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Re: MyKey/Hitler Desteni Dr. Strangelove, Bernard "Hitler" Poolman
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 01, 2010 04:21AM

Here is Bernard Poolman doing more vile tactics using "Hitler" as a prop.
The sick tactics and techniques he is using can be spotted and analyzed in detail.

________quote excerpt for research_______________

Bernard Poolman - Hitler and Forgiveness
Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 04/07/2007

Hitler is the example we use for evil in this world. Our governments use it to place pictures of horror in our minds. Now Hitler is back. He is challenging each one of us. How? Read his story. Unconditionally he is presenting all his experiences as Hitler and the consequences he faced. He shows that through this all he realized himself. He realised forgiveness. He realized that he was but lost for a moment. The greatest challenge for each human is this? If Hitler is able to find forgiveness, what about you? Who are you? You are not as lost as Hitler. You actually despise and judge Hitler. But really, you are despising and judging yourself. ...

Hitler is each one of us. What we have become. ....

NOW – NO MORE. Hear me. This is it. Man is presented this last opportunity to stop. Those that do, may enter peace. Those that don't, death will be the director. .....

Hitler is presenting this experience as a help, as a gift. Unwrap yourself, forgive yourself. Ask Hitler questions. Ask Jesus, as God as yourself to guide you. Not the God of words and believes. Look at creation. Who are you in creation? Do you have any power but in yourself? Abuse will stop. In the years to come there will come, there will be a weeping and a gnashing of teeth.

Hear Hitler. He has been here on earth. He has been a demon. He forgave himself. He saw and sees who you really are. ....

It is done.

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Re: MyKey/Hitler Desteni Dr. Strangelove, Bernard "Hitler" Poolman
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 01, 2010 04:26AM

One could search around to find earlier "writings" about "Hitler" by Bernard Poolman that were done BEFORE Sunette Spies started to do the fake-chanellingof "Hitler-Mikey".

some Searches:

"bernard poolman" hitler
"bernard poolman" hitler 2007
"bernard poolman" hitler 2006

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: May 01, 2010 05:54AM

A fast Google search of "bernard poolman" hitler gives over 3200 hits.

That is a lot for someone who is mentioning Hitler "in passing" or "as a teaching example".

I think it is becoming apparent that Destini is tied in, at least somewhat, with the rebirth of the Neo-Nazis.

The extreme desire of Destini to sanitize Hitler's legacy is appalling. Why haven't Stalin and Mao realized "self forgiveness" from beyond the grave yet? Answer: Communism and National Socialism, while both are socialists at heart and basically two sides of the same coin, they approach things from different perspectives. It is probably very hard for Bernard Poolman to reconcile his admiration for the National Socialists (Nazis) with eastern communists, who were the Nazis enemies.

It is interesting to see the futility of Destini members on this thread, who use their own cult-talk. Perhaps in Destini chatrooms they are heroes. Here, and for the general viewing public (and hopefully people who may be researching Destini before joining up) the Destini "debates" are circular logic.

According to Destini's members who have posted here, you, as a human have the same rights as an insect, as a plant and as a rock, and the same "self awareness". Therefore, like a rock, you can be crushed to make the bedding for a new road. Yes...crush rocks....crush humans...what's the difference? Thankyou, Mikey Hitler!

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: May 01, 2010 09:59AM

Although Communism and National Socialism both purported to be socialist, in practice both of these political systems proved to be totalitarian. I think the totalitarian aspect is what makes such a system attractive as an example to a Bernard Poolman or other aspiring leaders.

This is about aquiring power over others, convincing the followers to voluntarily surrender their personal power to the leader, and Hitler was one of the first leaders to systemise the use of propaganda and mass hypnosis to establish and entrench his power.

The self-forgiveness schtick is something that has been bothering me. The demand for forgiveness from others has always struck me as somewhat creepy, a get-out-of-jail free card, more about making the transgressor feel better (and free to continue transgressing) than any true wish to make amends to someone who has been wronged. In my view a transgressive action, a wrong deed, cannot be wiped out of existence no matter how much others demand forgiveness for it.

