Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: somewheregood ()
Date: June 22, 2008 01:22AM

I agree with you dr thomas, speculation never solved anything
The real victims/patients- need to feel safe on this site and feel they are supported to make a statement to witness or to the police
Those on here that were apprentices, friends or ex lovers, your redress is slightly more complex. I would respectfully suggest that you join together, help each other and see what you can do to recover yourselves and each other. In fighting wont make a difference to anything. If you want to move on, perhaps you can give each other the strength to do that. As only you know what it was truly like to be that close to him and how he hurt you/betrayed you.
As we know CH does read this forum- so I would again respectfully urge him to take a very close look at your actions,their causes, the people in your life who you have hurt and where this behaviour is coming from. Only you can make this stop for good. And really there must be something in you that must want to, that needs to. Abuse is a cycle. One can only imagine where this behaviour comes from in you. Perhaps its time to put to rest the ghosts of your past and start mending the present.
If there is anyone here who is a therapist or knows about such behaviour patterns maybe you could shed some light on all this and suggest a way ahead
Finally,anger and mob mentality never solved anything.
Any kind of redress has to be done with compassion and care.
This is about finding the best way to stop this behaviour from continuing, preserving some human compassion and staying in the truth.
There are real stories of healing too and in the effort to get "justice" those should not be negated.
Perhaps one day CH can be a true healer/alternative therapist.
Right now he is no longer fit for that. This is not about saying if you had results from his work you are wrong or imaging it and if you didnt you were abused. This is about saying, some patients were mistreated.They are left hurt and confused. They need redress and help.
CH may once have helped a lot of people. Allegations of abuse query that, so we need to find a way to get a body/someone/authority to assess whether he is fit for that now. Every car has its MOT,this is his. That is how we keep sanity, truth and hopefully stay healthy and see things as they are.
Thank you
With Peace

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: jeff bowe ()
Date: June 22, 2008 09:14AM

I don't believe it myself, but some people may regard your comments as being the authorship of Christopher Hansard. What was that line from 'Paradise Lost'? Ah yes.... "With words clothed in reason's garb.."

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 23, 2008 05:19AM

To whom it may concern:

This thread has been something of a target for "Internet trolls."

Typically the trolls here seem to be aligned and/or sympathetic in some way, shape or form to Christopher Hansard.

There was "Dr. Yeshe" and now it seems there is "Dr. Thomas."

Trolls are not always forthright, realizing they may be banned if they are too obvious to begin with, so they remain vague and tend to spread the blame around, playing one side against the other in an effort to subvert a thread.

They go back and forth and back and forth and so on.

"Somewheregood" appears to be doing this.

Please understand that there are a few people very close to being banned on this thread.

This troll activity is growing tiresome.

Apparently Mr. Hansard and friends are quite concerned about people discussing his behavior here.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 24, 2008 12:23AM

To whom it may concern:

somewheregood has been banned from this message board.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: jeff bowe ()
Date: June 24, 2008 06:09AM

Dear Moderator, one down... a handful of trolls to go.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 02, 2008 10:24PM

A British message board has just won a "Flaming Websites Award."

See []

This site of "skieptics" seems a bit concerned about his thread regarding Christopher Hansard.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: August 18, 2008 01:43AM

Hello, I certainly hope I can either contribute something new, or at the very least renew the strength of this forum.

It concerns me that this particular thread has lapsed recently as Christopher Hansard is happily practicing still in Victoria, he is still entering sexual relations with patients under the guise of a guru, and it was reported on another forum that he is now seeking credibility.

Like Dorje, I was a client many years ago, I kept in touch through out the years with both he and other clients and students, and various stories of events and incidents would always find their way back to me.

More recently I was walking through St. James Park and spotted the man himself with I can only assume is the woman being purported to be his most recent conquest, though I would hardly refer to plucking someone from the vulnerability of your own treatment rooms with a bad case of guru worship a 'conquest'.

I remember her vaguely from years ago, and had my suspicions then that there was something going on between the two or at least some form of schoolgirl crush on her part, which he of course would have no qualms of exploiting and encouraging though he was married at the time. As Dorje will remember, Silvia was more of an active part of his practice back then as well, but this did not seem to deter him in the least.

In this woman's defense, the majority of those Christopher attracts have read his books, have read the countless interviews that have all served to build the myth of this man and is in all likelihood a submissive, passive person, who sought him out because they were imbalanced or vulnerable in some way in the first place. That is why they seek him out, and that is what he preys upon.

At the risk of being censored I wanted to address a comment made recently in regards to this on another site which was referred to by rrmoderator, because I think it needs to be addressed here as well.


Originally Posted by Phurba
Not so mahakala, these processes take time.
I look forward to hearing how Hansard explains how he and his reported current girlfriend met. As via the grapevine we were informed the relationship burgeoned from none other than his treatment room in Victoria.
She is in fact a patient.
Kind of brings into question both the culpability of his former Canadian girlfriend who helped him set up that clinic and his many denials that he never crossed such boundaries with patients doesn't it?
The point being that all this is old news unless someone is actually doing something to make him accountable for his actions.

Reply Posted by mahakala
The point being that all this is old news unless someone is actually doing something to make him accountable for his actions.

