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Re: One Taste, Nicole Daedone, YouTube, Landmark Forum
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 28, 2008 06:03PM

there is also a OneTaste SF YouTube channel.
OneTasteSF []

Some of this stuff smacks of the Landmark Forum, bigtime, the way they pitch it.

This video clip below, is just about getting lonely-heart men to pay to talk to women about getting sex. Pure cash-grab.
Then they would pitch the guys on going to the live-in, in-patient sexploration for $2,000 a week, with the carrot of wild orgies dangled before suspects. They are going to make some serious profit from that program, as those guys would have checked out the other videos with the 18-30 year old crowd. This ain't rocket science.

OneTaste™ Man Course

There are also vids there with Nicole Daedone droning on about the limbic system, and just basically regurgitating bogus faux-sexology sounding stuff from the 70's.
Very creepy, very manipulative.

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Re: One Taste?
Posted by: shakti ()
Date: October 29, 2008 01:24AM

Again, AC, tremendous work. Like the California Uber Alles quote as well. I would remind folks that it was about Jerry Brown, who is currently our Attorney General. The suede denim secret police never go away! Let's look more at some of Daedone's cohorts.

"Allyson Wyenn Project Manager Allyson graduated from Rutgers University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics. She worked as a programmer & project manager in the Internet industry for seven years. Allyson has been teaching yoga for the past two years, after receiving her certification from Bikram's Yoga College of India. Allyson is the Project Manager for ONE TASTE, and serves as student liaison and Core Faculty."

-Bikram Yoga? Fishy. Don't know about personal corruption, but nobody has done more to commodify yoga and turn it from a spiritual path into a consumerist yuppie trend.

...Laura Hahn Feel Good Juice Bar Manager
Laura is the Director for ONE TASTE's Feel Good Juice Bar. She has been studying raw foods for over 4 years. Laura has graduated from several workshop trainings of Lifespring and The Institute of Human Abilities.

-Lifespring is an offshoot of EST and well-covered in the Rick Ross forums.

**Ron Atwood Feel Good Juice Bar Production Lead
Ron is the Production Manager for ONE TASTE's Feel Good Juice Bar. He is a former graduate of Warner Erhart's EST training and has studied with Justin Sterling and The Institute of Human Abilities.

-EST again. Couldn't find much about the Institute of Human Abilities, but it is clearly linked to More University.

These are very fishy folks and to be avoided like the plague...

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OneTaste, Nicole Daedone, Victor Baranco, Institute of Human Abilities
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 30, 2008 06:20AM

In the words of Stephen Colbert, Nicole Daedone has been NAILED.

The Victor Baranco connection is very important.
Victor Baranco was the founder of The Institute of Human Abilities, where some of the initial staff of OneTaste came from.
You can see that Nicole Daedone just copied their course model, language, structure, and everything else. OneTaste is a clone.

Victor Baranco was running a group of live-in sex communes for profit, and this is exactly what Daedone wants to do, go national into many cities.
"Mel Lyman and Victor Baranco, founders and father figures of two nationwide chains of communes"

The MINDFUCKERS book looks like a good resource.
Mindfuckers: A Source Book on the Rise of Acid Fascism in America, Including Material on Charles Manson, Mel Lyman, Victor Baranco, and their Followers
By David Felton. Straight Arrow Books, 1972.

I hadn't seen a copy of it in more than 20 years. It's called "Mindfuckers," edited by David Felton and published in paperback in 1972 by Straight Arrow Books, the long-defunct publishing arm of Rolling Stone magazine, where Felton and I both worked many years ago.

You may have guessed that "Mindfuckers" was not a bestseller. In fact, as I recall, most bookstores wouldn't display it, even though the title was rendered in some sort of Middle German font that made it look like "Mindfucters." The subtitle sealed its fate. Books that weren't kicked under the bargain table probably ended up in the occult section.

But if you do happen upon a used copy, as I recently did, you'll find that "Mindfuckers" is a scary and instructive book, a collection of articles written by Felton, David Dalton and Robin Green about cults and "growth movements" in the late '60s and early '70s. What's most scary about these pieces is how contemporary they sound (if you ignore the occasional interjection "dig it"). You can ponder how the long-forgotten personal-growth guru Victor Baranco would have profited from cable TV infomercials (or wonder if he hasn't changed his name and opened a psychic hot line). ...

