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Desteni, Bernard Poolman, L Ron Hubbard of Scientology
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2010 05:47AM

anyone have a link to more info about Bernard Poolman's...

"his picture of the interdimensional (sic) reptiles landing with their golden city in the center of the earth"

So Poolman is saying that these sci-fi fantasy reptiles are going to live at the center of the earth?!
If so, when he is going that far over the edge, he is simply pulling a self-conscious scam.

Bernard Poolman had Desteni do a fake-chanelling of L Ron Hubbard of Scientology.
It was a very stupid idea to do that, but he probably thought he could attract some Scientology members, which of course would NOT work, as Scientology would not tolerate that. If Scientology found out about Desteni "chanelling" L Ron Hubbard, they would probably declare the Desteni sect "Fair Game", and put Desteni out of business.

The Fair Game policy (the true spirit of Scientology) []

The evidence is showing that Bernard Poolman wants to set-up a cultic-system somewhat like Scientology in terms of a bizarre imaginal cosmology as a smoke-screen, but called Desteni with Bernard Poolman calling the shots.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Doc ()
Date: May 03, 2010 06:47AM

no problem


a link to the original message is also provided.

have fun.


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: May 03, 2010 06:49AM

Doc, thanks for your input. Your english is very good, by the way (better than many native-born english speakers). I look forward to your solid science background being used to highlight the failings of many new-age cults and cult-like groups that are covered here at the Cult Education Forum. Please encourage your students to visist here as well. The more rational minds, the better to help the victims of these groups.

As The Anticult points out, if you have a direct link to Poolman talking about "Lizard" aliens living in the Earth's magma, please link it for us.

One final note from me on Destini is this perfect last posting from KlausHoefler:

One point more - talk even with Bernard - do not beliefe in all this stuff what is written in the Internet.

LOOK HERE THE BIGGEST CULT - THE WWW in hebrew are the www the number 666

make life research and try to understand your life


If this doesn't say it all, I don't know what does. Not only is Destini teaching anti-semitism but they are proud to display it in an unflinching manner. Hebrew = Jews = 666 = Antichrist? Yikes!

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Desteni, Hitler, Structural Resonance
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: May 03, 2010 09:33AM

New revelations in 'medical science' from the Desteni Ranch. Just to get the 'structural resonance' in order. Must be reliable cause Hitler said so:

'For all smokers' out there, I have some ‘good' news and some ‘bad' news: Smoking does not cause cancer or any other ‘harmful' diseases – what does cause cancer however are consciousness systems which you have used to define who you are such as suppressions of anger, eating away at your physical system, slowly but surely. So, if you are a smoker, the ‘good' news is that it doesn't cause cancer, yet the bad news is that if you do have suppressed anger within yourself, it's more than likely your lungs will get fucked, or any other part(s) of your physical system for that matter, whether you smoke or not!

(Hitler places the cause, source and reason of diseases and illnesses into perspective in his writings, so I suggest you take a peak at what he has to say in his writings as to the reason why I state: Smoking does not cause cancer, consciousness systems within you does.)' Veno - Structural Resonance - Part 2 - Phase 2 -- Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensional portal

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Desteni, copying Scientology and Sumerian myths
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2010 08:46PM

no problem


a link to the original message is also provided.


Desteni will have to be debunked in German too. Anyone who speaks German, should consider taking on part of the responsibility to expose what Desteni is trying to do in German, for German readers.

[ Google tranlastion German to English of Desteni website ]

Below is a auto English translation of the text.
Bernard Poolman is simply copying Scientology, he's just changed a few words and images around. He even uses the "volcano" gag from Scientology, with a race fleeing their home planet. Same story.
Bernard Poolman just changed Xenu to Anu.

Bernard Poolman seems to have coped some material from some random Sumerian myths.

Anunnaki []
Anu []
Marduk []

___________quote excerpt for research and educational analysis___________

German to English translation
The Reptilian
back to overview
25th August 2007

So there were the Annunaki, the gold needed to get to their existence.
Gold - I'm sure people believe in the crystals have different energies, an essence supports you in a certain way (enlightenment, healing, etc.) as it was with the Annunaki with gold, they needed it in order to maintain their existence. But they had nothing more of it is depleted, died - "them.

At the end was their race, their city, their entire planet, only about 700 of service since their gold supply was exhausted.

They usually had a special planet in order to provide the gold. This I can not describe exactly, but he was black and there was coal. Like a sun that burns, and what remains is basically a big ball of coal, and it blends with all types of gas and burning liquids, etc., like a huge volcano. Something similar to lava was at the core of this planet.

Of course, they had methods for the procurement of gold and real gold they got from this planet. But eventually - like a star - it exploded and killed the entire race of the Annunaki, who worked there. That was the only way they knew. Before - long before - used the ancestors of the Annunaki meteorites. They got there by gold, but they went to some time off.

Finally, they found this planet, found a way to win gold, offered this substance from the star, and all died.

Anu, Enki, Enlil, and Marduk were all tied up as of this event and Anu said he would refuse to die, he needs gold and he will raise gold.

