Entering a Diabetic Coma Now
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 25, 2015 07:20PM

This reminds me of the insipid "Up With People" group in the late 1960's. I think I'm entering a diabetic coma from watching the sugary Namaste.

The cruel reality is that even though the songs says "I bow my head and respect you", yada yada yada ...and we are all "brothers and sisters", all one family, we should take care of each other... blah blah blah... What about the parents of the children of the world who don't believe the same as Wai and Bulter? Well they get death threats and shunning. Or spouses disappear into this global cult network with the children. And guess who invented International Yoga Day? Yep. The Butler Cult.

This video is just another propaganda piece to show prospective followers Butler's world wide reach. Classic LOVE BOMB crap... Do you actually think they respect anyone? I need to vomit now.

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Re: Entering a Diabetic Coma Now
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: June 26, 2015 12:20AM

PBS: 'Finding Your Roots' Ben Affleck episode violated standards, series put on hold

It reads:
PBS launched its investigation after it was reported that Affleck requested the program not reveal his ancestor's slave-holding history in the 2014 episode. The Associated Press examined historical documents and found that Affleck's great-great-great-grandfather owned 24 slaves.

The review found that co-producers violated PBS standards by allowing improper influence on the show's editorial process and failed to inform PBS or producing station WNET of Affleck's efforts to affect the program's content.

In a statement, series host and executive producer Henry Louis Gates Jr. apologized for forcing PBS to defend the integrity of its programming. He said he's working with public TV on new guidelines to ensure increased transparency.

Transparency? Speaking of holding slaves, PBS should investigate Wai Lana. Devotional service is slavery. Free the Children!

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Good Morning America -- July 26, 2015
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 26, 2015 10:28PM

Butler does not possess supernatural powers.


Language lesson:

This is not 'gay' marriage equality.

This is **civil** marriage equality.

This means all adult couples who want to marry through a civil ceremony can now do so.

Which means all adult couples who so desire can now access the powerful legal
protections and tax benefits that accrue for married couples.

This does NOT require any religious organization to change its own
regulations concerning marriage.

Here is a thought, a wee speculation.

As the years go by and the US loses tax revenue thanks to the increased number of persons who will be able to contract civil marriages and pay less tax, this may result in a long term lose of tax revenue.

So... let us fantasize.

If the US gets less tax revenue this may mean that there will be increased scrutiny of various self labeled religious groups claiming tax exemption.

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Harry Hansen Revealed
Date: July 03, 2015 03:08AM

Haridas Hansen AKA Harry Hansen, Musician and Composer
within the destructive cult, Science of Identity Foundation

Harry Hansen is on my list because he enjoys privileges like no other cult member and he leads a very public life. He currently lives on the Lanikai (Oahu, Hawaii) property with Wai Lana near the Mid Pacific Country Club, so he sees the constant flow of her slaves wearing the ridiculous and ritualistic surgical masks and disposable gloves. This home has a massive air filtration system for Wai Lana and the visits by her husband and co-cult-leader, co-hypochondriac, Chris Butler. How can Harry tolerate that nonsense? More importantly, how can he stomach musical collaboration with these no-talent cult leaders? His teenage daughters were, at some point, being raised in the cult and he may have other children. Passing along the child abuse, heh Harry?

An ex devotee wrote to me:
“He (Harry) obviously has some success in his music career. His father was a very talented musician as well. He has been in the cult since his birth, all of his siblings are as well. He came to Hawaii to work for Butler, and if he is living in close proximity to Butler and Wai Lana, it is because he is a favored one. He has two teen daughters from a previous relationship, but it looks like they now live in Melbourne Australia with their mother. Harry was born on December 16, 1976. He is the son of Eddy Hansen (Prahlad das in Australia). His name is Hari das, not initiated just born into the cult. Yes I see he has many extra activities that he likes to do unlike other devotees. However, I think he make get privileges that the other cult kids don’t. He seems to have taken over for his Father as the cult maestro in the music department. He probably does all the music for Wai Lana as well. I think his new wife may not be as involved as he is, but he lives in Lanikai, hangs with the butler crowd.”

Harry married again in 2011, but I have no evidence that his new wife is a follower of jagad guru Chris Butler (although, how could she not know of her husband’s involvement in a cult?). Anyway, I’ll leave the current wife and his children out of this article. I’m sorry I cannot give proper credit for the photo above of Harry’s inked arm without revealing the identity of his wife. My reason for revealing these facts and opinion about Harry is to highlight the destructive nature of this cult for even its most favored members.


