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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: November 06, 2018 05:36AM

That last link of Horowitz's doesn't work for me. Did it get deleted already? That was quick.

I noticed a video I posted about earlier which showed a lieutenant being publicly shamed has been removed. They probably felt it "might be misinterpreted". Here's where it used to be, in case they have a change of heart:


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: November 06, 2018 05:51AM

Yes, Happytown,

Without even watching your video of a public shaming, I would like to confirm that public shaming is a very regular occurrence in the Moo Satsung videos that I have watched.

Often, it's a subtle thing, where someone asks a genuine question, then Moo makes an off-hand comment and the audience starts giggling. Oh yeah, that Moo is such a funny guy...

Straight up, Moo gets all the power in the exchange, by leading the audience to laughter. No matter what the person with the genuine question says next, the audience are primed up to start giggling again.

And so they do.

The result it that the genuine question from the spiritual seeker seems absurd or unimportant.... It's much more fun to laugh at Moo's silly jokes. Moo looks like a great guy. The question is forgotten, the asker of the question looks like a dum-dum and then the very long-winded trance speech begins... Moo proclaims a lot of airy-fairy mumbo-jumbo and everyone blisses out.

And the money keeps rolling in.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 06, 2018 06:21AM

Lets sum up some safety issues people have voiced about Monte Sahaja.

One suicide.


Fire broke out in a work station at Monte Sahaja. Where were fire extinguishers? Was the wiring inspected? Where and how were flammables stored? What was the status of the fire alarm system, was that up to code?

(Note: on 11/7/18, Constantin, formerly resident at Monte Sahaja alleges how those unsafe conditions that started the fire came about.



Posted by: Constantin
Date: November 07, 2018 05:50AM

"...Then: the safety issue is also true. Big red flags here. Moo follows no laws on the land and the whole thing is basically illegal, but because of the usual ass licking via the Mayor this is allowed for now. (The fire that broke out was due to Mooo pushing (too FAR) of a project that led to many fumes in the wood working area and all it took was a relay switch that sparked it.) The fact that is was not windy that day saved mooo from a massive catastrophe.



Fire at Monte Sahaja – Mooji
We have been deeply touched by the many offers for help and donations coming in after a large fire burnt Shiva's Lap, the Monte Sahaja workstation, to the ...
Monte Sahaja – Mooji
Monte Sahaja is a sacred place dedicated to supporting true seekers who deeply ... and complies with the local and regional efforts to keep fires to a minimum.
Monte Sahaja | Mooji – Official Site
Monte Sahaja is a sacred place dedicated to supporting true seekers who deeply ... and complies with the local and regional efforts to keep fires to a minimum.
Fire at Monte Sahaja - Mooji's ashram : Mooji - Reddit
Nov 17, 2017 - 4 posts - ?2 authors
"A large fire broke out unexpectedly in Monte Sahaja at approximately ... The fire seemed to have started in the work station room where most ...
Images for fire work station monte sahaja

Concerns about wiretapping at the ashram.


Now, reportedly, physical fighting between two of Moo's female devotees.

Concerned reports from friends and family members that people involved with Moo get zombie like and break off connections with their significant others.


As for rrmoderators observation that the Moo video footage reminded him of Rajneesh, do recall that several participants in the CEI Moo discussion have
mentioned that Osho/Rajneesh people are at Monte Sahaja.

Sadgame who reports having followed Moo for 8 years wrote:




thank you for sharing some of your experiences with Moo and at Sahaja.

First of all i hope you are doing ok yourself, as i know that even just this process of coming to grips with the desillusionment can be quite confronting, it is for me. Having followed Moo for probably around 8 years, i had never been very devotional by nature myself and consider myself to be very critical and an independent thinker. Still i have developed significant blind spots and illusions, which i think have been made possible by mechanisms of thought reform that are at play in moo's dealings.
To acknowledge my own faults and lack of discernment is painful enough, but i notice that having to let go of a blissful degree of trust might even be more challenging.

Secondly, you are helping us all to understand, and acknowledge whats wrong with moo.

