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Inner Sound Foundation = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: cultkiller ()
Date: January 27, 2011 05:31AM

You are reading this because you have heard that the Inner Sound Foundation, currently at 25 Queen Anne St, London W1, is a money-grabbing cult run by highly organised criminals who specialise in manipulation and brainwashing.

In September 2007, Ki Health International (now Inner Sound Foundation) were riding high, their egos blown out of proportion by their success in making fools of the British people.

However, they went a step too far.

They manipulated one of their clients into giving them, in varying amounts, a grand total of £300,000.00. They hit him hard with some of the most insidious brainwashing techniques they could muster, delivered a knock-out punch, and left him, his family, and his bank account reeling.

But the Brits are made of stronger stuff. News got out, and details of Ki Health’s foetid behaviour was broadcast in the Telegraph newspaper.

Incensed by the news that they’d been conned, those unfortunate to have fallen foul of Master Oh’s charms decided to broadcast the truth about the organisation. They obtained the email addresses of all of Ki Health’s clients, and sent the following three emails out to everyone on it, amounting to between 150 to 200 people.

Ki Health responded, as you will see below. However, the truth was out. ‘The truth shall set you free’ resounded around the walls of Ki Health’s base, and their clients left by the dozen.

Ki Health had to change their name, quickly. ‘Ki Health’ was by now synonymous with the word ‘cult’, which you will see if you type ‘Ki Health’ into google. Therefore, knowing that the power of the internet could stop their pursuit of wealth and power, they had to rename themselves. They toyed with the name ‘Ki Global’ for a while, then ‘Ki London’, but finally settled with ‘Inner Sound Foundation’. They even changed their spelling of ‘Ki’ to ‘Qi’, to avoid any possibility of detection on the internet.

If you or someone you care about are involved with them in any way, you owe it to yourself to read the following, the emails which resulted in Ki Health’s Waterloo.

The following three messages were sent to all of Ki Health’s clients in October 2007.


Dear Trainees,

My duty is to tell you that the people who charade as pious holy people doing good work for humanity are liars, thieves and charlatans.
First of all, you should know that Ki Health were exposed in the Telegraph in September, sadly it's possible that you never read the article. Here it is:
The individual who gave £300,000.00 to masters Oh and Jin is taking Ki to court. He simply wants his money back, as he has realised the truth about them. However, Ki are behaving like the bullying, spoilt children they are, like a child who has mistakenly been given a new toy and is refusing to give it back. Ki are fully aware of the devastating effects on the individual's life, and that of his family. Taking them to court is causing them untold stress. Do they care? Of course not. They don't care about anyone, only themselves and their bank balance. Is the money rightfully theirs? Of course not. Ki insinuated themselves into the individual's mind and heart, telling him the world is going to end next year, and by handing over this vast sum of money, the spirits of the individual and his family would be guaranteed a special place in Heaven. At this time, Ki are desperately trying to hide all the money they have stolen (by various means), so that when their assets are frozen by law, there will be nothing to give the individual.
So you're wondering how can they get away with it? Well, maybe you've heard of the 'plight' of the grandmasters, who conned millions out of Koreans in 2001 (and were rightfully jailed for it). You've probably been told by Ki that the government in Korea is corrupt, and that this couple were jailed for political reasons. It's amazing how easy you can allow yourself to believe in them because you're so desperate to get better. How good masters Jin, Oh, Park and Kim are at looking into your eyes, into your soul – and declaring 'Trust us! Why should we want to lie to you?' Why indeed.
STOP BEING FOOLED ANY LONGER. This is a CALL TO ACTION! You are reading the truth about Ki Health NOW. Don't let them dupe you ANY LONGER. Masters Oh, Kim, Park and Jin should be in prison. Sadly, they know very well that they can continue to make monkeys of the British people. Even the Charity Commission supports them. It is almost beyond belief that they have been able to obtain charity status. With it, they have been able to easily insinuate themselves into peoples' minds, hearts and wallets. But does it stop there? NO. Some 'trainees' have taken out loans and even sold their homes, to give these criminals the money they 'need'. DON'T BE ONE OF THEM.
It is true that, occasionally, some of their 'treatments' are effective. Clearly effective enough for you to keep coming back for more. And doubtless you have been told that you should not go anywhere else for any spiritual healing, as it will 'interfere with the pure energy that you are being given at 33 Margaret St.' RUBBISH. There are thousands of very effective healers in this world. One of them is YOU.
Ki have simply stolen some Buddhist principles, and claimed them as their own. The chanting, slow movements, exhortations to kindness toward others – as these have been proven over millennia to benefit us. Conveniently, Ki doesn't like reincarnation – of course their ancestor healing wouldn't be possible if reincarnation were true. Ki delights in telling you that you have ONE CHANCE to prove yourself to God. And that if you miss the 'opportunity' to prove yourself to God via Ki Health, then you will not go to Heaven, or anywhere near it.
Just for fun, watch this:
Do you recognise anything here?
Still don't believe what I'm trying to tell you? It really isn't difficult for the likes of Oh, Kim, Park and Jin to look into your eyes and soul and tell you that you can trust them.
You will be FINE without having to go to Ki to 'recharge your energy'. They ARE NOT THE ONLY CONDUIT TO GOD. The truth and the way is inside YOU.
If I've emailed this to you correctly, you should see above all the email addresses to whom this message has been sent. It is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME to speak with Oh, Po, Ho etc about this – although I'm sure you will. However you are far better off corresponding with the others within this mail-out – many of them I'm sure you know. Other disgruntled people like yourself, who simply need others to correspond with about what to do next about the situation. Why not all of you contact David Harrison at the Telegraph? Easily done: 020 7931 3571 & 0777 038 1255.
Over to you.