Something that I found very helpful was the suggestion made to me that I was under no obligation to extend forgiveness to anybody. I found this helpful because it enabled me for the first time to separate out my own feelings of guilt and shame from feelings of guilt and shame that were imposed on me from the outside. I originally had misgivings at being seen as an unforgiving person--something not particularly socially acceptable-- but it enabled me to begin to establish and defend my own boundaries for the first time.
An unexpected bonus was being liberated from concerns about how I would be seen by others and acknowledging the reality of the truism "You'd worry less about what others think of you if you knew how seldom they do it"

I think the emphasis on self-forgiveness, both Hitler's supposed self-forgiveness from beyond the grave! and the self-forgiveness demanded from the followers is primarily a means to undermine any personal boundaries (the basic building blocks of personal power) the followers might have in order to give Poolman access to manipulate and control.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 05/01/2010 10:15AM by Stoic.

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Desteni, South Africa, Bernard Poolman, Antidesteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: May 01, 2010 06:21PM

As far as I can see there is nothing on Poolman from before the advent of Desteni on the Internet around 2007. He may have been using a different name, but it seems that he was active in some occult, new age or spiritualistic groups in South Africa.

The following post regarding Sunette Spies appeared at [] ...

Whether or not it is entirely accurate is another matter, although it is certain that all the Desteni ideas originate with Poolman and are merely copied by his followers.

User ID: 363088
South Africa
7/9/2008 11:07 AM Re: Whois Desteni - Is She A Crystal Child? Quote

I am from South Africa, and know this girl. She was taken in by a man named Bernard Poolman.
His greatest desire is to have his won cult. She comes from a broken home, the exact type of girls
he recruits, between the ages of 14 and 20. Her name is Sunette and she has been totally
brainwashed by this man. Sex orgies and drug us is practised dally. He never goes to bed with
out 3 or more girls. His own doubter is involved from age 14. His Girlfriends family were involved,
especially female relatives under 20.

All the ideas and concepts you hear in the videos are Bernard Poolman’s ideas and concepts.
She is just sound boarding them in the videos. She has become so reliant on him, she can’t
Leave his side. If he rejects her she will commit suicide.

This is what Desteni-Universe is all about.'

I would wager that Poolman is quite aware that Desteni is just a vehicle for his own fantasies and would regard the question of whether or not it is genuine as irrelevant. But the best person to address that would be Bernard himself who as far as I know is actually still a member of this forum.

Anyway, there are some new sites opposing Desteni.

This one seems to be from a mystical point of view:

And these two from a Christian perspective:

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: May 02, 2010 05:08AM

Hitler is used as a prop by Bernard Poolman. Does he really think Hitler speaks to him from beyond? Does he really like Hitler or is it somthing even more crass, like Rael uses to get attention for the Raelians in the media as a "marketing" gimmick?

Is Poolman just a crass salesman using Hitler as an attention getter for the press, etc. or does he buy his own hype and think Hitler is actually contacting him/Sunette?

When the Hitler connection was made time and time again by Poolman himself it turned me off from further dialog with Destini members. I don't waste my time conversing with potential nazi-sympathizers.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: KlausHoefler ()
Date: May 02, 2010 07:59AM


You know not really about Hitler like me. Maybe we know some situations but not the whole things why all this happened. The Human do also not know about the life therefore they talk alot of things what is just opinions but not surely a fact.

About this EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM or the EQUAL LIFE PARTY - with this system we support all life equally with an unconditional basic income, so then you have the possibility do not participate in some kind of works what you don´t like but current u must your family or just u keep alive and so you do every jobs what u get.
With this equal money system you have many options what you want to do, f.e. a doctor - a doctor works just as a doctor if he/she like the job and he/she got a normal income what the income for a doctor is additional to the equal money and you will do job not for the money because a got also by other jobs your money and if you think f.e. a doctor get much more then other jobs and you think you want money and so therefore you do the job as a doctor but the other doctors which they like the job the beat him out - so nothing will happen because the money.

And also the point is the humans a enslaved in money - you can see this everywhere also you - with Equal money the human start to recognize that the life can really be nice in all ways - alot of problems, fears, greed, no fight for survival will no more exist. Make sense?

In this question about Bernard you can see your fear - we are already enslaved in this fear - we are already in a very difficult time and we have, all together you, me, chrristians, moslems, hindus, atheists, alot of things to do for a better/easier world - we can not change the world - we can just change yourselves.
Nobody want to be a dictator or a world leader we just support and assit us each.

1 year ago I called my self as a Lightworker since I was 20 I worked with people give them massage and talked about the life - do beliefe really that we are neo-nazis - come on - COMMON SENSE.

Take time and watch more Videos from Desteni but before you start shut down your opinion and your beliefs. Just watching and hearing. All emotions or fellings what comes up are just you. thats your judge about yourself.

