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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: lostmywife ()
Date: November 18, 2022 05:57AM

So now this user, redsed, is attacking me personally on two threads on this forum about two entirely unrelated subjects.

I am perplexed. I thought this was a safe space for sharing.

Also, redsed, I don't quite understand your logic. Okay, so you don't believe me for whatever reason. But what about the rest of the crimson circle thread about geoffrey hoppe? It goes back to 2005 and has so many different people sharing stories about losing loved ones and being worried about them. And that is just this forum. The rest of the internet has plenty of websites on the crimson circle cult scam from people that have direct experience with them. Are all of those this David person you refer to as well?


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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: lostmywife ()
Date: November 18, 2022 06:08AM

redsed, you seem to be sure I am not who I say I am and that I am this david cult leader instead.

Why? did you ever meet him? you say you were in that cult so I assume you lived with them?

And did you ever meet geoffrey hoppe of the crimson circle? do you live with them or did you ever live with them?


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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: limetree ()
Date: August 27, 2023 09:49PM

I don’t know how active this forum still is, but I’d like to share my story on here as well.

I’m from Belgium. In November 2016, my mom took me and my sibling to Algarve, Portugal. She constantly talked about meeting this Kwan Yin person. He had us waiting several hours on several locations and never showed up (presumably since her kids were present). After sometime in Portugal, she started leaving the house more and more frequently. A babysitter took care of us for most days. If she was home, she’d isolate herself to do ‘mediation’. She often tried to convince me to join, but i’ve always been and remained a sceptic of these types of things. The more time passed, the less we saw of her.

February 2017 she sent me and my sister back to Belgium, to live with our father. This confused me since she always insisted my father was a bad man, and i never had a good relationship with him (he worked a lot and never quite connected with him. After the divorce he started a new family fairly quickly and that didn’t help the connection problem.)

She maintained contact through Skype for a while. After sometime I had a fight with my parents (stepmom and father) and got electronics confiscated. When I came back I texted but never received a response again. Her facebook got deleted, her skype activity flatlined.

I took it personal back then. I was a child that felt abandoned.

A couple months ago, I decided to look up what the hell this Kwan Yin stuff was, since it never sat right with me my mom suddenly vanished. Once I started looking, I found my mom fairly easily. I found her profile on the imzaia site. Her hair, that she always was so proud of, completely shaven off in the picture on the site. Her smile was different. I started looking further and saw her in one of the online zoom meetings whatever that got uploaded. She’s a SHELL of what she used to be. There’s nothing going on in her head, nodded wherever necessary and making constant eye contact with the camera.

I reached out to Kwan Yin over facebook, asking to contact my mother and asking about her with her old name. I got told to contact him again a month later, through email, and he would be able to organise a meetup. I asked again if the account i found under a new name was her, and he confirmed.

I haven’t reached out since.

A part of me always thought my mother would have passed by now, and it pains me to say that I wish she did, instead of finding herself brainwashed by this madman.

I hope to one day get her back, but I know she will never be the person I knew before that.

I’m planning to one day make a YouTube video about this cult, in the hopes it would save at least someone before it’s too late.

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

If you wish to reach out to me you can do so via instagram; my (burner) account is @boxheadedcat

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: takethelead ()
Date: November 04, 2023 05:30AM

As a previous follower of Imzaia, I feel it is my responsibility to write here, in case it may be helpful to you reading. Revisiting the heart-felt accounts on this forum, from past followers and family members really adds fuel to this fire.

I'd like to address both family members who have lost a loved one to this group, as well as individuals who are visiting this page with a hint of suspicion in their heart that has lead them here as it once did for me.

First, family members:

Your loved one, no matter how much it pains you that they abandoned you, is not a bad person. They have been lead to believe that their involvement with Imzaia is a duty they have been selected for and is of highest benefit for all of humanity, including you. In fact, in this belief system, it is selfish for them to do otherwise. They have been taught to put aside any logical, rational thinking or even the guidance of their own emotions and senses, learning that these are fear-based and limiting ways of interacting with the world, which it is their responsibility to 'ascend' beyond. Their very 'personality', that you knew and loved so much, is a problem at the core of this belief system and it is to be transcended by any means necessary, often in subtle ways at first and then in more extreme ways. This 'blankness' of expression that some of you report seeing, is a reflection of this process. For me, this meant dissociating from my body, ignoring the warning signs of my emotions, and distancing myself from family, while simultaneously surrounding myself with Imzaia culture and members, creating an echo chamber of very particular ideas.