Dear Trainees,

If you still don't believe that I've been lying to you, stealing from you and humiliating you for the last 10 years, check this out:

There you will see for yourselves the methods which I have used to brainwash you.

Haven't you realised by now that I'm only interested in you if you have my most favourite thing? Money?

Master Oh.

Dear Trainees,

It has come to my attention that some of you, to whom I have done a super-fine job of brain-washing, still believe in my purity of heart and soul.

Well, this really should be remedied! So below, please find an email I sent to some poor, deluded fool in 2004, who thought he could mess with me. I'm the MAN! No one can mess with me! I am Master Oh!

I've also attached a copy of the wedding certificate between master jin and myself, as you can see, the 3 witnesses to the wedding (including my other wife, Kim) are clearly given. It is these 3 wonderful women who help me hide the lovely lolly that I've been stealing from you for the past 10 years.

Master Oh.

From: "soontak oh"
To: (censored, to protect the innocent)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 20:11:02 +0100

I have been waiting for your call back with real patience.

This is my message for you.

I kindly warn you to stop doing what you have been doing against me.

What you have done is an attack on me with a knife behind my back like a
terrorist does. This is really cruel.

If your thinking and behaviour were wrong, you would kill many more people
than died at Sep 11th.

You have to know God is watching you. You'll pay a very high price for it
in this world and after death. Personally, I have given you so many chances
and have been extremely patient and generous with constant trust that you
have a good heart. Help me not break a beautiful feeling about you.

Now enough is enough. Don't attack me again. I'm not going to accept it
again. I already gave up my life for this work. Life is short. Listen to
God and love yourself.

