Take all information from the outside world with a huge grain of Cult Salt®
Date: June 02, 2015 01:48AM

It seems Midgett and Tibby are the two Tusta-like members at this point. When I was growing up, Tusta was considered a pure devotee. Wai Lana and Butler the only others, Tusta was subservient to Butler but would appear at retreats and give lectures, all the Butler followers would listen and consider it truth akin to Butler’s “philosophy”.

He seemed a likely successor if Butler died, now I imagine Midgett and Tibby carry that same status, their lectures are approved by Butler.

The problem with Butler, Tibby and Midgett is that in all their talks, there is not one piece of decent info, knowledge or wisdom to be found anywhere.
They all just babble absolute bullshit, for decades on end.
It is mind numbingly simplistic, based on some boneheaded hateful control freak’s clunky interpretation of the already rigid top down cult prone structure of the ISKCON system.

Every cult member, worst of all us cult kids, are literally starved of all other philosophies, information and ideas outside the cult.
Education is non existent, the only college or higher learning would be for furthering cult agenda business plans, and any info encountered outside the cult is compartmentalized and not taken without massive grains of Cult Salt (Cult leader Butler’s absolute overriding wisdom).

So members must subsist their entire lives on this emaciated non information that is considered the only means to know any truth whatsoever.
These ego inflated empty speeches offering nothing of value and are the only source of information within the cult, as they are surely encouraged to stay off the internet these days.

Butler’s only real contributions surely were the “Who Are You?" book and the “Reincarnation, Explained” book and I have heard Tusta Krishna Das actually wrote those.

Imagine, in this day and age to grow up on nothing but the Butler cult information and then to raise a bunch of children into the same system, suffocating their little minds of anything to develop on besides this absolutely vile, vapid garbage spit at you by megalomaniacal men posing as humble and pious in their cult sweat pants.
Meanwhile their egos are so hyper inflated that they are getting their little turn at the top… Thinking of you, Allan “Acharya” Tibby, just creaming your cult shorts every two seconds on the Science Of Identity youtube vids.

Tibby, what the hell is wrong with you, man? What the hell is all the weirdo closed eyes, feigned accent (wait, he’s from New Zealand? wat da fuq?) crazy mouth weird lip action, dude?
You don’t realize how absolutely f@@#ing insane you come across in those vids as you posture and bask in the glory of your own radiant ego, finally getting it’s spot nearer the top of the disgusting abomination you all have created.
I could show any of the Tibby vids to anyone and they would just be shaking their heads, absolutely baffled by what they just saw.

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Breaking Free
Date: June 02, 2015 08:37AM

Much thanks to Rama Ranson for his brave testimony at the link below. This article will be updated soon with links to the prior posts and news articles, so please check back. I would also like to thank Henri Jolicoeur, French Canadian Psychotherapist and film-maker, for his kind attention to Rama and his poignant story.


"...Hey, Flash, here are a bunch of pics, me and my family. In the article Bevan said that first picture was sent by my dad AFTER I was kicked out, but he sent it when I moved away but was still in good standing."

The full story with many photos courtesy of Rama:

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: June 02, 2015 12:06PM

Wow-- brilliant interview! I can feel Rama’s anguish.

One of the most important of all human relationships is that of the Family.
It is our anchor; our families are our main support system in this world.
What are we, if we do not have our families around us?

You can understand and lament Rama's pain- at what could have been- if Butler had not destroyed his and his parents lives. THIS is why we need to continue this mission- to expose the brainwashing and to stop the destruction of truly critical relationships. It is pure evil what Butler has done - demonic.

Many thanks again for Flash’s great documentation and to Dabcult in continuing to expose this insidious group.

To those that are still considering Butler for a guru- understand that his main goal is to supplant your Family.
You will be encouraged/ordered to walk away from all those who love you and cherish you,
You will be told that Butler is all you need.
Do not listen.
IT IS NOT BHAKTI YOGA !!! (The yoga of Service)

IT IS BUTLER YOGA! (In servitude to Butler)

He will control every aspect of your life, of your thoughts and your very soul will belong to him. He will destroy your spirit and then throw it away....and he will make sure your family does the same.

Unless.....you have lots and lots of $$$.
Then you will be allowed to sit at his lotus feet and give him your $$$.

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Trends in viewers
Date: June 03, 2015 03:40AM

This message board topic has been averaging 258 daily views over the past two months. That is four times the historic average. This is an important trend line because this topic nearly died. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the board over the years and especially those who never gave up.