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OneTaste, Nicole Daedone, Laura, Emily,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 30, 2008 10:12AM

I was alerted by someone that one of the previous websites mentioned is certainly NOT objective.
Its called Considering The Universe

They had made a previous post about OneTaste that sounded innocent, but then they made another post later on that was clearly recruiting for OneTaste.
She quotes some new agey gibberish, and then displays a DOUBLE-BIND false choice argument put forward by Nicole Daedone. That is a common tactic, she copied that from someone, notice she says AT ANY COST...that equals money, body, mind...
QUOTE: "Nicole also noted that there are two types of people on the path, those who hope they have found the way to enlightenment and those who know they have no choice but to persevere no matter what the cost. "

Next she does a pitch and offers to CHAPERONE you to a OneTaste meeting! Notice that word, CHAPERONE. That is implying she is going to protect you from the big bad sexual world of OneTaste? Adults need a chaperon?

QUOTE: "If you are interested in OneTaste’s philosophy, practice, or community and you live near San Francisco or New York City, I highly encourage you to stop by and check it out. I am happy to to chaperon anyone near SF. Drop me a line and let’s connect!"

Obviously this is directed at young women. What they are doing is predatory, and is somewhat akin to waiting around the bus station looking for confused young women.

It can be useful to study these smaller cultish groups, as they are more obvious and less slick, and so its easier to spot what they are doing.

PS: oh yuck, these folks are also promoting Byron Katie too!

Emily from is studying Integral Psychology at JFK University, which appears to be based on Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber wrote a book called ONE TASTE.

Emily also says she "I really liked what ANDREW COHEN had to say"

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OneTaste, Nicole Daedone, Trellis House, Marc Beneteau, $2,000 week
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2008 07:12AM

As predicted, as the google alerts get out there, they come to try to do some PR.

Someone named Marc Beneteau has started another thread about OneTaste and Victor Baranco, to try and defend their methods.

Why is Marc Beneteau starting a "new thread" when there already is a thread going?
What is the purpose in that?
To derail that train of analysis?
Marc Beneteau has also stated he is going to come back and make more posts in that thread. Its just an attempt to bury this thread with the criticisms in it.

I would suggest that any responses to that thread be made in this thread.

Marc Beneteau said the Wiki article on Morehouse was factual, but that Wiki article is more than dubious. It reads like an advertisement, anyone can see that.
It doesn't reference the book MINDFUCKERS, which has Victor Baranco in the title. There is no criticism section, no links to problems. Wikipedia does not work for these groups like this, as devotees take them over. That is old news.

Also, no one is saying what consenting adults do with their own bodies is immoral, that is more deflection and mind games.
The real topic of the discussion are the cultic TECHNIQUES being used on people to lure them into these groups, and keep them there. Every single one of these groups try to hide their methods.

Marc Beneteau runs his own group, Trellis House. []
Marc Beneteau is a promoter of LANDMARK EDUCATION, and other groups of that nature.

Marc Beneteau runs his own Mark Groups. []
The Trellis House Mark Group is simply a device for recruiting, and the explanation of what is going on is highly deceptive. Its similar to a Landmark Forum Intro meeting. Its a recruiting machine.

Trellis House is another clone of Lafayette Morehouse, and is probably in tight with OneTaste and Nicole Daedone. (Is Marc Beneteau going to open a OneTaste franchise in Philly?) They certainly are sister organizations.

That's actually a pretty good strategy, get someone who seems objective, but who isn't, to do your PR for you.
OneTaste did the same with the other websites where the public was making critical comments about their methods.

Lastly, Marc Beneteau says that almost no one pays the $2,000 a week at OneTaste?
Has he seen their private accounting and payment books?
Is that a sucker-price for guys who are losers? Do young women get in for free and guys pay triple?

Or is he just making it up?
Or writing what OneTaste asked him to write?
Its either a false statement, or is propaganda. How could he know the accounting of a group he doesn't run?

Marc, you may get away with that stuff in your own House, but the real world doesn't operate like that.