One point to brainwash - when is it possible to brainwash some people? IF THEY HAVE FEAR. Look what our current government do. They know that the people are afraid about things mostly about the death. And so they create the terror or other kinds of where they know they can people manipulate.

What we talk is just that its possible to make our world to a livable place with some tools like self-honesty, self-responsibility, self/life-awareness, self-forgiveness, self-direction(means stop your mind/beliefs and stand up within & as equal with all life what exist because only so you can stop your inner fight your inner judge) and the effective thing is be the breath in your physical in every single moment that you can stand here stable and comfortable.

I understand that something is difficult to understand also the point to standing really here in the present because mostly man beliefe that they are here but the mostly time they are just in the mind and not in the physical body and also take a look how we do something the most things we do it out from our expierence from the past and this is not living as the moment here - its quite living out from the past.
And what the new age spiritualism do is use the law of attraction and send wishes in the universe and this is quite living in the future because the wishes are for the future.

All this things we do because our fears and the simplest way is to participate in that what we have learned but this just what we belief but its not the fact. Because to participate in all this things is just to make a vicious circle like our parents just with other pictures.
We have to recognize that we have to stop yourselves in many ways and not to participate in all that what we have learned or what is here on earth.
To ask yourself question is a great support like Where I am?, Why I am here?, when I am not born here where I would be?,

So enjoy your way and if you want be really effective in this world work/life es equal with all what exist. This is the only point for a dignified Life for everbody and not just for the so-called "good people because we are all togehter here on earth as one. If not jump away.



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Re: Desteni
Posted by: KlausHoefler ()
Date: May 02, 2010 08:16AM

One point more - talk even with Bernard - do not beliefe in all this stuff what is written in the Internet.

LOOK HERE THE BIGGEST CULT - THE WWW in hebrew are the www the number 666

make life research and try to understand your life


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 02, 2010 08:42AM

"Hitler...Maybe we know some situations but not the whole things why all this happened."

Incredible to read what the Destini people are willing to accept.

Pretty scary and creepy.

There really is a kind of "Destini speak," which they all repeat endlessly.


"you can see your fear - we are already enslaved in this fear"

"...self-honesty, self-responsibility, self/life-awareness, self-forgiveness, self-direction (means stop your mind/beliefs and stand up within & as equal with all life what exist because only so you can stop your inner fight our inner judge)"

Seems like a real "brainwash" Poolman is engaged in doing to bilk the "money system."

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Doc ()
Date: May 02, 2010 09:18AM

in the first instance I wanted to be not part of this thread or do a post in it. Nevertheless I feel urged to do so. English is not my mother tongue so please respect that every mistyped word and poor grammar because they are copyrighted by me.

I first come around with Destini while watching a video on youtube. In a slide, there was stated “friction generates energy” so after lecturing thermodynamics for 20 years I was shocked. Accordingly I tried to post on the desteni forum a little post that friction dissipates (useable) energy, but it lasted just 10 minutes, so did my account. I only tried to correct this obvious wrong statement (it is against the first and second law of thermodynamics), there was no word about anything of the of “material” of the Desteni sect.

This sounds very high leveled and is intended that way (shame om me). As I am used, working with University students I will give a little example. If you want to accelerate your car what are you doing? Following the teachings of Mr. Poolman (see above) use the brakes. Brakes are constructed to turn your kinetic energy into heat (just try to hold your hand on the brake disk after a real brake!). According to the physics in the Desteni Universe this friction “generates energy” getting you to a higher speed level. Obviously, as you know with your common sense (not Berhards) this simply does not work. The effect is totally opposite, go to your bike, car whatsoever and have a try. The laws of physics are obviously not applicable in his own “Universe” because he is not in control of the later. At least, it is a good starting point for jokes about South Africans and Austrians. Thanks a lot for that Mr. Poolman.

Resume, Desteni (Mr. Poolman) is/are totally wrong in his/their view of the real world. It seems to be clear, that the laws of nature in the “Desteni Universe” should be controlled by only one Person – the godlike Mr. Poolman not being able to realize the world around him correctly. He seems to be in an absolutely urge to control everything, even the world. I, personally, have doubts if he is in a mental health situation.


