Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: December 25, 2020 06:38PM

The main reason Thieme never asked for money was because it was an extremely rich church and sold its old property where the Galleria now sits. That was just Thieme's selling point for people like sellerbe and others tired of man's currency. I doubt that was Thieme's position before and before at the other church he "reeducated" at.

Sure adults were not forced to go to this "church". Children however were. That makes it extremely destructive for the young. Thieme was law abiding surrounded by many of the Houston police force as well as special forces. Thieme kept a .45 under his podium.
Huh wonder why? Thieme was a coward and never allowed any pastor or priest to my knowledge to speak other than Dano. Thieme never allowed any contradiction. To say he wasn't an extremist authoritarian without his reason is just folly.

As an adult we cannot stop people from committing suicide. If someone goes into the hell of combat and manages to make it out alive and they tell you the hell of it. They don't say go to the hell of war and find out for yourself. If there is a stop sign people don't say to heck with stop sign just run it and see what happens for yourself. People like sellerbe and other fools are just fuel for the fire of an old political "neo con" cult which banks are not really interested or making much of a profit from anymore. They were used for thier time. Thieme was thier political "news" media.

Thieme would have done well to say "not about me" and turned his back to praise a cross of Jesus's crucifixion and say let us pray but Thieme never did.

The bible says I will send you the spirit of truth and the spirit will guide you into all things. The bible doesn't say his name is Thieme. Discern for yourself truth everyday in all things. Watch out for yourself and your children.

It is the gathering of christians and the anointing spirit that teaches.

Merry Christmas,


Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Rushyyz72 ()
Date: April 03, 2022 01:26PM

Hello just wanted to add my experience, I didn’t go to Baracha church. How I heard of “Thieme” was a good friend went to college and was introduced to “Thieme tapes” through a martial arts class called green dragon. From this point on it changed him and all of us that we’re friends with him. He apposilized us (I always had doubts about the Catholic Church in which I was raised) so I really became drawn to what he was saying. I became a Christian at that point (1991). Friend gave me a “scofield bible” which I know now is seriously misled bible. Fast forward to early 2000’s me and this friend both moved to Las Vegas for jobs my friend found a “Thieme” type church on Upland ave he started going 1-2days a week for “class” then he became a Deacon went 6 days a week and was tithing 10% of his pay he dropped friends that did not go to “his” church or listened to “Thieme tapes” I started going just one night a week for “bible study” or “class” to see what it was like. It was very different I did like it at first and went for I think 2 years but never more that one night a week. Because I was only one night a week I wasn’t considered to be part of the club. And was treated like an outsider by most except my friend. As time went on I had brought a girlfriend with me and the pastor singled her out and made comments about outsiders coming to class ( this blew my mind) and I started questioning the teachings then my conscience got the better of me I quit going. And for some reason I went on the web to look more into “Thieme type churches” and it was #8 on the list as being considered a cult! This blew my mind I read the reasons and peoples testimonies at first I was defensive but the more I read about these churches the more I recognized as the truth. So I quit going and then had to wrangle with trying to get my friend to listen and see the light. I talked to him about my experience and stuff I found online. He was adamant that people attach the church because he speaks the truth I saw at this point it’s going to be hard to get him to listen. So we went out separate ways for several years then one day out of the blue my old friend invited me up to his home for a cook out and catching up. When at his home apparently there was a huge falling out at the church. Half the congregation was questioning the pastors teaching, although my friend was not. I guess there was a big “brew haha” and half the congregation was asked to leave and never come back. My friend, he got basically called into the pastors office with his henchmen and grilled about weather he believed the pastors teachings. He stated “ dam I’m tithing 10% of my pay and come here 6 days a week or more and also have my step daughter going their daycare what do you think” he basically wrote the pastor a letter telling not sure what the issue is and left the church. Then my friend kept running into these people in public and I think they were even spying or following him. He really got spooked and sold his house and moved out of state. This was an unintentional good move because he got out before the housing crash in 08’ to this day I will not get involved in any church at all. This experience kind of freaked me out and opened my eyes to how corrupt even Christian churches are and how wacky the congregation can get. I wish I had the patience to type all the wacky stuff but this is it in a nut shell.

God Bless

Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: May 13, 2022 06:15AM

Hello Rushyyz72,

I'd be interested in hearing more about the " big “brew haha” and half the congregation was asked to leave and never come back."

Berachah with Thieme as "dictator" was a cult. Wow. I think take a minute...

Was Elvis a cult leader? Was Hitler? Was Manson? YES They all match Dr. Lifton's characteristics of "mind control" to one degree or another. A lot of churches synagogues, etc... religious orgs do. As well as Investment cults, psycology cults, political cults, etc... do also.

So? If I go to an extreme comparison of Elvis and Hitler(or Manson or others), what I see as the key differences are on a scale from benign to destructive.

How benign or destructive is this cult? Elvis only crushed women's hearts while Hitler murdered and tortured millions. Manson never physically murdered but we know the rest of that story.

So how destructive was Berachah under Thieme jrs dictatorship? That's been one of the major points of this website. I have pointed out facts that Thieme presented himself as smarter than he was - Valdictorian of his Master's degree class at DTS while never mentioning there were only 6 fellow classmates. As if what Thieme said was indisputable. Well Thieme wouldn't let you talk in his military class but here people can.


And he name dropped his teacher at DTS Dr. Chafer many many times as if he improved on Dr. Chafer, while Thieme went into lala land.


Many more examples are here.

I suggest "be of sound mind" all the time. That would be your sound mind not Thieme's.


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Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: May 13, 2022 10:58PM

To the Forum:

That would be your sound mind not Thieme's mind. I don't mean to infer Thieme's mind was sound.

Another quick note on salvation. Thieme repeatedly stated ad nauseum that Catholics who reject Thieme's opinion on salvation are not saved because they believe in "works" in faith for salvation.

Thieme is incorrect here because Catholics still have faith in Jesus as their saviour. It is faith in Jesus that saves Catholics regardless of their beliefs in works. Not however errored Catholics may be while they are having faith in Jesus. To be clear Catholics are christians not Buddhists. Buddhists believe in works getting them to their Nirvana. Thieme does not make this distinction nor can Thieme take away salvation because of Thieme's opinion. Catholics certainly don't believe they can work their way to heaven without faith in Jesus. Thieme is ignorant of even the very "faith saves" message. And as a result has split and destructively destroyed many a Catholic family (and other christians' families who believe(d) in Jesus as thier saviour with their works) in Thieme's stubborn ignorance of the truth.


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Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: sistersoap2 ()
Date: February 22, 2023 10:12AM

I am back
After a long hiatus and many changes in my life. I have missed many posts so please pardon my ignorance.

Re: R.B. Thieme Jr., Berachah Church Houston, Robert B. Thieme Jr.
Posted by: Truthtesty ()
Date: February 23, 2023 06:30AM

Hello sistersoap2

I haven't had a lot of time sometimes either. Mostly busy working and other life things.

I think this website has been/is very helpful to those willing to take the time to read it. Especially the posts by Spiritualliberty [] ,
as well as people who have shared their personal experiences although everyone hasn't always agreed.

I have been very "take it to the mat" with thiemites, Spiritualliberty has a different approach which I admire.

You were sistersoap?


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