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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) - hypnotic language patterns, metaphors
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 11, 2008 10:25PM

I wrote an earlier message about the Vase and Flower earlier in the thread...she keeps using the images...they all have "meanings"...its classic advanced metaphorical "story" based waking-hypnosis....

Which "war" are you afraid of in Byron Katies presence? (war for your mind and Self?)
Which "sirens" are going off? (warning flags-sirens in your mind, etc)
Who is the Flower in the metaphor? (passive, feminine, pretty...)
Who is the BOMB that is going to "blow your leg off" and make you very excited about it? (Byron Katie says over and over she is going to BLOW your mind..)

What does the "leg" represent? (Independence, Freedom, "standing on your own 2 feet" etc)
Why is your life better off without that "leg" faculty?(who are you now going to lean on?)

What does it all mean? You have to think in the entire context of the Byron Katie systems, and what they do to people.
This is classic advanced hypnotic imagery-language stuff, right out of the books and advanced teachings. But personally I have never seen it used to try to enslave people's minds, only to try to empower them. Utterly diabolical.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) - hypnotic language patterns, metaphors
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 11, 2008 10:48PM

by the way, I know some of this might not makes sense to some folks...that's fine. You don't have to take my word for it.
Once we get some full-text transcripts of this stuff, the complete "story" (Inductions), (like the Washing Machine story), then we can send them to various advanced hypnosis people, without the Byron Katie name, and ask them what they have to say about it.

Any advanced hypnosis person is going to see what is being done right away. That is what they teach...except its used normally to communicate with the Unconscious to solve problems, and do things to empower you, etc.
Read up on Ericksonian Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and the use of metaphors, language patterns, metaphorical stories, voice cues, etc.
Just remember, EVERYTHING I have ever heard Byron Katie say in public, is part of some type of Induction, either to confuse the mind, implant suggestions with metaphors, etc.
She is using many other non-hypno tech as well, social influence, etc.

Her mistake was trying to go too public.

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Byron Katie, A Thousand Names For Joy (CD) WARNING: covert Hypnosis
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 12, 2008 01:46PM

· Here are some rough notes about the Byron Katie 5 CD set “A Thousand Names For Joy”. Its important to begin the process of analysis, which is ongoing.

· This is not just a typical CD of strange stories and comments by some lady who sounds kinda “weird”. Not even close. This is some very dangerous material, for certain people with certain vulnerabilities. Some people would just switch it off as it sounds nonsensical to them, but there are those who ‘get it” and get lured into the Dreamworld. As mentioned, its clear that most everything that Byron Katie does has at least a double-meaning…the everyday meaning of the words and images, but also an inner symbolic meaning. This is very common in advanced hypnotherapy, and is actually a preferred way of communicating with the unconscious, as they say in their technical literature.

· That being said, it is still not yet determined if all these advanced operators really do work on the unconscious directly, or if the Influence comes from the forceful personality of the hypnotist, and how all of that interacts. Even just regular folks have made comments about Byron Katie along the lines of…she keeps pushing on people until they agree with her. That is very true as well. She’s pushing on you consciously, and also unconsciously, and socially, and in every other way. In her own images, she uses the metaphors of her “blindly” flailing around trying to “turn the dials written in a foreign language” and listening like a “safecracker” to find that “click”. Again, very common stuff one can see in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. They often use metaphors of your own unconscious mind communicating within itself in a way that ONLY IT can understand, and assumes it is being done as they speak. They know each human has their own internal secret “language”, and they can only allude to it from the outside. Again, the stuff gets quite complicated, yet it does make sense with some serious study. The difference here is serious Ericksonian style hypnotherapy is usually used fairly ethically. There are some guys out there trying to sell you some of their DVD’s with it, but in the ones that I have seen, they have always always at least suggested “empowerment” for the person. I have not seen anything like this, so far, maybe there are many others doing it too? We’ll see…so BEWARE of the materials of Byron Katie, even this little CD set is very powerful, and could easily trigger very disturbing feelings in a person, headaches, as we shall see. Dangerous stuff for the “right” person who “clicks”. Of course, its all done very cleverly, and with Artistry, so some deniability is fused into its very structure, and any questions about her will get "TurnedAround" into questions about YOU…its all very diabolical.

· The original notes from the first CD are included below…there is more info there too.

· One can get into the more subtle explanations of what is going on with her “stories” but the most common word to explain it is…GROOMING: the process of first building rapport, then slowly taking you from where you are, to where she wants to take you with baby steps, and the occassional blind leap. It is a grooming process..but it all starts with…

· #1) she wants to use CONFUSION to break down your mind, and install confusion. She hammers on you with dozens-hundreds of very rapid meaningless statements, which is a very extreme and abusive version of what some hypnotherapists do to distract the conscious mind.
§ destroying reality with confusion. Nonsense stories to crush your mind. Don’t trust your own thoughts, lose entire world,
§ wants to SCRAMBLE YOUR BRAIN, paradoxical meaningless statements, destroy your mind,
§ disengage your mind from reality, and attach to her.

· #2) implant her SUGGESTIONS, using hypnotic Stories, voice cues, metaphors to unconscious, non-logical, to seduce you inside.
· waiting for a CRACK IN MIND: waits, for opening of closed door, you will never be the same again, everything is changed, later she says she is like a “safecracker”. A safecracker of the human mind?