Read on…


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From Flash's Blog
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: July 05, 2015 06:15PM

The latest blog from Flash is really heartbreaking. Here is one section of a long entry. The rest is well worth the time to investigate how generations of elite followers get used and held by Butler's fake regime.
Deeply Disturbing Observations

“Just makes me sad because he’s a nice guy [Harry Hansen] in a bad situation and he’s blind to it. Don’t be fooled by the toys! They want you to be fooled by the toys. It makes him look normal and safe. That’s their whole goal, to put up a wholesome front, while subversively guiding you to Chris Butler. I know these kids, they’re not going to want to talk even with their cover blown. They’ll just see it as confirming what they were always taught, that the outside world can’t be trusted...

I guess you (Flash) haven’t really been subjected to the full force of the cult life? I just ask because unless you’ve been a part of it, it’s really hard to understand why anyone puts up with those crazy conditions. From what I have gathered from those who are out, it took significant events to make us leave.

I have no doubt in my mind that Chris Butler is a text book Psychopath. I don’t mean that in the insulting way, I mean it in the clinical way. He has no empathy and will manipulate everyone in whatever way possible to get what he wants and isn’t afraid to use family to do that. He has so much control over everyone’s lives, it’s bizarre to outsiders, but growing up in it, it was normal to us. I can’t properly explain it, but there is always this understanding that if you question anything, that they will find out (family, Chris, other members) and you will be thrown out. Which doesn’t sound like much to an adult, but when you’re a little kid growing up with this every day of your life, the thought of being thrown into a world you’re taught to fear, one where you’ll be alone and every one you have ever known will no longer want anything to do with you… That’s an extremely powerful motivator to take those doubts and shove them down and repress them till they no longer bother you anymore.

Worse than that, most of these kids were shipped off to overseas schools (usually the Philippines) at a very young age, or put into service with Chris Butler, where the conditions and demands are just insane. From day break to bed time, every action is some form of worship or work, so you don’t get time to think, and for those that misbehave, the punishment is swift and fast. Push too hard and you’re out. Quarantined, stigmatised and other members are encouraged to mock and deride you. It’s awful.

So while I abhor that life, I also understand why it’s so difficult to get out. And to give you an idea of just how powerful Chris Butler’s influence, one of the girl’s I knew only had her father in the cult (the mother refused to be a part of it, so was shut out of the group). Her dad had cancer, and was very sick. Butler said to him that if he died while under the influence of the cancer drugs, he would go to hell basically (we’re taught that in hell, if you drink alcohol in this life, you will have molten lead poured down your throat repeatedly), and would be reborn as a lower lifeform. So he was better off just not taking them, stopping eating and drinking, and just dying “clean”.

So that’s what this guy did. He died not long after that, and his daughter, in her grief, left with another girl I knew and lived outside the group. They were spied on, and called sluts and whores because of it. So this poor girl who basically became an orphan because of Chris Butler, was treated like that because she left.

No compassion, and one of the very many reason’s that slowly added up to why I left. I never treated her like that, but I hated myself for not reaching out to her to see if she was okay. But if I had, I would have been ostracised too. THAT’s what life is like there when you strip it away. You can’t talk to anyone, you can’t write anything down, even your own thoughts aren’t safe. I remember Chris Butler once telling people that if their mind starts popping up thoughts they don’t like, to visualise yourself holding a broom, and beating those thoughts down till they shut up. So that’s what we do.”

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50 Shades of Butler at the Bhakti Yoga Shack
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: July 05, 2015 07:43PM

I have been watching the LOVE BOMB scene over at the Bhakti Yoga Shack on Kauai. What could be wrong with stringing flowers, playing music, kirtan, and breaking vegan bread? Well nothing really if it was just only that. It all looks like a mini Rainbow gathering. Peace. Love. But it does not stop there. Every week people are being vetted for deeper and deeper surrender to their subterranean cult. Even the recruiters themselves are often unaware of the repercussions. They are proving their sincerity or fulfilling a contract with their guru to get to the next level.

While disguising the personality driven aspect of the cult, people are gradually trained to feel positive feelings, say "yes" to every small step in the process. They give over their trust. Apologies to E.L. James, but it's a lot like Christian Grey seducing Anastasia...

After you've been "leied" a few times by making leis and attended kirtans regularly, it's time for a yoga retreat! Time to tenderize the recruit even more to the underlying messages. Time to invite Anastasia into the play room. Because you just can't invite people over to your house and reveal the end game all at once...

The charm of the colorful and the beautiful youth, coupled with music, incense, sweet voices, good food, and yoga, what could go wrong? Now you are feeling physically great with mantras buzzing in your head, so the talk on Bhakti Yoga by this weird old guy is easily assimilated. Everything is beautiful.

Time to introduce the glorious promise of Bhakti Yoga. Prop up the legitimacy with phrases like "all yoga paths lead to bhakti" and "according to the ancient yoga scriptures (the Vedas)", "the ancient system of yoga", "bona fide process of yoga" and some Sanscrit lingo. Oh. Sounds good. You are on your way.

