Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: June 17, 2015 05:19PM

To Rama,
I'm deeply saddened by the story of your once beautiful family. Perhaps this will help open eyes to the danger of joining religious cults -- how that psychologically imprisons people -- taking away the humanity and potentials of an individual and denying them love they can only get from fellow human beings, in quise of serving God and false culture of spirituality. For a parent to disown a child in favor of serving a master is perhaps the most diabolical manipulation a religious cult could induce a follower to act on. A paradox, since a child is a gift from God. Even lions and hyenas know this, will lay down their lives to protect and ensure the survival of their young in this nasty and dark jungle.

To Chris Butler,
No doubt you are loved and worshipped by your followers. But true love is rooted in freedom and intelligence. People that were made to cower in fear of karma and endeared to false bliss of a made up belief are incapable of that true love. But if that is the love you desire, then that you deserved. At the end of the day, history will not judge favorably people like you who seduce and manipulate sentiment for your own end. Remember, the people you have manipulated and turned zombies are babies, brothers, sisters and parents of other people who are well-informed and chose to disagree. The love you destroy will ultimately haunt you, more than you have gained. Judging from how you treated your own parents, I doubt if you will ever get this; I hope you do. Masters and servants alike, we all have one life to live. For crying out loud, drop the drama, become authentic in your remaining years.

To the followers,
Freedom of the mind is the royal path to true spirituality. When you stop becoming skeptical and abandon the qualities that make us human, you simply cease to be a child of God. The true child of God accepts the world for what it is -- as the day sets in, night comes and it dawns again in an endless dance of light and darkness. False teachers seduce you to come to the light and scare you about the darkness, only to burn you up alive like a moth into the fire. Experiencing God is as simple as feeling the love like a mother to a child. Don't make it more complicated, let alone deny yourself of that one, true unconditional love and the relationship you have with real people that are around. True, life is made simple when it is compacted and regulated, but that is not life. Like-mindedness gives false security and exotic culture gives you false bliss. But like all novelties, they fade away. Life itself is already a task, your security and survival defend on your learned ability to discern truth from lies on your own; a true guru is a guide, not a task master. Sooner, the false security you crept into will become your cage and the false bliss will become your poison, becoming tighter and more bitter to ultimately choke you to death. All cults are the same, no matter how cool or exotic they look from the outside. All these ancient knowledge and lineage are nothing but fantastic talks meant to seduce. No one wakes up in the morning and decides to join a cult. It's all love and happiness. What do you know? Chris Butler is from that era of the Summer of Love -- the yeah yeah culture. He is the rock star and you are his groupies. The funny 70s is gone and has become as corny as the bell bottom jeans.

To the world,
Please pay attention: It is easy to spot criminals, it is obvious; it is easy to find bruises, because it is physical; and it is easy to judge the insane, because they act it. When evil dresses itself up in religious garb, unless the drape gets opened, you will not see the wizard as just another man. When a parent disowns a child in favor of serving a mortal man, when a parent has to say goodbye to a child, not knowing if the parent will ever see the child again, and they cannot talk about it, because the brain got programmed to automatically shut down when they do, there is a valid wrong going on here that cannot be addressed by the law, mental cure or any guidebook on the face of the Earth. As advance as we are as a society, becoming aware should be enough to help spotlight this long ignored sociological problem facing many families. For a mortal man to command a fellow mortal man to severe a relationship that is dear across the board, what are we victims supposed to do? Religious cults strut their power so brazenly, motivated by higher values and driven by religious zeal to dominate, fielding political pawns to the highest offices, laundering ill-gotten money to seemingly legitimate businesses and sinisterly weaving their influences into the fabric of society -- in the case of the Butler cult, in the guise of yoga and vegetarianism -- right under our noses.

True, people are free to choose what they want to believe in. But what about the children, especially those born into it? Indoctrination is cruelty and an abuse -- there is simply a "no choice" option in the condition they were put into. To deny them parental love is atrocious enough, to take away their humanity, mental health and potentials is a valid societal concern.

It is true religious cults don't usually go blowing up buildings and murdering people, but that does not mean they are not a threat. The fact that a mother could disown a child to serve a fallible and an obviously flawed guru, displays a diabolical power that can become a threat to any decent living human being. Society easily forgets, perhaps because the images are often too gory, and it does not happen often, but when it does, it shocks us and reminds us once again of this diabolical power, and the saddest is -- the children are oftentimes the victims -- and no one could do anything about it.

Thank you for being brave Rama, you're not alone. Your mum loves you. All parents do.

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The Muppets Of Identity
Date: June 18, 2015 06:38AM


having a little fun, more to come soon on that blog.

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spawning legions of hopeless little cult kids
Date: June 18, 2015 07:18AM

Dharmabum, thank you. your post just reverberated so much truth to me. I feel like you know me, or at least know this situation very very well.

That is great, I know she does love me but she is trapped, cannot override her programming.

They are deluded thinking their purity of intentions over rides any moral blemishes along the way.

