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Re: Desteni
Posted by: KlausHoefler ()
Date: April 29, 2010 06:59AM

Maybe, or its my not so perfect english!

No, I think nothing about Sunette - I just know that its possible to go out from the body and if I can go out why should not be possible that other beings come in?
Nobody can say that you are real except you.
All what you hear, hear you with your ears - In the childhood we have learned all the same colours - red for your this line between the topics but maybe you see yellow and me black but we call it all red.
No Matter who talk - its the message which can you support and if not then by one ear goes in by the others goes out.
If I all assess or analyze or want to understand - I think I got crazy - if the time is here we will understand.
But will is important to understand that we are not really so important how we often do and that we have it in the hand - we are the key to change reality and for this we need the will - but in our world we have alot of people they want not take Responisibility for himself let alone for others. And thats our problem. Everybody wait - some beLIEfe in 2012 some in god some wait because you should do first and so on.

Do you understand why we are equal & one?


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: April 29, 2010 07:10AM


You are talking in circles again, which seems to be the norm for Destini devotees posting here.

If you think Sunette is a fake then the information from "Hitler" or whomever she claims to speak for is meaningless. As this means that the life experience claimed as the basis for the knowledge and information is false.

If the portal is just a claim without any objective scientific evidence to independently verify its existence, it's little more than a claim based upon faith.

Do you "understand"?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: _silentassassin_ ()
Date: April 29, 2010 09:23AM


Equality is just a concept. DP lacks a psychological foundation.
Now imagine what would happen if you indoctrinate children from birth with your psychology, there would be nothing inside us, and then what?
Your utopia, is an abomination.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: _silentassassin_ ()
Date: April 29, 2010 09:27AM


For "Equality" you use compassion, for "Oneness" you use brotherhood.

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Re: Desteni, Bernard Poolman, KlausHoefler, Austria, Neo-Nazism
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 29, 2010 12:14PM

KlausHoefler has a webpage promoting The Desteni of Money and the Desteni bogus alleged EQUAL-MONEY-SYSTEM, where you give all your money to Bernard Poolman for his online courses for 4-7 years. []

Klaus Hoefler is also listed as being in
Feldbach (Steiermark) Austria

So he has no excuses of ignorance of the terrible crimes against humanity by "Hitler" and his gang of unrepentant murderers.

Desteni (Poolman) has taken the tactic of trying to reform the "image" of "Hitler" by mixing it in with other random celebrities, like a Marilyn Monroe.
Its a vile tactic, trying to take advantage of young people who might not have studied actual history.

But its interesting how Bernard Poolman tries to use "Hitler" to promote his group.
They are trying to use "backdoor" techniques, to first get their foot in the door of people's minds, and then start to modify their belief systems.
Bait & switch deception.

There is a resurgence of far right-wing and Neo-Nazi's in some areas, especially Austria. []

[] The far right is on the march again: the rise of Fascism in Austria
In Austria's recent general election, nearly 30 per cent of voters backed extremist right-wing parties. Live visits the birthplace of Hitler to investigate how Fascism is once again threatening to erupt across Europe.
Last updated at 6:52 PM on 18th March 2009

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 30, 2010 06:19AM

The Desteni series of videos 'Adolf Hitler from the Afterlife' and stories about Hitler are the most extensive works to have emerged from the Desteni Ranch thus far. They are a fantasy all about how Bernard Poolman converts Hitler to the Desteni way of life.

In the story, Bernard gives Hitler a new name: MyKey.

Hitler: 'I questioningly, curiously asked: “Mykey, why Mykey?” He placed his left hand, flat with his fingers folded around my right shoulder and said: “You are my key to once and for all clean up the demon dimensions ... ' -- []

Bernard Poolman's fetishization of the imagined persona of Adolf Hitler and his fantastical relationship with Hitler as an icon of Desteni is a key to the process involved in Desteni itself.

Adolf Hitler 1 from the AFTERLIFE: DESTENI

There's a lot more but here are just a few quotes (which are written from the point of view of Hitler) for anyone who can bear to stomach this drivel:

'Both of us smiled, for a moment staring at each other, greeting each other through the awareness of who each one is, equally. He unfolded his hand s behind his back, moved his left arm and stretched it towards me saying: “You may refer to me as Bernard as I am referring to you as Hitler, a name to identify each other with, though I am obliged to say, hello me!”