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Trellis Commuity House, Marc Beneteau, Philadelphia, Werner Erhard
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2008 08:07AM

in Philadelphia, Marc and Rebekah Beneteau are running TRELLIS HOUSE, which is another clone group of Lafayette Morehouse (previously More University), which is basically the same structure as One Taste by Nicole Daedone. Both are based on Victor Baranco. (how many other groups like these are out there??)

Notice how Trellis House uses the word TRANSFORMATION constantly, and that Marc Beneteau is a supporter of Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum by WERNER ERHARD, which is one of the most destructive LGAT's ever devised.

They groom you with their intro sessions, which seems to be a hybrid of the Victor Baranco MARK GROUPS and the Landmark Forum intro meetings, which serve as the basic platform for recruitment.
They also hold "parties" which seem to serve the same purpose.

Once the customer (you) is qualified that this level, then you can be groomed for the Trellis House Residential Program.
Residential Program
"After you have experienced Mark Groups, and/or courses and other gatherings, you may decide you want to try out living with us! We provide the opportunity to do this in a course called "A Taste of Trellis", which is a 12-day intensive in which you reside in our one-no-vote communal environment and get to experience the ins and outs of communal living. The course allows you to evalute our lifestyle for yourself and explore / experiment with your participation. This course is a prerequisite to living in our community house, however, above and beyond that, it is a stand-alone learning experience of living in a group, responsible hedonism, and conscious creation of your life.

Guides will be assigned to meet with you regularly and we work with your schedule to offer you a variety of activities and experiences. You will be expected to complete a project related to the goals of the community. But more than anything, you will be expected to have a good time!"

They give away more than they think in that blurb.
Notice the grooming method, it starts with "parties" and MArk Groups, then goes to meetings, then courses and gatherings, then a 12 day intensive.
That is likely an serious live-in LGAT seminar, with lots of stuff from The Landmark Forum, and many other LGAT's.
Notice the tricky alleged ONE-NO-VOTE communal environment? So each person has a VETO power over every decision? Puhlease, you would all starve to death. That is a mind-game, probably from Victor Baranco, as a way to get people to comply. Its a false-choice environment where social pressure forces conformity. Lets get real here. That is a huge red-flag warning sign.

THEN, if you survive a 12 day live-in LGAT that is laced with sex, you get to live in the Community House?
"Guides" are assigned?
Is that like a Chaperone? Is that like a Landmark Forum Leader, who makes up your mind for you without you knowing it?

Trellis House by Marc Beneteau and Rebekah Beneteau is unregulated, they have no licensing in doing this live-in sex-theray stuff. They are using techniques from LGAT's and the Landmark Forum, and many other source materials.
Most seriously, they DO NOT POST ANY PRICES on their website. Another huge red flag.
You will pay what they think they can get out of you, that is the bottom line.
Where are the price lists?
Where is the money going?
Is it a Charity? There is not info about that, so it isn't.
Is it For-Profit? One assumes it is, as that is Victor Baranco.
So if Trellis Community House by Marc Beneteau and Rebekah Beneteau is FOR-PROFIT, why is their website a .org?
More persuasion.

Of course, they are also into Lifestyle Design Coaching School, which is another big cash machine.

Its very helpful to study those who are just getting into this game, as its easier to see the techniques being used.
These folks are where Byron Katie was 20-25 years ago, as Byron Katie used to run a small live-in cummune situation out of her house, and has refined things over 20 years until her techniques are far more advanced and subtle. (and she no longer has to have all those damn Cli-Ants living in her house!!)

Byron Katie (the Work)

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Trellis Community House, Marc Beneteau, Philadelphia, One no-vote
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2008 09:37AM

As soon as I heard this "One no-vote" idea from Trellis Community, it sounded like a bogus group mind-fucking concept from Victor Baranco.

One no-vote
"If you have one no-vote, that means the rule doesn't allow you to act in a way so extreme as to have one of the participants vote no. But 'love one another' means the one no-vote is superfluous."
- Things I've Heard Vic Say

Victor Baranco, the king of mindfucking.
He sets a one no-vote rule, to control the behavior of an entire group of people.
The social and peer pressure of group dynamics, forces group-think and conformity, with the illusion of free choice of the individual. Just try to be the single NO vote, and see how that works in the group. The social pressure forces conformity, or you will be the outcast.

Victor Baranco was a slick operator.

Another area of research is that both Trellis and OneTaste "Fill Up America” both have "food bank" areas where they appear to hand out food?