If you have real courage, I want to meet you on Tuesday 8pm at the centre

call me

Master Oh
> From:: "Ki Health" <>
> To: "Ki Health" <>
> Subject: Ki Health response to defamatory emails
> Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 16:34:20 +0100
Message to all our Trainees,
Yesterday you may have received emails from the following address: mastersoontakoh@google.mail purporting to have come from Master Oh. These emails were not sent by Master Oh. We are not sure who has sent them.
We would like to convey our sincere apologies for the breach of privacy (the use of your email address) in a smear campaign against us and for the distress the email(s) may have caused you.
We recommend that you ignore these emails and urge you not to republish or resend them to anyone as they are false and defamatory and you would incur liability if you did. Should you receive any more emails from the address: mastersoontakoh@google.mail we advise you to reply in the following or similar terms if you wish:
‘I do not wish to be contacted by you further. Please delete my email address immediately’.
You may also wish to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner online for the breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.
This negativity comes from a small group of people in contrast with the thousands of happy trainees and clients who have benefitted from Ki over 10 years. Through solicitors we have made a legal complaint today to the sender.
We simply ask you to trust your individual judgment based on your own personal experience. Please trust your heart and your own feelings. There are so many individuals out there who have benefitted from Ki Health in one way or another.
Ki Masters were once people who were also seeking help for their health predicaments and have received so much benefit that they have decided to devote their lives to helping others. It is a law of nature that good health comes from a happy, good and benevolent mind. We know that the sincerity and dedication, love and care of the masters will always be seen in our London Centre.
Warm wishes
The London Ki Masters
> From:: Ki Ki <>
> Subject: Re: Ki Health have brain-washed you? Believe it.
> Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 15:21:10 +0000 (GMT)
Thank you whoever you are for sending this email.
To everyone on this distribution list, this person is 100% correct. Ki Health is a sham. I am disgusted that they duped me (I’m a completely sane and normal person!) but I’m even more upset they manage to steal money from people who go to them at their most vulnerable. I’m sure all of you have met people at their centre who are seriously ill, or maybe you are yourself.
Ancestor training is a sham. They are stealing £650 from you for each 'ancestor line'. Think about it, why would you need to release the negative energy of your partner’s ancestors? Or from random people your ancestors met during their lives. This is crap. What relationship do I have with my partner’s grandmother who died 60 years ago and how on earth could this have an effect on me now.
Master Jin told me she could see my ancestors in the room with me. She said they were not at peace and were angry with me. She said that if I didn’t sign up for ancestor training (at a cost of over £3,900 just for the most crucial lines) that I would get seriously ill. She mentioned an illness an aunt of mine has and said I would be next to get it. I feel sick and very angry that she said this to me.
You may think that these masters are decent people, and I do honestly believe that most working in the London Ki centre are decent and genuine. They have been taken in, just as you and I have. But Master Oh, Master Kim, Master Jin, Master Park are all in on it and are ripping you off. Who doesn’t now know that Master Jin and Master Oh are married? Sounds like a cult now, doesn’t it?
You may have turned a blind eye to the weirder aspects of Ki Health, and just decided to believe what you thought plausible. Now is time to wake up, think objectively about what you have been told, what you have been told to pay, and what exact health benefits you have received for this money. At the end of the day you are paying for a health treatment. The beauty of ancestor training is that Ki Health have a ‘get-out clause’ - if at the end of it you don’t feel any health benefits (remember you are paying for it because you want to feel better) then they can easily say you didn’t believe in it enough, your ancestors are an especially difficult case (what I was told, how on earth can they assume that!), or you’re getting the blockages from lines you decided not to cover etc. etc. So you will have to do more ancestor training, more lines to clear blockages. Wake up, this is a complete SHAM.
