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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: nowthewiser ()
Date: May 06, 2017 10:14AM

Good lord. Who let the cult members in here?? "exposure is happening on FB," if you mean that those who drank the koolaid are waxing poetic and making ridiculous assumptions about who I am, then yeah, sure. "Exposure is happening."

Oh sorry, that I as sarcasm, and I know Uma cult members don't get sarcasm.

So they assume that because my post was not a specific detailed account of my trauma, that I'm someone masquerading.

Have you ever thought for one second about what people who aren't drooling at the mouth for Uma might be experiencing? That revisiting trauma may not always feel safe, especially in a public online forum? Oh right, safety is not ok, either. Desiring a sense of safety is only for pussies.

Have you ever thought that maybe people don't share their detailed stories because THEY DONT WANT TO BE IDENTIFIED...?! Because there is a "trained killer" (in Uma's own words) who has dedicated his life to protecting Uma, and has off-handedly or very directly threatened to kill numerous people? Jeez guys.

And don't think for a second that some "mental health professional" who was clearly enamored with Uma from the start:

"Since the first time I saw Uma I had an irresistible instinct to run, leap and throw myself onto her, wrestle her down, ravish her and let myself be eaten alive..."

- Buster Radvik, March 13 2017, in his FB announcement of a retreat he's co-hosting with Uma.

And this from a "licensed mental health professional" whom she was seeing to mentally assess her..?!? And now they're doing a retreat Endearing though the guy may be, that is not the smartest professional move.

And to think you can assess from just a couple sessions whether someone has NPD is just flabbergasting.

People want specifics, eh? If I told my story you'd know who the fuck I am, duh. And I don't want that. Not now anyway. Maybe some day.

But a few specifics, sure.

I heard many stories of one woman being committed to a mental institution.

I heard Uma account of numerous students who felt suicidal to the point of wanting to act on it, and her proudly stating (oh, "warning" that she did nothing to help them.)

I've heard of a psychotic break. Of one person so traumatized they were unable to speak the language they were born speaking. And still can't. I've been through countless hours of therapy myself.

There were warnings of "consequences," like a miscarriage, a broken foot, "spontaneous" STDs, insanity, insomnia, so many more....for daring to get close to Uma, for "playing with her fire" or "being half-in" or "not taking it seriously enough."

Or was it because she created such profound psychological stress through the trauma bonds she induced?

Maybe she's changed, I don't know. But I doubt it. Read "The Traumatic Narcissist" and see JUST HOW MANY NEAR-DIRECT QUOTES are written in this textbook, from someone who's been studying this particular type of narcissism for decades.

Uma needs help. Not students. Not new websites. Yes, I get that many people have had a positive experience with her. That doesn't mean many others haven't come away with intense trauma, thousands of hours lost in free labor, thousands of dollars given for..."gratitude..." or rather, some sense of duty that is carefully cultivated by Uma and her close students.

Anyway, just beware of her. Like I said before, I really think she does have some good things to teach. And, I don't think it is a good idea for her to work with people like that. Stick to your Ayurveda product line. Or go back to making jewelry. Humble yourself. It's what you forgot.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: nowthewiser ()
Date: May 06, 2017 10:17AM

Oh, and I think it's a little funny and a little sad that you really think that everything negative that is written about Uma is by one person, as if its inconceivable that anyone else could come away with a negative experience. Wake up and see the other side.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 09, 2017 08:23PM

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: Lb ()
Date: May 11, 2017 06:13PM

When reading your first post Nowthewiser I also thought that it was the same person who wrote most of the previous ones, because of the resemblance to what sounded to me carefully constructed and vague.
Now, in this last post I hear a personal expression of someone, I can feel anger, disappointment and bitterness in your words and wonder what has caused you so much hurt, because I simply can’t match the things you say with my own experience of knowing Uma Inder for 3 years in which I have been in close contact with her and participated in some of her group programs.
You say you are afraid to be specific about your experiences because of death threats, which really puzzle me because it’s so far removed from the openness and absence of any kind of pressure that I experienced in my dealings with Uma Inder and people close to her, that I just cannot believe this.
You say that you can imagine that some people have positive experiences with Uma Inder, indeed I am one of those people who have greatly benefitted from participating in her programs, achieving a greater balance in my life is just one of them.

Please don’t label and dismiss me as a cult follower because I don’t accept everything you say here as true. I can however imagine from my own experience with different teachers, that someone might feel hurt when an existing trauma is touched by a life situation, especially possible when you are exploring and expanding your consciousness. This has happened to me in the past with other teachers and I have seen it happening to others. I think its almost unavoidable for most of us, as we carry so many wounds which are buried because they where too much to bear at the time. And it is an almost automatic reaction to not want to feel them again, so we project the original cause of the hurt onto the person or situation that has brought it up. I have done this myself; only it reinforced the original trauma and left me deeply troubled and negative, but did not lead me anywhere. So I gathered the courage to feel the pain and using my training in meditation to not get overwhelmed or lost into it. And guess what? This was not easy, but allowing the pain has been one of my greatest teachers.
I won’t go too far into my own story, my point is to share this with you and also tell you about the people I have witnessed getting stuck in immense negativity in similar occurrences, with only one way to turn their energy: to fabricate a story as a justification for themselves and putting all their frustration into blaming the other.
I don’t say this to be patronizing, on the contrary, because I know from my own experience that however loud you may shout the blame and how often you may repeat it, it won’t make the original pain go away.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 11, 2017 08:30PM


In your experience was their anything you found unsettling or problematic about Uma Inder? Did you witness any mistakes or improper behavior?

