Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 04, 2008 06:32AM

Christopher Hansard has been picked up by Pegasus Publishers, which I believe is still owned by Hodder Mobius, though it appears they might be washing their hands of the man. I certainly hope I am right, but still want to encourage people to write the publisher and discourage other publishers from picking it up for profit. Money being made from sleeping with his female clientele and coercing them in to sexual acts under the guise of spirituality and healing is not what I would consider a "healthy" profit.

Pegasus Books

The Tibetan Art of Serenity (Oct., $14.95) by Christopher Hansard. A leading Tibetan Bon practitioner applies its principles and practices to a 12-step program.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: jeff bowe ()
Date: November 04, 2008 06:24PM

Bravo Gita.

Your appeal to contact Hansard's publishers is a very important call. Let's end the deception.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: pema ()
Date: November 05, 2008 05:15PM

I wrote to Pegasus UK. They wrote back saying Christopher Hansard is not one of their authors. Perhaps its a US division of the same company -- the price tag is in $s.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 06, 2008 03:56AM

I wrote to Pegasus UK. They wrote back saying Christopher Hansard is not one of their authors. Perhaps its a US division of the same company -- the price tag is in $s.

You're right! I missed that somehow. Will dig a little deeper.
Did anyone catch his blog today?
I will save you the trouble, he is rambling on about martyrs.

Besides thinking he is a "Lha Khu" (and being told he is one by Susanne Hare, *see workshops article below) he seems to have a Christ Complex as well.

Not to worry, the below is from workshops that took place in 2005. But what to say about those around him that continue to support his delusion? Who is truly more harmful I wonder? A psychotherapist who maintains he is a Lha Khu and endorses him, a seemingly educated woman who was previously a patient, an equally unenlightened and truly uncompassionate follower who insists on harbouring him like a fugitive on an island off the coast of Canada. Hearts may be in the right place, but what of the harm that is being caused by such denial?

“Never underestimate the power of denial.” Wes Bently
“A pleasant illusion is better than a harsh reality” Christian Nevell Bovee

To be fair, this is a very harsh reality, but in the infamous words of Voltaire "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities"



Dear Friends,

Attached is some information on the upcoming workshops in
Clayoquot Sound, B.C., June 16th to 24th, 2005 with Master of Dur
Bon Medicine, Christopher Hansard...

Things are taking shape for two consecutive workshops: "Talking With The Natural World" and
"You Are The Land" having a one day break in between. More information is available at...

This is a very powerful time for healing, both ourselves and our Mother
Earth. With June Solstice and the Full Moon happening
consecutively, it will be an opportunity for doorways opening and
amazing energies to emerge. We invite you to join us in these
events and we hope you will be able to attend. For those of you
wishing to help out with the program, please contact me and we
can set something up. We wish you all the best, For All Our
Relations, Susanne Hare and Steve Lawson and family

Christopher was found at age four by his Tibetan teacher, Urgyuen Namchuk of the Sky Clan, who knew that a potential "Thunder Being" was to be found in New Zealand. Christopher's27 years of training in 20,000 year old Dur Bon Teachings started at that point. A ?LhaKhu? - a Thunder Being of Christopher?s stature, is known as an incarnation of the energy of medicine. Described as a bolt of lightning because he possesses a powerful energy, he is considered an awakener of consciousness. He chooses and designs his life before being born, then creates the right processes to fulfill his purpose. Coming at a time of great worldwide upheaval and dissatisfaction, the LhaKhu shows people how consciousness manifests itself in illness and helps awaken them to their innate healing potential...

It is time to let go of the illusion, and is that not a very basic Buddhist teaching? Is that not indeed what Christopher Hansard himself was attempting to teach? Has any one of his supporters considered that he may have been asking for help, to finally shed his own lie, the story of his own creation?
Would that not be the most kind and compassionate thing to do now for everyone involved?
Your continuing delusion and denial is not serving him, and is certainly not helping his victims. So those who still support him or condone his behaviour, or who have simply turned a blind eye and turned away need to ask themselves truly, how is your illusion and denial and maintanence of his illness serving you?

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 14, 2008 04:46PM

The Christopher Hansard Art of Deception:
Death of a Mythical Master and the reality that emerged in the wake of his Rebirth as a Sexual Predator and Fraud.