And as for the fundraising! Does anyone remember the poster they had up about the bricks and how much money was raised? I’d love to know exactly how much was raised, but I distinctly remember this being at £400,000 at one stage. Initially they wanted to raise £1 million but I’m pretty sure they had upped the amount to £3 million. £3 million! Correct me if I’m wrong but they were not buying this new place, they were going to rent it. It was an old red brick building in a grotty street near Victoria. Honestly did they need £3 million for this amazing new centre? And low and behold, they never moved there and now are cranking up more fundraising to move somewhere else. I hated the ‘hard selling’ that they did earlier this year about this, we were all taken in and made to contribute money or our time…
Some of you are probably reading this thinking, no hold on I loved the treatments and I really enjoy the training. The treatments are short bursts of lymphatic drainage massage. You feel clearer after them, energised, and calmer, just as you would if you had a strong back massage. But the masters also use positive reinforcement to make you believe you enjoyed the treatment, maybe more than you really did. Think about it, they pat your back a few times, get you to take 3 deep breaths, you hop off the couch, they are standing there smiling at you, saying your cheeks look redder, your eyes look brighter, wasn't that wonderful, they can feel your energy is stronger.... What they do initially is very very clever.
Then you decide to do the personal training. Most people I spoke to felt much better doing the training. Why? Because what other opportunity do we have in our busy lives to take 30-50 mins to sit in a quiet room to think about who we are and what we're doing in life. You get to sort things out in your mind and come out feeling calmer. The movements are very like tai-chi movements, again aimed at calming your mind down, and focusing energy on your core centre. Yoga does similar things. Again, the training has been cleverly put together.
But once you start on the training you get sucked into the Ki Centre life, you are told repeatedly that you need to start ancestor training. It is hinted that your personal training isn't worthwhile without you doing the ancestor training. That’s what did it for me, I thought I might as well go the whole hog. But hold on, no-one told me that when I signed up and paid my £600 odd for personal training.
You also get sucked into feeling a personal connection with the masters, they speak to you, take a personal interest in your life. You think how nice it is to come in here, how friendly everyone is, how unlike anything else in London. You feel sorry for them as they all have to live in the centre, are cut-off from their families and friends. You are encouraged to give, starts off with flowers, fruit, food whatever you can give. The more you give, the more you get back in return! (Money is energy remember!!!) Then before you know it they are cornering you to contribute funds to someone cycling to France or running a mini-marathon or you are asked to speak to your HR Rep at work, get Ki Health into your place of work, give us cash cash cash for our new centre....
All very clever. But it has to stop.
Please please people let's get an email dialogue going. It is important we put a stop to this organisation in the UK. BTW, to my knowledge Ki has no centre in any other major European country. None in France, Italy, Spain, Germany...... why? Because it’s likely in countries like these with stringent charity laws, they would not get the status they need. Not with their Korean background, mentioned below.
For those of you who are upset or confused about all this, there is help out there. There are wonderful people who can offer you free advice and counselling, read the websites below.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope it goes some way to convincing you of the truth.
PS - I've had to send this email out in batches, as it wasn't sending to everyone. See the emails from to get the full distribution list.
> From:: "yogi bear" <>
> Subject: AN OPEN LETTER.
> Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:30:37 +0100

