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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 19, 2010 03:24PM

Cameron Cope of Desteni wrote that

Cameron Cope
Desteni Education is a joint partnership owned solely by myself and Katherine Conklin registered in Houston Texas. It is not run by Esteni De Wet or Bernard Poolman. You may come visit us in Houston if you need proof or look up our business registration information with Harris County, Texas.

Which may be the case. However, the Registrant Organization for is Desteni Education and Esteni de Wet is the Registrant.

Desteni Education is also the Registrant Organization for and the Registrant is Esteni de Wet.

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Desteni Education, BERNARDPOOLMAN.ORG,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2010 04:42AM

Desteni Education is listed as the Registrant Organization for both,

This is another object lesson in the methods of self-conscious deception used by these types of groups.


Domain ID: D157185026-LROR
Created On: 24-Sep-2009 20: 15: 08 UTC
Last Updated On: 24-Nov-2009 03: 53: 58 UTC
Expiration Date: 24-Sep-2010 20: 15: 08 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Cronon AG Berlin Niederlassung Regensburg (R110-LROR)
Status: OK
Registrant ID: ED184-ABC
Registrant Name: de Wet Esteni
Registrant Organization: Desteni Education

Registrant Street1: Po Box ### Msunduzi
Registrant City: Pietermaritzburg
Registrant State/Province: ZA
Registrant Postal Code: 3231
Registrant Country: ZA
___________________________________ = [ ]

Domain ID: D157185025-LROR
Created On: 24-Sep-2009 20: 15: 07 UTC
Last Updated On: 24-Nov-2009 03: 53: 58 UTC
Expiration Date: 24-Sep-2010 20: 15: 07 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Cronon AG Berlin Niederlassung Regensburg (R110-LROR)
Status: OK
Registrant ID: ED184-ABC
Registrant Name: de Wet Esteni
Registrant Organization: Desteni Education

Registrant Street1: Po Box ### Msunduzi
Registrant City: Pietermaritzburg
Registrant State/Province: ZA
Registrant Postal Code: 3231
Registrant Country: ZA

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 20, 2010 05:49AM

Up until quite recently, the 'Vocabulary Purifier' reading software was the main product for sale at the Desteni Universe website. It was not marketed as reading skills software for kids but as a 'tool' for Desteni subscribers in general. It is the same product as sold by Desteni Education.

All that's been done is that another outlet for the sale of the software has been created while at the same time Desteni continues to try to flood the internet with more websites, video uploads and postings, including some labeled 'Desteni Cult' in a vain attempt to render the word 'cult' meaningless in relation to Desteni.

The publicity drive began back in 2007-08 with the 'interdimensional portal' interviews of Sunette Spies on YouTube using key words of numerous famous peoples names to draw attention to slogans and cliches of Desteni as it re-posts to countless other sites.

Desteni writes itself to 'freedom' using Blogger, Wordpress etc. with the relentless repetition of the 'one language' of the Desteni 'Living word': 'equal and one', self honesty', 'self forgiveness', 'common sense', 'I forgive myself', 'the dimensions' etc etc ad nauseum.

The so-called 'interdimensional portal', SS, the face of Desteni is now being referred to as 'the resonances' as she helps to conduct the 'Structural Resonance Alignment' program, which is pure quackery.

The reason it has to be stated again that Sunette Spies is not called 'Desteni' and that Desteni is a process or concept (far less a group), and Bernard Poolman is the inventor of Desteni is because none of that was clear to begin with. Sunette was referred to as 'Jack' or 'Winged', Poolman not even mentioned, or called 'Eagle'.

For what it's worth, here's another picture of Poolman.

Attachments: bernard_poolman_.jpg (110.5 KB)  
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Desteni, BERNARD POOLMAN damaging environment with aluminum
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2010 05:50AM

More public search data from the same IP address range as below

This unfinished Desteni website is quite disturbing.

The technique being used here by Bernard Poolman & Co are classical cultic techniques. They lure targets in, and then get them to commit to something that will cause social disconnection, and that draws them further into the group. (head-shaving).
Then they start deconstructing language and word-meanings, and once Bernard Poolman has re-tooled the meaning of several hundreds words in your head, then he has gained enormous control over the person.
Bernard Poolman obviously knows these techniques, and is applying them deliberately.
QUOTE: "The way to stop using these Chemical Products and thus having a Global Effect on reducing the amount of Chemicals that go into the Water supply and going into Nature and that is having an Effect on what happens to our Water underground, is to shave your Hair and keep it shaved and to train your body to shave your Hair with Water only – takes just a moment to do that, the Human Physical Body is amazing in how it adapts."..."longer use Shame-poo or Con-ditioner to present your Hair"

So here you have a outrageously stupid, yet classical technique bluntly applied by Bernard Poolman.
He is saying that "Shame-poo" is full of toxic chemicals. (notice he is already re-tooling the language).

Why not switch to 100% biodegradeable soap products?
Because then you can't form a cultish sect with that. (a good MLM though!)
Then he says people can shave their head with water only? What does that mean? Do they still use a razor, or is he saying the hair stops growing?

