Byron Katie (the Work) and Stephen Mitchell, book burning
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 03, 2009 07:36AM

as far as Stephen Mitchell, there have been several reports that he physically destroyed the existing copies of the Byron Katie books, A Cry In The Desert, and Losing The Moon.
(she co-wrote and self-published those books herself).

Some were somewhat joking when talking about the "burned books" from Byron Katie's hidden past. Well, its no joke.
Here is a thread where someone states that Byron Katie told the School that he literally burned the copies of these books.
There are also reports that he shredded some books with his bare hands in an all day binge.

Book burning?
paper shredding?
Why so afraid of the past marketing Stories that Byron Katie was doing before he arrived on the scene? Is it because the Stories don't match? of course.
Its not because they are poorly written, or too anecdotal! That is all BK ever does, its all anecdotes and stories, that's all she's got.

The real reason is because, frankly, the books were not dishonest enough! Its not that they were honest, it was just that the PROCESS can be seen in those previous books, as explained in this thread.
The newer books, the technical process of persuasion is much more hidden and toned down.
Oh, and they eliminated the "Nazi's baby murderers are God too" stuff too. They'll get to the insane "Nazi killers are God too" stuff only later when people are deeply indoctrinated.

By the way, when she says below..."Her husband freaked me out and that's a totally random thing to say'.
Well, that is NOT a totally random thing to say at all. That guy SHOULD freak you out. That is a very healthy response.

"Her husband freaked me out and that's a totally random thing to say, however, it could be because she told the school that he had burned all the copies of her first /second book and all the copies stored in Europe.."

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Stephen Mitchell, propaganda
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 03, 2009 08:05AM

also, have a look at some of the emails from Stephen Mitchell that have come out.
They are highly manipulative, and even psychologically abusive.
His blog posts about the "Glittering Eyes" literally betray the actual techniques they are trying to use on people.

as far as the book burning, it was obvious those books were bought back and destroyed systematically, as the little crummy paperbacks were going for up to $200.

Who else has been involved in organized, systematic book destruction in this century?
there have been some propagandists who have done the exact same thing.

When a professional propagandist is at work, one would be a fool to believe even one word they say, without clear objective evidence, from several 3rd parties.

So being freaked out, and disturbed about these highly suspect behaviors, is very healthy and natural.
That is a very healthy and deep response to what is going on. Trust your gut, as they say.
If your gut feels like its crawling with cockroaches...that seems about right!

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IDEAS on how to KICK-OUT byron katie from your Mind-Soul-Life forever
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 03, 2009 11:38AM

Some folks have mentioned that just focussing on the facts and problems with Byron Katie and her organizations, is not really helping them to break FREE from her thought-reform system, which is a good point.
Only identifying the facts, origins, and specific methods of thought-reform, is not always enough to being to regain one's freedom.

So its a good idea to start this new thread [] for new IDEAS, and also cross-post ideas on exactly how to do this from this huge-thread.
A good idea would be to keep this new thread nice and clean, and precisely on-topic:

- IDEAS on how to KICK-OUT byron katie from your Mind-Soul-Life forever []

(no BK apologists/propagandists please! "stay in your own business") :-)

Actually, that is another comedy mindscrew from the BK mindscrew-machine.
"Katie says there are only 3 Kinds of Business: My business, Your business and God's business."

Obviously, she is saying that as a ridiculous self-parody! As her own text, says that she is you, and you are her, etc. So your business, is her business.
And since everything is God, then Gods business, is her business too.
So your business, and Gods business, is HER business.


Its another play on words IN-JOKE from the master.
That is what BKI is, a large growing BUSINESS.
Commercial Business exists for one reason..."to earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners" []

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Byron Katie, The School for the Work, August 14 - 23, 2009, LA, Calif
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 03, 2009 12:17PM

on dear lord, this marketing page for the

Byron Katie School for the Work
August 14 - 23, 2009
The School for The Work
Los Angeles, California

You can count at least 35 techniques being used on that page in a very quick read-through.
Many embedded suggestions and metaphors in the language, even future-pacing trance text, post-hypnotic suggestions...
and embedding LIFELONG membership

each day....more than 14 hr days of mindwashing...with little food, and less sleep...
costing over $550 a day, $5,000,
plus travel...
plus buying lots of DVD's
plus signing coaching contracts you can't get out of...
plus handing over your wedding ring...

anyone see handing over your wedding ring in the description? Or the other LGAT techniques? Field trips?
How about the RELEASE OF LIABILITY? Where is that posted? No where?
Here it is. []

That page could be analyzed for all the techniques it contains.

"School graduates receive life-long membership in our community at The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie."

"This is really the School of You; it's a school where you'll always belong."

