Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: jeff bowe ()
Date: October 15, 2008 06:47PM

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: October 18, 2008 01:19AM

Thanks for the link Jeff,

It made for some very interesting reading and I also found this Remove Christopher Hansard from Practice

I have signed it myself, anonymously of course, and encourage others to once again join me.
Though it was recently suggested by a journalist friend that it may have little impact, I disagree, and would be more than happy to take that petition around to the Trading Standards and MET Police myself if I have to.
That aside, I think it is important that we put our names down to if nothing else symbolically support the many women and men we know were drawn into Christopher Hansard's offices and are still doing so through the publication of his books. Whether or not the petition itself will make a difference, this one tangible show of solidarity and support I know will do much for his victims. We need to let them know that they have been heard, if not by the negligent authorities, then at least by us.

While I do not know off hand just how many little advertisments he presently has circulating stateside, in the UK and Europe, what I do know is he rattles on about his teacher and teachings in each and every one, and at the back of each and every book there is a contact email that is forwarded to his present address every time.

As you will have noticed he has taken down his daily blogs, but it seems his preachings have merely been picked up by one of his fans who have taken it upon themselves to post his hypocrisy for the last 3 days, since the blogs have come down.

Being removed from websites is all very fine, but it is not accountability. His shameful false advertising prevails in each and every one of his books.

While Christopher Hansard will merely move to Latvia with one of his patients turned partner, or run away to Norway or Arizona with one of his workshop facilitators, his victims are left without redress to pick up the pieces.

Join me in showing them that they have been heard if nothing else and sign that petition anonymously if you have to. Just sign and circulate your support.

Remove Christopher Hansard from Practice

Thank you

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: dr. thomas ()
Date: October 18, 2008 04:04AM

As far as I can tell Hansard's blog is still up and running. So Gita, who and what were you referring to you when you said somebody else was doing posting for him?

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: October 18, 2008 07:52AM

Funny enough dr. thomas, I cannot seem to find it now, nor can I find Hansard's blog when I google his name. By what means are you finding it?

He has linked more than enough other sites to his own since giving birth to the blog, so I've no doubt he will still be enjoying many visitors.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: dr. thomas ()
Date: October 18, 2008 08:03AM

Strange little bits of pithiness on his site. I wonder who his audience is.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: October 20, 2008 08:23AM

If you have not already shown your support, or if you need a reason for signing your Jane or John Henry on the Petition, I will give you not 1, but 4 good reasons

The Courant
“From: <>
To: <Courant Contributor>
Subject: Re complaint made to Westminster Trading Standarsd Service

Dear Courant Contributor

Your complaint concerning Mr Christopher Hansard has been forwarded to
Westminster Trading Standards for consideration. It would appear that
your complaint can be categorised into four main areas;
1) Firstly that Mr Hansard holds himself out as being a Doctor /Physician,
2) Secondly that he has inappropriate relationships with his clients,
3) Thirdly that there are hygiene issues associated with his practise
4) Lastly that Mr Hansard has no formal training

The first area has previously been investigated by this Service and the
matter was raised with the General Medical Council. The GMC advised that
the controls on the use of the term Doctor or Physician only covered
such claims where they related to medical doctors or physicians of
recognised medicine rather than ‘alternative medicine.’

The second matter concerning inappropriate relationships is not matter
that Trading Standards can deal with as we have no jurisdiction in this

In relation to the third matter concerning hygiene issues at Mr

Hansard’s premises I would advise that you contact the Environmental
Health team on 0207 641 3161 or email with the details of your

With regards to the matter of Mr Hansard having no formal training it
would appear that there is no legal requirement to have formal training
to practice alternative medicine.

I am sorry that we are unable to be of assistance in this matter.


Principal Trading Standards Officer
Department of Community Protection
Westminster City Council

5th Floor
City Hall
64 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QP
Tel: 020 7641 2474
Fax: 020 7641 1702

This is one of the many letters that was written to one of the equally many organisations designed to protect the public, the others we are appealing to are the Police, and Christopher Hansard's insurance company.

Reasons to sign your name and show your support for change:
1. Because it appears that anyone is entitled to refer to themselves as a Physician and it would appear that it is perfectly alright to misrepresent yourself to the public by presenting yourself as a "Doctor" or "Master Physician". You need not really be specific what kind of "Doctor" you are at all, just as long as you are not posing as a Medical Doctor.

2. As a complimentary practitioner you can legally coerce your clients into sexual favours during treatment. While complimentary practitioners would like to be treated with the same respect and on par with a Medical Doctor they are not expected to take the same oaths, nor are they expected to be a part of any regulating body, nor do they sign any code of ethics meant to prevent them from preying on vulnerable clients, and let's face the facts here, if they were not vulnerable, if they were not in some way ill, they would not be seeking help in the first place!

3. Many of Christopher Hansard's hygiene practices or lack thereof were recently under question. Many legitimate reasons were provided for investigating or at least assessing his treatment rooms in Victoria. A letter did in fact follow the above and was sent to Environmental Health to no avail. So again it would seem environmental and hygiene standards are also not an issue.

4. And just in case the public for even a moment held the belief that these organisations care a damn about whether or not those like Christopher Hansard actually have any of the credentials he advertised, let alone any credentials or training at all so that you may at least feel safe in the knowing that he has some training, even minimal, it really does not seem to matter in the slightest whether he has any, even the most basic training at all, nor does it matter that he lied about training and continues to advertise himself as a 'healer'.