In 1992 Christopher Hansard set himself up as a Tibetan Healer. He wove a myth around himself and interlaced this clever fabrication of his own making with actual historical events and genuine Buddhist teachings until his yarn grew to such considerable proportions that he became known as “Master” and “Leading authority on Tibetan Medicine in the west”.

Excerpted from The Tibetan Art of Thinking by Christopher Hansard. Copyright © 2003. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
This book is dedicated to those people who have discovered how thoughts create their world… *source:

And no one knows how thoughts can create their world more than Christopher Hansard.

With the help of a powerful PR company Christopher Hansard’s reputation grew and he quickly drew endorsements from other leading authors and reputable journalists such as those below:


‘As life becomes more hectic, it’s important to stop and think about the way we are living. Christopher’s book is the best possible starting point.’ (Kathy Phillips, Vogue )

‘Christopher Hansard has written an eloquent yet practical guide to a soulful integration of all aspects of our lives. He contributes a wise and powerful voice to contemporary spiritual thought.’ (Marianne Williamson )

‘There is a magnificent book that everyone should have by their bedside. It is called THE TIBETAN ART OF LIVING by Christopher Hansard. In my opinion, Christopher is a true genius who can lead us to a new enlightenment as well as a state of vibrant health.’ (Normandie Keith, You Magazine )

‘The Tibetan Art of Living is an exceptional and essential book for everyone’s library. It’s absolutely brilliant.’ (Carolyn Myss, author of Anatomy of Spirit )

Acclaimed as one of “London’s Celebrity Guru’s” by the Evening Standard, Christopher Hansard was listed perhaps fittingly directly below another well-known guru and self professed sexual predator in an article in the London Evening Standard dated Friday, 5 October 2001. “The ‘Barefoot Doctor’ - known to millions from his TV career, his range of products stocked by high-street chemists and a form of healing based on Tao philosophy - has been forced to issue an extraordinary statement admitting to having sex with ex-patients in the past.” *source

Christopher Hansard has been featured in:

The Observer - Alternatives Tibetan medicine in Chelsea, post-traumatic-stress therapy and beating bad backs | Date: June 4 2000 | Author: Richard Lawrence

The Evening Standard - Feel the Tibetan force | Date: July 25, 2000 | Author: Catherine Bassindale

The Birmingham Post - Interview Christopher Hansard: Spiritual path to finding health and happiness | Date: September 22, 2001| Author: Jenni Ameghino

Scotland on Sunday - Interview: Christopher Hansard: ‘The I’m Holier Than Thou mentality - that’s spiritual terrorism. It dehumanises you’
| Date: October 7, 2001 | Author: Lee Randall

The Mirror - health: Every breath; you take…; Learning to breathe well can reduce stress, boost your immune system, help burn fat and make you sleep better. So take our breath test and learn how to come up for air.(Features) | Date: February 23, 2002 | Author: Suzanne Archer

The Independent - Life stories: Come here, little boy | Date: July 28, 2002 | Author: Beatrice Aidin “No flowing robes here. He speaks with such conviction and fluidity about “becoming a master” that my cynicism is in danger of evaporation.”

The Metro - Health: Learning the art of living | Date: October 16, 2002

The Guardian - Cream of the crop | Date: April 26, 2003 | Author:

The Independent - Wake up to a gentle pace | Date: 21 June 2004 | Author: Harriet Griffey

The Daily Mail - Discover The Path To True Love | Date: February 13, 2005 | Author: Normandie Keith

The Scotsman - Nothing to fear but fear itself | Date: February 25, 2006 | Author: Jessica Kiddle

Just to name a few. And he is the author of 3 books, The Tibetan Art of Living, The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking, and his latest, The Tibetan Art of Serenity. Christopher Hansard is neither Tibetan, nor has he been trained in Tibetan Arts. Christopher Hansard is not an authority of any sort on Tibetan Health and Lifestyle, or History for that matter, though he did read and covet the book, The Bon Religion of Tibet: The Iconography of a Living Tradition by Per Kvaerne (Hardcover - Aug 21, 2001) he has had no formal training, and has in fact made up his own history.
What is known and what we at The Courant hope to expose is his use of this fallacy and fraud in order to lure women to him at his practice so that he may continue to enjoy sexual favours from them. Christopher Hansard does indeed have a history of sexually and financially exploiting his clients and this exploitation has continued due to a certain lack of opposition and a failure on behalf of those charged with protecting the public instigating an investigation. It seems another remarkable case of blaming the victims. The “lack of opposition” is due to that very blame and the shame of having submitted themselves seemingly “willing” to such abuses. What happens all too often is a certain dehumanising of victims by the public, who chooses not to believe that such a thing could ever happen to them, indeed they would be much wiser to such a fraud, not to mention a truly ludicrous tale. Regardless, many women have been sexually shamed by Christopher Hansard, sexually demoralised and taken advantage of in the one place where they thought they would be safe. The treatment room. Christopher Hansard’s treatment room.

