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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Free Speech ()
Date: May 14, 2009 04:43PM

Ki Masters

Ki Masters devote their lives to helping others. They are specially trained in the mountains
of South Korea, where they learn how to receive the original Ki Energy of the universe and
transmit it to others for healing. They focus on cultivating a bright and loving heart in order to
help others achieve healthier and happier lives. Ki Masters run Ki Center all over the world.
They are unpaid, and work to help humanity recover its connection with nature. They devote
themselves to helping each person regain health and happiness.

Ki Masters dedicate themselves to their own prayer and meditation and spend their days
giving Ki Treatments, conducting Ki Training classes and family healing programs.

Energy is invisible and intangible, and unlike material means of healing, is transmitted
through the mind. A generous, humble and selfless mind devoid of greed, arrogance and
jealousy receives and transmits Ki Energy well. It takes many years of ongoing training to
begin to cultivate this mind.


The above quote is on one of the KIs websites, see [].

If this is how the Ki Masters spend there time how do those with families support them? Do these people just leave there babies behind when they join this group, this isn’t family healing its family destruction.
Children left behind by such self centred adults, will be emotionally scarred for life, knowing that there mother or father chose this group over them.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: sparrow ()
Date: June 25, 2009 08:40PM

I met this bunch at a natural healing show in Clapham in about 1998, at the time they were called the Chun Do Sun Bup Ki Energy Institute

I have had a long interest in oriental healing systems and Chi Kung so I decided to have a Ki treatment (Chun soo) with the senior master at the show.
This was quite full on with the "hissing" and prodding. An hour or so later I felt absolutely fantastic!

I decided to go and visit them at their centre and have another treatment, at the time they were operating out of a hotel room in Cleveland Square near Lancaster Gate in London. The second treatment was as good as the first. (cost about £20) Later on they relocated to a centre near Barbican / Old Street

They explained about the Ki training. Step 1 was opening the channels of the body and consisted of 100 hour long sessions chanting, meditating and doing Chi Kung type movements. Step 2 was another hundred days but this time learning to receive and transmit energy with similar movements and chanting etc. I talked to a guy called Stephen Taylor whos wife had been cured of CFS by the training, she was at that time one of the energy masters at the centre having gone on to do the training afterwards.

Story here:


At the time each step of the training cost £500. I thought to myself that that was £5 per session. In comparisson to some gym memberships and other classes this seemed a good deal.

I did the first 100 days training. The class would start with standing and recieving energy from the big round plaque on the wall. This was definately doing something as the skin started to peel off my hands after the first day (dead skin that is! this has also happened to me after intensive Chi Kung so I was not worried) chanting seed sylables (soo leoong chun moon) and doing slow Chi Kung type movements. Occasionally one of the Ki masters would come and place their palm above your head as you were doing this. The first time this happened I honestly thought someone had spilled hot coffee or something over my head. I looked up and saw the masters hand was about a foot above my head. There is no doubt these guys can transmit energy.

At this time the masters in the centre were Master Cho (senior master) his wife Master Byun and Stephania Taylor (wife of Stephen) who was called master Jin. Stephania and Stephen had some marriage difficulties and ended up leaving the organisation and a new master a western lady called Master Park joined the centre. They were all really nice and I believe genuine people.

I attended the Saturday ceremonies and yes everybody brought food along but after the ceremony we sat down and ate it. It was quite a pleasant get together.

I was given the sales pitch about ancestor training. I think its worth putting this in context. In the UK we do not revere ancestors the way they do in some countries and to a Korean spending several thousand pounds to help the spirits of your deceased ancestors who are unknowingly vampirising your energy body would not seem excessive. Similar beliefs occur within Chinese Taoism.

We used to pay for "intercessions" within the Christian church (Ok probably a scam) and thats nothing like as much as people pay who get involved with the "Alpha Course" etc. Does it work? well some of the students who undertook it seemed to have genuine benefits and profound experiences. Others said nothing at all happened.

I was also offered some other ceremony that seemed a bit like an exorcism of the home crossed with Feng Shui type ideas. (which I declined)

I only did the step 1 and I believe this was beneficial. The thing I didnt like was that you learnt the movements but were only supposed to practice them in the safe protective atmosphere of the centre. I wanted something I could practice on my own anywhere. (so later went back to Chi Kung)

The ancester training was too expensive for me. I made it clear to them that I wasnt going to do it and certainly wasnt going to take out a loan. They accepted this and did not push me at all after I had made that clear.

Yes the setup was cult like, and yes I could see how it could slowly suck someone in. I believe the Chun Soo treatments are genuine and beneficial and the Step 1 and 2 programmes are very good as well. Its the excessive price of the ancestor training that put me off. Whether its genuine or not.

I remember Emilie Weston when she turned up at the centre. She was thin, pale and seemed very ill with ME, she could barely walk at the time. Within a few weeks she could walk normally again and her return to health was steady. She seemed like a nice girl. I remember talking to her after she had gone off to Korea to do the masters training. I could see how if you have had such a profound and personal healing experience you would want to share the knowledge and get involved with the organisation.