Your report that he is controlling people's lives to the point of who they are having sex with is really shocking to me.
having people go round checking on this to me seems really outlandish, but it corroberates the allegations that there might be wiretapping and other forms of monitoring going on in and around the ashram.
These practices have been brought up in connection with former osho sanyassins being in moo's inner circle now, and since you also mention him wanting to emulate osho... i wonder if that might be true

happytown who started this Moo discussion, wrote:



Date: June 12, 2017 11:07AM

Thanks - that Captive Minds video was very interesting. There definitely seemed to be parallels between Osho and the Mooji place. There is a big picture of Osho in the church hall that Mooji uses for his meets

StartingOver who reports spending quite a bit of time at Monte Sahaja wrote:


e: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: StartingOver (
Date: March 31, 2018 07:25PM

I was a long time supporter of mooji and spent quite a bit of time at Sahaja. ..... There is a documentary on Netfilx about the osho scandal, oddly enough spme of those people who were with Osho are now with Mooji. Really fucking scary.

Constantin reported being with Moo since 2011 and wrote on November 7:


Also it is true that there are former osho members active within the inner circle.
I 'm not sure if they wire tap people, but as i have said, the mentality is such that they spy on everyone and report to the moo.


Date: October 25, 2018 02:08AM

Moo tried to copy OSHO as much as possible, but mooo is Advaita in the end, which is very different approach.

On reddit in an archived discussion there is this:



Justanormalguy44 1 point 7 months ago

Alot of the Osho management team are now with Mooji, you can only imagine whats going on. The osho group poisnoned over 700 innocent people, tricked the homeless and then drugged them and then threw them out, attempted assassinations on law enforcement etc. Those people are beyond arrogant and crazy. There really should be laws in place to protect people from these kind of people.

Corboy note: maybe that is all in the past.

However Osho sanyassins have been involved in some interesting projects more recently.

Such as introducing MDMA (Ecstacy) to the rave scene on Ibiza. These sanyassins may be totally unrelated to any sanyassins or former sanyassins who are reportedly with Mooji, but nevertheless, it indicates how influential the Osho people continue to be - and in very surprising ways.


Note: There are still many, very many passionate Osho Rajneesh devotees today.

This man published an article critical of the little salad bar poisoner and holy hell, his comments section was innundated by Osh/R fans.


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: November 06, 2018 07:42AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy,
November 06, 2018
...That last link of Horowitz's doesn't work for me. Did it get deleted already? That was quick....

the record name is; Krishnabai talks with Rishi from Sahaja 2015
at 0:40, pics with Mooji, []

Krishnabai is the first Mooji secretary and vey important member of inner core in Monte Sahaja and I think she is also in an intimate relationship with Mooji.
But I am little bit worried about her mental health issue after her last defending talk within Mooji's video (recently posted here by inyourlove...). She represents typical profile of the inner circle member and ashram management.
She knows about everything, but she loves Mooji and protects him...(her email is online, and her facebook also exist).
Ashram manager, Shree made similar video with Rishi at YT and other members... (Omkara, lakshmi not yet ). This is the female hard core in Monte Sahaja. There is no return or leave for them anymore. They are with Mooji and they are like Mooji, they are no victims, they have made Mooji up...

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: November 06, 2018 09:02AM

Yes Horowitz,

It is very difficult to reconcile the image of Krishnabai defending Moo in that video posted by Yourinlove with the reports of her getting into a physical fight with another cult member.

In the video Khrishnabai seems over-the-top happy, blissed-out, smiling and completely in love with Moo (it could be a purely 'spiritual' form of love, I wouldn't know...)

Applejuice also reports her 'living happily in the moment' rowing her little canoe about the lake or whatever...

And yet Krishnabai is also physically violent.

If I were her mother, I would absolutely be worried about her. Of course, I am not her Mom.

But you do have to consider the number of people with mental illness getting involved with this cult... There does seem to be a correlation between having mental problems and cult recruitment prospects.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: November 06, 2018 09:10AM

You have to admit, the songs are quite catchy:

"Copied and pasted from a someone posting on guruphiliac Facebook page:

For those who might be interested in following the progression of a guru devote from fairly "normal" to "hardcore," I'm sharing some research I did on one of Mooji's peeps.

Mooji – Krishnabai research project

My interest in this is based on my 14 years in a Hindu cult – when I saw the video below labeled “revealing” I began exploring out of curiosity, because she reminds me of so many hardcores in my ex-cult.

Early Chanting – starting the slide into become a hardcore []

Later – the white clothes, longer hair, and non-stop over-the-top smiling [] []... []... []...

Revealing– first one I saw that revealed a lot to me and started my exploration – you can tell she has just arrived with him, and all her little actions scream: I’m his favorite, bow to me []...

Full-on Hardcore – this one is the ultimate of her guru derangement disorder []...