· OPEN MIND: Mind Open, CLEAR MIND, totally open, (closed mind is a closed heart)
§ Don’t believe your thoughts, don’t believe what it Thinks,
§ Identity: I am no one, Fragment into a billion pieces, No Identity, Identity destruction,
§ Identity-Fusion: fuse with her, I AM YOU, “I OWN YOU”,
§ Computers: she claims to know nothing about computers, then says to go to her website and delete your Self..Ctrl-Alt-Delete = REBOOT your entire Self
§ SURRENDER: your mind, “feet of the Master”, without opposition, without defense, fearless, undefended state, let it all come without consent, letting go of control, absolute freedom is submission to her. Humility, sublimate Ego, Passivity, have No Plans,
§ No WILL of your own, flow, everything decided for you, preaching passivity,YIELD, no enemies, not opposed to anything,
§ MIND OF THE PEOPLE: mind of THE PEOPLE is HER MIND, your breath is my breath, melded into you, let me in your heart, be flexible, porous,

· THE MASTER: The Master is always a She = Katie, MASTER MOVES IN (to your Mind).
§ She says “others” call her, Saint, Master, Buddha, Enlightened, Magician, SORCERER (she uses that word, that might be the best word of all).

· Installing Dangerous and FALSE ideas in her subjects: false philosophies, dangerous doctrines,
§ Nihilism: NOTHING HAS ANY MEANING, I AM NO ONE, THERE IS NOTHING, nothing anyone says is true. NO ULTIMATE ANSWER TO ANYTHING, nothing to know. NO THOUGHT IS TRUE. Knowledge is insane, nothing to know, know you don’t know, have no beliefs,
§ SOLIPSISM: all reality is mind,
§ Narcissism: “I’m vanity, total vanity”
§ Mania: creating manic impulses and images,
§ No Fight or Flight response,
§ She says The Work is “sanity”. (in fact it’s the opposite).
§ Werner Erhard, EST connection: “there is no reality other than your Stories” same thing. Slips and uses the word “Integrity” similar to Werner Erhard.

· No Good or Bad, No Right or Wrong, No Empathy, No Morality.
§ NO EMPATHY: a rationalization for not having empathy, no suffering, No rules, No sadness,
§ Morality: no right or wrong, no bad people, Morality, no such thing, can’t make children moral,
§ No Sin: there is no sin, a priest confessed his sins to her?
§ If world is destroyed, that is love. Common Good if village wiped out by Tsunami, loss of legs is good, mass death is good,
§ Everything that happens is God’s will, everything is good, everything is benevolent,
§ Stroke: man had one in the desert, she watched without Empathy, and hints that healed him?

· Abuse of TRUST: “trust untrustworthy and trustworthy completely”, obviously very dangerous.

§ She is selling Heaven on earth, the secret of life,
§ Exploiting the misery and suffering of the human condition,
§ PAIN: relax into pain, pain is perfection,

· LOVE BOMBING: abuse of Love, liar for Love,
§ Constant use and abuse of the word “LOVE”. Literally applied to everything included mass murder, abuse, death of children, love the child molestor, etc.
§ Literally says embedded, “you can’t not love me, even if you think you don’t”. “Do you Love The Master yet?”
§ LOVE: wants to make you love her and trust her, Worship her,

· Programming: writing/crying doing The Work worsheets for a YEAR,
· Sales-pitches: Website, weekend events, (flip into mind-states)

· VOICE Anchors and cues:
§ Voice is close to a monotone using only a tiny vocal range and always starting on the same note for hours, used to enhance and Trigger Trance states,
§ flattened affect-emotions, hoarse, abrasive
§ Word Cues: Tea, says “insane” all the time,

· Covert HYPNOTIC STORIES: surreal hypnotic images, “Mesmerized”,
§ Tea: drink it, never know its tea, (drinking the Kool-aid metaphor?)
§ ANTS: eating ants on her salad, ants crawling all over her? Ants drawn to POISON in “ant hotel”, and then INFECT OTHERS. (excellent metaphor for the Katie seminar in the hotel). Love Death, murderer, kills ants with her hands and enjoys it? (remember that Carol Skolnick called her clients…Cli-Ants.) More insect metaphors, are her clients like ants to her, spreading and infecting eachother?
§ POISON: smile, poisoning, more poisoning metaphors.

§ WASHING MACHINE Induction: [CD #3, final 3 minutes]
§ there is a long 3 minute “story-induction" about a “washing machine” that was “stuck closed” and running and “would not open”, as the cycles kept running over and over, as Katie was “blind” and could not understand the instructions as they were in a foreign language. After about 5 hours of blind fumbling, Katie turned the dials and CLICK, the laundry cycle was complete, and the laundry was done after a circular repetetive cycle of 5 hours. (the CD set has 5 CD’s…get it?)

· [get the FULL-TEXT of this. and then send to some trained Erickosnian hypnotists for analysis]

§ Amsterdam Story induction QUOTES from Byron Katie: “heaven of heavens a WASHING MACHINE, it can’t get any better than this….eye problems…can’t see clearly, Cannot read the dial on Washing Machine, foreign language, forgotten some essential instructions on how to run the machine…clean clothes, 3 hours still running, “until the correct cycle completes, the door on the washing machine won’t open. So now I’m turning the dial by SOUND, my ear close to it listening to the clicks like a SAFE-CRACKER…door still doesn’t open, load of wet clothes in washing machine…door won’t open, are the wet clothes even clean?” “Notice feeling calm and tickled, always watching Mind and the way of it. There is nothing wrong, everything is right, the thought that the machine should work, or that the clothes should get clean, NEVER EVEN OCCURS TO ME. I’m just watching where reality goes next…Its fascinating… Is the goal to wash the clothes? Is the goal to wash the clothes in this machine? you never know?.. in another hour or two we may be headed for an Adventure at the laundromat up the street?”
§ “then suddenly I remembered that the landlord told me there is a little quirk in the washing machine, you have to turn the dial to a certain place to complete the cycle before the door will open…I turn it, the DOOR OPENS and finally after 5 HOURS..VOILA…THE LAUNDRY IS DONE.” [CD ends right at that moment]

