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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: neilo ()
Date: August 05, 2018 11:20PM

In Be's article her 'former guru' is 'sri shunyata' with a link to his facebook page.

Does anyone know if the same person who made this website? - buy subliminal? Makes you wonder what he did to minds and what she then did to minds? If that is where she learnt from.


buy subliminal

Like i said before this is the hypnotism thing I felt there but I am not 100% sure it is him.

My friend who is following Uma is defensive towards me now saying Uma isn't abusive and things are 'doctored'. I asked about the voice recording of the girl getting physically attacked and my friend didn't know how to answer me! Shame now we won't be friends anymore as they have blocked me.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 06, 2018 06:56AM

This stuff has been discussed here in depth by a denizen of the message board named The Anticult. We learned a lot from TAC while discussing by a commercial transformation teacher named Byron Katie.

Introduction - double meanings in sublminal trance persuasion.

The Anticult showed us how these messages can be used to dull our response to genuine danger, compromise our boundaries and - instill fear.


The Anticult analyzed a narrative.

It was a tiny story told by BK - a story how she used a washing machine.

The Anticult showed us just what was embedded in the story.


Anticults analysis begins here. Read this and see if it resembles anyone else's material.

Start here and read down. If you want, just read what The Anticult has written.


More here:


(Very small excerpt - please read everything The Anticult has written on page 41)


whenever you hear someone like Katie constantly telling little weird "Stories", that is generally this brand of hypnotic symbolic persuasion. For those who have been exposed to the technical literature, it just LEAPS out instantly. Its totally blatant.

No different than for someone who knows a little about music, Mozart and Bach can be distinguished in a few seconds, but for a non-musical person...all classical music sounds the same...

the way Katie contructs those sentences shown above, betrays exactly what Katie is doing. Even though some of the Stories are strange and ambiguous, the sentence construction of double-binds, false-choices, embedded commands, and leading questions is hard evidence. That is being done very technically by the book, and at a very high level of skill, by Katie.

and as noticed, Katie is constantly telling sad-sack Stories about her various illnesses, they are listed above.

Again, this is done as it impacts on numerous levels, one of them being it builds emotional sympathy and Rapport with her female and loving followers. Katie goes on and on about her "blindness", and her treatments and ultimately an operation she had for her eyes. (...was blind, but now I see...). But notice she also added in one of her followers literally offered her his corneas while he was ALIVE!! So that fits perfectly with her program of Giving Katie EVERYTHING. Even offer her your EYES...heavy stuff..

Dr. Milton Erickson did very similar strange Stories like that, but in an ethical way. Patients would come into his office with some problem, and he would go into these long strange "stories" that did not seem relevant, or even make sense. (he was doing what came to be called Ericksonian Hypnotherapy), and by all accounts it got excellent results. (but he was an ethical hypnotherapist, who helped people like a good therapist would).

So this type of Laundry Story is classic. It works on the conscious level, it works as a Distraction, it works beautifully on the Unconscious level when you hear her vocal delivery,and the way she ends it, and it also possibly works on a meta-level, as a type of arrogant in-joke.

Katie also uses certain patterns like saying "I'm baffled by technology". Then her next sentence tells you to go to her website and go "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" your SELF!. (Reboot the Self).
Its a terrific diversion to put people at ease, and make them feel more comfortable.

So these types of Stories sound absurd and crazy to the conscious mind, which is their INTENT, but to the Unconscious they make perfect sense. Its a type of Dream-Language, of symbols and processes.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: neilo ()
Date: August 10, 2018 06:40PM

wts I think you are correct . She will teach worldwide now. I read she is going to Mexico.

On donny day facebook page from july : he is doing a training with her in august in toronto canada, Here is what he says:::

'Join us for this short (15-day intensive) and epic course :: feel your life experience a dramatic shift in perspective and understanding of yourself, your relationship to the world and the world itself.

:: I've often spoken of the a few amazing powerful people I've had to travel to see. After many years of being influenced by this woman's teachings, she's coming to Toronto:

:: We're booking people to join her course as well as for consultations personally with Uma :: one-to-one

:: Here's an article about Uma herself: []…/1481096007117f6c9a_35060a37379847…

:: You may have heard the name, Uma Inder, whether from her past students, articles in various magazines or headlining a yoga festival - and you may have also heard about her from an American Vigilante group called FACT (Families against cults).

:: Uma has become controversial only in America & some groups in america are attempting to share their way of doing things with anybody who will listen, as was the case with yogananada paramahansa (, Maharishi (currentlybeing attacked after he's passed away) (…/how-a-new-book-exposes-the-…/) as well as, to a degree, yoga itself in america: []…/is-yoga-an-anti-christian-pract…/. There's so many more (the Yogi from India who started the Kripalu Center In Massachusetts kicked out for having a relationship -long term- with a student, the head of Anusara for unclear reasons -suggested sexual relations & smoking marijuana- , Rodney Yee who eventually married the student he fell in love with etc.). America's filters are on FULL now and judgement's are high. If you would like to join this course and have questions or concerns about this whats going on, please pm me.'

I don't think Uma is only controversial in America, I think some things happened in Sweden also.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: neilo ()
Date: August 10, 2018 07:46PM

Those links to Byron Katie by Anti-cult are very good.

May be helpful for followers of Uma.

I just read a thing it is saying #sritoo as the new sign for guru abuse!

Hope all those abused find healing and peace.

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