But wait. We have to clarify some things before we go on. Now that you are relaxed, your head is humming and your belly is full of holy yogi food, you are receptive. Perfect. Now you are ready to hear that OUR system of yoga is the easiest, quickest and most direct route. We will remind you again that it is a system thousands of years old. Proof by longevity.

Oh, and if you were thinking that we are part of what you think we might be a part of, the Hare Krishnas, well this is a simple misconception. Wait. Even though I am right, we are chanting Hare Krishna mantras, I am wrong. That's right. You are wrong. Agreed. You made it to your first step in the spiritual path: You are deficient and we, and only we have what you want and need. Agreed?

Okay, now you are softened up to tell you our real intentions for our flowery gatherings. "Part of our goal in holding kirtan yoga retreats on Kauai is to clear up many of the misconceptions regarding yoga that are so prevalent in our society. [We like to use grown up phrases like "prevalent in our society" to sound intelligent]. Yoga is so much more than physical exercise – it is an ancient path of self-realization that has the potential to help any sincere person to find deep happiness, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives."

The carrot. Yes, this is what you want. What's the harm in deep fulfillment?

Well like with Mr. Grey, you have to sign a euphemistic contract eventually. But this one is not negotiable. You have to prove you are SINCERE enough. Slowly you will be introduced to secret lectures, strange practices, off the wall beliefs, and places to devote your time and energy in the service of Butler.

Social Proof. You are also introduced to all the celebrity followers around the world. Really?! Are we that easily manipulated? Well, yes we are! Bring it on! Politicians, musicians, artists, movie stars!

You are warned against listening to any critics of Butler. You are told that they are atheistic, envious, awful, disgruntled demons. Don't ask why they don't want you to listen to those who have actually had years of experience with this group, have known Butler personally, and whose families have been irreparably harmed. Don't listen to the kids who grew up in the cult because it does not jive with the Bhakti Yoga Shack narrative.

Let us not disturb you as you are being led down the plumeria path to a time where you will accept things that were once unacceptable, like Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey. Either way you end up a submissive who gets fucked.

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On Suspicious Holy Men
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: July 05, 2015 11:19PM

Poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen spent some time in a Zen monastery to overcome his depression. He did not stay. He has an interesting perspective on the topic. At any rate, he never was asked to give up his art or use his talents to serve his guru. He cautions others from taking up with certain types. Of those to avoid, he describes Butler very well.

In Chris Butler's father's book, "Barbara", he describes his son as having a charismatic personality from a very young age. He tells the story of accidently leaving him behind at a gas station on a road trip. When they return to collect him, Chris is contentedly holding court with all the adults who have been giving him candy and treats.

Leonard Cohen, speaking to author Pico Iyer in April 1998
I have always had a great suspicion of charismatic holy men. I think it is very very dangerous to hook up in a certain way with these guys. A lot of them are just head hunters. They know how to do it. It’s not the content of their presentation that is of any significance. They know how to do it. They know how to gather people around them. That’s what their gig is. They make you think that something important is going on and you’re hooked. I was always suspicious because I was able to do it in my own small way. I was always suspicious of that kind of activity. I know it can be done. It’s just a kind of gift, like hypnosis. I was a very good hypnotist when I was very young. It doesn’t necessarily indicate any special concern for others, or any sense of charity in your soul. It just represents the exercise of a gift, usually for your own mean purposes. I have always been suspicious of holy men and that gift.

Continuing the "50 Shades of Grey" indoctrination analogy, there are a lot of stages one must go through to get to kiss and sleep with Christian. But, he will never be a romantic boyfriend and he lets you know that. Butler promises other stuff just as mean purposed and selfish; a life of deep fulfillment and happiness, initiation, personal contact, etc. He too withholds himself or punishes as masterfully as any practitioner of BDSM. But the willing participant gets well rewarded and supported.

Don't kid yourself. It is all a subtle sex game with Butler. Now he runs things without having to show up personally. He's trained his senior followers to recruit. But the whales get to come closer to Butler. "Whales" is a term used for high value, wealthy gamblers that need special attention and percs. The Casinos treat them like Kings and Queens while their addiction to gambling is stroked. The Hansen boy is in this category.

A note on Wai Lana's saccharine video "Namaste". I see they are using a lot of auto tuning on the song which further makes it phony crap. Way to go Harry.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: July 06, 2015 02:22AM

Thanks, Vera, for supporting the points raised in my Harry Hansen article. Anyone who quotes Leonard Cohen is a superstar in my book.


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 06, 2015 07:11AM

Food for the journey - some Leonard Cohen links

Flash wrote: "At any rate, he (Cohen) never was asked to give up his art or use his talents to serve his guru."