§ The Washing Machine Induction Story, is a metaphor for your Unconscious mind, and what is being done to you in the CD program as you listen. The CD is 5 CD’s, the story is about 5 hours of “laundry”, the symbol for your unconscious Mind is the LOCKED CLOSED washing machine and Katie the SAFE-CRACKER, who turns the dials using SOUND (audio CD), after 5 hours of blind fumbling, and the “laundry is washed”. Mind-washing in 5 hours?
§ Code Words: dirty wet clothes = your current mind(dirty laundry), locked Washing Machine = Unconscious, Dials on the machine are Katie linguistic-image techniques, using SOUND is voice-inductions on CD, etc
§ Laundromat Metaphor: QUOTE: “in another hour or two we may be headed for an Adventure at the laundromat up the street?” The CD ends in a hour or two, and is the Laundromat Adventure, the Adventure of going to The School for 9 days for some Deep Cleaning? Does “The Landromat” = “The School” to wash those minds more deeply? Professional Mind-Washing?

· Female Targets, Soft-Sell, mainly at women
§ Desperate: 100’s of emails from desperate people saying HELP ME.
§ Pre-frame about not answering people’s desperate emails to her for help.
§ Children: lose your children, (died to you), detach from children,

· giving GIFTS grooming:
§ Lose everything gratefully, lose everything, encourages people to be generous, give things away…
§ Possessions: desire, again she says LOSE EVERYTHING,
§ GIFTS: expensive gifting to others, giving your wedding rings, purse, cash to stranger, its all good. (this is a pre-frame to the 9-day School), GIVE, Charity,

· ROBBERY: with gun, (don’t run!)
§ Story of her house robbed by burgulars, ALL POSSESSION stolen. No loss, feels JOY for the robbers. (Images: jewellry, gratitide for theft, pawn shop). Says she filed a police report, serves as a warning not to try to steal HER stuff! She’ll call the cops right away… ;-)

· CANCER-Illness:
§ False cancer claims, LOVE cancer, constantly using cancer in her stories.

· DEATH-murder images:
§ DEATH-MURDER: holocaust was not bad, death of a child is good! Death of a pet is good, just “eat cake” at a funeral , no grief or sadness for 911 terrorist attacks (but still parses words very carefully),
§ Death is wonderful, dead trees, dead leaves falling from the trees, (metaphor)
§ Personal Death-Bed Visitations? personally visited a man after his death. (are entire Estates being signed over on private death-bed visits?)

· Criticisms Pre-Frame: people talking about “lies”, and she says “I am a liar”, criticism is a gift, from Paul ex-husband,
§ A Criticized Revered Spiritual Teacher now becomes a HE, she blames YOU for projecting your faults onto the Revered Teacher. (if you find fault with her, it’s a fault with you).
§ Some Old Friend has proof of how unkind she was 25 years ago…just an illusion in his mind of course!
§ Daughter publically said what a terrible mother she was at a seminar in the past.

· MARRIAGE-DIVORCE: break up the love for the husband, (free love?), marriage, wants to break up marriages?…give everything?
§ She gives linguistic command about divorce, to laugh at divorce, comments about abused wives,
§ AFFAIRS: she says if her husband had one and IF it were not ok. Are some affairs OK? Grooming?

· Sex: surrendering, without control, no idea what can happen, orgasms that last so long they could kill you, nothing to attach too. Says she’s the perfect lover,

· Receiving MONEY: pretends to be a channel for money, and gives money? Spending money is good,

· Feb 1986 Stories-Myths (research to be done by investigative reporters)
§ Says it was a Rapture, Manic-Joy, manic-laughter,
§ She says she DOES NOT THINK, no thoughts, no Story, no Self, She says she is an “IT”, all Joy.
§ People calling her out of the blue to find Freedom, come and live in her house, (metaphor)
§ Cockroach story, 4 Questions story,
§ Illnesses: Osteoperosis, Face tumor?
§ Blindness Stories: EYES, pain, surgery, disease, surgery, she says one of her followers offered to donate his corneas to her, while he was still alive. (give Katie your actual eyes!).

The Anticult
a friend just lent me a CD set...

A THOUSAND NAMES FOR JOY, 6 hours of audio from someone named Byron Katie, and her renowned unknown hubbie Stephen Mitchell.
Lets put it on right now..

...New Age spiritual...I am in a Trance already....
- Stephen Mitchell starts with a preframe, and the false origin Story.
- pitch the 4 Questions...this is very Trancy already...confusing less than 2 minutes in...
- PITCH WEBSITE, to recruit.

- starts with pitching hubbies book!! Tao Te Ka-Ching.
- Katie starts with pure Trance induction...totally confusion, created by talking about confusion! That is very elegant.
- Peace, stress, feelings, What Is, don't believe your Thoughts, Story, its all Jargon, meant to confuse.
- More PR of Steve's book! Ka-Ching!!!
- She says she is not a Guru Master, (means she is) Deflection...I am Not a guru, Anti-Guru blog.
- found The Way...then she says she MAY be a Master. (what a manipulator!)
- she is getting deeper into the Trance...more about the Tao...(book promo).

