One more thing
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: July 08, 2015 07:54PM

One more thing; G0d's best friend and representative on earth, the great mystic and Guru of all gurus didn't even know his own location and had the temerity to publicly humiliate his servant with this letter. Butler, the supposedly dispassionate one who is enlightened and beyond all bodily identification, fear or suffering seems to be reacting, well, hysterically.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: July 08, 2015 08:04PM

Hi eigeneerherr,

Welcome. New members have their posts moderated. I think that after 10 posts they go through quicker, but even then, sometimes there are delays.

I appreciate the link you gave. It seems very useful.

Can you tell us more about some of your own experiences in the Butler cult without revealing any information that would cause you or others harm?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: eigenerherr ()
Date: July 09, 2015 10:42AM

Hi Vera,

I did in my first post (appears on page 499 - []) it only just appeared because of the length of time it took to have it approved. It pretty much outlines everything there.

But in summary I grew up in Science of identity, with my family and my cousins. I got out almost 20 years ago now, and have stayed out. I've been reading the forum on and off for a while, but haven't participated before. I've been a bit scared to to be honest. But I'm ready to start talking about it all now.

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Speaking Up
Date: July 09, 2015 11:08AM

Another brave person has stepped into the light and is speaking up about Chris Butler and his destructive cult. Her amazing courage will serve as an inspiration to her generation who had their identities stolen by their brain-washed parents under the direction of Chris Butler. Science of Identity should be called Stealers of Identity.


Posted by: eigenerherr ()
Date: July 07, 2015 03:45PM

(For some reason, her first post at CE Forum appeared on a prior page and most readers must have missed it)


I’m new to the forum, but have been reading for a while. I thought I would finally post here. I’m a ex child member of the Chris Butler cult, or SOI. My name’s Lalita Mann, my dad is Hare Rama Das (Harvey Mann) and mum Jamuna Dasi (Josie Mann). My dad is one of the musical ones from SOI, doing most of Chris Butlers and Wai Lana’s music in the past. My brother and sister and cousins (Pedersen family) are also involved. I got out 20 years ago, ended up having to cut off contact from my parents for a while, and then got in contact with them recently, but all the secrecy and craziness was still there (I was hoping they’d moved on), and I am done with it all. I’m sick of Chris Butler hiding behind a veil of secrecy and lies while many innocent people suffer (mostly the kids that didn’t choose this life). I recently released this statement to my Facebook page, which has meant they have stopped talking to me. Which is the norm when you dare to say anything bad about the group and Chris Butler:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. What I have to say is not easy, and it’s why I’ve not said anything for over 20 years. Writing this will come at great personal cost, one that I’ve struggled with the last couple of months, with many sleepless nights. But I’ve made the decision to speak up because the cost of not speaking up is far greater than my own personal loss.

Continued here:


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 09, 2015 09:06PM

A person who has been born into a society ruled by the whims of a tyrant who calls himself God will have difficulty learning to live as a citizen in a participatory democracy.

In a democracy where even the POTUS is not regarded as God but as a human being -- and often receives harsh criticism.

How can someone who grew up a subject within the Butler barony understand citizenship?

How can one grasp that there is such a thing as loyal opposition?

Let alone represent citizens who were born into freedom or risked their lives to flee tyranny and become free?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: July 09, 2015 09:21PM

No one should choose between a cult and a family. You just made me cry.

Thank you eigenerherr, you’re a very brave woman.

It’s just about time, because unlike in the 70s, no one in his/her right mind nowadays will get attracted to this spiritual fantasy anymore. So they are trying so hard to adjust the brand. Just go visit the Bhakti Yoga Shack site. It’s nauseating how they try so hard to appear trendy and be otherworldly pleasing, like a legit new agey brand. The clueless newbies unwittingly mislead people into thinking that they are what they say they are, themselves not knowing at the end of the line, they are nothing but the same old-fashion dangerous religious cult.

They are at the end of their days, and they know it. This new agey approach is a desperate move. At the end of the day, all they really have for longevity is the children. This is what the world should know about.

The mad man, an oversized baby, has got nothing for the new world but his brain-dead old-timers and the selected few, clueless newbies, who themselves are in more for the otherworldly fad they thought to be harmless.