Perhaps you wonder: "Where was the city of gold?" The city of gold was in this solar system, in this existence.
discovered as Anu, Anu mainly, the earth, the gold town of Annunaki was put down in the core of the earth.

I am sure many will now say "What?" No, impossible. " However, they lived interdimensional, manifested in the form of their city of gold. But this is no gold in itself, it is another "gold". The gold they were here on earth, was the gold which they have used to build their city in the heart of the earth again.

You probably ask yourself "Why are the Annunaki came to Earth at all here?" Well, they needed a new planet or a similar expression manifested as the former planet, which I have described - black, charcoal, volcanic lava manifestation would - I call it.

Probably you wonder "Where did the gold come here on earth?"

Gold is NOT a natural "resource" here on earth, gold was here because of the Annunaki (and of course the human race), humanity has actually mined, at the beginning, the gold here, for the Annunaki.

Oh, you must also consider the following: The Annunaki manifested NEVER so [Jack touches his hands] in 3D - never. They were in an interdimensional vacuum at the core of the earth, which means that quantum time and space are interdimensional beings, and they are not manifested physically, enslaved or imprisoned not represented by the idea of limitation of the physical.

So, Anu needed a solution, and during that time there were the Atlanteans.

Did you know that you have these old people have? In stories they are usually "the ancients" or so called. The Atlanteans had just such, and of course, Satya of Alcyone. If something special was needed, then pointed in the general Satya them to a being of a certain planet or to a certain race or they just pointed to the Atlanteans, which she did often.

So Anu went to Satya, Satya and referred him to the Atlanteans. He attended the Atlanteans, and described his situation.

You need to know, Anu and his people were the Annunaki Reptilian to change their shape and able, and so he presented himself in a "presentable form." He went to the Atlanteans and explained his problem and that is what happened at that time with the planet.

I will continue in the next interview.

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Desteni, swastika, hitler, neo-nazis, skin-heads, Bernard Poolman
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2010 08:59PM

One can be sure that Desteni wants to bring back the swastika too.

(search "Desteni" with the quotes as search engines sometimes think its a spelling error)

"desteni" swastika

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Re: Desteni, hitler, neo-nazis, Bernard Poolman, Aryan Atlanteans
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2010 09:12PM

Notice above that Desteni also gets into the "Atlanteans" which were the zany folks from "Atlantis". []

Turns out some Nazi's apparently believed in the Aryan Atlanteans???
As part of some Nazi mysticism? (that sounds like Nazi mytho-propaganda for the masses, frankly)

Nazi "Aryan" Thule []
"The Thule Gesellschaft name originated from mythical Thule, a Nordic equivalent of the vanished culture of Atlantis. A race of giant supermen lived in Thule, linked into the Cosmos through magical powers. They had psychic and technological energies far exceeding the technical achievements of the 20th century. This knowledge was to be put to use to save the Fatherland and create a new race of Nordic Aryan Atlanteans. A new Messiah would come forward to lead the people to this goal."

Try a search for:

Aryan Atlanteans
"desteni" Atlanteans

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Re: Desteni, hitler, neo-nazis, Bernard Poolman, Aryan Atlanteans
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2010 09:14PM

(by the way, not using Wikipedia as a "source" just as a basic starting point of reference)

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Re: Desteni, hitler, neo-nazis, Bernard Poolman, Aryan Atlanteans
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2010 09:49PM

and of course, many sects deliberately get their members to believe things that are false/wrong, and opposite to reality on purpose.
Because if you can get your sect members to believe that smoking is good for you, then the sect-leader can continue to enjoy his smoking, and also can get his followers to believe other crazy things.

Like shampoo is shame-pooh and will kill you, so shave your head.
So they trained you to believe that healthy soap will kill you, and deadly smoking makes you healthy.

Then its not too hard to get you to believe the Desteni fake-Hitler is named MyKey and is now reformed and innocent.
And that Bernard Poolman controls the access to the fake Hitler Portal.
And that Hitler was the Aryan Atlantean messiah, and since Bernard Poolman controls access, that means Bernard "Sieg Heil" Poolman is the 2nd Coming of MyKey-Hitler, or whatever.

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Re: Desteni, hitler, neo-nazis, Bernard Poolman, Aryan Atlanteans
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: May 03, 2010 11:02PM

I find these writings on Desteni so distasteful that I can only skim through the links etc. I have found though that the particular mythology is a mish-mash of a lot of occult writings on Thule, conspiracy theories, pop culture such as the Matrix movies and the New World Order/Illuminati paranoia espoused by white supremacists.

Two writers seem to be responsible for bagging all these myths together to form a new scary cosmology, Amitakh Stanford and Zecharia Sitchen. David Icke and Stuart Wilde are using the pick and mix cosmology from these two writers (who seem to have an appeal to disaffected youth) as content also.



By piggy-backing on the fans of these two, Stanford and Sitchen, Desteni as well as Icke and Wilde have an audience that has already demonstrated a willingness to buy into far fetched and paranoid ideas.
I seriously doubt that Poolman, Icke or Wilde believe this crap, but they do believe in the revenue it can generate.

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