I am saddened to hear that the Grand Masters have been in prison for fraud, Korea it seems is a hotbed of cults. It leaves me with a rather conflicted view of the organisation. Yes the healing and step 1 and 2 programmes are genuine IMHO but there is obviously a financial scam going on and if the organisation was founded by fraudsters then it cant lead to anything good. However I did meet some genuine people who did an awful lot of good for an awful lot of people.


Yes they now go by the name Ki Global. The constant rebranding is suspicious.


I would say its up to each individual to make their own mind up but personally I would draw the line at the ancestor training.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Free Speech ()
Date: July 18, 2009 06:57AM

Ki Health International / Ki Global - have now added 'Inner Sound Foundation' to there myriad collection of names.
see []
On this website, the alternate spelling Qi instead of Ki is used. Ki is used on there other websites.
Who do they think they are they KI - dding?

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: August 03, 2009 03:59AM

There is also another thread about this group.

group called "Ki Energy World" in Los Angeles. []

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Free Speech ()
Date: August 22, 2009 05:06PM


The above link is for unother American Branch of this Korean based Ki Health International cult.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Galahad ()
Date: February 12, 2010 02:47AM

Allan Campbell, a kind, generous, modest and wonderful human being, passed away on 13th January 2010.

Allan had throat cancer and had not even been diagnosed with it until it was to late. What a a disgrace! The fact that, despite all the 'fire energy' and 'God given gifts' that Master Oh’s bunch of quacks ( Qi/ Chi / Ki Health / Innersound Foundation ) claim to have, really they have no power at all. It also says a great deal about their claims of 'psychic intuition and sensitivity to energy'.

Allan was a trainee Master with this group, working long hours going with little sleep often less than 3 hours a night. Was the punishing schedule he endured combined with this cult's sleep deprivation and manipulation techniques a major contributing factor to the deterioration of the health of this formerly fit and healthy man?

To add insult to injury, a while before he ended up in hospital, Allan and Master Oh spoke about the fact that Allan was dying. Oh's only concern was that he should go home to die, as it was bad publicity for the centre to have him hanging around there and people seeing the state he was in. Allan worked extremely hard, spending hours and hours cleaning and offering his building services and letting other cult members stay in his flat, generally being a backbone of the organisation.

Master Oh’ s attitude is utterly despicable.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: CaptPorridge ()
Date: February 12, 2010 07:53AM

Sorry to hear about your loss

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Fiona Brown ()
Date: April 13, 2010 02:44AM

Dear Galahad

I was deeply saddened to read your posting of 10.2.10. Firstly what you write couldn’t be further from the truth and secondly to use Alan’s death to try to destroy the reputation of an organization and other human beings is really exceptionally low. You are clearly someone who was not close to Alan and have not considered how much your writing would upset his friends and family who loved him. I know Alan would be horrified to read what you wrote.

I spent a lot of time with Alan before he died and also watched how the Masters looked after him. Alan regarded them as his family. They loved and cared for him deeply right up until his last breath.

The details you write about Alan’s illness are so inaccurate. Alan had known for some time about his cancer and the choices he made regarding medical intervention, his life and indeed his death were his to make. They were made solely by him and were indeed very painful to watch. I am certainly not going to post them on a chat forum but I suggest it would be better in future to find out the facts before deliberately trying to mislead people and writing so carelessly in a public space.

What you write is deeply hurtful to others. You have obviously given little thought to the impact your writing has upon those who have so recently lost a dear friend.

It is strange that you have chosen to hide behind the name Galahad. The Knight renound for gallantry and purity. Often described as a man of great courage, gentleness and chivalry. Qualities that don’t spring to mind when I read your post.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: April 13, 2010 02:59AM

Fiona Brown:

Personal attacks are against the rules you agreed to before posting here.

Remaining anonymous is the right of anyone that posts at this message board.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: KiWatch ()
Date: April 16, 2010 06:28PM

Here are some more links to events and news items regarding this organization:

1) Public talk by Master Oh in South Africa. November 25, 2010


Please join us today for a public talk with Master OH, the internatinally recognized Ki Energy Healer from Korea, who is visiting South Africa doing community service with a special focus on HIV/AIDS

Master Oh, who has more than 30 years’ international experience, will offer unique healing techniques to transmit vital energy which boosts the energy of the whole body and helps to restore immunity and vitality. He uses breathing and techniques for Ki treatments. Although based on similar principles to acupuncture, Ki treatments use sound and touch instead of needles and have the power to detox the entire body, whilst having a calming effect on the mind and emotions.

Any apprehensions of healing and understanding are dissolved in the experience by attending this pubic talk. A method of transmitting energy through touch and sound is used to help people regain their vital energy.

For those who are interested in learning more about Master OH's work, private sessions will be held on Friday Nov. 26th early evening and Saturday Nov. 27th until lunch time at the Ubuntu Wellness Centre. BOOKINGS FOR THE PRIVATE SESSIONS MAY BE MADE WITH PAOLO at 082 405 2844 or at .

2) March 2010. Innersound Prince Charles visit:

3) Jung Shim Ki Health at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. April 30 - May 2, 2010

Is anyone available to attend and take photographs of the San Francisco event?

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