It is, at least to me, that Desteni (B. Poolman) has nothing in common with research and science although repeated in that group permanently. In the real science a the basic of the whole thing is the falsification of a theory. It is the fundamental teaching of research and science since the Enlightment movement in the 16th and 17th century. Suppressing every other, alternative point of view is called dogmatic. A dogma stands for its own and will never, never be questioned. Please refer to the statements of Mrs. Andrea Rosenow cited earlier in this thread. In the old days, peoples putting forward questions of the Christian religion were getting burned by the Inquisition. The Islamic world beheaded them, the Nazis put them into concentration camps do kill them, Stalin “banned” them to Sibiria, Pol Pot just killed . It at first allways interlectally more advanced peoples. The whole shit is concentrated in the post mentioned. I hope Mrs Rosenow has the self – awarness or understanding what she is actually writing, if yes, she and her Master is a case for the human rights court in The Hague. Nice cells, you may have sea view if you are lucky.

Obviously Mr. Poolman is abusing technical words over and over again by removing the originally meaning of the expressions. A good example is “Structural Resonance” a course, bookable for money at In the real world, reaching structural resonance leads to the total destruction of the thing having the resonance frequency (see []). There is a nice equation given too to calculate the resonance frequency. Sarcastically spoken, hopefully Mr Poolman and all his followers reaches his structural resonance as soon as possible. In my personal view, Mr. Poolman seems to be not the sharpest tool in the drawer and badly tries to cover his own incompetence by using scientific expressions to give him a aura of knowledge. I really love his picture of the interdimensional (sic) reptiles landing with their golden city in the center of the earth which consists in most parts of molten iron and nickel both having a melting point well above that of gold. This is common knowledge and you must not be a rocked engineer to know that fact. So imagine the city melting away in seconds, a funny view to imagine. An other good example is the use of “system” throughout his materials, sadly he always fails to define one. Maybe a reason for a new word purifier (sic).

Mr. Hoefler you stated that

If somebody know quantum physics (but everybody can see this in every moment, too - life-awarness ) they already know about a unified consciousness field. So we all are in connction.
First of all it is called quantum mechanics which is a part of physics. The quantum mechanic was introduced by Mr. Heisenberg in the beginning of the 20th century while performing (real!) research on the so called black radiator radiating heat. So I wont say I have understand it completely but I know how to calculate the equations and make good use of it, furthermore I am also able to explain it to students. Sorry, I never came across about an “unified consciousness field” in any, any (real!) scientific publication I have ever had in my hands. Is that an expression used within the Desteni material? Pl,ease give me any hint. Nevertheless I like the expression “they” - who are “they” any names, publications citation or what?


Desteni (Mr. Poolman) seems also to have a very, very limited knowledge of history. Anu was the name of the celtic goddess of the hunt (like Diana for the Romans). Big luck for him that had no trademarks in these days.

Now lets have a short look on Mr. Adolf Schikelgruber the birth name of Hitler (never told in all these channelings! - obviously not known by Adi himselfe? Does a inter dimensional being forget his birth name or simply unknown by his fellow Poolman, I think, this fact is indicating a hoax alarm.
Hitler and his group where mostly members of a cult or sect called “Thule Gesellschaft” (Thule society) being convinced about the evolutionary much advanced “northern race”. They also believed in a so called “magical technical energy” (which was “transported” by a medium during a séance or channeled as it is called nowadays). They invested huge amount of money till the end of the war in the reaearch of the later, as a matter of fact it was more relevant for them as the atomic bomb where they were not able to understand at least the basics of. Mr. Himmler, in charge of the concentration camps, leader of the SS was 100% esoteric, believing for example in the “germanic culture being based on the Atlantis peoples” keyword “Ahneneerbe”.

Moreover, they spent money for the “Volksgemeinschaft” which they don´t have, they keep on printing money which was not founded (equal money system?). That is one major reason for starting WWII with all its consequences. I could provide you with more information concerining that issue if you want.

Maybe a nice side aspect. The radical right wing and brutal groups in Germany have shaved heads and are called “skin heads”. Does Mr. Poolman know that fact or is it just a nice coincident?

Hopefully I will not be banned from this forum as I was on the obvious non democratic Desteni forum.

And Mr. Poolman, if you – - want to be equal – with me – please get a little – more – educated – and – stop - flooding the internet (which we and others at the Universities designed with CERN leading the project in the early 80th) and abuse it in that way. Please take up a little bit of self - respect and self - critic and stop being so self – centered.

Every founded comment is really welcome. Please do not quote any Desteni “material” which comes out of void and is therefore void. I have no intention to discuss void.

Have a nice day.

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