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Pro Moo Supporters vs Those Voicing Concerns About Moo
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 05, 2018 08:35PM

I have sent a private message to the moderator about this discussion.

Again, readers are invited to read material written by Moo supporters and compare it to material written by those concerned about Moo, such as happytown who was brave enough to begin this discussion which was quiet at first and has since xivoparig's post on August, become the most viewed discussion on CEI for the past 3 months.

xivoparig's material can be read here:


I originally posted about this 1 to 2 days ago, about two pages back. The visitation by three Moo apologists has buried this so am taking the liberty of publishing this item once more.

Here are the posts by those supporting Moo and in a separate catagory, posts by those concerned about Moo and conditions at the Monte Sahaja ashram.

To help new visitors to this discussion, posts from Moo supporters and posts from those worried about Moo are organized in two catagories.

Readers are invited to compare and contrast how the two groups compare in terms of substance, civility, etc.

Moo is a regarded as a teacher.

A teacher is known by the quality of his students.

Moo Supporters

Applejuice Constantin says, " I have been with Mooji and later here at Sahaja since 2011."


Applejuice writes:

"Just so you know where I'm coming from, I've followed Mooji's teachings for over 10 years on and off, so I witnessed him speak to a half empty room to forming Monte Sahaja and becoming a spiritual superstar. I have never lived at Monte Sahaja, although I stayed there for a few weeks."


Corboy note: compare this with Constantin, someone concerned about Moo (see below) who writes:

Quote,135827,142901#msg-142901I was very happy to read this thread since many things that are said here have been watched here first hand. I have been with Mooji and later here at Sahaja since 2011.

Constantin's material is below, amongst those expressing concerns about Moo.

Perhaps by cooincidence, Applejuice and Jerkchicken arrived following Constantin's report. Mara Fiota returned, having been absent for the past 7 weeks.

Mara Fiota


Wombat Corboy note: scroll downwards and look at all of Wombat's posts listed for the cult education discussion forum. If the link works, the posts go back awhile.


Jerkchicken (honeyed condescension)


Concerned About Moo

Note: xivoparig claims first hand experience, as does bringinthecat and StartingOver.

Constantin, bringinthecat StartingOver, alonzo all claim to have been at Monte Sahaja.

xivoparig (Reportedly followed Moo on tour and witnessed disturbing things. After xivoparig posted, the Moo thread view count skyrocketed and we had our first visits from...energized Moo supporters.


After xivoparig arrived, Mara Fiota and Wombat appeared.

Following Constantin's arrival, Mara Fiota returned, having been absent for the past 7 weeks.

Constantin Applejuice, the Moo supporter says he or she has followed Moo off and on for about ten years. Constantin says, " I have been with Mooji and later here at Sahaja since 2011."

All of Constantin's posts here:


Constantin's first post, offering insider credentials:


Date: October 25, 2018 01:17AM

Hello Everyone!

I was very happy to read this thread since many things that are said here have been watched here first hand. I have been with Mooji and later here at Sahaja since 2011.

Its very hard difficult to get out of this cult because the amount of bliss one can receive, or seemingly so.

But red flags kept coming over the years and now.....well it's not a question any more. Mooji is a cult. The amount of evidence is overwhelming.

We can go into detail all day, but i wish to make a few points that have not come to light in this thread so far.

Firstly Moo likes to control peoples lives, down to who they have sex with with. And because of this there are people going around to see who is sleeping with who.

Furthermore Moo has two faces, one in satsang, where he is lovely and friendly, and then there is the other guy who is very bad tempered and can be callus, rough and will talk behind your back.

Mooji does not follow through with things he says and promises. He makes big meetings about something very important, but then nothing happens.

So the outcome is more and more politics and power games within the Ashram.

And again I would like to point out that many of the stories you hear about Moo cult are true, of course not all of it. We always have to watch out for BS.