Does this not bring into question every one in the alternative and complimentary fields, and is it not therefore also in their best interest to insure that the Christopher Hansard's of the world are not permitted to practice and held in the same regard as those who are legitimate practitioners who are genuinely only interested in health and healing? How does the public know, how are we to differentiate?

Those that bought into and continue to buy into Christopher Hansard's lie are not merely an isolated lot of uneducated, unintelligent people. Many of them were professionals in their own right.
Before we disregard his many victims, students, and colleagues as mindless "followers" or "sheep", keep in mind that many of those turning to Christopher Hansard for treatment were in fact very depressed, or emotionally distraught, as uncomfortable and unacceptable as that might be in this present climate, those are the facts. Those who entered his office and attended workshops did so for their own reasons, and they were *gasp* vulnerable. They wanted help, they wanted stability, and they had come to a point in their lives where they felt they needed to look outside of themselves for another perspective perhaps, some leverage, some guidance. Is that not why we all visit the doctor, our lawyer, or pastor? Are we not looking to someone else who has advertised themselves as being an authority in an area having trained in a specific vocation?
Still, outside of that and perhaps outwardly, most of them lead fairly normal lives that most of us can relate to. The only difference was they were sick at the time, they were at vulnerable points in their lives... but was that not the point of going to see someone for help? Were they not trying to do the right most responsible thing for themselves and their families? Some of them having even been referred to Christopher Hansard by other practitioners? So before we disregard and disassociate ourselves from "those other people", bear in mind they are not unlike any of us, those that are attending his office right now, are in fact just like us.

Sign, Support, and Circulate the petition and take a stand.
Remove Christopher Hansard from practice

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: October 23, 2008 05:44AM

As requested by The Courant and as Christopher Hansard would have you believe countless "scorned women" everywhere
The Christopher Hansard Courant

October 21, 2008
Sapphire Unit - An Appeal
Filed under: Strength & Resilience against Silence — lizziejanecochran @ 7:54 pm
Tags: Abuse, Buddha quotes, Christopher Hansard, Hope, Saphhire Unit, Truth

The Sapphire Unit needs all those who have suffered abuse or whose vulnerability has been grossly exploited in the position of a patient asking for help with health related issues and/or spiritual guidance and employing the services of Christopher Hansard to submit their stories to their offices in Chelsea and Kensington. Your own story no matter how seemingly insignificant, could very well help another victim. Please do not underestimate the strength of what you may have to offer as it may help the police to confirm a definate pattern of abuse.
Kensington & Chelsea

Sapphire Kensington & Chelsea
Based at Notting Hill Police Station
99-101 Ladbroke Road
Notting Hill
W11 3PL

020 8246 0226
020 8246 0249

Given the circumstances of Christopher Hansard’s story of his teachings and a teacher which did not exist, you can also present a case of fraud and misrepresentation. All those who entered Christopher Hansard’s office and invested both years and substantial amounts of money are entitled to put forth a complaint. Please do not condone this man’s continuing actions with your silence. It is this silence that has allowed Christopher Hansard to continue and to prosper.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle.

If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.

and finally one just for Christopher Hansard…

Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the TRUTH
Truth | Buddha quote

Until we prove him otherwise, that is all his many victims will be as that is of course the defense he is currently using...
A bunch of "scorned women" as opposed to the truth of many abused and exploited women turning to him for help.

Remove Christopher Hansard from Practice

Do not let the exploitation continue and do not let yourselves be demeaned and further degraded by this man this way!

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: October 30, 2008 02:04AM

It's good to know Christopher Hansard has been keeping up with things as of late


Christopher Hansard: [The Origin of the Species]

by Christopher Hansard


borne from the issuance

of the searching for meaning

becomes entrenched

in the global mind set of us all

the disfigurement of human dignity

through the rage of others

reveals the larger illness

of the human race...

October 29, 2008

Here's hoping he turns himself in!
If you or someone you know has suffered abuse during treatment with Christopher Hansard "Master Physician of Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine" A proven false credential and blatant lie in not just 1 but 3 publications to date, please submit your story to the Sapphire Unit here in the UK and at your local police station as well. All statements will in time be combined.

Sapphire Kensington & Chelsea
Based at Notting Hill Police Station
99-101 Ladbroke Road
Notting Hill
W11 3PL

020 8246 0226
020 8246 0249

Westminster is where he is currently practicing
Sapphire Westminster
Marylebone Police Station
1 - 9 Seymour Street

020 7321 9434

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: jeff bowe ()
Date: November 02, 2008 09:50PM

Another Hansard attempt to profit through deceit and abuse?

Company Type:
Limited Company

Company No:

Company Address:
Victoria House
64 Paul Street

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: November 04, 2008 06:13AM

Has anyone else noticed how hard at work Hansard is linking to other sites and promoting himself?
What is worse is he is still promoting himself as a Tibetan Master and authority on Tibetan Medicine though he has confessed to at least 3 people in a rare state of honesty that he lied. However as his lies are still supported by those around him including his equally delusional psychotherapist one has to wonder what benefit it would have for him to tell the truth. Most importantly what benefit is it for them that he continue to lie?
Now that just may be the question we should be asking!

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