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Victor Baranco,Lafayette Morehouse, articles: LSD, prostitution,drugs
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2008 04:45PM

some other info turns up about Lafayette Morehouse. (which is a cynical organizational name meant to confuse people with other decent entities named Morehouse and Lafayette. Victor Baranco was such a cynical s.o.b).
But they were involved, and appear to have lost cases involved in the anti-SLAPP legislation.
It looks like More University tried to so a Scientology style libel-chill lawsuit againt the SF Chronicle, and they lost. The case seems to get cited a lot.
The deeper you dig with Victor Baranco and all of his offshoots, the more it stinks, and it stinks very badly.

One has to wonder, do these other offshoots like OneTaste and Trellis House have the proper permits for group living for profit, zoning laws, etc? That is what seems to have started the problems for Victor Baranco.

NOTE: Notice how someone denied that Victor Baranco was prosecuted for drugs? Well, they were misleading people. Notice the ugly deception attempted again and again?
The document below states that Victor Baranco and "his wife Cynthia were the subject of an LSD drug prosecution in Hawaii."
There were also prostitution and other drug allegations alluded to below.

Those original San Francisco Chronicle articles would be interesting to read.

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to smell a foul stink, and the perverse philosophy, organizational structure and methods of Victor Baranco are being promoted by these offshoot groups.


"In addition, the articles characterized Victor Baranco, the founder of More, as a "reclusive guru" and accurately reported that he and his wife Cynthia were the subject of an LSD drug prosecution in Hawaii. The articles also reported the allegations of a former student, Alan Steele, who said that More coerced students into prostitution and provided them with LSD and other illegal drugs."

California Anti-SLAPP Project
Morehouse v. Chronicle Publishing I

LAFAYETTE MOREHOUSE, INC., et al., Plaintiffs/Appellants,
The CHRONICLE PUBLISHING COMPANY et al., Defendants/Respondents.
No. A067522.
California Court of Appeal, First District, Division 5.
Aug. 9, 1995.

This appeal arises from the trial court's decision to dismiss a libel complaint filed by More University and several affiliated persons and entities, against the company which publishes the San Francisco Chronicle and several of its reporters.

More University was founded in the late 1960's as an outgrowth of the alternative living experiments of the time. Located near Lafayette, [FN2] the university describes itself as a "unique" institution, which was established to "expand the physical, spiritual, and intellectual capacities" of its students, while maintaining "tolerance for all apparent alien encounters." The university offers courses in a variety of traditional disciplines such as art, music, and philosophy. However, the university also offers somewhat unique degrees in the areas of "sensuality," "lifestyles," and "communication." Students studying in these latter disciplines take courses in areas such as "niceness & meanness," "teasing," "sensuality," and "mutual pleasurable stimulation of the human nervous system." Through study and course work (both in class and at home), students can obtain advanced degrees in these fields, such as a Ph.D. in "sensuality."

In early 1992, persons living on the More University property permitted a large number of homeless to live in tents on the site. This influx caused a corresponding increase of complaints from neighbors who alleged they were subjected to the annoying and sometimes criminal behavior of these new residents. Store owners experienced a sharp increase in the number of aggressive panhandlers and persons harassing their customers. Homeowners reported cases of public urination and public intoxication. Other homeowners complained of an increase in litter and petty crime. A local police lieutenant reported a "significant" increase in the number of problems related to the More University property including felony assaults, panhandling, and abandoned vehicles in residential and commercial areas.

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors responded to these and other complaints by holding a series of public hearings beginning in May 1992, to discuss whether this use of the More University property violated local health, land use, or other governmental regulations. As a result of those hearings, the board of supervisors determined that permits were needed since the activities violated local zoning laws. When More University officials refused to comply with the permit process or to cease the challenged activity, the county filed an action in state court to enjoin the alleged violations. More and various related entities responded by filing their own civil rights suit in federal court alleging the county's enforcement action violated their right to free expression and privacy.

Beginning in June 1992, the San Francisco Chronicle published a series of articles which described the dispute we have set forth above. The articles reported the influx of homeless living at the More University site and the corresponding increase in complaints from neighbors. The articles also discussed the board hearings which were held to discuss the problem, the county's enforcement action, and the university's complaint in federal court.

