so "willful" (which struck me as meaning she had a few ideas of her own). She and the others sometimes had a sense of humor about it.

The higher-ups I met, felt obligated to live by the same rules as anyone else in the organization--I remember stumbling on two of them engaging in "dutiful" mutual stimulation, performed in a fashion I could recognize as being what everyone was expected to do. So hypocrisy wasn't the general rule, though I don't know how far up that extended.

I can confirm one of Baranco's original goals really does seem to have been to extend the female orgasm, since that came up now and then. A house meeting at which two women, I think from Lafayette, attended, was partly intended to use these two women as an example of what women could do for themselves--keep themselves in a state of sexual stimulation for extended periods of time, without actually masturbating physically. As they sat on chairs in front of the house group, they said they were experiencing orgasm. How they managed that, they didn't say--I gathered you had to spend more money to find out. One woman I was involved with, preferred to be stimulated for quite some time, to the point of making my arm sore. I don't remember the same courtesy being extended to the men, but maybe I didn't ask properly. At one point while living at the Oakland house, the house leader felt (or Victor may have decided) that some people in the house (including me) weren't having enough sex, and so the "bare minimum" was laid down--the people living there had to experience at least one orgasm a week. If they didn't have a sex partner, then they'd have to agree to a "monitored cum", which of course meant someone watching while you masturbated. That one didn't go over entirely well, and didn't last, since regardless of the "sex commune" aspect, not everyone could always consistently get someone else to consent to sex even once a week, and few people wanted to masturbate while someone watched.

As to the "More Philosophy" that "people are right the way they are"--nope, they didn't believe that. They believed in trying to mold people to their way of seeing things. And their interest in sex, though seemingly sincere, wasn't just to "bring it out into the open"--it was also used as bait to get more new people to take classes, in order for the house to make money, and more workers for their point of view, and possibly to get new people to give More U even more money and property beyond the class fees. Granted, sex and classes on it, was their openly avowed vocation, so this is understandable to a certain extent. But the mention of "anti-materialism" in the Wikipedia entry for "Lafayette Morehouse" is laughable--it means you give your money and possessions to the group, and by extension to Victor Baranco, or whoever runs the outfit now. Often they were busy and organized at attending to all of this, and occasionally they were disorganized and lazy--it varied, as with most other people. The whole organization had a whiff of the indoctrination shenanigans in "Fight Club", but with sex substituting for the fight--not entirely better, since they were still intent on indoctrinating people. When I was there, they had a large and semi-consistent set of beliefs, which sometimes seemed semi-reasonable, but still with so many self-serving inconsistencies and lack of desire to be in touch with facts, that I had to leave. The parting was mutual. Overall, they struck me as a wannabe est (but with only faint whiffs of Scientology--thank god no e-meters, engrams, or Zenu), but since some small amount of sense regarding sex and even affection was included in their belief system, that seemed to soften them, and might have been part of the reason they didn't mount a stronger effort to hoodwink more people. As for "responsible hedonism", they always seemed to be caught between the desire to be responsible, and the desire to break free of responsibilities, never really pinning down successfully the balance of what "straight" responsibilities were really appropriate to retain, and which were unnecessary cultural baggage, and so they sometimes veered into behavior that any sane person would see as irresponsible, if not worse.

I met a few genuinely intelligent, empathetic, and idealistic people at More U; I think some of them dated close to More's establishment. The character of these individuals always seemed to be a bad fit to the rest of the organization, giving me the impression that Victor Baranco had it more together in the organization's early days, and that the paranoia, weirdness, games, etc. set in some time after that, but some of the old-timers had stuck around. I know some (most?) of them admired much about him, but maybe they're easier-going now that he's gone.

I also got the impression, in my brief time there, that More U classes run by people not under the direct gaze of Baranco, in other parts of California and in other states, stood a better chance of sticking to Baranco's basic ideas, and not becoming too fascist (though any amount of that's not good). I decided the best thing to do, for anyone who was interested, was to take a few of the lower-cost classes, and then leave, so as not to become part of Baranco's organization, and to allow them to retain and grow their abilities to live in the "real world", but with their alternative ideas, so that they could hold other beliefs not sanctioned by Baranco.