We enjoyed a laugh together and I enjoyed not only this, but the extreme comfortability and peace I experienced with us being in each others presence. He continued, but this time, he frowned becoming more serious speaking from a sadness within him, so deep and so profound that I too experienced the depth and profound nature of the sadness within, not a sadness as known by humans, no, this is to the inner core of a beings presence so intense, speaking as this sadness from this sadness within as though the sadness was voicing itself from within this man, Bernard to express itself in words, in sound for me to hear.'

I spoke again: “Certainly if I have transcended standing up on earth, I am able to stand up for all equally, universally and change the way of accepted and allowed existence?” Bernard in turn smiled mischievously and said: “You know what to do to assist yourself, do this, I am waiting for you here.”

I turned once more to Bernard, myself being more than satisfied with the necessary preparation, experience, awareness and understanding within me as me, with arms outstretched, straight forward right infront of me, inviting Bernard to join me with a sharing of a hug – another form of self-expression as the joy and gratefulness within me as me flows with grace as a everlasting movement of a fountain and said: “I'll see you soon!” Bernard experiencing the expression of joy and gratefulness with me, allowed myself to express myself through the sharing of a hug with our arms folded around each other, our hands touching each others backs and squeezed tightly for a moment – and let go the next. As we moved away from each other, he merely nodded with an additional mischievous smile he has clearly mastered, at the same time I turned around so creation, existence and I stood one-on-one in front of each other. So that in this moment existed only myself and creation before me and within me as me.

I took a deep breath, lifting my right foot to move from the white plate amongst the stars in the universe when I suddenly stopped, paused with my right foot in mid-air – Bernard's specific words being the cause of my momentary mid-air delay, his words being: “See you soon, Mykey.” Mykey specifically, clearly sounded like and as My Key – individual words, sounded to create a name. I retreated, re-traced my first step by moving back re-placing my right foot which was in momentary mid-air delay next to my left foot, still firmly grounded on the white plate. I turned around very cautiously, slowly – since the moment Bernard spoke the words everything became slow-motion. Curious would be the most descriptive word to place my slightly perplexed moment experience as I slowly, cautiously turned to meet Bernard's eyes with him still holding the mischievous smile – making sense in this moment and explaining his mastered skill I mentioned I noticed earlier. I somehow earlier knew there's something he'd wanted to say, but didn't – though proving me wrong when he spoke the words: My Key – changed to a name. I silently laughed within me for I knew he had obtained the reaction he so knew I'd have with the speaking, the wording of the name Mykey.

I questioningly, curiously asked: “Mykey, why Mykey?” He placed his left hand, flat with his fingers folded around my right shoulder and said: “You are my key to once and for all clean up the demon dimensions, so it may never flourish or be re-created again, seal it infinitely and so also from the demon dimension we will clean up the multiple dimensions – so also earth. First the demons, then the dimensions, once all in the dimensions are prepared as you stand here now and have practically applied themselves and proved to themselves that they stand infinitely here as who each are as you are as I am – we will all as one as equals clean up earth, prepare the people on earth to stand as the dimensions as you as I and place their standing of self into practical application here on earth to prove to themselves as the dimensions have as you are and I am, that we are all as one equally here, infinitely here as who each are as the living word.

If you understand, live, become and remember your own specific process, Mykey, you will then know each and every single being's process in existence and will be able to specifically assist and support them as you have specifically assisted and supported yourself through your own process – the principle of equality, Mykey. As you stand as all as one as equal in your creation, you will be able to direct all as one as equal in creation with their own individual processes to become, live and apply as the living word as equality as one as who you are as who I am. Restoring the word power, the application of power, becoming power as who you are as the living word as creator, creation, life and equality – the power to stand as all in existence equally directing, assisting and supporting each through their own individual, yet unique processes.[]

Within experiencing and becoming Bernard's words I have not been able to understand – I see and realise I am here, this is who I am, creation, existence as who I am here within and as a human physical body – female to be more precise though! I have discovered the answer to my questions I had asked before I merged within and as my own creation once again – Bernard as who I am as each are had begun the process of bringing forth heaven on earth within and as awareness, oneness and equality for all as one. -- []