- this woman is not crazy at all, not at all. This is totally self-conscious hypnotic Induction. This is hypnosis 101, taking you inside...
- I am getting bored already...yadda yadda yadda...that is on purpose...part of the Induction...just words to smooth you into the DREAM..

-BOOM: she does Erickson Hypnosis RIGHT THERE. "it takes a moment for a child to fall into the Dreamworld" THAT IS YOU FOLKS..that is a command to the unconscious to the DREAMWORLD...pure hyposis, as taught by Bandler.
- random jargon...names...circular...illusion.
- This woman is a hypnotist,and very deceptive.
- more confusion, deeper, the mystery is no mystery...:-)
- this is just stage #1, mess with the conscious mind, to get it out of the way. She could talk about monkeys, it doesn't matter.

- mom is DYING from CANCER...Katie is Mother Theresa...she is dying from CANCER...more death, mom is dead.
- more on DEATH, mom is not dead...she loves her story about mom.
- More DEATH with a GUN pointed at her. Killing. Katie is not afraid of death by gun. She thanks him for pulling a gun on her. she is JOYFUL she is being robbed at gunpoint? (she is going to ROB you soon too, and you are going to like it too).
- there is no BAD or GOOD. the source is DARKNESS. Darkness is god? (this is about Evil).The Darkness is Good. Evil is Good? Is Katie Darth Vader?
- nothing is true. so LAUGH

-there is no good or bad. everything is beautiful.
- more confusing push Mind away.there is no Reality.
- everything is God, even a car alarm.
- no such thing as a BAD ACTION. There is no BAD. No bad people? Even Hitler must not be bad then?
-STRONG VOICE CUE, RIGHT NOW, to being you in.
- going deeper, what was BAD is GOOD. Where is she going? Bad is good?
- TEACUP: this is an anchor she uses, Tea, Teacup...Tea Story...just LEADING you...
- LET GO of who? Katie?

-I don't know how much more of this tripe I can take!

- THE MASTER LEADS, Katie is leading your mind hypnotically.
- by now, Katie is The Master...She...more word twisting.
- SALAD story, to take you deeper into Trance, COLORS..induction to take you deeper...this is all still Pre-Trance work.
- More story, is just Hypnosis 101, inner storytelling, and she is LEADING YOU in it. This is Pacing and Leading.

- FALL ON THE FLOOR, time for a rest. Hilarious! The floor is now talking...Trance...
- Surreal dream images...
-This stuff is just filler, a pause in the its morning..

- EYE DISEASE, poor Katie is sick again!!! Love her all you loving ladies! (what a female guilt manipulator).

- toothbrush Induction...shower, just leading you DEEPER INSIDE...bathtub are now NAKED and vulnerable with Sexy Katie ladies..
-make-up...accept your face as is? more female junk about make-up! :-)
- more Induction, with Stevo there too, with you NAKED, you and

- NEW STAGE: don't believe your thoughts...
- YOUR MIND we go ladies...OPEN THE MIND...

- Darkness, the womb, fall in LOVE WITH DARKNESS.
- more No Evil stuff...gee, guilty conscience much Katie?
- no sinners or saints...she is pushing pushing pushing...

- ALL SUFFERING IS MENTAL. installing her belief in you.
- Pain is HEAVEN!!! :-) Pain is your friend..
- Not conscious, back to the PHONE CALL cue,
- there are no victims...more DEATH stuff. ..prison, muder rape...she sure seems attracted to this?
- more death, little girl burnt to death to SHOCK YOU. You are open now, she is LEADING you...BLEW HIS MIND. (yours)
- its good the daughter is dead. maybe its for the best she's dead?

- INFINITE WORLDS: non-duality stuff...
- You are the world, you and Michael Jackson?
- Solipsism pitch! bingo! You are the world.
- everything is Katie

- DEATH, here we go!
- There is only Mind.
-STORY pitch. I Am.
- back to TOOTHBRUSH cue, to deepen Trance.

- My mind is tired just listening to this tripe, which is the GOAL.

- There is no DEATH, more about TORTURE.
- more BS about 1986, that needs to be investigated by an investigator.
- Master is always watching...
- more She She She,She is One...Katie is FUSING her with YOU. She wants to take OVER YOUR MIND. Literally.

- CLEAR MIND, Scientology?
- love being humble..hahah, LOVE being in the Audience...(pre-pitch for The School already).
- more metaphor hypnosis stuff...birds, stones...just for Trance...
-more CLEAR mind stuff...childlike...

- she is just doing Trance on people, WITHOUT TELLING THEM. Very nasty and unethical.

- there is no reality, no anything, no self...
- Last Judgement, back to the bathroom for Trance.

- I love Katie, me me me...SHE's almost BLIND, more sickness...more Katie she Love, Love LOves...
- trying to push a type of Mania..loving everything...LoveBomb starting...
- the floor is perfect...Trance about stairs, footsteps...rainbows...
- UP A STAIRCASE, the CD must be ending, to bring you out of theTrance...
- post-hypnoptic suggestions: more Love, don't believe Story,

- UP-Down are the same thing, inside-outside,
- mentions Work, NOTHING BELONGS TO ME...(like your Rolex?)

- back to more consicous confusion. There is no Self..setting hypnotic cues..chair, cup...
- you are the center of the Universe... you are Oneness, etc.

- BINGO!!!!!!
- IF I GET CANCER - GOOD!! (she loves the cancer gag)
- She does not try to IMPOSE HER WILL ON YOU. (stronger voice on those words, which is the command as she does impose it)
- CONVERT YOU, HEAL YOU, Lead people, false choice.
- found THE WORK inside her.
- some story about her stuff...she's just a sweet mom guys....

