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Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: December 25, 2020 06:38PM

The main reason Thieme never asked for money was because it was an extremely rich church and sold its old property where the Galleria now sits. That was just Thieme's selling point for people like sellerbe and others tired of man's currency. I doubt that was Thieme's position before and before at the other church he "reeducated" at.

Sure adults were not forced to go to this "church". Children however were. That makes it extremely destructive for the young. Thieme was law abiding surrounded by many of the Houston police force as well as special forces. Thieme kept a .45 under his podium.
Huh wonder why? Thieme was a coward and never allowed any pastor or priest to my knowledge to speak other than Dano. Thieme never allowed any contradiction. To say he wasn't an extremist authoritarian without his reason is just folly.

As an adult we cannot stop people from committing suicide. If someone goes into the hell of combat and manages to make it out alive and they tell you the hell of it. They don't say go to the hell of war and find out for yourself. If there is a stop sign people don't say to heck with stop sign just run it and see what happens for yourself. People like sellerbe and other fools are just fuel for the fire of an old political "neo con" cult which banks are not really interested or making much of a profit from anymore. They were used for thier time. Thieme was thier political "news" media.

Thieme would have done well to say "not about me" and turned his back to praise a cross of Jesus's crucifixion and say let us pray but Thieme never did.

The bible says I will send you the spirit of truth and the spirit will guide you into all things. The bible doesn't say his name is Thieme. Discern for yourself truth everyday in all things. Watch out for yourself and your children.

It is the gathering of christians and the anointing spirit that teaches.

Merry Christmas,


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