So thank you all again for this thread, truth is more important than farce.


bringinthecat (visited monte sahaja did seva work there)



Date: March 30, 2018 05:59AM

I went to mooji's ashram in 2014 for a few months. I was doing seva there on their building projects, building a new temple. I had a good time and got a lot out of it.

reading all this had brought back a memory that I feel I should share though, because it bothers me in retrospect. About the woman referenced as mooji's ex. We were gathered for one of the many spontaneous satsangs that take place there. About one hundred people were there I guess. It was a different feel, like something bad had happened. It was about some disgruntled student who had written an angry letter. It felt a bit uncomfortable, but the general vibe was that the student had got it wrong. It was about getting people's opinions on what had happened. It had a sort of tribunal feel, but whoever wrote the letter wasn't there.

towards the end, this woman identified as mooji's ex on this website got up and started shouting at him. It was awkward and sudden. She was very upset. I recall Mooji wafting his hand at her and saying "you were too attached".

anyway it's on tape and there were about one hundred people there I am sure. I remember at the time thinking that people are going through things in this ashram environment, and it can be very challenging. And of course mooji was a sage and not to be mistaken with a regular guy.

But four years on, and now especially with this #metoo movement always in the news, I had to reassess and speak up, albeit anonymously. In what other area would a sixty year old man leaving his partner for a much younger woman be accepted as being for her own good because she was too attached? It's ludricous. It'S weird how it seemed acceptable.

I know this is all hearsay, but as I said, it was all recorded in front of many witnesses.

StartingOver (Identifies as a longtime Mooji supporter who spent 'quite a bit of time' at Monte Sahaja')



Date: March 31, 2018 07:25PM

I was a long time supporter of mooji and spent quite a bit of time at Sahaja. As someone who was very close to Mooji and the Sangha I can tell you that sahaja is actaully wiretapped to record and monitor phone calls and conversations on the land. Mooji has spies there and uses them to give him info on those visiting which he uses to pretend that he knows what they are thinking. His old security who spent years with him is terrified of him. I recently has a conversation with him and really felt bad for the guy. It seems Mooji really screwed up this guys life.There is definitely a cult around him. I left him with my dignity barely in tact but I am very greatful I was able to escape as many are still there and not so fortunate. I really feel bad for alot of the people I know there as they think he is some God. Little do they know he is tricking them and using there vulnerabilty as a means of entrance into their minds. something has to be done to stop him. There is a documentary on Netfilx about the osho scandal, oddly enough spme of those people who were with Osho are now with Mooji. Really fucking scary.

StartingOver also wrote:



Date: March 31, 2018 07:03PM

alonzo said he or she "I spent a lot of time at monte sahaja and found some disturbing things. "


Found this on Reddit


I recently posted a statement I found online regarding Mooji


and an incident that happened at Sahaja and I see that it was deleted. With all due respect if we as students follow someone we have the right to know every aspect of him to be able to truly discern if he is right for us or not. I have seen many post that have been deleted by you guys that were seemingly making very valid concerns in regards to Mooji. I honestly am starting to become suspicious as to why their is a big effort to hide anything that paints Mooji in a negative light especially since he is suppose to be above all of this anyway. I would really appreciate a response and not a deletion. My text followed the guidelines of this reddit so i am really confused here. What is really the deal with Mooji and why are you guys blocking information about him? I never wanted to believe the rumors about him but one can only wonder why criticism of him is not allowed.


Corboy note: in response a CEI discussion board member zizlz wrote:


Date: April 02, 2018 08:56PM

Meanwhile on []


the moderator keeps deleting everything even remotely critical of Mooji or the cult surrounding him. Recently someone made a post addressing this censorship, and of course that post was deleted by the moderator as well. Here's an archived snapshot of it: []

Happytown -- started this discussion about Moo. As a result, a moderator protected discussion venue was available for those concerned about Moo who found attempted to discuss their concerns on Moo related discussions on reddit and were thwarted by pro Moo moderators.

In the past 2 to 3 days, it does appear that three pro Moo supporters have been directing pressure on happytown.

Happytown's posts are all here:






Sahara 71




i yam what i yam


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 05, 2018 08:45PM

Ever since the Moo supporters have arrived in force, the view count for this discussion has exploded.