- Now you mind is OPEN SPACE, for her!
- NOTHING TO LOSE...pre-frame...
- I am the center of everything, strong voice cue...
- you are comfortable with anyone, no matter how DEPRAVED.
- question your own Indentity...our world Changes...lose your entire world...
- trying to dissolve your mind...its all a your mind and heart...QUESTION YOUR THINKING.
- STORY, who are you? no hope or faith. Abundance...
- hypnosis cues again...Abundance, generousity...
- Self-Realization, gratitude...
- FUSION, come the Master.
- more colors, sounds, flavors, hypnosis cues...
- enjoy the passive...

- Solipsism again...
-4 Questions pitch, Elightenment is a story,
- desert? Milton Erickson lived in Phoenix Arizona? Did she study with him?

- reversal questions, right out of the book. Classic.
- Is she enlightened? blah blah...loaded question.
- more about Thoughts...more confusing images, double-bind...
- MIND IS A TERRORIST. Mind is a nightmare. (wrong!)
- more gibberish about Nothingness...
- She is now The Master,
- walking throught the Questions..happy your wife left you for another man. (sounds like Swinger talk!!!),

-your problem is your THINKING...
- God prayer, Amen...She is Holy...but says she does not pray in the next breath!! :-)
- she says I LOVE YOU, in a sweet touch people.

- Thoughts, trying to disable the thinking mechanism...Death is a good as life.
- more STORY, stuff, that is The Landmark Forum, straight up.

- DEATH, more death of a husband! But there is no grief even with death! Grieving people must be a big Market for products? He is not dead, as he is her.
- The Master: her Work is done...and they think they did it...
- I LOVE BEING INVISIBLE, she she's God? You are me, and I am you.
- Near Death Experience, she came back to SAVE US. (is this Katie?)

- She now diffuses that she is a Spiritual Teacher. you see me an an ENLIGHTENED BEING and an ALL-KNOWING GURU. or a good friend..(meant to create the Image in your mind).

- All she offers is the 4 Questions to disassemble your Idenity. She wants to mess with your Indentity. DIS-ASSEMBLE EVERYTHING THEY THINK THEY ARE she uses DIS-ASSEMBLE several times.

- have it for breakfast everyday...she talks about being an anti-guru. where have we heard that? Its delfection.
- preaching dependency...
(notice how she seems to say the exact opposite? That is a hypnotic suggestion)

That was CD #1, and rough notes as I listened to it. Its very clear.

1) Rapport: this is the jokes, light conversation, pre-Trance BKI uses, they all do it.
2) Confusion: all of the double-binds, confusion, is meant to occupy the conscious mind, the part of you that might say.."am I being conned?" She overwhelms your Mind with it.
3) Trance: she leads you into Deep Trance using standard techniques, strange stories, etc. Very standard, up and down in Trance to make it deeper, etc.
4) once you get deep enough, she starts with the Suggestions, planting ideas like seeds, her Beliefs start to get planted in your mind.
5) admits she is going to completely Dis-assemble your Identity and your Mind. That is very scary folks, she can do it.
6) get you into The School for The Work LGAT, and do 100 other things to take over your Mind.

So, she is using very sophisticated Waking Hypnosis, influenced strongly by Ericksonian Hypnosis. The goal is to deeply bond with you with a Love-transference, and hypnotize you while awake, and then to LEAD you somewhere. The CD will eventually suggest The School, and other avenues. But the first CD lays the groundwork.
In this type of hypnosis, whatever she says...even the negatives, are meant to create Images of her in your mind, that she is an Enlightened Being, even God herself.

Clearly she is amoral, and does not see there is anything such as Good or Bad. So if someone "robs" you, like she said, that's GOOD. So if she robs you at hypnotic gunpoint, that is GOOD too.

Its funny, about the 100K story, when the person said their family member handed over 100K to Katie. I thought before, if someone pulled a gun and robbed you of 100K, they go to jail.
But if you hypnotise them, and they give it to you, you are still robbing them, but its legal? Funny she should use that metaphor of being robbed at gunpoint and loving it?

This woman is 100% totally sane. Very very smart, and an excellent but abusive hypnotherapist, and noone knows she is even doing it.
All that weird stuff, is just waking hypnotic Induction Stories to get to the unconscious. She has just chosen to do them all the time in public, to create a hypnotic distortion field. Nothing new in anything she is doing.
But she is very good. She is no different that this Wendi woman, but Wendi seems to at least tell you she is doing hypnosis. [] Ask Wendi about Byron Katie,and she will laugh out loud.(but watch out for Wendi too! She seems to be more about selling stuff, not being a culty Guru, so far).

Byron Katie is very dangerous, why? Because she is doing it all covertly to vulnerable people, and making herself into some type of Enlightened Being, for her own selfish reasons.

Probably the best way to block it, is to tell everyone that EVERY WORD Byron Katie says in public is part of a covert waking HYPNOSIS. Just let everyone know that...

She keeps it secret, as knowing it, wrecks her process. So tell everyone, shout it from the housetops.

Its waking hypnosis, with every other trick of the LGAT thrown in at The School.
It would not be surprising if sometime in the future an investigator turns up evidence she studied some of the Milton Erickson material, as well of course as all the LGAT stuff, like The Landmark Forum, and the rest of the LGAT's from the 1970's-80's to the present..

