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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: March 05, 2007 11:18PM

Foot note to my open letter.... Dave And Chery. I wonder how you sleep at night..

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: oliverfabulous ()
Date: March 06, 2007 01:53AM

Im pleased that Cheryl and Daves tricks have been exposed to the light.Seems they have played the same head games with us all.
1) Separating us from our families
2)Accusing family members of sexual abuse
3)If we voiced our opinions slapping us down saying that we are going to hell
4)Sending people and vulnerable little children to coventry -till they had breakdowns.
5)After leaving bad mouthing us to the fellowship ,so our friends minds were poisoned towards us.
6)Humiliating us publicly about our sexual conduct
7)Telling individuals that masturbation is a sin- in a very inapropriate manner.
There are so many things that have been done to us but it is all the same stuff. They where dependendent on people being so frightened of them that they would be sure to keep their mouths shut. Thank God for modern technology and the internet and the anonimity of this site.

I dont think they will be sleeping well tonight Dave i think they will be plotting their revenge......
I find it interesting that all this was done by a primary school teacher and a Social worker. I thought nice caring people went in for those professions God help their clients and the school children...

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Date: March 06, 2007 02:08AM

Hi there oliver & yeti. thankyou so much for sharing on this forum, please if you know others who are not aware of this site, let them know. Do not be afraid of them. as for 'plotting' if anyone here suffers any intimidation by any members of this 'fellowship', post it on the forum. It will be evidence against them. I have a number to a Policeman who is on their case. Regards to you all, be brave and stand togeher.

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: rosebud ()
Date: March 06, 2007 02:25AM

David you are right about my age and the other things. That to this day affects my confidence. It definately made it harder to socialise. I would either be withdrawn or overdo it because all I wanted was acceptance. That is were drugs and drink came into the picture because it gives you fake confidence. You have to unprogramme what they make you feel about yourself. It has took me the best part of sixteen years to do this, and to do it without the help of people you can trust is very hard. When people love you and care about your welfare they never put you down. My trust in people was affected, it has made it harder to get close. People now really have to earn my trust and that is not fair on them, but I have realised that not everybody is hard and cold and out to get you but it took me, as I said, the best part of 16 years to realise this. It is only the people around me who have bouyed me up enough to realise I am a good person and I am loved, I am not a sinner and I am just a human being. Only a handful of them people who helped called themselves christians. The majority who helped were non-believers, so it just goes to show never judge a person by their tag. Lol Trina xxxxx

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Serenity ()
Date: March 06, 2007 02:33AM

Just wanted to say I also got pulled in for the masturbation talk, it was extremely embarrassing.

BBC, I agree totally with you - it is not very different from prostitution at all. Hope you feel better soon xxxxx

David, I hope the letter reaches some of the people we all love who are still stuck there, hopefully it will give them food for thought and give them the courage to leave once and for all. And I don't know how they sleep at night either.

just a quick add to Rosebud, if rolling dice is evil what does that make monopoly - after all it promotes greed and a love of money.

On a serious note, reading the posts on this site is very uplifting. I know you have all been through truly horrific and terrifying experiences that have messed up your lives, but you should be truly proud of yourselves. You have shown great courage and that is something I wish more people would have (i.e. those who are still in KCF). You prove that we can survive anything and whilst we may come away broken or bruised, we will all be healed of it. The support on this site is amazing, and I hope we can continue to help anybody that needs it.

Firefly, you are very wise - I'm proud of you.

Take care everybody, I'm sending loads of positive thoughts your way. Please keep logging on to this site so that we can finally get some closure on our experiences.

i love you all xxxxx

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: bruisednotbroken ()
Date: March 06, 2007 03:06AM

Were any of you a part of the fellowship when there was a campaign against people who were distributing a letter regarding KCF being a cult? It has just come to my memory, the detective work that was going on amongst the fellowship...real cloak and dagger stuff....trying to trace who was responsible for the letter. Someone going around in a car in the dark of night, posting it through letterboxes.

How I wish I had listened to the information that person was distributing through their letter. It would have saved me a few months of spiritual abuse had I recognized the truth the letter contained.