The Science of Identity is basically Wai Lana: overly dressed, overly made up and all smile, when if you know her personally, you know she’s a tasteless, peculiar, whacky, mean woman.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: July 10, 2015 10:49AM

This is for eigenerherr- welcome Dear Heart- you HAVE survived.
Consider yourself (most humbly) hugged !!
Oh and Rama as well- I prayed and hoped this would happen. For you, Rama and the others who have also stepped forward, are the reason we exist here on this forum- to help all those who have finally had enough, and who, thru sheer bravery and courage, stood up and decided that
they no longer would tolerate the nonsense, the lies and the utterly absolute insanity that is known as Chris Butler and his mindless "devotees".

Science of Identity-Chris Butler- go to HELL!
There is no fiery pit deep enough to contain your evilness.
All the children who have been abused and wronged, who have been abandoned,
who have died from neglect or suffered from illnesses that were left untreated,
you will pay, you pompous parasite.

After watching your video, Lailta, it brought back powerful memories of having seen another little child being severely emotionally abused by a parent, neck deep up
Butler’s “behind” and that memory became so visceral, I experienced a bit of PSTD.
And nearly instantaneously, another emotion arose just as strong- along with a memories of families being torn asunder, children made to cry & being mercilessly punished for the slightest of infractions. This had caused such an anger to well up, that it became the catalyst for me to walk away from that vile group.

I urge one and all to please take the time to watch Lalita’s powerful video on Flash’s blog.

Oh and that anger I spoke about earlier- it has now been replaced in the last 15 years with a burning energy to right a grievous wrong-to help expose the cult to the world.
If we can save but one child, it will be worth it.....

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Harsh Feet
Date: July 10, 2015 11:04AM

In Lalita Mann’s revealing video on the Science of Identity cult, she says at minute mark 17:17 “… for those of you who have never been exposed to this… I have these letters…” She reads from the letter that I’ve obtained and attached below. The fact that it was written by another cult child (age 14 at the time), just adds to the “shock” value.

YouTube video at 17:17

“…When Srila Prabhupad went I went after him getting the sand in his footprints. I have 1 maha bottle full of it. I ate about 2 spoons of it. It tastes cool!…”

That’s right, folks, this brain-washed child ate sand that had been made “pure” by the dirty feet of her cult master. Lalita, in all her honesty, admits to feeling jealousy towards her friend’s good fortune. Those that have been around the Cult Education forum for awhile might recall that I researched the reports of ritualistic consumption of Chris Butler’s foot bath water and toenail cuttings. This revealing childhood letter is further confirmation of the disgusting degradation that Butler and his wife, Wai Lana, inflict upon their followers.


Continued: []

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: AC4711 ()
Date: July 11, 2015 04:50AM

how fascinating that some of these kids who are now adults are stepping out of the shadows. The pressure the devotee kids feel from their parents is very strong even with these "kids" being adults now. The indoctrinated mind is a very difficult condition to overcome. The secretive nature of this cult still holds a strong grip on the families associated with it. The Orange County California Guru Kathy (Katyani) is still holding a iron fist grip on her devotees to this day. She just like Mr. Chris Butler holds this looming presence and insists on her followers to break ties with family that does not believe, she just like Chris Butler wants them to make her the new family ( and give her some of that much needed cash she is after)... it is a scam, a way to prey on weakness.the OG devotees are in their 60's now, a good portion of their kids are grown with their own children... some are still in it to their necks and some have see the truth of this religion and have stepped out causing much strife in their family lives.

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Footbath water, anyone?
Date: July 11, 2015 08:56AM

High 5, Flash!

Love the photo of the foot washer, it’s like I copied it exactly for my picture,
no exaggeration necessary!


“Harsh Feet” is a phrase used by Rama Das Ranson in his brilliantly sarcastic cartoon of jagad guru Chris Butler.

Rama also commented on the disgusting practice: "I never experienced the toenail stuff first hand. I was well aware of the Chris Butler foot worship, my mother had a large picture of his disgusting feet.
I was aware of people having "Maha Water", a little plastic bottle which contains Chris Butler's foot bath water. I knew followers who had foot bath water in their kitchen and they would add a little to their recipes.

I have no doubt the toenail consumption is real. They were already drinking his foot water decades ago, munching his harsh toenails was the next step.

I believe at one point in time an Australian follower. Radha Krishna Das was on the cult forum around 2006-2008 as himself defending the group and he admitted to eating the toenails, to being proud of it.

I am friends with a person who got out of the cult and they said their family absolutely received the toenails, excited to ingest them.

I am so glad it wasn't as insane as that when I was a kid. These poor kids now have it a lot worse, chewing up a cult leaders disgusting dead toenails.

Great parenting."

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