Do you think it's possible that Uma Inder could cause people to have a negative experience, or is it always their fault if things don't work out well?

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: Lb ()
Date: May 12, 2017 10:16PM

Thank you for asking moderator.

“In your experience was their anything you found unsettling or problematic about Uma Inder? Did you witness any mistakes or improper behaviour?”

No, I have not found anything unsettling or problematic about Uma Inder, neither did I witness any improper behaviour. On the contrary, I have experienced her genuine care for others through her loving attention and health service.

“Do you think it's possible that Uma Inder could cause people to have a negative experience, or is it always their fault if things don't work out well?”

My simple answer to this question is no, but the way the question is formulated makes it difficult for me to answer, so I try to explain a bit more.
From my own experience in self awareness I have discovered that usually it is not the other person or situation which causes the negative experience, but my own inner reaction to what is happening, which is based on my own conditioning and past experiences of my live. So to say straight out that someone else has caused my negative experience would not be correct.
I don’t consider it impossible that someone might have a “negative experience", triggered by interacting with Uma Inder, in the sense that anybody can trigger a negative response in people. That is human and happens everyday everywhere.
However, I have witnessed Uma Inder always looking at any situation from all possible angles and inviting anyone’s perspective and I am personally impressed by her honesty and degree of willingness to question, which includes herself and her own actions. So, for her to say that “it is always the others fault if things don’t work out well” is about the last thing I would expect from her. Nothing could be further from the truth from my own experience of interacting with her.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 13, 2017 01:43AM

So you basically think that anything said critical about Uma Inder must be wrong and you are here as an apologist and/or to attack anyone that has had a negative experience.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: Lb ()
Date: May 13, 2017 07:39PM

I do not understand your conclusion rrmoderator.

Because, no, I don’t think anything critical said of Uma is wrong. That’s not at all what I implied with my previous answer. And it is not in line with how I function and think in general.
Allow me to phrase the first part of your second question a little differently and it will be less likely to misunderstand my answer.
Q: Do you think it's possible that people could have a negative experience by interacting with Uma Inder?
A: Yes, of course I think this is possible, it is happening between humans everyday everywhere and I don’t consider Uma a saint or holy person who is above being human.

Why do you doubt my intentions and not those of the other people posting?
Do the statements of those, who claim to be a victim, make them automatically right?

I am reminded of something that happened recently in the village where I live, where a father was put into jail, because his 16 old daughter had claimed to be sexually abused by him. Everybody in the village (myself included) believed him guilty, even those who could not match this crime with the person they knew. Eight months later the investigations proved him innocent and it turned out that the daughter, who had a conflict with her father, used this story to put him behind bars, in order to be able to do what she wanted. I am telling this story to illustrate how easily and automatically we believe the person who poses as a victim.

I am not here to apologize or attack anybody who has had a negative experience with Uma Inder. In fact, I would recommend for the people who do have grievances, to take those directly to her, speak to her with a mediator and or psychologist present to find out what really happened and hopefully resolve the conflict in an open dialog.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 13, 2017 07:58PM

Again, can you think of anything Uma Inder has said or done that is wrong?

What negative experiences have occurred to others that you think are Uma Inder's responsibility?

Is any of the criticism directed at Uma Inder valid? If so please explain how you see it as being valid and meaningful.

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Re: Uma Inder , Umaa
Posted by: nowthewiser ()
Date: May 14, 2017 08:42AM

I hear that you are attempting to bring some love and understanding to this conversation, Lb. And I'm sorry that, despite your request, I still dismiss you as a cult follower.

The reason is because I know what it's like. I stood there in that place where Uma could do no wrong--after all, she was Truth itself. Her words, assimilated and taken as dogma by me. I know what it's like to argue to the hilt about Uma's love and intentions; the changes that she brought about (which were "not yours" but everything bad that happened you had to take "self-tesponsibility" for). I know what it's like to stand in that place.

And I know what it's like to stand on the other side.

It's hard to describe and it's taken literally years of therapy to reclaim, but there is a genuine freedom of thinking that is not possible when you are entrenched in the actual dogma (no matter how much she or you claim she doesn't have) of being deeply influenced by someone that you are ultimately trusting to know you better than you do.

Sovereignty. That's the word. And I thought I had during the times I spent around Uma, but I was existing in a reality construct that was not actually real.

So, yeah, I dismiss what you say, because you're actually not in your right mind. And it may take you years to see that, and you may not want to, and I guess that's ok though I feel sad for the actual freedom you'll miss.

And the way you state it here...about how no one can "cause" a negative experience for you...sure, I get that. And, that's also a line of thinking that could easily keep you in an abusive situation. "Oh, that's just my daddy wounds that make me traumatized when he beats and rapes me." That kind of thing. And when people see her spitting on someone and call it a blessing, or knock someone to the ground and call it a transmission, or semi-publicly humiliate people and say "it's all for you" or "you do it to yourself." ...there's a problem there. A delusion.

It sounds like maybe you haven't had an overall traumatizing experience with Uma. And maybe you have but are in denial about it. I was. I was taught, and bought into, being grateful for psycho emotional abuse. My responsibility is that I bought into it. I said yes to that. And it's been a long haul to understand the why's and how's of that for myself.

I've seen Uma call people "insolent foola," "fucking pussies," "willfully ignorant," god there were so many more but I can't think of them right now. Somewhere I have them written down.

Again, maybe she's changed, but i doubt it, and I think people should be aware of her dark side, which she says is "all for love" but I think is actually "all for the love of her."

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