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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 04, 2021 10:59PM

zoejogle :

Please read the rules again, which you agreed to before posting here.

This is not the place to share your religious beliefs.

This is specifically prohibited by the rules.

The link you posted to promote religious beliefs has been deleted.

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Re: Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: I can see ()
Date: December 09, 2021 06:35AM

Some really good posts and links on here hopefully those who really need this help will be blessed.
Unfortunately CD constructed a nasty vindictive god of her own imagination and was obviously really troubled herself. Really sad for anyone to have a whole lifetime in such delusion. There was always a sense of us and them a persecution complex and look at what I'm going through oh look how I'm being tested!! Just trite rubbish really. Have your own life and friends in the fellowship if you want but dont be told what to do. If you want a relationship or friendship outside you go for it. These people have messed up lives with plenty of skeletons in the cupboard I can tell you dont let them interfere with your life. And if you have broken relationships that no longer go to kcf as much as within you for Gods sake be reconciled. That was a big theme years ago in kcf such a pity they dontpratice what they preach. Your as good as anyone of them. Get a grip !! Merry Christmas!

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