Its not surprising that Stever Robbins is her good buddy, he sees what she is doing, and they both have the same Ethics. (zero). To go out and do this heavy stuff to soccer moms, and trusting people, WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE, it really is wrong. Its not only wrong, its sick. Its leading people into her dark world, for her own reasons.
Its simply a flagrant abuse of this type of hypnosis and persuasion, as its all hidden.
Stay far far away from this woman. Don't "believe" a single word she says...its all Trance Induction waking hypnosis, and embedded suggestions, meant to draw you under her spell...

___________________________________(item reference)_____
A Thousand Names for Joy: A Life in Harmony with the Way Things Are [ABRIDGED] [AUDIOBOOK] (Audio CD)
by Byron Katie (Reader), Stephen Mitchell (Reader)
Audio CD
Publisher: RH Audio; Abridged edition (February 6, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 073934188X

A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are (Hardcover)
by Byron Katie (Author), Stephen Mitchell (Author)
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Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Harmony (February 6, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0307339238

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 12, 2008 11:33PM

These metaphors, quoted above:

(quote)"blindly” flailing around trying to “turn the dials written in a foreign language” and listening like a “safecracker” to find that “click”. (unquote)

In my opinion, these metaphors are, literally de-humanizing. They imply that we are not persons but things.

The metaphors quoted from the post above, to my mind, turn a person into a thing to be manipulated, a problem to solved, a safe or a code to be 'clicked', a thing to be poked at, probed, penetrated, mastered.

Must tell you that among drag queens, one's drag name is important--The Lady Bunny, Heklina, etc.

The absolute worst insult, the equivalent of fighting words, is for one drag queen to call another, 'Miss Thing.'

These drag names are witty and funny, but at a deeper level, are no joke. A drag name is a link to one's deeper self, one's process as an artist. That publlic name is an affirmation of one's humanity, a drag queens mission statement, public identity.

These wild, wonderful people serve the community by bringing subversive wit and laughter, and also are rallying points for good cause events---and often political action, as well.

To use human beings as things, treat us as problems not as persons, as mere codes to be amount of bliss or relief from depression is worth that.

We cannot be healed of our human ailments through being processed as objects, treated as things.

IMO this is a re-enactment of the circumstances that led many of us to become depressed in the first place--not a liberating alteranative.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 13, 2008 12:00AM

Comic Relief--A Teaching Story

This is from Will and Ariel Durant's volume, The Age of Faith, footnote, page 982, taken from Mill J.S. System of Logic Preface)

'Giraldus Cambresis tells of a youth, who at his father's painful expense, studied philosophy for five years at Paris, and returning home, proved to his father, by remorseless logic, that the six eggs on the table were twelve; whereupon the father ate the six eggs that he could see, and left the others for his son.'

The uneducated father, possibly illiterate, nevertheless trusted his own powers of observation. He couldnt argue back, but he knew what the kid was saying was BS. So in this case, the story ends happily. Dad was quick enough to secure those six real eggs for his own dinner--and thus did not go to bed hungry.

On the other hand, a person with some education might have been left sputtering, seduced by the youngster's line of argument, left inarticulate--and in that moment of blindsided confusion, the kid might have made off with the actual six eggs, leaving the other person supperless.

That is the kind of thing we are all learning about here on ups that beguile us through language tricks into thinking six eggs we can see are actually a dozen eggs if only we buy the argument that our wishes are reality.

We are left dazed and confused, the actual six eggs are taken home for supper by the LGAT, while we were left to feed on empty air--and feel quilty and at fault for feeling pangs of hunger.

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Byron Katie, A Thousand Names For Joy (CD) WARNING: Covert Hypnosis
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 13, 2008 10:37AM

What is interesting about those metaphors and symbols from above, is that the exact same ones are used by Ethical hypnotherapists, but used in a humane and empowering way. That is why they leap out so badly. I have never seen these hypnotic patterns TurnedAround like that. (Katie did a Turnaround and turned ethical hypnotherapy around into its opposite, literally).

Byron Katie used the word "Sorcerer" when referring to herself in that CD. She may have said others call her that, or she may have hinted she is that. It doesn't matter either way. One of Byron Katie's main methods is to say..."others" call her Master, Buddha, etc. Yeah, sure they do, after she programmed them to do it! (has anyone ever seen such an abuse of Transference?)
But the word SORCERER seems to be the perfect word for her, and SHE used it on herself. (she did that on purpose, just dropped it into the Unconscious, because it gives more power to what she is doing in the unconscious).

What is a sorcerer?
The dictionary says it is someone who practices Sorcery, which is "Black Magic".
- "the art, practices, or spells of a person who is supposed to exercise supernatural powers through the aid of evil spirits; black magic; witchery".
- "black magic" –noun magic used for evil purposes; witchcraft; sorcery.

Now, obviously Katie does NOT have any supernatural powers of any kind, she just wants some people to think she MIGHT have them, which is why she would drop that word in there.
But if one defines covert hypnosis as casting a type of "spell", which in hypnosis is a "Suggestion", that fits perfectly. And Katie HAS done a Turnaround on ethical, empowering hypnotherapy and turned it into what one might call Black-op if Hypnotherapy is defined as "Magic" which it is...

There are some links out there on so-called Black-op Hypnosis. They give a tiny bit of information...but please remember, the guys who write these articles are EXAGGERATING so they can sell you their expensive rip-off "Black-ops" courses!! The pro-scammers want to scam the wannabe-scammers!

That being said, there is truth to it, and it does appear more and more people are trying to abuse hypnotherapy in this way. But it really does take things like 9-Day LGATs hammering on people's minds 18 hrs a day,and a lot of follow-up for it to stick on people.