Radio Interview – just throwing this in if you’re interested in hearing the nonsense [];

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: November 06, 2018 11:30AM


It will be interesting and difficult to make a Mooji- Krishnabai research project with psychological profile of Krishnabai. I think she seems to be in a mental trance mixed up with love and devotion to Mooji. It should not be forgotten that Mooji found her and the other core members “along a street biting the dust” and Mooji gave them new Indian name and new life in Monte Sahaja, because their life before was very miserable…

Kate Shifman reported about Mooji: I went to a silent retreat with a guru and this is what happened
…. “Satsang is essentially group therapy with 600 strangers…’ Kate Shifman divided these strangers into two groups: people in permanent seeking / fund-lost types and people with some mental health problems. I think that the third group may be the spiritual/culture tourists/pilgreens. These three groups one can find in Monte Sahaja as well.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: November 06, 2018 01:17PM

10 psychological reason why people join cults: it's not homeless, miserable people. It's anyone and everyone:


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 06, 2018 09:42PM

Why protected moderated discussion spaces are important.

This from reddit Mooji & Metoo Movement



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zizlz 3 points 7 months ago
There's an interesting discussion going on right now at []

Here's an archived snapshot in case it gets censored again: []

Justanormalguy44 2 points 7 months ago
I imagine this wont stay up for long, I found some very interesting info on a website called cult education. Alot of deleted reddit post are on there.

(Corboy note: see below)

zizlz 0 points 7 months ago
Surprise surprise, the post has already been deleted from /r/mooji. The comments are still accessible through the above url and the post itself plus comments can be read in the archived snapshot.

Shankaromnivyah 2 points 7 months ago
This is exactly why i made that post, everyone seems to think there is no bad things out there about Mooji when in fact there have been hundreds of complaints but they have all been pushed out of site. I definitely do not trust him nor his Sangha now.

Material copied from reddit discussions of Mooji and Monte Sahaja here:

Corboy note: Here:


More text from reddit posts here. (Visitors to Monte Sahaha reports of M yelling at people)


More reddit material here:


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"A lot of the Osho mangement team are now with Mooji"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 06, 2018 09:59PM

Corboy note:

And do be aware that Rajneesh Osho has passionate followers,many of them to this day. For a sample, just read the comments section on this gentleman's blog. He wrote an article critical of Rajneesh, and hoooly helll.


Today, there perhaps, possibly be no connection between Moo and the Ibiza global nomad rave scene. However, researchers ought to be aware that . the Osho/Rajneesh sanyassins have been influential and continue to be influential in diverse areas and very surprising connections.

Reportedly. some twenty to 30 years ago the Osho/Rajneesh people played a role introducing MDMA/Ecstacy to the rave and club scene on Ibiza.


From reddit - archived



Justanormalguy44 1 point 7 months ago
Alot of the Osho management team are now with Mooji, you can only imagine whats going on. The osho group poisnoned over 700 innocent people, tricked the homeless and then drugged them and then threw them out, attempted assassinations on law enforcement etc. Those people are beyond arrogant and crazy. There really should be laws in place to protect people from these kind of people.

frittenburg 1 point 7 months ago

jbrev01 0 points 7 months ago
Okay listen, I'm the moderator of this subreddit, I have no relation to Mooji or the official Sangha. I took over this subreddit because there were some people coming here to attack, accuse, speak negatively of, and slander Mooji.

This subreddit was created for people who actually ENJOY Mooji's talks and his pointing.

It was NOT created for people to come and vent their negativity or discuss irrelevant dramas.

You are totally welcome to your own opinion and you can speak your opinion all you want --- just not in this subreddit. And for the people who don't like Mooji or his personal life, then don't listen to him or watch him. Go fill your time and mind with something you actually DO enjoy.

The whole negativity and Mooji bashing thing is a complete waste of time, and these kinds of posts will not be permitted here - because they have NOTHING to do with the pointing.

I have no affiliation with Mooji in any way.* I, like most other people, am only interested in his pointing. I don't really care about his personal life or the Monte Sahaja community --- all I really care about is his message which is very clear and very simple.

(Corboy: We have heard this same thing on the CEI Moo discussion)

Focusing on his personal life has nothing to do with the pointing.

It's clear for me to say that Mooji does not have students because he has nothing to teach.

If you really want to reap the benefit and the clarity of his pointing, stop caring about his personal life or the little dramas that occur at Monte Sahaja. Again, all of it has NOTHING to do with the pointing.

(A fire and a suicide are little dramas? Corboy)

You are not your mind.

Stop taking the thoughts inside your head so seriously. You - who you Truly Are - are bigger than the thoughts inside the head.

You are the Space of Awareness. Consciousness itself. And never the thoughts or the thinker which appears in the Space.