Their nonprofit branch, Turn On To America, seemed to be a genuine effort to gather food, etc. and give it to the needy--they seemed genuinely happy to be doing this. They also used some of the food, etc. they got from TOTA, themselves, but from what I could see, only a relatively small amount of it, though I have no real way of knowing how they divided things up. But as Anticult says, "It's good PR, it's good recruiting, it makes them feel good. They get great tax-benefits, as Vic Baranco knew, which he exploited as detailed above."

The term "mark groups" always annoyed me, and I think that's part of the reason they use the name--it's an "in" joke that they can immediately share with you, and also makes them seem honest, by "admitting" they're treating new people as marks. But it's really a case of hiding something tacky (or worse) in plain sight.

Though I didn't see some of the more sleazy things at More U, etc. that some people have seen (what I saw was sleazy enough), I wouldn't put it past them. I also became suspicious (maybe or maybe not rightly so) as to the reasons for their emphasis on orgasm--was it a genuine, but misguided infatuation with orgasm, or merely a ploy to gain more marks, or was it for something sinister? I don't know, but the overall atmosphere at times was way too orgasm-centric, as if they were trying to turn the human race into bonobo monkeys without thinking through whether that was a good idea.

On the whole, my three-month exposure to More U brought me into general agreement with what Anticult says: "It can be a very dangerous and toxic brew to mix money profit-making, with cultic recruiting methods, LGAT's, live-in sex communes for profit, deceptive advertising, videotaping, unlicensed sex therapy, BDSM, and all the rest of it." I wouldn't begrudge anyone a strong interest in sex, and in trying to work out good communication, but not when it's being sold by a group that's saddled with so much nonsense too. Believe me, they are NOT some free-love group that you can simply join and experience things as you hope them to be--you'll be expected to adhere to a new, strict, fairly large, and often sleazy set of beliefs, or you won't be allowed to be part of it. Or at least that's how it was in 1980, and it seems there's still a lot of that involved. When I first entered More U, I wanted to remain a part of the larger world, while still being part of More, but they didn't like that--they preferred their members to be insular, apart from the world, making forays into it to gather more marks--so I chose the larger world instead of their subset of it, even though they'd like to claim the larger world was lesser than their world. So they'd like to believe.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 24, 2008 01:56AM

Fred, thx for the enlightening post. I hope everyone takes the time to read the excellent post right above this one!

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Robert Kandell, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone, funded by Reese Jones?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 22, 2008 01:21PM

A little bird has dropped some info about OneTaste and Robert Kandell, and who may be the moneybags behind the scenes.
of course, at this moment its not proven, but it could be researched.

word is that money for the Stinson house

and the Onetaste NYC expansion came from someone named REESE JONES.
(founder of Netopia (sold to Motorola), board member of Chabot, and limited partner in the Telesoft and August Capital venture funds)

There appears to be a connection to Daedone here.

It would be interesting to see if Reese Jones has any connection to Victor Baranco, or More University, or anything along those lines going back into the past.

One a side-note, Robert Kandell’s Blog, from OneTaste, []
which had some info about the generous friend who is financing OneTaste, has now been HIDDEN from the general public. Why? Why now?
There is some disturbing stuff on that blog, even when its all SANITIZED with OneTaste doublespeak innuendo, and with Robert Kandell promoting the hell out of the new OneTaste "residency".
Here are a few excerpts before they are DISAPPEARED forever.

Day 103: The man behind the barDecember 4, 2008 at 2:56 pm
Speaking of P2, we completed day 3 of our OMing experiment. She made the commitment to come in and have one to see what happens. I realize that it is very different seeing her during the day but no less sensational. She pulls of her trousers (in a British accent) and her striped knee socks catch my attention. The awkwardness between us is starting to dissolve into a solid friendship. I like this transition and yet realize that I am also a little addicted to the power of that awkward feeling. In the smoothing out of our edges, energy decreases because I used that unfamiliarity as a source of humor. I prefer the smooth side of things. Each OM is getting more powerful and in today’s I felt this beach ball of energy in the middle for a moment or two. It wasn’t hot or erotic but simply energetic. I asked her how she felt in that moment but even though I got a silent reply, I knew that we were feeling the same thing. This practice never ceases to amaze me.

