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Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: TouchSmart ()
Date: January 15, 2018 02:44AM

Don't think recordings would work in this situation. The damage has already been done and this pastor has convinced his congregation and others that spiritually mature wives can "handle" a lifetime of verbal and emotional abuse from husbands.They call it "suffering for righteousness" []
I left this church years ago, but after great harm had been done to my family. No one at this church seemed to understand or care.
These pastors, and there are many, teach online at Chafer Theological Seminary [] for additional income, while they are being paid a pastors salary. They do not believe in "visiting the sick" etc.... Instead they write books, supplementing their income, or study at home to further their own education. They have quite the "gig". They believe the bible teaches wives to be in complete submission to husbands, and will only intervene if there is actual physical violence and injury to the wife. Even then, the most they are willing to do is speak to the husband.
There is really nothing that can be done to expose these pastors, that I know of. Whether extreme Christian views or extreme Muslim view, it seems that pastors can do and say whatever they want with no real responsibility.

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