Dear fellow victims of Ki Wealth International,

Since reading the missives we trainees were sent with love last week, I've had a few days of absolute HELL but now I'm able to write to you and express my feelings.

I'm so embarrassed that I've been taken in by Ki. I feel heartbroken, and have been in actual physical pain. Over the last 2 years I have entrusted my hard-earned money to these people, in good faith that in I was in the safe and capable hands of truly enlightened and spiritual people.

I was about to do more ancestor training but now I know better. Already I have given what is, to me, a vast sum of money. I'm finding it unbearably difficult to deal with the feelings that have come up, about the people who run this organisation and their leaders.

Initially, I was upset by the knowledge that they are refusing to return £300K given to them in faith by one of the trainees (many of us know who he is– he was conspicuous by his sudden absence). I'm stunned that they don't have the heart to return his money. It rightfully doesn't belong to them. I'm also stunned that, to my knowledge, many of the trainees haven't asked the masters WHY he is not being given his money back. This stinks of selfishness – not only of the masters, but of the trainees who, being in possession of the facts relating to this huge donation, did nothing to stand up to Ki and demand they take the appropriate action by refunding the money.

I also wonder how many trainees have bothered to investigate Carter Ruck, the solicitors Ki Wealth have employed to protect themselves against the case brought by the man trying to get his money back. Carter Ruck are renowned as one of the most aggressive firms of London solicitors, also one of the most expensive. Ki Wealth are paying them £500 an hour for their services. This is OUR MONEY.

Furthermore, who can now deny that Ki are a money-making cult? The youtube video did it for me. I was mortified after watching it. I thought that Ki were unique in this world – I couldn't be more wrong. Seems ALL the world's cults have watched that video and built their empires upon the ideas within it.

And who now can deny that Ki treat their 'trainees' like idiots, that they have the nerve to write an email to all on their address list asking them to copy and paste 'I do not wish to be contacted by you further. Please delete my email address immediately.' They assume that we can't think for ourselves, as they have done their best to turn our brains to mush with all their obsessive chanting, long ceremonies, mind control techniques etc.

I feel it's going to take me ages to get over this. I'm tempted to go back to Ki and have it out with them, maybe in Oh's Sunday ceremony. I'm sure I'll be chucked out. My other option is simply not return. This seems to be the best option, however I feel so sorry for the sick and vulnerable people who have fooled themselves into believing in Ki, despite the truth.

The person called 'Ki Ki' has already implored you all to take ACTION. I add my voice to this, as much as I can whilst trying to remain anonymous, as she / he has. It's easy to set up a new email address. So DO IT and for HEAVEN'S sake CORRESPOND WITH EACH OTHER. Simply copy and paste all the addresses in the 'send to' bar and TAKE ACTION TO STOP KI WEALTH NOW.

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Re: Inner Sound Foundation = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Innersoundwatch ()
Date: April 13, 2012 12:02PM

Please see new thread for anyone negatively affected by this organisation

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: janetd123482 ()
Date: May 01, 2012 03:31PM

Considering ‘Ki Health’ has been in the UK for such a short time, it’s revealing that they have had to keep changing their name, and are constantly re-branding. They are, and have been called Jungshim/ Chan do/ Ki Health/ Qi Global/ Qi Energy/ Innersound Foundation and now just Innersound. Why? Because people people catch onto what they are: a mind control cult. Most companies spend years, decades and often centuries building up reputations. A name is a brand that only needs to be altered if something is seriously wrong. Volkswagen even kept the name Skoda for heaven’s sakes!!! If legitimate, a name is something to build on, so that it grows. A good reputation is everything in business. 7 names in less than a decade?? Come on!!!

For 'master training’ they use mind control/brainwashing techniques: uniforms, dormitory sleeping, sleep deprivation, diet control, a rigid and packed routine that stops you from thinking and being able to consider/rationalise. They instil a fear into you for leaving. Chanting, meditation, long rambling talks with key works punctuated, thinly veiled hypnotism. Peer group pressure. A fear of becoming ill again and a fear of the well-being of your family if you stop the treatments/leave the centre. They get members to cut their ties with family and friends (particularly if critical of their controlling techniques). Dependence and obedience are key. Watch: [] (youtube 'how to start a cult').

Their rent is £775,00 per annum (record rent for the De Walden Estate) and they have a 10 year lease. £7,750,000 in ten years!!!! £7.75 MILLION!!! How about £30,000 pa rent, £300,000 over 10 years, and give £7,350,000 to charity???


They employ Carter Ruck for their legal (a notoriously aggressive city legal firm who specialise in libel and slander). CR charge around £500 per hour. Some charity!!! What kind of charity could afford that??

Park Kui Dal, who 'teaches’ at the centre, has spent 6 years in prison in South Korea for a similar scam – the Heaven’s Gathering Doomsday Cult. Google it.