If you or someone you know has been abused by Christopher Hansard, please do not hesitate to tell, and to talk about it. Your silence is what allows him to continue and whats more, condones his actions and it is our silence that allows others to suffer the same fate..

Those who have been abused have to ask themselves, had they known, if they had been told or forewarned somehow, would they still have entered?

Join us in calling for an investigation into the continuing activities of Christopher Hansard

Investigate Christopher Hansard

The Courant

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 16, 2008 03:43AM


It appears Christopher Hansard is very busy horroring his blog.
I also spotted him recently under the alias "Shenla" endorsing himself.

I'll be back with that momentarily.
Shenlaokar was a deity he often professed to be an aspect of, or exonerate himself to.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 16, 2008 03:47AM

Contact us:

Anyone care to comment? or send them a comment rather..

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More on "Shenla"
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 16, 2008 06:10AM

Now please do not go about the various New-age forums and blogs out there accusing every "Shenla" of being Hansard, I believe I have caught a few different alias's from memory, but of course one can never be certain, unless of course he is blatantly, tactlessly endorsing his own blog all over the internet that is. He is after all a man of many disguises. Many faceted if you will, or just downright criminal. Let's hope the authorities think so as well.

Shenla a.k.a. Hansardla
Christopher Hansard: Spirituality,Self-Knowledge, Living — A resource where the reader can come to gain inspiration, new ideas and reflection in the areas of Spirituality, Self-Knowledge and The Art of Living. Take time to renew and rejuvenate yourself by by reading insightful and wise words by best selling author, thinker and healer Christopher Hansard. This is a place for daily inspiration and healing.
Share Bury shenla 211 days ago

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: dr. thomas ()
Date: November 16, 2008 06:57AM

Shenla Okar is one of the main deities in bon; kind of like chenrezig in bhuddism or even vishnu in hinduism. So are you saying he claims to be an emination of that deity, or claims allegiance to it?

Does he believe his own mythology, do you know?

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 16, 2008 05:34PM

dr. thomas
Shenla Okar is one of the main deities in bon; kind of like chenrezig in bhuddism or even vishnu in hinduism. So are you saying he claims to be an emination of that deity, or claims allegiance to it?

Does he believe his own mythology, do you know?

My opinion would be purely speculative, but since you asked,
We know for a fact he confessed to quite literally writing his own history in his 3 publications, and creating the story of his teacher, and teachings.

Whether or not he does hold any actual belief in these deities and has 'faith' in them, or what his motives were for demonstrating his allegiance in the past is certainly up for debate. What does not seem up for debate is his complete lack of honouring the teachings these deities have to offer.

dr. thomas, whether you attended workshops, were yourself a client or student or past acquaintance, you may recall that Christopher Hansard used to speak about the ring he wore on the forefinger of his right hand as that worn by Genghis Khan. The answer to your query therefore is yes.

Much of his information and what he passed off as his own teachings was also derived from the book The Bon Religion of Tibet: The Iconography of a Living Tradition by Per Kvaerne.

Look closely as well upon the following image of Shenlha Okar

It is the very same he used on the English version of one of his earlier publications, an image he was fond of telling students was him, therefore, Shenlha Okar.

Perhaps the most important item to bear in mind is how he used this information to lure clients to him, coercing them into either sexual favours or long term financial investments. Many clients complained of the number of times he insisted he needed to see them per week, some up to 4 times a week for many years and when questioned or challenged, he rebounds with rage and aggression wielding his authority over those turning to him for help. Though aggression is not all that is used, he has also been known to employ self-pity drawing upon his clients sympathies, or he simply blames the patient saying they are not open to the treatment, not worthy of the teachings, and not to waste his time. The rage and seeming apathy or exasperation trigger and play upon peoples fear of rejection, and the self-pity of course works on their empathy. With all the advertising he has already done and the many endorsements by some very irresponsible and equally unethical therapists, all he need do is sit back and wait for clients/victims to come to him.

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