But notice how those who promote Byron Katie in blogs, put out the message that YOU WILL INSTANTLY FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT WITH BYRON KATIE. So they are putting that Suggestion out there, as it WILL work on some people...Carol Skolnick has promoted that extensively, Neale Donald Walsch is doing it, and many others.

Have a very close look at Byron Katie's logo...I just really noticed it...
It is a BROKEN HEART, wrapped around the word KATIE, with the word KATIE driving right into the center of that broken heart. The broken heart is FUSED with the word KATIE.
That is Byron Katie's entire program in one single image. The broken emotional heart of "the people" FUSED, dependent on, and in orbit around Katie. She takes people who are hurting, and in pain, suffering, and first makes their suffering worse, and then promises them Happiness, all the while FUSING them emotionally to Katie with pain. Its all there in the text, and in the images and words.

Please have a look at the LOGO image, its truly chilling.
Byron Katie says:
“you can’t not love me, even if you think you don’t”.

“Do you Love The Master yet?”

"I'm very clear that everyone in the world loves me. I just don't expect them to realize it yet."
-- Byron Katie

Neale Donald Walsch
I'm in love with Katie. []

Everyone Loves Byron Katie []

Covert Hypnosis (Warning: manipulative website about covert manipulation!)
"Black hypnosis ops, or covert hypnosis, or shortly just Black ops, is the synergy of four fields of persuasion: NLP, seduction, hypnosis, and social engineering. Experts from each of these fields came together and started testing the most effective techniques and strategies that combined together bring about the most impact and persuade on the spot." [...]
"What these guys are able to do is to talk to you for hours, have no idea what you talked about and yet make you feel as if you just had the best conversation of your life!"

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Re: Byron Katie, A Thousand Names For Joy (CD) WARNING: Covert Hypnosis
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 13, 2008 09:58PM

(quote)What is interesting about those metaphors and symbols from above, is that the exact same ones are used by Ethical hypnotherapists, but used in a humane and empowering way. (unquote)

Thanks for making that point...I needed to read that. I'd thought the metaphors were, in and of themselves, dehumanizing, but apparently its the context that matters.

Must mention something I learned from a relative that may give more context.

Off and on, people have mentioned how very popular "NLP" and LGAT type stuff has become these days among persons in sales and marketing.

(Not everyone in sales or marketing is using these methods, but they're often aimed at persons in such occupations)

Well, this appears to be different from the approach used by old school sales people--at least the ones who were honorable and could cope with hearing the word No without having to run guilt and confusion trips on whoever had said No.

A guy who is in his seventies and who had saved his business from going under, and who had done this by making many a sales pitch, told me how he did it. And he kept his company going at a time when many businesses like it had bitten the dust.

He told me, 'You learn to expect that for every ten persons you approach, 9 will say 'No', and one will say 'Yes.'

"Dont get bummed out by the 9 who turn you down. Take that one 'Yes', call that your success, and cultivate that contact.

He also told me this about marketing an idea or invention.

'Dont go straight to a big place like Wal-Mart. They're too busy. You approach small, local companies, and when one person is interested then you work your way up.'

So, folks here is what I was told by a guy who has been in business for decades.

He had to work hard.

And he had the emotional resilience to respect the word 'No'--and move on to the next person on his list.

He respected whoever said no to him, respected their freedom to turn him down.

In other words, this guy could cope with having doors slammed in his face.

And he was willing to work--and did all this in days when there were no laptops,
cell phones or bluetooth devices.

It may be that people who cant stand to hear the word 'No' are the ones who are attracted to courses where they learn tricks to manipulate social interactions so that they can avoid anyone else saying no to tby confusing people, or by turning a 'no' into evidence that the other person is sick, at fault, flawed, in need of proslytizing and salvation.

I remember getting a call from someone trying to sell me an upgrade on a product I use.

I didnt want to waste that persons time, so I firmly and politely said I was not interested in upgrading, was totally happy with what I had, even though it was years out of date.

In other words, I said 'No.'

But that other person was not like my cousin.

He or she had been trained in the new, psy-ops manipulative sales methods and did not respect my No as meaning No.

The person said, 'So what is holding you back from upgrading?'

I was pissed that my courteous refusal had not been respected and that the person was still on my butt. (My cousin would have gone on to phone the next name on the list. Not this person.)

'Nothing is holding me back, I choose to stick with what I have!' I barked--and then hung up.

Must mention another manipulative tactic. Someone may be able to identify where this one is from. It was mentioned on a community forum about a telephone scam:


Hey y'all, I just wanted to warn you about a new scam by DIRECT SUPPLY CENTER.

Their salesman will call you and try to confirm a price reduction on an order you never placed.

If you question their sales tactics, they laugh in your face and tell that "I am a business man, I have been doing this for a long time. You need to stop dealing with your emotions".

'You need to stop dealing with your emotions."


What kind of fucked up double bind is this?

Anyone recognize this tactic and where this is from?

It is a very far cry from my cousin's ability to hear and respect the word No.

And he saved his business without resorting to these kinds of tricks.

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Byron Katie, A Thousand Names For Joy (CD) WARNING: hypno-the-rapist
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 13, 2008 11:08PM

Byron Katie has literally taken wonderful symbolic techniques from advanced hypnotherapy, and reversed them, literally using them AGAINST the subject (YOU). For a person to do that knowingly, they would have to be a sociopath or worse, or just a utter uneducated ignoramous, which Byron Katie isn't. She is highly skilled in these arts.
The most serious problem with Katie is she is inserting SORCERER KATIE into the CORE of your Identity, using these same techniques. (she does not see a problem, as to her Ethics do not even exist, literally). That is sicko stuff, and very dangerous, people are going to get very seriously hurt, with damage lasting many years.