In my first OM with R6 later that night, it was a different story. We are also shy and awkward but we dive past that and am soon in a wild ride. Her hand comes up and grips my leg and I can feel all that energy and desire inside of her. Afterwards, she expresses that she feels simply, “open” and in that moment, I feel so connected to her and why we do what we do.

Later, I’m sitting on the couch with B and J for IN Group. The reporter was suppose to come to watch us and I remember feeling stage fright when I thought of her being there. She cancels midday, whew, and it is just back to the fun of it. B knocks them out with yet another hilarious opening lecture. I am sitting next to her and my stomach is starting to hurt as I watch in wonder of her skill. She is simply amazing by including the beauty of OneTaste, making people feel comfortable, and translating all the inside jokes for the new folks. “We have the formula…” It was one of the most enjoyable groups I’ve ever attended.

As soon as the group ends, I yell for E2 and we go downstairs for him to sign up for membership. Our friendship of a few months is starting to expand and I boss him around grabbing his credit card and having him fill out the form. I am already starting to feel the extent of our older/younger brother dynamic start to evolve. I realize that I’m personally invested in his opening and his experience at OneTaste. R6 sits down as a I finish the registration in record time and fly out the door to show E3 the residency. She and I have circled each other like cats since we met and I show her around. Her boyfriend’s room is next to mine and I tell her that I am looking forward to seeing her. We flirt in that subterraneous manner.

The full day ends with coaching young master T back in Russ Street. I tell him that I see in a man that does not want to own a woman but to serve one. His identity is in question as I make the suggestion that it is serving of people that true pleasure arises. His eyes squint at the viewpoint but then I can see that it starts to ring true in his body.

Day 102: Blade of TruthDecember 3, 2008 at 6:24 am ·

I am walking R6 through the new residency tonight and the turn-on is growing in my body. We’ve been flirting recently bringing to the surface that has, from my perspective, been there from the first time we’ve met. “How much are the rooms” she asks in an abstract-it really doesn’t matter kind of way. I smile.

It has been like this all week and I’m loving it. I find myself playing tour guide at least three times a day showing off my pride and joy. They all squint their eyes at the disarray of the lobby. I can almost hear the voices in their head. “What a dump”. I then walk them through the imaginary lobby and sitting room, through the soon-to-erected double French doors into our beautiful imaginary course room and they look around with wonder. They can see it. They can see how incredible this place is going to be. I take them to the raw second floor and they can see the work we’ve been doing. I then take them to the top of the third floor and they see the new carpet. I can see that’s where they really can FEEL the place they are walking through.

R6 stops at the top of the stairs and looks at me with her best Liv Tyler impression. Her hat doesn’t hide her smile or her thoughts. “This place is going to fill up before you know it” she says. I think again that this project is filling me up in ways I didn’t expect. It is forcing me to deal with people and really feel them through these transitions. It has forced me out of my natural shyness into the role of tour guide.

Some part of me is starting to think that I’m getting a little compulsive around the residency. I almost cried when the painters came back to do the lower third of the building. Bye-bye mural, hello, chocolate colored exterior. I see a mock-up of our new bed frames made of ¾” steel pipe and almost feel like a kid at Christmas. Seeing our old friend fixing the lights and fans for the shower rooms brings tears to my eyes. I think this is getting out of hand.