"You'll spend nine days losing the fear-based stories you've innocently clung to all your life. They might be stories like ... "I have to be in control."

"When you leave the School, there's a very good chance that you'll view it as the most important nine days you ever spent."

"You'll be welcomed into a joyous, diverse, supportive family"

"Imagine that the person sitting next to you, whom you have never talked to before, asks you to facilitate her Work, and that fifteen minutes later you are friends who trust each other absolutely."

" You will get up early—the day starts at 7 a.m. ...The day ends at 9 p.m. or later.
And don't be surprised if you become so enthusiastic about the day's Work, so moved by your self-discovery, that you stay up late with your newfound partners, talking and writing like excited students—which, after all, is what you are!"

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 03, 2009 09:24PM

Precedents for re-writing history.

Before Muktananda died, he appointed Gurumayi and Nityananada co-successor gurus to Siddha/Syda yoga.

After Muktananda died, Gurumayi managed to take over and as part of the process pictures of Nitya and literature relating to their co-succession was destroyed.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 03, 2009 11:01PM


EVEN true believers were sorely tested by a series of bizarre events that
took place in Ganeshpuri at the end of 1985, when it was suddenly announced
that Muktananda had named Nityananda as co-guru for only a three-year
period, that the time was up, and that Nityananda was therefore stepping
down both as co-successor and as a swami. To many in SYDA's ashrams back in
the United States-especially those who had had powerful spiritual
experiences through him-the announcement was baffling. Devotees were told
to turn in photographs and videos that included Nityananda and to excise
all pictures of him and information about him from their books; one former
center leader remembers being given notice that pictures of Nityananda
should be burned, because they would bring bad luck.

Then, five months
later, SYDA modified its previous announcement: now the reason Nityananda
had left was that he had broken his vow of celibacy. Nityananda, once
Muktananda's honored successor, had become not just a non-guru but a


(Liz Harris wrote)

In fact, my own experience with SYDA has in a modest way confirmed some of
the things ex-devotes complained about. I have been told repeatedly of the
harm I would cause by writing negative things about a "pure path"; quiet
efforts were made to discredit me with my editors; a barrage of accusatory
letters arrived from a SYDA lawyer questioning, before he had even read the
, my integrity as a journalist and the motives of this magazine; and,
this summer, the co-chairman and co-founder of a well-known Madison Avenue
advertising agency visited the magazine's offices to express his
displeasure and to warn that there were "many prominent, many powerful
people who are going to be hurt by this piece."
From The New Yorker, November 14, 1994




The spiritual movement known as SYDA boasts a glittering clientele and a multimillion-dollar Catskills retreat. But behind all the serenity lie some uncomfortable, ill-kept secrets-and a less than blissful struggle about succession.


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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 03, 2009 11:07PM


Anonymous said...
*eyes popping*

reiki and meditation sessions to stop the new yorker article from being published?

that... I mean. Wow. I am. Speechless.

Not just the New Yorker article, Gurumayi had her tantric staff, doing mojo, to try to stop Sarah Caldwell from presenting the fatefaul and damaging info at the Academic Religious Scholars Conference, where the SY scholars were put front and center, and asked why the Durgananda (SY) pages regarding Muktananda's sexual abuse had been deleted before SY's book "Meditation Revolution" was published.

Beyond the Reiki for the New Yorker article, Gurumayi had her "owned and paid for" Brahmin priests, doing full puja/incantations/tantra (not of a postitive outcoming), to try to stop Lis Harris and the New Yorker article.

Do people realize that the New Yorker had to hire a body guard for Lis during this juncture in her life?

The New Yorker is a publication which comes across some heavy opposition (think Seymour Hersch and all he has written).

When Lis's article came out in the New Yorker, regarding SY, the New Yorker management said they had never seen anythink like it. Meaning (my words now): the street fighting, corruption and lack of moral syda and its legal types literally shoved in the face of the New Yorker, its journalists and management,

Thank GOD, New Yorker management held firm, and the article was published.

The Academic Religious Scholars Conference provided one more glimpse into how Gurumayi directs tantric (not of a positive nature) into this world.

Gurumayi had hoped that the SY scholars she managed to ensare (some still involved, ask them why, no need to be non public in asking this valid question), would help lift her up to a point of being respectable again. The New Yorker article torpedoed her PR image (and to a "terminal" narcissist (Google term to get info), public image counts for just about everything.

Gurumayi was sunk once again at the Academic Religious Scholars conference. Her misplaced tantric attempts to "beam in" and stop Sarah's presentation (via SYDA/Gurumayi fully weird and creepy manipulative tantric practices), via the scholars on and open on their lap cell phones.