For those who have looked at the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, he did some beautiful elegant work. You see, you can use those symbols and metaphors to help the different layers of the Self work together. For example, the metaphor could be YOU are like the safe-cracker inside yourself, opening up your OWN inner creativity which is locked in a safe, as you lost the combination to your own inner resources as a child, etc. (the story could play out to open that wonderful ways).
But YOU have to be the one to open it.
YOU are the one who is in there doing this.

Not some abusive possibly sociopathic hypnotherapist...hmm, a word just popped into the mind...


Katie is also knowingly activating Trauma in people, during her 9-Day School. It will be interesting to see more inside information as it emerges, which it will. Soon, an inner circle person will have a crisis of conscience and "spill the beans", to use a metaphor.
To use another metaphor, since Byron Katie has an office in Amsterdam..."something's rotten in the state of Denmark".
Katie asks..."do you really want to know the Truth?"
Yes we do...and we will...

Here are some words from Byron Katie, about the 9-Day School For The Work..
[aka, The Laundromat, aka, The LGAT mindwashing school...]

Very simple salespitch. Pain/Pleasure.
PAIN, HELL, SUFFERING NIGHTMARE---> come unto Katie for Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love...

Notice this carefully written embedded command, false choice, with a presuppostion, that Katie makes...(this is not the first one of these, there are dozens of them, all written in the same way. She has spent years writing this stuff out, and re-designing it.)

"Only you can decide how The School will change your life".

Response: Yes, I can decide now based on the objective facts, that The Byron Katie School is a LGAT sham which abuses covert hypnosis on soft-targets, and I will never allow Byron Katie or any other professional mind-manipulator to "crack" my mind open, and insert themselves into the core of my psyche. Get out, and stay out. Amen. (one can use counter-inductions like the previous Imaginal ejection of mini-katie into the sun to be instantly vaporized for eternity, to start to clear your mind of her garbage.)

(excerpts; word emphasis added in CAPS)

"September 6, 2006
What's the difference between The School for The Work and The Work?
The School for The Work on the other hand, is a nine-day event. It's for people who are tired of their suffering, people who long for freedom, who really want to know the truth and are ready for peace.

In the School for The Work, I take people through every NIGHTMARE I ever experienced. (No nightmare is foreign; we carry them ALL inside us.) ...
If they have a problem, real or imagined (ALL problems are imagined), we work with it. I take them into the depths of HELL and out again. We travel. All are welcome, and I love that my STAFF is entirely made up of earlier participants in The School.

IMAGINE the most PAINFUL experiences you've ever had—with your parents, your partner, your friends, your children.

Now IMAGINE your life without that pain.
The School makes this a possibility. Only you can decide how The School will change your life. The DEEPER you go in, the more your world changes.
By the end of The School, they all say that they have found a way of to end their suffering, and that they got even more than what they originally wanted. People come out so changed that their families are entirely grateful and often astounded. The Work has awakened within every participant who comes with an OPEN MIND, and there is NOTHING THAT THEY CAN DO to shut it down. Once the four questions are ALIVE INSIDE YOU, your mind becomes CLEAR, and therefore the world you project becomes clear. This is more radical than anyone can possibly imagine.

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Re: Byron Katie, A Thousand Names For Joy (CD) WARNING: hypnosis
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 13, 2008 11:59PM

There is another alleged hypnothe-rapist recommending Byron Katie.

John Morgan Hypnosis - America's Best Known Hypnotherapist
(don't) "Attend a John Morgan (covert-hypno-LGAT) Seminar in person or in the privacy of your own home on DVD"
Recommend Readings:
Loving What Is : Byron Katie
A Thousand Names for Joy : Byron Katie

You see, they see what is going on, and how it all works. All the hypnotherapists can see what Katie does.
How many ofthe BK subjects even know that Byron Katie is doing hypnosis on them? Probably close to zero.
But all the Advanced STAFF people know she is doing hypnosis on people, BUT THEY DON'T TELL THEM.
They know she does it, and they DON'T GIVE INFORMED CONSENT to people.
How can they live with themselves, deceiving people like that? Please stop doing that.

By the way, once can use these same methods to clear your mind of Byron Katie, or any of these other hypno-sociopaths.
You can use sound, images, stories, to get rid of them FOREVER.

For example, if you hear Katies voice in your head, you can STICK A CORK in her hypno-yapper...ahhh silence, she cannot speak anymore in your mind. Silence, finally.

Then you can intuitively find ways to EVICT her from your mind.
You mind is your castle-house. And Katie may have moved in, and is sleeping in your bed, and eating your food, but you can EVICT her from the house. Just tell her to get out of your house. (mind).
If she refuses, in your Imagination, call the cops to come and evict her, she has no right to be in your house. (etc, trust your instincts)

So these are the types of things one can do to get ones Mind back.

FORCEFUL, powerful Disputing of their lies.
Imaging: evicting them from your mind...
Sound: sticking a cork in their hypnotic-yapper...

and ultimately my favorite, coming up with a way to have them vaporized in the sun instantly for eternity. Try to find your own Ending in your mind...but something that ENDS it forever.
Then, repeat, repeat, repeat...

(if you have any extreme emotions doing anything like this, please see a licensed professional, of course).
But if its not traumatic, it can be fun as hell, to take your mind back.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: March 14, 2008 12:10AM

New article up at about Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle.

See []

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