You are the Empty, Spacious sense of Presence and Awareness. Which does not carry beliefs, judgment of others, and emotional opinion.

You are not the thinker who holds emotional judgment. You are the Awareness of the thinker.

You are the Is-ness.

Is-ness is not concerned with personal dramas or emotional opinions.

Only the personal identity gets caught up in dramas, opinions, judgments.

But you come before the personal identity, before the thinking mind.

To say it another way, the person needs the Space of Awareness in order to exist. But the Space of Awareness does not need the person to exist... So which is greater?

Because you are the greater. Not the small I me person who gets caught up in dramas and negativity.

This is the pointing, and This is all that matters. Everything else is a waste of time. And this is why drama related and negative posts will not be permitted in this subreddit.

This subreddit is for Truth.

We all have only one shot at discovering Truth.

(Corboy note: oh yeah? In an entire human lifetime, we have just one shot at discovering truth? Thats classic sales technique -- invoking scarcity and FOMO - fear of missing out.)

Moo moderator continues, To waste your time on this Earth getting involved in mind activity and emotional drama is pointless. Don't miss your chance at discovering the truth of who you are, because it has to happen while the body is still warm.

Again, I really don't care that much about Mooji's personal life or what happens with the Sangha at Monte Sahaja. All I care about is the clarity of his message. And if you're looking to be a "student" then ignore everything and just listen to the simplicity of what he speaks about. Everything else is a waste of your time.

"There is Presence, but nobody being presence... Live like this."d

Shankaromnivyah 3 points 7 months ago
At this point I am so suspicious of Mooji and Sahaja that im starting to beome concerned about his teachings, I have friends who all went to Sahaja normal people and came back totally disconnected from reality in which they think Mooji gave them some sort of enlightenment when in reality they have gone completely mental and lost all abilities to critically think. Not only that but they have abandoned all of their family and friends and have become extremely arrogant. They also worship and pray to his pictures. They completely have phychosis which for me drew alot of red flags. I do not mean to cause any problems sir, I am just really concerned here. I still have friends there and I dont want anything happening to them, I think its odd that all these post being critical of him are being deleted.

I totally understand you wanting to have a space void of these topics but we who follow Mooji have every right to want to discuss these as well. If something is not right with him then I would assume many will not want to even follow his teachings. Besides they all say they come with the "truth". I dont see any difference between his dogma and others.

I know people who follwed his "pointings" to the T and are now in mental health facilities. This is very serious sir and needs more investigating and not people trying to run away from it.

Shankaromnivyah 2 points 7 months ago
Also to say he has nothing to teach and we are not students is just a product of him telling you how to think, imagine going into an environment with one pattern of thinking and then coming out with an entirely new set of beliefs that were given to you by one man. you were taught soemthing, despite what Mooji says. Just because he changes the word "teach" for "pointing" doesnt mean its any different.

frittenburg 3 points 7 months ago
I think drawing people's attention to absoluteness in order to avoid the relative, but only when it suits you, is another dangerous parlor game that all spiritual seekers should be careful of.

Shankaromnivyah 2 points 7 months ago
Exactly, my friends who have spent alot of time with him are so "Absolute" that they lost all of their family and friends and sanity in the process. They act like complete maniacs now and think they know something others dont. They use to be very normal and rational people now they behave like zombies. We have tried to help them but it seems to be a lost cause. I am very skeptical of anyone who teaches but wont recognize that his pupils are going luney tunes. Some of them even comitted suicide, its best we dont brush these things under the rug or the pressure will build up and explode big time.

peaceatmypace 2 points 7 months ago
By that rational then we should still allow Kevin Spacey to keep acting right? Cos he was a good actor no doubt.

zizlz 1 point 7 months ago
Absolutely truth is a more important topic than Mooji's personal affairs. Truth is what you are and Mooji's pointers can be helpful in becoming aware of that. But the same words that can point you to truth can also lead you away from it

That is, if you're compelled to surrender critical thinking and put someone on a pedestal as a higher authority of truth than yourself, you're being deluded.

I can imagine that if you're in a community centered around a teacher who gets put on a pedestal, literally and figuratively, it can get real hard not to surrender your authority. Especially if the teacher seems to be beyond human, i.e. you've heard nothing but good things about him. But it may be that you've heard nothing but good things about him because all other information about him gets censored. Then the censorship is a factor aggravating the danger of becoming deluded. That's why I'd like to say to you and anyone: truth is absolutely more important than gossip but censorship isn't necessarily helpful for finding truth.


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