We had a rather intense and energetic business meeting. N was back in our samurai form cutting through the bullshit with her long katana sword of truth. I watch B step as a new leader and I’m reminded of a meeting 18 months ago where she was elected by the community to run the center. I was in NY at the time supporting a course but getting frequent updates on the blackberry. People ask what’s different about OneTaste and I think that it’s these types of interactions that makes us special. It doesn’t matter who does what, whoever is willing to stand up and speak the truth is the leader in the moment. B stands up and runs what she sees and her anger and venom fills my body with a strange vibration. It is sort of being really close to getting into a car accident on the freeway at high speeds where there is an edge of turn-on intermixed with rampart fear. She cools down a bit and the meeting continues and we get down to the brass tacks of things. The question is simply: Are you willing to be here fully and say what you do and do what you say? I can feel in my body when people aren’t believing what they are saying and just saying what they think we want to hear.

When asked if there is anything that I want to say, I simply say “I love what I’m doing” it lands. And then I express that this construction project will end around early February and that I want to be sure that I have my next project lined up. The thought in my head at that moment is: “I can do anything I want here”. I wonder what it would be like to live from that perspective that I could create my next project to be anything that I wanted. I have no idea what that would be but the freedom of it turns me on.

The meeting goes on for an hour and in the end there is clarity in the room. I leave and head to my favorite Pho place to meet KB. I sit and we quickly get into it on how he wants to play in the OneTaste world. I love these kind of talks where it is just straight gut thoughts without the fear of repercussions. I realize that friends like these are few and far in between. I feel that I can just talk without thinking with him and it seems that my truth-telling inspires him as well. We accomplish in an hour what should take several and I head back to the center.

Well, off to P2’s house for our daily OM. She has agreed to have an OM 1x/day for the 31 days of Christmas and its been an interesting experience so far.


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Re: Robert Kandell, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone, predatory hunting
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 22, 2008 01:56PM

Its interesting on the now "secret" Robert Kandell blog, he talks about how his relationship with his own father has gone down the crapper due to OneTaste.
There does not seem to be any sense that Kandell might even consider that the criticism he is getting from his family is valid. His own family appears to be telling him that what he is doing is so wrong, they don't want anything to do with him?

There is an extremely predatory structure to the stories on that blog...young women constantly being groomed and listed as endless numbered notches on the bedpost...(like R6, and other numbered people)

At OneTaste, they are using the cultish recruiting techniques and methods developed by Victor Baranco and others, and they are using them on primarily young women, a very typical pattern.

So now, when they get negative feedback from socialized family members and the general public, they have to go into hiding, and make it secret.
Then only expose the sanitized, white-washed deception to the public.

Its more than ironic that Robert Kandell and the other OneTaste people constantly talk about HONESTY, yet their blogs and websites are profoundly dishonest and deceptive, using sexual innuendo, and certainly not telling it like it is.
If there were truly honest, then most people have a reaction like his own family, revulsion.
So they have to disguise what is really going on, and present a false image to the public.

There is an enormous amount of deception and sleaze surrounding OneTaste.
Stay far away, they are on the HUNT to fill up their new building. The whole thing is extremely predatory.

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Re: Robert Kandell, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone, YELP reviews
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 22, 2008 02:38PM

and more YELP reviews are coming in, and other than the reviews obviously planted by OneTaste members, they are not flattering. Some recent reviews point out some of the techniques being used by OneTaste.

In review #2, a person comments how they were able to see through the typical recruiting technique of looking for people with LOW-SELF-WORTH by criticizing them to make them feel bad, and then Love-Bombing them right after. Very standard method.

Review #1 shows the result of the mental repatterning that OneTaste is doing on people.
Its blatant stuff.

38 Reviews for OneTaste Urban Retreat Center
...all's I know is that a friend of mine has been going there for a few months and she started acting really weird. Didn't talk like herself anymore, acted all chirpy and cheerful, and even when she was looking me deep in the eyes, she looked really vacant. Known her a long time and I have never seen her anything but genuine. Also, like I said, she keeps repeating these phrases over and over again that don't sound like things she would say at all. I don't know, but based on some of the reviews here, I'm starting to wonder if I should intervene,
I went to their Ingroup tonight for the first time, and although I see what they're trying to do, I left with a bad taste in my mouth. It was my first time there, and during the last exercise one of the group leaders shared that originally she found me harsh, but after hearing me share, she decided she could see the real me or something and decided I wasn't so bad after all.