"When I saw (Leonard Cohen) four months later, he had a synthesizer in his cabin (at the Mt.Baldy Zen monastery) and a cigarette in his hand and, not many seasons on, he was spending five months at a stretch in India." Pico Iyer


More LC links here.


One way to assess a leader is to see whether that leader attempts to take
over and control an artist's output.

Or whether the leader hands the artist keys to a space and
leaves the artist free to mope, muse, romp, play.

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Open Letter to Bhakti Yoga Shack Peeps
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: July 06, 2015 09:25PM

Thanks Flash and corboy.

Leonard Cohen is a flawed man, but honest about it.
Butler is a flawed man, but a liar.

For you Bhakti Yoga Shack people out there, just know that the whole scene is tied together by a very slim thread of lies, sleight of hand, and misdirections. They hide this from you at first, but it stands on the absurd idea that Butler is a Christ-like, infallible figure. He is not. Senior devots (pronounced "dee-vots"; devotee + robot) will fill your head with Butler legends and of his mystical prowess. They are convinced and convincing like puppets hypnotized on a Las Vegas stage. Only here, the stage is Kauai and yoga asanas.

But after years of service, if you are able to be honest, you will find yourself far from where you imagined you would be. Enlightenment will elude you. All your potential will have been used up by a man who never really cared about you except for what he could get. If you are a creative person, you will feel elated at first by his interest in your talents, but soon you will enter a seriously constricted world. Many of the creative projects are never finished or get stopped if people are having too much "enjoyment" or seem to exhibit an independent spirit.

What does get finally produced is insipid and clownish. Exhibit A ~ Namaste.

I can just hear them say that Leonard Cohen is all wrong because he is an "impersonalist". They use this word in an almost obscene way. It is a form of spiritual racism and bigotry. Just as they are bigoted against the LGBT community, they are also indignant, self righteous, spiritual bigots against any kind of spiritual practice but their own.

They will say they are "non-sectarian"...only following an "ancient yoga tradition" or other thought stopping phrases to freeze your discernment.

Unless you also have bigoted and racist tendencies, this group is not for you. It is not that these devots are bad people, nor do they have consciously bad intentions. They are just in thrall with a dream and a lie. They really believe that they are saving the world. Their feelings have been deeply played upon with the same seductive skills as a Christian Grey, a Rasputin, a politician, a pimp, a hypnotist. [Interesting to note the origin of the word THRALL. Thanks corboy for introducing me to this word. Perfect fit.]

But before you become a full fledged Devot, you still have time to look at the painful truth and walk away without losing your spiritual fire or creativity. But few have the courage to do this. Human nature seems to prefer lies.

Most of you will say that you have researched many religions and have found something profound here. Before you make that conclusion, look again. Study how mind control works and how cults are formed. Look into hypnosis first.

Seriously look at the commitment that is being asked of you. Read critical reviews of Butler and his group. To reject the belief system does not mean that you reject the nice people who may be involved. Observe the children if they have not been sent away yet. If some come home for a visit, interview them. Are you being asked to avoid certain family members and friends? There are tons of things to consider. Don't be lazy with your life. The main thing is to look before you leap.

Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14
"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?"

Here is another Leonard Cohen quote that Zelig posted years ago here. Anyone who has ever lived in an ashram or spiritual commune can relate. I think Cohen champions the idea that there exist hypocrisies and dishonesties in all people who follow singular paths. He looks where you are told not to look. That's what poets do and why we love them. You can not be a poet in Butler's cult. (Just look at the crap he wrote, dear fanatics.)

Leonard Cohen
“For many years I was known as a monk. I shaved my head and wore robes and got up very early. I hated everyone but acted generously and no one found me out. My reputation as a ladies man was a joke. It caused me to laugh bitterly through the ten thousand nights I spent alone.”

Leonard Cohen from his song "Teachers"
I met a man who lost his mind
in some lost place I had to find,
follow me the wise man said,
but he walked behind.

And to repeat . . .

Leonard Cohen on Suspicious Holy Men
I have always had a great suspicion of charismatic holy men. I think it is very very dangerous to hook up in a certain way with these guys. A lot of them are just head hunters. They know how to do it. It’s not the content of their presentation that is of any significance. They know how to do it. They know how to gather people around them. That’s what their gig is. They make you think that something important is going on and you’re hooked. I was always suspicious because I was able to do it in my own small way. I was always suspicious of that kind of activity. I know it can be done. It’s just a kind of gift, like hypnosis. I was a very good hypnotist when I was very young. It doesn’t necessarily indicate any special concern for others, or any sense of charity in your soul. It just represents the exercise of a gift, usually for your own mean purposes. I have always been suspicious of holy men and that gift.
– Leonard Cohen, speaking to author Pico Iyer in April 1998

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