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No Rest for the Wicked
Date: June 03, 2015 05:11AM

Literal meaning – the wicked shall be tormented.

Rama Ranson is a victim of wicked treatment by members of the destructive cult, Science of Identity. I wrote an article in which his younger brother, Sudama P. Ranson, can certainly be called wicked. I told Rama that his brother and mother should be held publicly accountable for their deeds, to which Rama replied: “Yes, I agree, I don’t mind that. They are the ones trying to hide everything. It’s their problem they require secrecy and silence, not mine. All they care about is controlling me sharing my own experience, well they can go fuck themselves. Straight up.”

Sudama Ranson is basically a servant of his guru, Chris Butler. He keeps a very low profile and it was difficult to find his public image. Long-time participants on the message board might recall a video made by Henri in which Henri is chased away from one of Butler’s Lanikai homes. That bodyguard threatening Henri was Sudama. Unfortunately the video is gone, but I have my resources. I often start with the premise that Tulsi Gabbard is tied to nearly every other cult member. It could be as simple as contributing to her campaign (servant Sudama contributed $2,000) or providing slave labor. In this case, Tulsi’s media-darling image has backfired because she used a publicity surfing photo that was shot by Chris Butler’s servant, Sudama.

My complete article and research:

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Robyn Lynn Ranson Exposed
Date: June 04, 2015 08:44AM

Robyn Lynn Ranson Exposed

I’ll make this brief and to the point. It is difficult for me to work up enough anger at this foolish woman and give her the public punishment she so clearly deserves. Robyn Ranson will never win any parenting awards for the way she deserted her own son and left another son to be the personal servant of the leader of a destructive cult. While most mothers would run into a burning building to rescue their child, Robyn Ranson has done the opposite.


Robyn Lynn Ranson in 2005 (aka Radhakunda Dasi)

My research and more images:

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Jaya Skrilla Prabhufraud!!!
Date: June 11, 2015 02:09AM

I'm sure the truth about what is really going on in "The Cult" is that it is literally an organized crime ring.

On a mass scale going back to the beginning. It is so insular, though, it has been the same players acting on their leaders behalf. They always thought they could do anything as an individual in the world and there was no way to connect it to the cult and the leader. But the same idiots are the only small bunch to have been doing it over and over for decades.

"Here, take this $2 million and start a company for us, buy this house for us, by this land for us"

"Duh, okay! Jaya Skrilla Prabhufraud!" is their response, not the more appropriate "ummmmmmmmmmm..... where is this money from? uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know, man, seems a bit sketchy. I don't wan't to get busted for money laundering or some shit. You guys wouldn't do that to me, though, would you? Set me up to take the fall on your behalf? Naaaaaaaaah, it didn't already happen to your main man or nothing."

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Srila Prabhupada's appearance day!
Date: June 15, 2015 02:49PM

Happy Birthday, bitch!
We all hate you and laugh our asses off as you slowly rot into the ground locked away in your corrupt dirty cash kingdom.

Love, the cult kids

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: June 16, 2015 05:34AM

The missing image from Rama's post above.

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Is Flash a Bully?
Date: June 17, 2015 04:06AM

I received an anonymous comment beneath my recent article “Robyn Lynn Ranson Exposed” My article read in part…I’ll make this brief and to the point. It is difficult for me to work up enough anger at this foolish woman and give her the public punishment she so clearly deserves. Robyn Ranson will never win any parenting awards for the way she deserted her own son and left another son to be the personal servant of the leader of a destructive cult. While most mothers would run into a burning building to rescue their child, Robyn Ranson has done the opposite…

Here is the comment accusing me of being a Bully who has no facts:
“I knew Robyn in 1980 in Whangamata. She was a really lovely person with a beautiful heart who loved her son immensely. I think these sort of comments are uncalled for. I’m not a Krishna devotee at all but I can vouch she suffered a lot in life and was a fantastic mother. Why bully people when you have no facts?”

I turned to Rama Das Ranson for his advice on how to reply to this comment and what follows is his heart-wrenching yet uplifting answer:

Hello anonymous commenter, I am Rama Das Ranson, Robyn’s son.
Yes she was and is a great person. Super sweet if you are a normal person, everyone loved her. Everyone loved my mum and dad.
The direct no holds barred style of this article was tough for me to like, I would not directly go after my mother and brother in such a way.
But I know objectively speaking every criticism and unflattering comment directed at her here is absolutely accurate...
The rest of Rama's response:


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