The reporters who wrote the articles sometimes used colorful language in describing the dispute and the parties, e.g., characterizing More as a "sensuality school" and stating that it offered a "unique course in carnal knowledge."

In addition, the articles characterized Victor Baranco, the founder of More, as a "reclusive guru" and accurately reported that he and his wife Cynthia were the subject of an LSD drug prosecution in Hawaii. The articles also reported the allegations of a former student, Alan Steele, who said that More coerced students into prostitution and provided them with LSD and other illegal drugs. Furthermore, the article accurately reported that More had filed a libel suit against Steele arising from his allegations.

More and various other persons and entities who were mentioned in the articles filed a complaint against the Chronicle and the reporters who wrote them. [FN3] As eventually amended, the complaint alleged seven causes of action, however, only one of them is relevant on the present appeal. More alleged that the newspaper articles were libelous.


The Chronicle responded to the complaint by filing a special motion to strike under section 425.16. [FN4] Consistent with the language in that section, the Chronicle argued that More could not establish there was a probability it would prevail on the complaint because, among other things, the articles were neither false nor defamatory. After hearing and argument, the trial court agreed and granted the special motion to strike, ruling that More had failed to present proof of falsity.


More then asked the court to reconsider its ruling, and it filed numerous declarations in support of its request. After argument, the court denied the motion, finding that More had failed to present evidence of falsity, and that it had not presented a prima facie case of actual malice. This appeal followed.

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse, More University, Anti-SLAPP
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2008 05:02PM


States Have Moved to Keep Plaintiffs From Using Courts to Muzzle Critics
Published: June 11, 1996
A university that offers a doctorate in sensuality, including courses in "niceness and meanness," "teasing" and "mutual pleasurable stimulation of the human nervous system," was an irresistible story to The San Francisco Chronicle.

So in 1992, the newspaper published the curriculum offered by More University, calling the school "an academy of carnal knowledge" in one of several articles detailing More's many problems. That June, the school sued for libel, citing this description and The Chronicle's account of its other activities.

Though the suit might seem frivolous -- a court held that on its face More's complaint was without merit -- lawyers say it is one of thousands that have been filed mainly to retaliate against critics or to intimidate them into silence.

Few of the suits, called strategic lawsuits against public participation, or Slapps, are successful. But with defendants sometimes spending years and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get one of these suits dismissed, many are too scared ever again to speak out on a public issue.

For The Chronicle, the price of justice was not too onerous. In August 1994, a California court dismissed More's lawsuit and later ordered it to pay The Chronicle's $60,000 in legal expenses. A state appellate court upheld the dismissal earlier this year, though further appeal on the legal fees is possible. The Chronicle has yet to recover any of the money it spent defending itself.

But the dispute would have lasted far longer and cost even more if not for the fact that in 1992, California adopted a law to prohibit Slapps.

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STATE OF HAWAI'I, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. VICTOR W. BARANCO...
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: November 01, 2008 05:35PM


STATE OF HAWAI'I, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. VICTOR W. BARANCO and CYNTHIA A. BARANCO, Defendants-Appellants
NO. 16911
(CR. NO. 90-1745)
NOVEMBER 15, 1994
I. FACTS Victor Baranco was a co-founder of More University, a private educational institution involved in experimental lifestyles and the study of social interaction, headquartered in California. He and his wife, Cynthia Baranco, were residents of More House Hawaii, an experimental living situation located on the North Shore of Oahu, which was affiliated with More University. On January 18, 1989, police conducted a search of More House Hawaii pursuant to a valid search warrant. While conducting a search of Defendants' bedroom, the police recovered, among other things, approximately fifty units of the drug lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) hidden in a Bible. Consequently, Defendants were indicted for possessing a dangerous drug in violation of HRS.[...]

"Allan Steele, a hypnotherapist from Coral Gables,
Florida, who treats sexual disorders, said he and his wife
Rochelle paid $47,500 to the university for doctorate
courses. "While I was living on campus there was encouragement
to use illegal drugs, including the availability
to purchase illegal drugs," Steele wrote in an April 5,
1992, letter to the California Council for Private
Postseeondary Education. "They also engage in prostitution,"
Steele added, "that is, sex for money, with quotas
[of conquests], which if not met results in threats of
physical violence and exclusion."

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