Many people who are reading this will have been affected. Please do not ignore it. A significant number of ex-members are now in touch with each other and the momentum is building. There is unity and strength in numbers, and solidarity and goodness in what we can do. Unless something is done, more innocent lives are going to be ruined. Please, stand up and be counted. Message me if you have been affected.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Innersoundwatch ()
Date: May 01, 2012 03:51PM

Doomsday Group ¡°Heaven's Gathering¡±'s 38.4 billion won Loan Scam Stole from 1500 Believers...Leader, Wife and 42 People in Total Charged
Chosun Daily
Myeong-Jin Lee, reporter (
10 July, 2000

On 9 July, 2000, the Seoul Prosecutor sentenced Heaven's Gathering - a doomsday religious group with approximately 1500 members - for using its members to get approximately 38 billion won through bank loans. Mr. Hyo-nam Moon, director of the The Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office's Major Crimes department, investigated the group (Heaven's Gathering), and leader Mr. Haengryong Mo and his wife, Gwi-dal Park, as well as the secretary (of finances), Nak-woo Lee (47), the group's lawyer, Dong-beom Gang (43), and others - a total of 42 people - and formally charged them. Furthermore, Mr. Hyo-nam Moon sought to prosecute another 113 members of the religious group. As a result of their investigation, it was discovered that the leader had told his followers that someone from heaven visited him on Cheonma Mountain and spoke to him personally. In addition, from 1985, the leader gathered disciples (additional followers) with the pretense of teaching them how to create ki [universal energy; spirit]. In 1990, the leader then prophesied that doomsday would come in 2000, and spread his prediction far and wide. Mr. Mo, the leader, continued to spread his prophesy and made 23 doomsday groups throughout South Korea. Using his followers, he was able to obtain 2,432 small loans from 5,000 banks around the country. According to the investigation, the total funds - for which there is evidence - obtained through this fraud amounted to 38.4 billion won (384¾ï¿ø). The prosecutor suspects that the total is over 100 billion won (1000¾ï¿ø). The investigation concluded that the leader, Mr. Mo, lied to banks to obtain 10 billion won (100¾ï¿ø), through which he established 10 companies, together known as FM Group, and named his son as the Vice President. He spent 15 billion won (150¾ï¿ø) to construct a building called Daeracheon Palace in Hongcheon city, in Gangwon Province. His other victims in this fraud included numerous other individuals, involving civil servants in the central government, lawyers, oriental medicine doctors, teachers, military personnel, and so on, so-called white-collar workers who can easily obtain bank loans. Among those, the deputy director of the government's financial department, Mr. K (48) borrowed 540 million won (5¾ï4õ¿ø) from the bank, but over time was not able to pay the interest payments, and retired from his job. Another victim, Mr. Y (41), along with a colonel in the army, Mr. C (46), borrowed large sums of money, and also, due to the high interest payments, had to quit their jobs. Dong-beom Gang (43), a lawyer, one of the perpetrators of this fraud, was directly involved in the group's members' borrowing of 2.1 billion won (21¾ï¿ø) from banks. When the leader, Mr. Mo, and his wife were arrested by the prosecutor, Mr. Gang insisted it was a suppression of religious freedoms. Mr. Gang told the followers that the leader declared that doomsday was delayed by one year. The prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for a high-ranking member of the church, and while attempting to trace the location of the slush funds collected by the leader through his scheme, the prosector requested the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to revoke the church organization's legal recognition, and also had its property seized. The prosecutor said, "Because Heaven's Gathering was a legally recognized religion, people didn't think it was fake, and believed it more easily. Thus, white-collar workers were more easily attracted to it. When there are incidents involving churches, usually they are not very significant, but this time, the amount of money involved is larger, and the methods were more sophisticated."