I turned to Bernard as I sat up straight immediately – I turned to all the other human beings surrounding us. Yes, Bernard, here you and I stand as one and equal here on earth within and as a human physical body – here we stand as heaven and earth, as heaven on earth, as existence, as creation, as creators, as created within and as awareness as the living word as who we are. -- []

After a few moments, Bernard spoke again: “Mykey, who are you?” I paused for a moment and then realised, when he spoke those words, when he spoke those specific words: I asked the question, so the question I asked exists here within me as me. Therefore, the question could not have possibly been asked without the answer already existing within me as me – the answer to my question is here as who I am.

“I am the answer” are the words I spoke as a statement of who I am, here. -- []


All of which leads to a situation where Desteni forum members such as Ann say things like: 'Actually pretty cool stuff that hitler did with the economy'

'Hitlers solution to poverty'

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: KlausHoefler ()
Date: April 30, 2010 07:26AM

And why you are talking in cricles again?

How old are you? Do you know about Hitler? Do you know Hitler or do you know what happens after Life?
Hitlers doings in the past wasn´t good! He killed but not personaly a lot of people and I will never call it good - our problem is that the human being still assessed him. And now try to understand all those people live in the past. They are just enslaved in the past. They do not know what life really is because they don´t live now. Just NOW is life. COMMON SENSE.
Our BRAIN works continuously - if you watch a video u must promtly give your coment - try to stop your brain - don´t analyze all what you see, just watch - all this conficts what you have isn´t in the world, its in you - you are the problem. Lie down in the sun and chill and enjoy your physical body come down from your brain.

So again in circles how you want to call it - NOBODY SAYS BELIEFE THEM if you watch more vids and you try to hear what they say - really try to hear - stop for a short moment your mind and just hear. I know its not so easy when the mind is full of critic or assessments to hear others really what they say but try it.

This are just INFORMATIONS - do you belief in all INFORMATIONS what you hear f.e. one say I hate coffee its terrible and you beliefe in them and maybe you never drinked befor coffee or now like in this situation you don´t beliefe so you beliefe you must fight against them. Do you see this curiousity show. Where is our acceptance between people.

If I hear some Informations I take this what fits right now for me - and this is what Desteni say. But just People with fear must fight against something - therefore our current fucking world situation. war, starvation, lies, unacceptance between people because you don´t say what I want to hear.
We stay here for an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM because ca 17000 children die each die on starvation - 3 Billion peoples has to survive with less than $2,5 per day. Mr. ANTICULT - how it looks you like this. COMMON SENSE.

We must also understand how this life works then we understand brotherhood and also Hitler was/is a brother and if Hitler had some people like Bernard or common Destenipeople on his site then had never been a war.

Desteni get no money from nobody - sure they make some courses and for this you have to pay - I made also a ayurvedic massage course and paid for this for 1 year 6000 euros thats a normal price for a course of massage in Austria. The SRA course support you to understand why the things what happened in your life come over again and again and how you can give you effective direction in your life.

So enjoy your life and make life-research with all his multifaceted


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: April 30, 2010 09:26AM

Klaus, I am not the person to whom you posted your above query, but I can say without any question and to answer your question, that I KNOW ABOUT HITLER. My family was executed, concentration camps et al, my Polish cousins in the Polish army machine-gunned and mass-buried by the Nazi's.

So yes...I KNOW ABOUT HITLER. How can you as an Austrian even support this racist crap as "channeling Hitler"? Doesn't it offend you to your core as it does me?

As an amatuer historian I offer to you that if Desteni and Poolman were around to assist Hitler, as you suggest, I can assure you there still would have been a war. Perhaps the swastikas would have been replaced by "smiley faces" but my family would still be dead and the blood would now also be on the hands of Desteni.

And I am not so sure the blood of my family is NOT on Desteni's hands. I see little to assure me of Desteni's "peaceful intent". The Neo-Nazi aspects of Poolman and his need to be an apologist for HITLER makes me wonder if one of his relatives oversaw the slaughter of my family. I'm not kidding, Klaus-of-Desteni.

Spare me any weak ill-felt "apologies or sadness" for my family. I don't want them from anyone who thinks Hitler was a brother and "now a great guy" or some weak bullshit.