November 3 68,805 6:50 AM PST

November 4 69,182 4:32 AM PST

November 4 69,520 1:11 PM PST

November 4 69,614 6:41 PM PST

November 5 69,797 4:43 AM PST

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 05, 2018 10:20PM

Wow. Moo must be in a bad mood.

We have three apologists attempting to dominate this thead and IMO push people off topic and/or discourage them from posting.

All three have failed to answer any questions meaningfully, skirted issues or engaged in other obfuscation.

Their presence here would seem to confirm there are serious problems with Moo and that he may have dispatched them to spin for him.

This message board is not here for a guru's disciples to extoll his virtues. It is here for people that have been hurt and/or have concerns.

Having said that some rebuttal is to be expected and is often quite revealing. I think that the lack of substance to Moo defenders' posts and a certain lack of civility is interesting. The Moo-ites really don't know much or are not forthcoming about the group's finances or anything in any detail that might be seen as negative.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 05, 2018 10:22PM

To whom it may concern:

Anyone who attacks people that post here personally and/or lacks civility and is nasty will be banned from this message board.

There are a couple people that may be banned soon.

First and final warning.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: November 06, 2018 04:34AM

Posted by:Constantin, October 30, 2018;
About Sahaja :
…..Also other sessions where people stood up and asked about his ex girlfriend/wife and the whole ugly mess that followed……
Posted by: Applejuice, November 04, 2018:
….Now let me offer you an example. Some of you may remember a young woman named Samadhi. She was very beautiful, and had a lovely spirit. In videos from 2 years ago Samadhi can be seen sitting next to Krisnabai a lot, they looked like sisters. She was also extremely close to Mooji. So close that they would have private one to one Skypes when she wasn't around. he treated her like a daughter, and I know she loved him like a Father. This song doesn't really do her voice or songwriting skills better. []
From what I know she was messing around with a married man at Monte Sahaja, who had a wife and kids back home. When Mooji got wind of this he told her in no uncertain terms that she is to end the relationship because it's not healthy to be in this drama breaking up a happy home. And this was very distracting for her spiritually. Samadhi had to make a decision, and in the middle of the night she left with her lover. She has since cut all contact from the Sangha and Mooji. Now Mooji never banished her, he simply gave his opinion on their relationship. She chose to cut dies and requested nobody contact her after she left. I would not call this interfering in peoples sex lives. But I can see how it might look like that. Many people seem to think that Krishnabi is Mooji's girlfriend or something. I can tell you that they are not together. Of course if they had a secret relationship I would not know. But again I'm privy to insider info, and I'm told that's not the case. Now I have heard that Krishnabai at one point was in love with Mooji, or still is. But Mooji publicly announced his celibacy soon after breaking up with his Brazillian girlfriend, and it doesn't seem like he plans to break it. When he announced this during satsang, Krishnabai can be seen crying. So I think he views her as his devoted disciple. Maybe she views him as more than a spiritual teacher, but we'll never know. I also heard she got into a physical fight with his Brazillian girlfriend, which possibly played a part in her leaving. I just know that she's always very happy whenever I meet her….....

I like this 'love story' from Monte Sahaja and copied that again (sorry Applejuice). How i see this: the beautiful girl Samadhi slept with both Mooji and with the married man who was on 'spiritual retreat' away from his wife and kids in Monte Sahaja. When Mooji leant of that affair, he got upset because he is only the Alfa male there, it’s his ashram. Then Samadhi rather fled in the middle of the night Monte Sahaja with her younger lover. But before that affair happened, Samadhi got in physical fight with Krishnabai who is actually the first Mooji's concubine/girlfriend and the second one, Samadhi won the fight and sat with Mooji in Mooji’s mobile and meditates: in this record, [].
Mooji also “commented that later’ (not really) in this video record about Monte Sahaja promotion:
[] at –5:47
Krishnabai has been back she is the first one now: at 0:40 []

Important: Mooji and Monte Sahaja ashram get slowly but definitely unmasked…

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: November 06, 2018 04:45AM

My grievance was never that I failed to become instantly enlightened by watching Moo online.