Why is Bernard Poolman encouraging people to damage the environment?
Razors are made of ALUMINUM. The process to manufacture aluminum is one that really harms the environment, far more than soap. And Bernard Poolman is telling people to use more razors, which means that more aluminum razors would go into the environment as waste.

So in fact to help the "environment" it would be better to let one's hair grow naturally as Nature intended, and use natural 100% biodegradeable soap products when needed, and have the hair cut with scissors, which do not damage the environment like disposable razors.
So in fact Bernard Poolman's strategy is FAR more damaging to the environment.

Of course Bernard Poolman knows what this is all about.
He knows getting his followers to shave their hair off, is a classical technique to make an in-group seperate from the societal out-group, as part of an entire system of control.
Also, as a middle-aged male who is balding, shaving their hair off is a common strategy.

Attachments: Bernard Poolman.jpg []

[] [search]
Gunzenhausen, Bayern, Germany [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search] [search]


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Desteni, BERNARD POOLMAN, Hitler, Inheritance 2006 James Moll
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2010 12:04PM

On a serious note, those who are in Desteni, should immediately stop fooling around with the fake "channeling Hitler" and other activities along those lines.
Those terrible historical events were real, and not something people should be fooling around with.
Younger people looking into Desteni, should watch this important DVD about aspects of those events entitled...

Inheritance (2006) [] by James Moll

That documentary shows some of the reality of the situation and its aftermath.
Sunette Spies should immediately desist from fooling around with the "Hitler" material, and all of the Desteni "Hitler products" which they are selling should immediately be stopped.
Its beyond disgraceful to the terrible reality of what really happened to real people.

There is a lot of accurate historical information available, to research the realities of "Hitler" and the Nazi's in WWII.

If Bernard Poolman wants to disgrace himself and his group Desteni with his absurd nonsense about "Hitler", then its his own life he is disgracing. But don't let him take you down with him.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: April 20, 2010 10:20PM

"Channeling" Hitler is a peculiar thing. Just as bad as if they channeled Stalin or Mao.

One previous poster commented "why Hitler and not real heroes like Buddha or Ghandi?"

Perhaps the answer is right in front of us.

This is a South African cult, afterall. South Africa has had a big uptick in neo-nazis.

Maybe to Bernard Poolman and Destini, Hitler is the "hero", so channeling him is a "good thing" and that is why they can all "learn from Hitler's words".

Maybe this channeling Hitler thing points to the obvious that Destini is tied in with the neo-nazi rebirth.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: _silentassassin_ ()
Date: April 26, 2010 05:22AM

Nevermind about "Desteni Education", they are indoctrinating children already.

"Self-Forgiveness", is just another name they use, so they can empty up human beings from their personal judgement.
It's almost like being numb.

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Re: Hitler, Desteni, Bernard Poolman
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 26, 2010 04:07PM

Fascist dictator, Adolf Hitler led the German people on an insane mission to destroy all Jewish people and subjugate the rest of the world, which caused massive devastation to Germany in WWII. His National Socialist Party's methods of gaining power were lies, propaganda, violence and intimidation.

Yet, Bernard Poolman of Desteni calls that taking a principled stance so that the German 'race' would have a better future. He admires Hitler. As Bernard says in a recent article (about what he sees as the benefits of everyone getting microchipped):

'It mean, I mean it is demonstrated the fact that a single man could control a whole Nation – the Germans specifically – and get them all to stand-together on a single Principle. That means that the German race itself has a better Future possible.

Obviously it’s never seen as such a ‘positive’ message that is behind Hitler - but if one really go and have a look at What he was standing for: He was standing for a Better life for his People.'
-- A Micro-chip Solution for Human Honesty by Bernard Poolman -- []

And in another article:

'I ‘Suggest’ One-‘Study’ ‘How Hitler Manage’ – to ‘Build-Up’ a ‘Whole Country’, in a ‘Very-Short ‘Time’’, Making-‘Sure’ that ‘All’ has Basic-‘Dignity’. ‘Forget’-About what ‘History’ ‘Tells’-you – ‘Go’ and ‘Study’: What-‘Systems’ did Hitler-‘Impose’ – ‘Economically’ – that ‘Cause’ such a ‘Massive Growth’ for Germany – before the Second World War = there's a ‘Lot to Learn’ from-That.' -- Interviews from the Farm 27: Children Die for the Sins of Men -- []

The Desteni series of videos of Sunette Spies speaking on behalf of Adolf Hitler portrays him in the 'afterlife' as through 'self-forgiveness' and 'self-honesty' having been transformed and returned to innocence. The message being that because in Desteni's revised version of history Adolf Hitler has managed to forgive himself and now stands for 'equality and oneness' so can anyone.

After all, as Bernard says, Hitler had only ever been 'lost for a moment':

'Now Hitler is back. He is challenging each one of us. How? Read his story. Unconditionally he is presenting all his experiences as Hitler and the consequences he faced. He shows that through this all he realized himself. He realised forgiveness. He realized that he was but lost for a moment. Bernard Poolman - Hitler and Forgiveness -- []

So, Hitler wasn't such a bad guy, he was just trying to do the best for his 'race' and now realizes the mistakes he's made and forgiven himself? And we know all this because Bernard Poolman got a young woman he picked up in a cafe (Sunette Spies) to 'leave her body' in order to reel off his stupid opinions on YouTube.