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Innersoundwatch ()
Date: May 01, 2012 03:54PM

The group also has another front organisation called the PHW Foundation or Pyeong Hwa Won.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Innersoundwatch ()
Date: May 02, 2012 08:44AM

Doomsday cult leaders sentenced to prison
("Korea Herald", July 12, 2000)
The Seoul District Court yesterday sentenced threeleaders of the
"Chojonhoe" doomsday cult to prison terms after finding them guilty of
swindling their 1,500 followers out of tens of billions of won.
Chonjonhoe founder Mo Haeng-ryong, 66, and his wife Park Kui-dal, 52,
were both sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Lee Nak-woo, 47, the cult's
secretary-general, was given a six-year jail term. They were all convicted on
fraud charges.
The court gave 27 other members of the cult indicted for the same charges
two to two and a half-year suspended sentences.
According to prosecutors, the three leaders began to deceive believers in
1990 by spreading the message that the end of the world would come in 2000.
They had their followers take out loans worth about 38 billion won ($34
million) from 5,000 financial institutions across the country over the past 10years.

To get the loans, they used such fraudulent means as having believers
offer mutual credit guarantees to each other.

Mo and Park then used the money to live in luxury, establishing about 10
companies of their own.


Marshall Islands Journal, Oct 10, 1997
As early as 1983 investors proposed an offshore gambling resort on Pohnpei. In recent years several new proposals have surfaced. In the light of the recent economic crisis in Korea, one newspaper report of a Korean development proposal sounds utterly ludicrous, but it certainly is an example of "going big." According to the Marshall Islands Journal, Haeng Yong Mo, named by the RMI government as honorary consul in South Korea and called "Mr. Big" in Majuro, heads a joint venture, Marshalls Development Ltd., promoting a $6 billion plan to build world-class resorts on Arno, Mili and Majuro. The project would be completed in 2000, said Honorary Consul Mo, so that tourists to the Olympic Games in Australia would visit the Marshalls on their return home.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Innersoundwatch ()
Date: May 02, 2012 09:05AM

The organisation in Korea has also taught very strange beliefs that I would expect the non-Koreans are not told about- such as Koreans being the master race and that other people will serve as 'fertiliser' for them, that mixing of the races is an abomination, that black people and Chinese aren't worth saving because they have too much Karma, that homosexuality is an abomination. Thay are also preparing for a great war with the other Great religions, especially Christianity, in the future.

It is very likely that Innersound masters that are non-Korean even if they have been there for more than 10 years do not know some of the real beliefs of the organisation.

And as is very common with most Korean cults, they get people to live on the premises of their centres and work for free. I would expect if someone checked all the Innersound premises they would find the masters living on the premises illegally. They commonly have no regard for Visa laws, work permits and health and saftey regulations, so any Koreans and foreigners there are likely to be there working illegally.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: Innersoundwatch ()
Date: May 02, 2012 09:59AM

See below some of their doctrine about them being Human Gods who will rule the world- clearly this organisation is not a health organisation or a charity.

II. The 5787 year- cycle

According to the divine revelation sent down from the heart of the universe (the Creator, God) to the Chunjon Foundation through its founder, who mastered the Law of Mother Nature, the earth moves in a 5787 year-cycle; the last cycle ended on the 26th of December 1985 in the lunar calendar and the earth has now entered a new cycle.
The cycle is indicative of the changes in the spiritual energy that encase the solar system. From the spiritual level, the earth is entering the new spring season as the universal winter has ended.
Revelations come from the world of intuition and thus defy logic. Nevertheless, if we infer the matter according to the natural law, the following explanation becomes possible.
The theory that civilization proceeds from the East to the West, just as the sun comes up in the east and goes down in the west, becomes valid when we consider the law of natural cycle. The validity of the theory is also evident when we refer to the chronicle of world history, which indicates that the centre of civilization moved towards the West with time.
It is a wide-accepted theory within the academic circle that the East was the cradle of civilization. 'Book of Changes', which systematized the law of nature, revealed that the beginning and the end would be overseen by 'Gan Bang'; Gan Bang refers to the north-eastern land, which is the Korean peninsula.