Only the cult members and the ones so close to the cult members they have assumed most the programming without being in the cult focus on this perception of the cult members like my mum being so pure of intention that they are without fault, they are just being "spiritual and dedicated"

This was clear in that comment from the friend of my mum. I think it was one of her current friends, someone who is not in the cult but their siblings are hardcore cult members and my mum's best friends. So this person is so focused on the idea my mum is so good and pure that I must be out of line somewhere.
I must have the problem.

They do not even realize the cult programming they are under themselves.

If anybody else who was totally clear of the cult read any of these articles, even the most harsh ones they would have no doubt in their mind my mother was acting in extremely bad ways, and obviously a very far gone cult member.
Even friends of my mum but not conditioned by this insane cult would have no doubt.

they don't hate her, they feel sorry for her. They would just talk to her and help her but my mother does not have a single person she associates with, especially now, who would ever have a natural non cult reaction to her behavior.

She has just driven herself so deep into the cult. Gone are the days of the Maui health food store, she had TONS of non cult friends, just all random cool people that worked for them over the years.

But now it is all cult, all the time. She can't wait until they construct the 40 building compound around her and just pack it out with rotten cult members, all just spawning legions of poor hopeless little cult kids.
Maybe a small percentage will finally break free in a few decades, a few decimated families later.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: June 18, 2015 01:55PM


This cult is unreal. I just can’t believe it’s 2015.

Let’s face it, there’s something admirable about Chris Butler — he’s got followers!

A savvy 12-year old will floor him point by point in any debate.

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Re: spawning legions of hopeless little cult kids
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: June 18, 2015 03:14PM

Rama wrote:
That is great, I know she does love me but she is trapped, cannot override her programming.

She will, give her a chance, and so do the other parents. This is 2015, man. Do not underestimate the power of information and most of all — parental love. One of these days, she'll have the courage and allow her fingers to go googling and find out the truth about cults — how they manipulate people, exploit their sentiment and shrink their brains into a 3-year old's.

This cult should have been out of business at the early years of the Internet. Hey, this forum is just about 10-year old — we have become the bible of the anticult movement. When the mini-Wai Lanas come to town to peddle their yoga mats, the town folks will quote us to send them back packing.

Unless Prabhufraud bans all computers in sight, his brand will go bankrupt, even DA DRUG SMUGGLA's moolahs would not be able to keep the dogma afloat — the philosophy is too lightweight, the senior staff's brains never evolved and the culture has become too corny for this age. Rigor mortis time, man. Besides, the only new ones that join are the fadists, yahoos and yeah yeah crowd — they come, they go. They are NOT into God, they're into themselves — the look good, feel good fake life. The hardcore, the sentimentalists and the desperately could not go anywhere losers, are no match for the tsunami of information they had not seen ever before. The Truth will be closing in on Tulsi and her Hindu facade; she'll end up the laughing stock of D.C. They will be scattered like lego blocks. Your generation will spearhead the revolution and you will be vindicated — because you are the spark plug. Be strong, man; continue sending your love to mum and Laks.

I love my children so insanely, I will not rest until the dogma dies it's natural death, then get see them come back and tell them "see, I told you so! That dude is too dorky to be a guru."

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Thank You Rachel Dolezal
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: June 18, 2015 06:35PM

Thank You Rachel Dolezal for showing us all how easy it is to cheat and lie and continue to be self deluded when caught in the act.

Similarly (to use old Prabhupad's favorite purport phrase), self-identifying as an enlightened being does not make it so. Butler has appropriated Indian culture to live out his guru identity disorder. . .

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Rama's new comic strip
Date: June 19, 2015 06:53AM

Hi, in the wake of my recent activity I reactivated my 9 years dormant cartooning activity. I literally had not done any since the family split... then after getting all this out I started again, the first "warm up" one I focused on Chris Butler, flanked by Patrick Bowler and a poor sap who probably just has a homosexual foot fetish without admitting it.

it had been documented in New Zealand newspapers at one point or another literally everything I detail in my picture! It is no stretch.

blog article version: []

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: June 19, 2015 06:58AM

Those files are too large for this forum, but do it justice and click on the art in the blog, you get the full size version.


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: June 19, 2015 07:03AM

Cheers Vera and Dharma.

Dharma I will do, I always do love them, and the moment they are ready, we can get together.
I look forward to any possibility of that.

Laks rips at surfing, full props to him there as featured in his little article.

Very crucial to have that release, a way to clear your head and have your own time.

I don't see Butler out in the lineup, do you?
HELL no, he's a f@*Kin BARN brah!
Laks is out there f@@keen killin' it, bu!

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Rama Das Ranson - Artist
Date: June 19, 2015 08:48AM

From Rama to Flash:
I used to draw a lot, all these skater comics that I got in Thrasher magazine

But have not done anything since early 2000's, nothing since all the crap with my family went down. I always wanted to get back to it but never forced it, just hadn't been the time yet.
Surely tied in with the life drama, lack in creative drive. I always kept skateboarding a lot, a creative thing, a good release. But nothing around drawing since all this happened 2006 or so.

It's Bowler with his drugs and money next to butler getting his feet worshipped. Note the tin foil phone next to him, and background will be tin foil laden walls.

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