I do believe that the most insecure people are at the greatest risk of falling for these tactics because they are looking for someone to give them answers and meaning to a life that they don't feel in control of. Luckily for me, I was too stubborn to revoke my own will completely, and with the help of others in this forum as well as angels in my life, I was able to step out long enough to get a clear and obvious picture of what was really going on. It was a painful, deeply existential process to go through, and I am so grateful to have come out the other side.

For the questioning individual:

1. If something does not sit right with you, PAY ATTENTION to that. The sensations of your body and emotions are the way your soul communicates with you. You are both of nature and spirit, and to ignore these physical signs is to ignore your better judgment. Just as you step away from a flame that gets too close because it WILL burn you, stepping away (or at least questioning) something that does not feel right is a reasonable idea. Fear can be a powerful warning sign to you. Imzaia will paint fear as a weakness to ignore and overcome, and this is one of their greatest tactics for manipulation - to disconnect you from your own innate system of reasoning.

2. Are you really after the truth like you say you are? If so, you should be open to hearing the stories of previous members who have been negatively impacted by this group. For a long time, I ignored this forum though I knew it existed, because it was easier to write off people as 'misunderstanding' 'fear-based' 'weak' followers who did not understand the teachings, than it was to be open to a challenge. I have spoken to several ex-members, who have shared profound and deeply disturbing experiences that I could not overlook.

3. Are you really following your heart? Related to my first point, when you start dissociating from your body and emotions over and over again, you will no longer FEEL your heart. You will think that this 'blankness' you have developed, which is really your coping mechanism for not allowing yourself to feel what you feel and to use your human brain to think logically, is a sound place to make decisions from. It is not. It is a space for Imzaia to fill you with their 'special' ideas and to always be on board with doing what they want you to do.

4. Pay attention to what you see rather than what you hear. Anyone who can talk well can be a good salesman and manipulate you. What you see and experience is far more telling than the fancy ideas they speak about themselves and how the world works.

Aging is an illusion? Why do David Dube and the Imzaia followers look like they're aging at an exponential rate? "Oh, but their energy is so pure." Is it? or are you projecting from your own emptiness and the ideas they have filled your mind with?

They claim to be connected with people like Eckhart Tolle? Why would he never mention them? Surely a person with such a large following would provide tremendous benefit to Imzaia by bringing their grand mission to the world...

These people paint themselves as Godly when it's beneficial to them (i.e. want to gain a following) and human when it's beneficial to them (i.e. need money from you). When you start comparing actions to words, you will very soon notice a lot of inconsistencies. Of course, these can always be justified by a manipulative speaker, but try to think logically for yourself.

5. Research cults. This was one of the most helpful things for me. Watch documentaries about cults, watch interviews with ex-cult members. Very, very quickly you will see the tactics behind Imzaia's operations. Because it's all the same and it's all been done before, many times over. The chosen spiritual leader, the chosen followers, the grand mission to save the world, the dissociation from personality and seclusion for the outside world. Do some research. See for yourself. I highly recommend reading this speech on the limitations of group spirituality: []

Whomever is reading, my heart goes out to you. I hope that these words have been helpful to you in some way. Please reach out to me on this forum if I can help you in any particular way.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: redsed ()
Date: December 05, 2023 05:47PM

If you want to know the truth of someone Look directly into their eyes, children are good at this. This is why David Dubie doesn't want to be met so quickly before hes completely sure he has them mentally, and energetically. Children are blunt and pure and will say exactly what they see and feel, they will say the truth. Hence David won't want to be in the presence of Children and the person he's trying to seduce.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: Inanna33 ()
Date: January 21, 2024 02:29AM

So, he has been putting out more and more messages trying to "prove" Imzaia is not a cult, lol.

I have the current address if anyone wants to have it.
He is not secretively about it, as he has the picture of the place up on Facebook as the cover photo on his own personal Facebook page and the school's Facebook page. Not entirely sure if he stays there as well, but it's definitely where the activities take place. For communication, they use a PO Box in Breskens, The Netherlands.

The name of the School has now changed to "Ascended Master School Zeeland."
Zeeland is a region in The Netherlands. [Deleted by Moderator per rules]
He still operates under "Imzaia World" (the website).

He claims he only offers free ascension teachings. But if you look closely to the posts on Facebook, you can see that he has an army of followers who share the posts in various Facebook groups to promote Imzaia and the school (it's quite pathetic actually).

Those people are probably the ones who are more or less part of the inner circle, and for them (maybe some of your family members); the experience must be very different from the ones who just come to learn some "free ascension" techniques.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 21, 2024 06:36AM


See []

Do not post "contact information," which includes a specific street address, POB address, etc.

You might share that information through the private messaging feature, but don't post such information on this thread publicly.

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