The Korean peninsula is the land of beginning, where one cycle of the human race is completed before another one begins. According to the Records of the Grand Historian (written by Sima Qian), the Eun dynasty that ruled over the Yellow river region was established by Dong Yi people and the Yellow emperor, a legendary Chinese sovereign who invented means of measurements and the Chinese calendar, is said to have initiated the Chinese civilization after acquiring miraculous powers from a book called 'Sam Hwang Ne Moon' given to him by a teacher named 'Jabu' who lived in the Korean peninsula. According to [Hwan Dan Go Gi] (although its authenticity is being questioned), 'Tae ho' Bok Hee, who reportedly invented the book of changes, went to China after serving as an astronomer called 'the Lord of rain' in the Holy city of Gojosun. Before China was referred as 'Jung Hwa', which means the centre of the world, another country in the east seemed to have played the same role; hence the name 'Dong Hwa' existed in the ancient times, suggesting that the Korean peninsula initiated civilization before China.
On the other hand, it is often emphasized that the civilization in the Korean peninsula began around 5000 - 6000 years ago. According to 'The organization of the Holy City', which focuses on various organizations of Gojosun on the basis of 'Hwan Dan Go Gi' and 'Sam Guk Yu Sa', the author suggests that the Holy city was built in BC 3897, 5887 years ago from 1990. This means nearly 6000 years ago and the number is indeed close to 5787 years.
The earth has already ended its life cycle of 5787 years and as of November 1999, it is currently in the 15th year of the new cycle. Then, in which form the new cycle will unravel itself?
The doctrine of the Chunjon foundation fully reveals the course of universal developments to be witnessed in the future;
"We declare the coming of Heaven on earth, Heavenly morality that transcends life and death, Earthy morality that replaces everything with nothing and Human morality based on loyalty, love for one's parents and courtesy (the way of self-perfection through Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism).
A group of humans who mastered the law of Mother Nature by acquiring truth and power in the form of yin and yang will appear in the world to create Paradise on Earth, and it will continue for a thousand years".
- The doctrine says that since Heaven came down on earth, the appearance of a group equipped with great moral principles means that the global village will enjoy Paradise on Earth for 1000 years.
"This event alone will form the great history, fully agreed and participated by three entities - Heaven, Earth and Human. This is the Great Opening that people in your land have talked about for thousands of years. Although you talk of the Great Opening, how would you possibly know that it refers to the time when the skies and lands open up to create Paradise on Earth, the era of human and God, and all living creatures flourish in their natural beauty that I bestowed upon them?"
"The coming era will again see the dawn of the human race. It will be the time when people can live as true human beings in love and harmony while enjoying the age of peace with no division or barriers. Not only the human race but the whole nature is about to face evolution."
Religions born out of the Korean peninsula invariably advocate the concept of the Great Opening and claim that the Saviour of the human race will come from this land, which will then position itself to rule the rest of the world.
It could be said that the Chunjon foundation is also in line with such claims. However, they believe that change is brought about by the replacement of the spiritual energy enclosing the solar system, while the invisible fundamental principle that drive the wind of change is interpreted in relation to the law of nature.

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Re: Inner Sound Foundation = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: PastMaster ()
Date: May 06, 2012 10:59AM

We were told by the Grandmasters that medicine and surgery was not allowed. They said herbs were allowed but not conventional medicine. So only Ki energy and herbs. I believe the grandmasters are responsible for many people in the organisation not getting appropriate medical care, leading to very serious illnesses and deaths. Now from what I have heard the Mother Grandmaster has had surgery for herself. Quite clearly the Grandmaster does not practice what she preaches. I am sure they have come up with a very clever explanation for this, just as they do whenever what they say turns out to be wrong.

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Re: Ki Health International = Money Grabbing Cult run by Criminals
Posted by: janetd123482 ()
Date: May 07, 2012 04:19PM

If anyone reading this feels that they were unduly influenced or pressurised by Innersound/Ki health into doing ancestor training or giving donations, and would like to investigate taking action to get their money back, please email

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