Turns out I am so bad because I'm writing them a crappy review.

also, a good comment from a blog that is promoting OneTaste...

Be careful there at One Taste. They specifically prey on women like you: open, spiritually seeking, vulnerable and influenceable. Stick with your program at JFK and find and keep real teachers. True spiritual teachers don’t have agendas. Nicole Deadone has agendas and uses people to accomplish them.
Comment by SK — December 8, 2008 @ 11:01 pm

Oh yes, one more thing. She uses valid religion and spiritual practice to confuse people. Most of what she is spouting she read in Buddhist text, Kabbalah, and other tried and true spiritual practices. That is where people get confused-combining valid spiritual information with hidden agenda, cult-type manipulations, sexuality that is forced and pressurized, and severe group pressure to conform.

Comment by SK — December 8, 2008 @ 11:04 pm


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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 23, 2008 12:03AM

Written by a person who has been in polyamorous relationships:

An article that may give assistance in discerning when a relationship or group is worthwhile or not.

Poly People I Can Do Without


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Nicole Daedone, OneTaste NYC member rigging Wikipedia entry
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: December 24, 2008 12:32PM

Someone from OneTaste NYC has just gone and rigged the Wikipedia entry for OneTaste on 21 December 2008. []
It was done by someone in New York City, their ISP, location, and other information is available through checking the IP address on Wikipedia.

Notice how the Wikipedia entry was changed on Dec 21, the same day the information came out that a certain person named REESE JONES was alleged to be the moneybags behind OneTaste?

Notice how a key part of the revision, is that OneTaste makes its money to pay its bills by group mutual masturbation, and naked yoga?
That is actually a lie, as proven on the (now suppressed) OneTaste blog by Robert Kandell, where he just admitted they were being propped-up financially by a "special friend". The same day the info comes out it might be Reese Jones, then Wikipedia is rigged from NYC clearly by a OneTaste person.

They falsely state that people who live at OneTaste pay a "nominal financial restitution" to live there, that is yet another blatant lie. They charge some of the older guys thousands to attend, and it appears some young women don't have to pay anything. So maybe some people are paying with with physical "labor".

They literally filled the Wikipedia entry up with lies, and they can get away with it, as OneTaste is still under the radar. That is why Wikipedia does not work for these types of cultish groups.

But they also foolishly reveal the cultish methods of Victor Baranco when they say,

"When the In-Group Meeting, which moves very quickly and usually lasts a little over an hour, is over, participants seem to know more about one another more deeply even than romantic partners in the early stages of a relationship might tend to know about one another in the general world."

That is another lie, and it skates right through. That is LGAT false intimacy created by cultish group dynamics. [The way this person writes run-on sentences with poor word choices is very distinctive. Someone from OneTaste NYC would know who wrote it, probably the NYC marketing person for OneTaste.]

The best lie at the end, is when they say OneTaste is derided as a sex-cult. That is a double lie. The OneTaste people covertly market themselves as a SEX CULT, as that brings in guys with money and fantasies of sex orgies. That's the bottom line.
They also try to confuse the issue by saying people "are free to stay or leave at any time" which is another deliberate warped statement meant to confuse people. Modern cultish groups, of course, make everything seem "voluntary" by how things are structured, and if anything they get their power by threatening to KICK YOU OUT.

Also, they say that OneTaste is about "honesty".
Clearly, that entire new Wikipedia edit was written by a current member of NYC OneTaste, without identifying themselves, which is dishonest, and its full of deliberate lies. How honest is that?
If one searched the OneTaste blogs, it would be easy to find who that person is who wrote all that stuff, by the distinctive long run-on sentences with similar errors in grammar and poor word choices.

This OneTaste NYC/SF really is a highly dubious little group, very dishonest.

PS: also notice the lie, how they changed the term MARK GROUP (mark, as in patsy), to In-Group, in wikipedia. They want to hide the fact they are using the manipulation pre-LGAT techniques of Victor Baranco on people in these Mark Groups.
Its a SCAM of creating FALSE INTIMACY, very easy to do, a version of Love-Bombing.

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