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Re: Hitler, Desteni, Bernard Poolman, forms of Holocaust Denial
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 27, 2010 06:00AM

Its important to publicize what Bernard Poolman is saying about "Hitler" and the "German Race" [] which of course is the racist Aryanism. []

It exposes that in fact what they are promoting is a manipulative variant of the Neo-Nazi agenda, and is a more plausable explanation of the Desteni bald "skinhead" look.
Neo-Nazi / Skinheads []

Of course the way Hitler controlled masses of people was through terror, fear and murder, as well as mass propaganda and lies.

When Bernard Poolman says:
"‘Forget’-About what ‘History’ ‘Tells’-you – ‘Go’ and ‘Study’: What-‘Systems’ did Hitler-‘Impose’ – ‘Economically’ – that ‘Cause’ such a ‘Massive Growth’ for Germany – before the Second World War"

Besides using his bizarre method of writing to manipulate people to fractionate their thinking, telling people to forget about "history" is code for forms of Holocaust denial, and trying to manipulate and distort the facts of history in more subtle ways.

Germany specifically has laws against any type of denial or promotional material about "Hitler", and if there are any websites in Germany promoting that type of material they could be reported.

In fact, it appears that a number of Desteni websites are registered in Germany.
Sponsoring Registrar: Cronon AG Berlin Niederlassung Regensburg [] Gunzenhausen, Bayern, Germany []

There are also strange links (conspiracy theories) coming up about the "Spear of Destiny" and Hitler.
There may be a link there to "Desteni".

They are toying with forms of Holocaust denial and "reframing" planned mass murder on this Desteni of Money website. Another "code" is saying a "few million" people died.
There is terrible manipulation in that text, where Desteni is literally saying you are already living in a "Nation of Nazis" if you don't join the Desteni system. That person from Desteni is regurgitating text by Bernard Poolman.

Just in case Desteni is wondering, planned mass starvation already is mass murder, a war crime, and a crime against humanity.
Desteni is trying to use some of the serious problems in the world to manipulate people, like Werner Erhard did with The Hunger Project. []
Desteni tries to use that issue as a wedge to recruit members, and to reframe the crimes of Hitler, and to promote the absurd Desteni "system" which is a ruse Bernard Poolman is using to create his own little organization that he can run from behind the curtain.

Of course if a person wanted to help with these issues, they could join up with the many registered organizations who are trying to help in these complex areas


Why is STARvation Not Murder?!!
Added by BellaBargilly on February 27, 2010

Why is starvation, not seen as Murder? Let's look at an example of what is commonly seen as an act of murder: the Nazi Holocaust of World War 2, where a few million people died. [...]
The Nazi Holocaust is commonly seen as an 'act of evil' - so doesn't that then make every Nation that stands by and allows starvation - a Nation of Nazis, essentially, a Nation of Evil. And, why do each of us Individually stand by and accept starvation by accepting our leaders' inaction and disregard for this problem?
Why do we not acknowledge the Crime against Life that is being committed? Why do we allow ourselves to be accomplices to this Crime? Shouldn't every Nation that stands by and allows starvation and allows this Murder, gives permission for this Murder, then be indicted with Crimes against Life? It is a Crime against Humanity to the worst degree - why is no one bringing this charge to the table? In a World where there is enough food for everyone, in a world where we do have the capability as Human Beings, to agree on a system that allows everyone to be fed - starvation cannot be justified. So, why is it that starvation is not recognized for what it actually is: unjustifiable Murder.

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Re: Hitler, Desteni, Bernard Poolman, forms of Holocaust Denial
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 27, 2010 06:43AM

Is Bernard Poolman trying to get into politics with the Desteni Equal Life Party?
There is some strange text below promoting Desteni, related to the recent murder of the South African white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.


Malema Product of The New Black Elite in Africa
With the killing of the AWB Leader Eugene Terreblanche allegedly over a wage dispute and ( maybe a homsexual relationship with workers that probably also involved money) the issues of the economic system is again highlighted. Similarly the songs of Julius Malema gives hope to the hopeless that live without change in poverty. The real problem is Inequality. What will stop farm killings and destroy the power and following of Julius Malema is an Equal Money economic solution where life is the value that backs money. This is a controversial suggestion as the human being is so brain washed into believing money can only work the way it works now. Be open minded and see what we share at or at http
The Equal Life Party will be created to run on an economic ticket presenting and Equal Money system as a dignified life for all and in a democratic one man one vote system, what will the poor man vote for? The ANC Freedom Charter is no longer the Basis of the struggle. The ANC leadership now only struggles for money and wealth on a personal level. The ANCYL is no different.
a presentation by Bernard Poolman for equalmoney, equalllife and desteni

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Published: 2010-04-10 11:08:51+01:00

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