Second example of STRANGE tantric manipulations Syda/Gurumayi employed.

If real research is done in conjunction with this bried revelation, it will be noted that eXSY has provided, over the past number of years, that Muktananda was indeed a dark seated/black left handed tantric.

NONE of this is to be taken casually. India has a history of schools who perpetuate this course of study. In the areas Muktanda wandered in his younger years, he would have had ample opportunity to study these undharmic practicesm, and perfect them, given enough time; which he had, due the countless Amma's who served him.

The day is over Gurumayi, for Amma's to serve Muktananda, or you. People are waking up in leaps and bounds.

The manipulatiive tantric ways of Muktanda, and some passed on from Muk to you and some spin offs, is over.

The New Yorker article, the Academic Religious Scholars Conference, whatever, it''s time to take a seat, and NOT on the plexi glass throne.

Word has it: "the devil wears Prada"

The question: Will US Federal Prisons allow the wearing of Prada?

Sarah Caldwell, thank you for your incredibly courage stance at that conference, to bring the "truth" to public view


of []

A comment following Chapter 28 Marta Szabos blog, The Guru Looked Good. THe article describes a meeting of the Siddha Yoga inner circle called to stop the article from appearing.

(note from Corboy--no one in the ex-SY community has yet investigated a much more mundane source of the soo called tantric magical powers reportedly wielded by Muktananda--namely his having learned EST tech from his pal Werner Erhard who sponsored Muk on one of his early visits to the US.)

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Stephen Mitchell
Posted by: Jay Cruise ()
Date: April 04, 2009 03:53AM

The Anticult
Why are they trying to crush people's natural minds and thinking processes?
Human cognition and consciousness is a wonder of Nature, its the greatest thing in the universe since pop-tarts. So why do they want to crush it?

Here is a good quote from the man Byron Katie admires on that very question:

Question: Don't you see that you are destroying the very foundation of human thought? You are taking away from us our sense of purpose.

UG Krishnamurti: Life is fire. It does not tolerate anything dead. Your ideas are dead. They falsify life. Every thought is fascist in its nature, anything born out of thought is destructive.

[] No Way Out

Just charming, isn't he?

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Byron Katie School of Hard Knocks, welcome to The Matrix
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 04, 2009 06:49AM

Its strange how any modern person would buy into mind-junk like that from UG Krishnamurti.
If a person wants some nihilism, there are better sources.
I think maybe this War on the Mind is a primitive belief system, stemming in reaction to horrible living conditions in ancient India. Life was so god-awful, they just tried to detach from reality, and wait to die. Life was misery, then you died. The Mind thinking about things like "food" made you miserable. So you become an Ascetic.
Then later, you have modern people thinking "enlightenment" comes from ego-death and mind-death?
What a waste.
Worse, you have cultish leaders using this false idea as a weapon to crush the minds of their followers.

Notice the upper ruling classes in ancient India didn't believe that tripe, they were doing Tantra and eating grapes.
Notice BK also doesn't live by what she preaches either. Its good to be the King. The rules are for the common folk.

The sales marketing page for the Byron Katie School of Hard Knocks is fascinating, in a morbid way.
Even on that page, they are planting SEEDS in people's minds, fruit that will flower later at the seminar, and for years after.

LIFELONG: Notice they talk about how its LIFELONG. Even on page one, they are talking about belonging to BK for the rest of your life.

FAMILY: they make the BK system out to be your new family. There are many reports about people attending the BK School, and then getting a divorce. BK taking their wedding rings, and "family" heirlooms is the same thing. BKI becomes your new family, by design. eek.

SCHOOL: the entire thing is framed as a School that never ends. you are not an adult, you are a student, a school-mate, regressed to childhood.
And who is the Teacher? They say very clearly, Byron Katie, Byron Katie, Byron Katie.
new words for Guru-Disciple.

There are all sorts of other SEEDS on that webpage, that will grow.
But even these few points are seeds that...

MESSAGE from the PR page:
Byron Katie is your lifelong Teacher, you are her student in a lifelong School that never ends, and this is your new Family where you will be for the rest of your life.

there are all sorts of implanted suggestions and seeds on that BKI page. Its like some bizarre experiment, but they are really doing this.
"School graduates receive life-long membership in our community at The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie."

"This is really the School of You; it's a school where you'll always belong."

"You'll be welcomed into a joyous, diverse, supportive family"

"Imagine that the person sitting next to you, whom you have never talked to before, asks you to facilitate her Work, and that fifteen minutes later you are friends who trust each other absolutely."

" You will get up early—the day starts at 7 a.m. ...The day ends at 9 p.m. or later.
....talking and writing like excited students—which, after all, is what you are!"