Unless you have been in that position yourself, either as a client or even a partner, most of us will have no understanding or comprehension of how someone like Christopher operates. He is a sociopath I have no doubt, and therefore he employs those closest to him to defend, protect, and enable his actions. Up until recently the students and many of his clients actually believed that he was indeed a legitimate teacher and that he had only just recently perhaps gone wrong. This theory is quickly fading though not without some element of shock for some. With the contributions of those who knew him in New Zealand and in his early days in London, we now know that his behaviour is not due to a recent breakdown or illness as he offered to students and any clients who approached him or attempted to confront him, but has been a constant through out his life, and certainly for the duration of his practice. It is also a fallacy that the allegations and accusations presented here have only been made within the last few years. They have in fact followed him since he began practicing and they will continue until he is stopped. So in light of that, I would like to again post some of the resources for those who have been exploited physically, emotionally and financially.

Christopher Hansard needs to be made accountable as quoted above. If he is not, and those in his circle currently continue to protect him, as he has drawn on your sympathies, encouraged your collusion, and made himself the victim, he will in turn continue to harm people. He has thus far suffered no consequence.

Please direct any complaints or concerns about Christopher Hansard to:

David Balens at Balens Insurance: 01684 893 006,,
Detective Inspector Watling or Baxter: 020 8246 0128
Councillor Tim Ahern:
Hodder & Stoughton (Hodder Mobius) publishers: 020 7873 6000

Please direct any complaints or concerns about Stephanie Wright to the above and to:

Emma Willis at the General Chiropractic Council –

This is clearly a complicated story both for the apprentices of Christopher Hansard and for the many clients who passed through his clinic. I have found an organisation in London dealing specifically with abuse within the healthcare environment.


‘Witness’ offers expertise in dealing with the issues discussed on this forum. They also have access to sensitive legal support and to the press. Please contact them and offer your stories. Through them we should be able to coordinate a process of repair for the damage done and stop Hansard from doing this again.

You can email them or call the helpline on 08454 500 300. They are aware of this situation.

I urge anyone reading this who may have been abused in whatever way at the hands of CH to post your story- to contact the police, to spread the word to anyone you know who is willing to listen. The man is in pain- most abusers are and needs to be helped. Needs to be stopped
Petition the council, let the neighbours in Victoria know, post on forums, the truth shall set you free
I urge anyone who is a friend of CH, who has intimate knowledge of the man- to get him to get some help. For himself, for the people he has abused and for those he may still abuse

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Gita ()
Date: August 18, 2008 05:31AM

An article by psychoanalyst Stanley Rosenman - grim reading but highly informative



A long and excellent article describing the precise nature of traumatic abuse in cult settings.

The following article by psychoanalyst Stanley Rosenman describes in greater detail how this injection of false self can take place. Rosenman discusses situations in which persons are assaulted. He does not however, examine the implications of how a subject's boundaries can be skillfully disrupted through a process of grooming, gradual seduction (as in the romance phase of what will later become a battering relationship) or the sort of cultic seduction termed love bombing, in some cases supplemented by use of trance, meditation, excersices--or by introduction or referral by a trusted friend...

Rosenman briefly mentioned something worth our further attention--that perpetrators often con their traumatized victims into parenting them---often a powerful and violent perpetrator may confuse the hell out of us by suddenly turning pitiful and pathetic---inviting the confused powerless victim to get a false sense of empowerment by reassuring and nuturing the wounded child within the perpetrator.

It is interesting how very often survivors of abusive persons report how their abusers alternate between contempt and then sudden bouts of self pity--which confuses their battered victims...and often lead the victims to stay longer in the relationship than they otherwise would have.

This was borrowed from Coercive Persuasion and Undue Influence - Rick Ross Cult Education Forum Index.
I brought it over because I felt the bolded portion in particular might help those who are or were once in the company of Christopher understand how they were manipulated, and that as Pema offered you are and were very much victims and were subjected to coercion every waking moment you were in his "care". From the 5 former patients I spoke with, this also seemed to spill over into their sleep as well, as they were told that Christopher would visit them in their dreams, and if he was ever detained for any reason, they were offered that he was there with them in spirit and were always "working with them".

As a matter of note, he was 'detained' quite a lot and more recent patients can tell you they would be left in the care of the apprentices. Often he was detained with one of the apprentices themselves for the purposes of the "massages" as described earlier by kurukulla, and other times I was told he would be reading and conducting research in his private office, no doubt to help build or live up to his own story.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: dr. thomas ()
Date: August 19, 2008 03:48AM


Conning the traumatized individual into parenting the wounded inner child is a very interesting dynamic and is something I have seen often with persons who have a sexual addiction - which is what I think Hansard's thing is. People often don't rtealize that sexual addictions can be as compelling and can drive behaviour just as strongly as any narcotic addiction. What makes Hansard unique in this is that his fishing pond has been a cult and a medical clinic, making it all that much more onerous.

He does indeed need to be made accountable.

But I can hear his defense, saying it is crazy wisdom, that he is developing relationships with people to transform and heal them, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a victim circle...............bring that defence out into the open and challenge it once and for all and make a precedent for so that all the other so-called crazy wisdom practitioners can also be brought out into the open and challenged to prove they are not just evil, messed up criminals.

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Re: Christopher Hansard
Posted by: Elizabeth Newton ()
Date: August 19, 2008 04:54PM

Thank you Gita for redirecting this thread back to its proper purpose. Also, for members of this forum who have been put off UK Skeptics by the veritable holocaust they seem to raise of name-calling and infantile insults, Phurba has presented there a very clear, compelling and disturbing account of Christopher Hansard's recent activities.

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