Hitler was insane and evil.

As far as the EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, that sounds like classic Marxism to me. Answer me the following question, please:

Should a brilliant Medical Doctor who has spent 12 years (8 in study, 4 in internship on average) training to be a doctor get paid the same as a middle-skool drop out who suffered no loss of personal time from studying instead of getting drunk nightly and arrested (usually) and now digs ditches for a living be paid the exact same thing and why?

Should (or Would) Bernard Poolman, dictator of the world (the Desteni dream and "The Desteni Final Solution"), be paid the same as a new recruit goat-milker and Poolman slave at his "Farm" in South Africa?

If you answer "yes" to either of the above I have a great suspension bridge in San Francisco I can sell you for mere know....EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM that is why I will give you a good deal!

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: quackdave ()
Date: May 01, 2010 01:36AM

A while ago in this thread, after Bernie himself made his appearance, I remarked that I didn't have any argument with the basic precepts being touted by the Desteni proponents. I now have to qualify that, based on the fact that it's very obvious to me that I was premature in saying something that open-ended.

Although I feel that self-examination and self-honesty are laudable traits, and that ideals such as equality are a desirable goal for mankind, I don't believe that Desteni is really about any of that; especially after reading the posts by it's followers.


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MyKey/Hitler Desteni Dr. Strangelove, Bernard "Hitler" Poolman
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 01, 2010 04:02AM

Bernard Poolman is quite skilled as using techniques to confuse and manipulate people's minds, and to break-down the way they perceive reality. The techniques Bernie P is using are very obvious.
They have even tried to reframe the criticism of Desteni by calling criticism of Desteni "Anti-Cult Cult Anti-Desteni".
Bernard Poolman knows exactly what he is attemping there, which is to create a global overgeneralization about the criticisms of Desteni, to short-circuit members thinking processes.

That being said, does Bernard "Hitler" Poolman REALLY believe he is having a telepathic psychic Portal-Vortex chanelling sessions with Hitler? Does he really believe that coma-inducing drivel he is writing in his badly written fictional encounters with his hero, Hitler?
If so, that is quite a disturbed mind.
But it sounds more like L Ron Hubbard style of writing for Scientology.

When Desteni first called Hitler by his new Desteni name, it sounded like Mikey, as in the cereal. [])
But now we see it ain't Mikey who hates cereal, its MyKey, as in Hitler?
[] Ford Motor Company is introducing an innovative new technology – called MyKey.

Its bizarre how Bernard Poolman seems to not have been able to stop himself from inserting "Hitler" into the core of Desteni.
Is he doing that out of his own beliefs, or to try and reframe "Hitler" in the public, or is he using it as a "code" to the variant of the Neo-Nazi-ish people running around these days?

Its all starting to sound more and more like Dr. Strangelove. []
Bernard Poolman is Strangelove, and he just can't resist inserting his "hero" into his system, like in the film. Dr. Strangelove from time to time starts to talk to the US President...then slips into his ideas on world population, war and eugenics, and can't help himself with the Mein Führer!!
MyKey Zeig Heil!!
(fake quote)
...We at Desteni....we will create a global Equal Money system for all...except for those who refuse to join our system...they will be punished....and "Mikey Hitler"...he was only following the orders of the Demons in his mind...he is innocent! He has returned to innocence....sure...tens of millions were murdered in the war and its aftermath just a few decades ago...but the Nazi trains ran on time...and Hitler's National Socialist "economic policies" will lead to a New Desteni World Order with Bernard Strangelove Poolman chanelling Hitler from the mountaintop Eagles Nest!
Zeig Heil Mein Führer MyKey Bernie!

In all seriousness, fringe sects like Desteni can't be allowed to get away with their attempts to reframe and propagandize history with their bullshit anti-historical denials about their fictional Desteni "Hitler", created by Bernard Poolman.
Notice they use the word "innocence" when talking about "Hitler" beyond the grave.
Get it? Innocent?
Only a very seriously depraved and disturbed mind could come up with that.


Dr. Strangelove: It would not be difficult, Mein Führer. Nuclear reactors could - heh, I'm sorry, Mr. President - nuclear reactors could provide power almost indefinitely.


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