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RandomStu, Stuart Resnick, Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell, Seung Sahn
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 04, 2009 02:22PM

RandomStu Stuart Resnick, is at it again.

Right after a few thoughtful people were intelligently discussing what happened at the Byron Katie School for Decompensation...
RandomStu arrives, and seems to have succeeded in his objective, to disrupt the conversation to such a degree, as to destroy it. []

You will notice RandomStu's technique is the same, to deflect, distract, bully, and disrupt the conversation to stop people from carefully analyzing the specific techniques being used on them.

Why does Stuart Resnick RandomStu run interference and create a smokescreen for Byron Katie?
He tried to do the exact same thing in this thread previously.

He does not disclose his connections, of course, quite the contrary, in this thread he said he had no connection to Byron Katie, which was extremely false.

RandomStu's own guru is Seung Sahn, the deceased Leader of the Kwan Um School of Zen.
Stephen Mitchell, Byron Katie's husband, was deeply involved with Seung Sahn, and was even groomed to take over his organization.
For all anyone knows, he may have purchased Kwan Um School of Zen in some type of partnership deal with all the new millions. Who knows who even REALLY owns that group now, not just the storefront? The Kwan Um School of Zen is a huge organization, and was centrally controlled by the iron fist of Seung Sahn until his death in 2004.
RandomStu, Stephen Mitchell, Seung Sahn

Seung Sahn himself, was involved in the sexual abuse of his female students. His excuse was it was for their own spiritual good, and to make them loyal to him so they would not cheat him out of his money...your typical sex abuser guru.
Seung Sahn was involved in many abuses, and should be disgraced, yet his current followers revere his memory and methods, as does Stu Resnick.
Meanwhile, Seung Sahn was clearly a ruthless leader who would do anything to further his own ambitions. He designed all sorts of extreme abusive techniques like...
"isolation for up to 90 days 17 hours a day while only reading the works of Seung Sahn, while NOT BEING PERMITTED to keep a diary"
By the way, RandomStu does not have a problem with his Zen guru Seung Sahn having sex with his students. His basic argument is that Seung Sahn didn't get caught or criminally convicted for raping underage girls, so its fine. ...beware

Also, RandomStu was deeply involved follower of Muktananda in his ashrams.
And the Muk/GM Syda gang was also involved in very serious sexual abuses, financial abuses, even possible group-drugging abuses...and Muktananda had close links with Werner Erhard, and they learned/used all of Werner Erhard methods as well on their own followers. []

So the point is clear.
RandomStu is either totally unaware and ignorant of the group persuasion techniques being used by these various abusive guru's which he has been deeply involved with 24/7 for decades...
...or he is totally aware of them, uses them himself, and sees it as his mission to DISTRACT and deflect from them being explained, as that destroys most of their power.
He may be self-appointed, or maybe Stephen Mitchell gives him a cookie and Brownie Points.
RandomStu appears quite active on 'trips' to Amsterdam, where BKI does a lot of business.

[Report from Holland Casino, Amsterdam by Stuart Resnick] []

The Kwan Um School of Zen supports RandomStu's behavior, even though he breaks most of their Precepts. What's up with that?
Kwan Um even offers drug counselling...while some of their own Zen teachers are drug users.
To borrow a word from David Letterman, these Zen Houses are crawling with weasels.

The Kwan Um School of Zen methods, are a ruthless type of warrior attack "Zen" from Seung Sahn. Its based on submission to authority.
They verbally attack the new student, from every direction, even in a "random" fashion, to destablize their thinking processes and confuse them. Then once the student is completely confused and broken-down, they move them into submission.
Eventually, they do things like putting people into isolation for 90 days 17 hours a day while only reading the works of Seung Sahn, with no journal allowed.
That is very very serious old school brainwashing, very damaging. That would create permanent changes in the person's belief system, which is obviously its intent by Seung Sahn, to try and create total submission and lifelong devotion to him.

So people need to be careful out there.
There are many aggressive and dishonest tricksters, and to them lying is something they do consciously, and deliberately as a technique. To them, aggressive lying is completely fair-game, all-is-fair in the art of warrior Zen.
Just because they may hide behind some faux "Zen beard", doesn't mean they aren't a ruthless exploiter or even a predator.

Frankly, they couldn't care less if people get hurt, or get their lives wrecked by their methods.
That's your problem...asshole, in the words of Werner Erhard.
Its the law of the jungle, and if you are too inexperienced to know what's going on, then you deserve to get hammered, according to how they think.
That is why they blame the victim.
Every predator blames the victim, and even get their stooges to run interference for them, as the smart, ruthless predators run amok, hitting the easiest targets they can find.

John Milton (1642):
"They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their blindness."

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