My grievance was that Moo runs an exploitative religious cult that extracts money and free labour from its devotees and in return robs many of them of their sanity, by subjecting them to thought-reform techniques, hypnosis and brainwashing.

Furthermore, Moo appears to recruit the vulnerable women under his thought-reform indoctrination process as intimate sexual partners. It makes no difference if these woman only started out as devotees and became girlfriends or whether they remained devotees once they were girlfriends. I think the difference is negligible- how could you cease to become a devotee once you were an officicial girlfriend, while living in a cult compoud anyway? How could that work? It would be difficult to be there and not follow Moo's distorted and misguided teachings.

I also think it is extremely unethical to use hypnosis on an unsuspecting recruit, without their concent. It's deceitful. No gunuinely spiritual person would behave in such a deceitful manner.

As far as Tony Moo's devotees worshipping him as though he is a God - of course Moo welcomes this and encourages it. In the very last YouTube video I reviewed here, Moo explains why he likes people to bow down to him, kiss his feet and pray to photos of him, etc.

Moo says that they are showing love and that love is a beautiful thing. He asks "what would you prefer? That these followers show disrespect?"

No. I would prefer that he encourages people to act normally, and that he reminds them he is not a God to be venerated. He is just some guy in a dress.

To claim that Moo has no control over his own followers is laughable! Why would devotees even be there.... why would Monte Sahaja have been built, and why would photos of Moo's feet be for sale there in the gift shop? Did all this just happen by "accident"? Did atoms just randomly collide and the whole show just morphed into existence?

Or did Moo oversee the whole thing? If Moo is simply a helpless puppet in the hands of his pushy and domineering followers, then why are they bowing down to such a weak, ineffectual, helpless man? I don't understand it!

Either Moo is in control, or else someone else is.....

Either way, this is a destructive, exploitative cult and people are suffering as a result of being subjected to it.

If you happen to have been involved with this group but have not suffered any adverse effects from their brain-washing, then that is wonderful. But please do not dismiss the genuine concerns of others who have suffered. Denying another persons reality is not helpful and is in fact, very disrespectful.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 06, 2018 04:54AM


Watching the video was interesting.

Mooji reminds me of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Almost like Moo is copying the presentation style of Rajneesh.

But of course Rajneesh was better at being a "guru" and far more notable.

Historically Rajneesh was known to have exploited his devotees. For example he owned 90 Rolls Royces and there were allegations of sexual misconduct.

Rajneesh had far more followers, far more resources and cash at his disposal than Mooji.

But the video of Mooji does bring back memories of Bhagwan.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: November 06, 2018 05:01AM


Thank you... were there indeed two separate fist fights? One between Krishnabai and the Brazilian ex girlfriend of Moo and another physical fight between Krishnabai and Samadhi (the woman with the married lover)??

I think they should install a boxing ring in the cult compound! It might be safer...

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: November 06, 2018 05:02AM

If Moojiites find it easy to dismiss some of these more extreme accusations, they can at least balance their fervor with some words from Applejuice, a Mooji follower with the following concerns:

1. Allowing people to worship him
2. His teaching style
3. Not speaking on worldly events
4. Not taking mental health seriously enough

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 06, 2018 05:23AM

Yes. The problem with not taking mental health seriously enough is that various gurus push people through intense meditation, exercises, cathartic confessions, etc. to a breaking point.

And gurus are not typically licensed mental health professionals. So when they have seminars or sessions they have no meaningful education to inform them when someone is too fragile psychologically and when there may be too much stress.

Three people died during a sweat lodge seminar in Sedona with their guru James Arthur Ray presiding over them. Ray didn't take proper care and was convicted of negligent homicide.

Another guru, Keith Raniere, of NXIVM, had a seminar and a woman walked out and killed herself. She apparently couldn't handle the stress.

It's important to take mental health issues seriously.

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