I hope those who identified correctly that KCF was a cult did manage to "escape" and are ok. I just remember the atmosphere in the fellowship during this time was one of suspicion and denial on the part of the leadership...another reason I should have smelled the coffee and flit!

Brokenbycheryl....Are you ok? I haven't heard from you for a couple of to you, hon.

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: Liverpool Writer ()
Date: March 06, 2007 03:31AM

Hi, everyone. Good to see many more new people coming this way and sharing their experiences.

I have updated the website with some snippets from this forum, as well as some observations on control tactics I witnessed myself at the Fellowship.

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: firefly ()
Date: March 06, 2007 06:43AM

Cheers for the update L.pool W. ive been readin all of your experiences- just shows that you have no idea of whats goin on, an u think that its all just happenin to u. I'm glad we can all now realise that we wernt just singled out coz we wer awful people- it was coz they r awful people.

I remember, musta been when i was about 10 i think, possibly even younger. I used to think about things- faith-wise and then co-incidently a few weeks later they would come up in the fellowship, it happened maybe a couple of times. But this one time i thought to myself 'why dont we sign a contract when we become christians' and sort of thought it all out an came to the conclusion that we didnt need to sign bits of paper to say that we loved God coz it was about u and ur heart and God and nobody else needed proof or anythin. Well anyway a few weeks later in a house group meetin they pulled out this bit of paper they wanted us to sign- cant remember what it exactly said but it was pretty much sign it if ur really a christian.
An i sat there and thought i don't need to sign this, ive thought about it and have already decided not to sign anywhere. So i didnt sign (there must have been about 3 others who also didnt). Well cheryl got wind of it, coz of course she checked to see who signed an who never.
By this time i'd also been labelled in her mind as a trouble causer and scapegoat. So she got on the phone to me mum 'y asnt she signed it, blah blah blah' so me mum told me she'd called and was wantin to see me. So i was proper scared like, and avoided her for bout 3 weeks (quite an achievement i thought to meself at the time haha!) she finally got me an took me to the upstairs room were i got the spanish inquisition as to why i didnt sign it. I said that i thought that i didnt need to sign it and on went the conversation....then she goes 'is it because of sexual sin that you havn't signed it' Ok so I'm 10 and i sit there, shocked an think to meself 'thats completely stupid, i don't even know what sex really is' and answer 'no!'
The aftermath bein that the house group was split because of it, and out of the four people who didnt sign, i found out later that i was the only one who got it in the neck. man, did that one feel good :?

I also remember gettin the 'pop music is evil' talk, and the 'relationship talk' Mary Watts told a whole bunch of us (aged from about 10 to 18) that fancying people was disgusting and it was like saying 'you fancy a cake' (how stupid is that comparison) and so we wern't allowed to fancy people or go out with any1 without cheryls say so. So people only went out if they intended to get married (which is also stupid) and i think i can only recall one situation were some-one went out an never got married. And the female involved in that was Karen mutch (cheryls number 2-lol her nicknames kak an all! amusing!)

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: brokenbycheryl ()
Date: March 06, 2007 08:43AM

He Firefly hat off to you girl...for sharing so honestly. I am astounded that a woman would take a 10yr old girl up to the discipline room and accuse her of sexual sin. Massive alarm bells are ringing now... If someone did that to my kid I would be sueing them for abuse... This woman is a total monster ,talk about inapropriate behaviour, overstepping the mark. Cheryl is obsessed with sex..She sees sex everywhere..What is all that about???? Does she have unresolved sexual issues of her own??? Is she mentally ill???she used to accuse me of being unstable but I think that might have been a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I have spent 15 yrs recovering from what I can only describe as the most horrifying time of my life.Nothing has been so bad in my life since. I like you firefly thought it was just me who went through the living hell. Firefly Im so glad you are doing well and you are able to be honest. Go girl.........

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Kirkby Christian Fellowship
Posted by: oliverfabulous ()
Date: March 06, 2007 10:29AM

:cry: Hi Firefly,
That is absolutely horrifying . I cant get my head around it. Interviewing a 10 year old assuming you had had sex.......
Im so shocked....... What is wrong with that woman????
Imjust gobsmacked....
Im so glad you are ok today
& Im so glad I left when I did,
Love and hugs ,


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