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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 04, 2012 11:20PM

It would help greatly people who have been in this group can, in private, compare how they learned or were told of this venture, and the methods used for recruitment.

How are people first told about this venture?

Are any stores or businesses involved?

Is it done via existing friendship networks?

Any copies of adverts for introductory events or groups might be useful.

Is any particular type of person especially targeted for recruitment?

If those of you who have been through this can discuss this privately and identify a pattern in recruitment methods this could help.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: Inanna ()
Date: March 06, 2012 07:19PM

Did everyone get that same private message?

Yes, indeed.

I find it quite entertaining that a so called "enlightened master" seems to feel the urge to defend and justify himself.
The letter contains nothing but contradictions. I really can't imagine that his own "followers" can't see through this deceit, for it is now so obvious.
The threats he makes are far fetched and the copyright claim is completely ridiculous. Some lawyers he has, LOL.

Unfortunately, he has also invaded quite a few people's privacy by naming some of the Rick Ross forum members by name and surname, for they have the absolute right to stay anonymous.
He mentioned every co-worker of his organisation by their full name, but still he signs the letter with "Quan Yin" instead of using his own real name. That is truly an insult to the great goddess herself, because she was truly "the goddess of mercy".

For what's worth, I hope he will once take responsibility over his actions and choices, and stop this facade. There is nothing "enlightened" about it. The sooner people get that, the better.
I find this all very distressing, actually, but I have the right to have an opinion about this, and no lawful judge will condemn that. If he wants to take it to whatever legal court, he should know that he will be obligated to use his real name for sure, LOL.
I have never heard of an "enlightened master" lowering him/herself to that level, and it surely raises a lot of questions about his sincerity. If he was really sincere, he would not have to write such a ridiculously extensive "open letter" to prove himself right. Instead, the Imzaia Movement should speak for itself, no accountability needed.

And David, if I could delete my "damaging" topic posts, I would, to reassure your conscience, but I can't, because the Rick Ross forum rules and policy don't let me - sorry.
And to reassure your conscience even more: I am not "exercising a personal vendetta". Even better, you will not hear from me at this forum (or anywhere else on the internet for that matter) ever again, for this is my last public post.
Hopefully you can now sleep better at night, for I am concerned about everyone's wellbeing in this matter.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: basquiat ()
Date: March 09, 2012 02:48AM

Did everyone get that same private message?

I also received the same message.
I totally agree with Inanna's last post,
obviously quan yin is trying to justify his actions and deny what's evident.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: Keandra ()
Date: August 26, 2012 04:01AM

hey, it's a bit funny, they really try to prevent all their bad stuff coming out, and it seems to work... again...
"I dare you, stand up, no fear" David wants to teach this message (along with other things)
Only not if you stand up against him, then suddenly his teachings doesn't apply and he will get defensive.
I can't believe he still gets away with it...

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: Inanna ()
Date: August 12, 2013 06:47PM

So, one year later. Because the world didn't cease to exist in 2012, but Imzaia apparantly did, I feel I have the right to change my mind about not responding anymore.
FYI, Imzaia has gone under the radar and is now known as 'Rising Life Media', located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
I surely wonder why David felt the need to change his name from 'Quan Yin' to 'Kwan Yin', lol.
So, we went from 'The Familie of Light', to 'Illium', to 'Weave Your World', to 'Pioneer's College', to 'Imzaia', etc... And I'm sure I forgot to mention even half of it.
What's next?

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 12, 2013 10:37PM



Rising Life MediaIncreasing Solar Activity And Disturbances In Earth's Magnetic Field Affect Our
Behavior And Increase Our Health · shutterstock_100688473. Fishing for ... - 324k - Cached - Similar pages

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 12, 2013 10:59PM


The ascended perspective, also known in channeled work as 'imzaia', has already proven for itself a long, long time ago that linearity is a complex notion that is only 'real' because it is held together by the workings of our minds and brains. Before reality gets served to you in this little petri dish called 'day-to-day life', it is quite a chaotic spectacular mix of more of YOU than you could ever imagine post-processed. Imagine how things are TODAY, in April 2012!



The Flow is the Thing – by Quan Yin
Sunday, April 15, 2012 19:48
% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

(Before It's News)

Dear Ascension Pioneers,

Welcome to yet another transformative and expansive day of soul evolution on Earth. We have been receiving a lot of feedback on my most recent video "Natural increase in psychic ability & telepathy due to Pleiades DNA reconnection" that was posted on YouTube on Imzaia's official channel:

This is the description that was released together with the video on 14 April 2012:

Quan Yin ( shares an update with ascension pioneers for 14 April 2012, which would normally only be shared on the premier subscriber section of However, because of the global effects described within this video we felt to share it globally in this fashion.

Many of our beloved friends at the Pleiades have reported that a geometric alignment has started happening as a result of the tachyonic storm that affected our part of the galaxy for some weeks a while back.

The geometric alignment between our solar system and the Pleiades is making it so that, within our human DNA structure, Pleiadean codes (as one of the human birth races) will be triggered and activated NATURALLY, for all human, animal, plant, mineral and energy beings on Earth. In short, that means that everything, EVERYTHING is about to blend with you in your mind stronger than before.

Isn't it a funny thought to consider, that true first contact with our current civilisation, is actually happening from WITHIN?

Yes, that might be the plant singing next to you, or the tree talking… Or how about that cat, what is she saying? Kidding aside: be prepared for a strong psychic increase in all of humanity in the next couple of weeks. It will come on unnoticed, but once it is strong enough, the concept of "there will be no more secrets" seems to be getting another practical notch in the right direction!

More news will be shared as it comes in. For now it seems that the earliest sensations of this "psychic, geometrical cloud" should be reaching the most receptive ones among us in Europe's late afternoon, early night. It will touch everywhere at once, even unnoticed in many cases.

Enjoy your heart, head and belly opening up as never before — and when it happens, say 'hi' to our Pleiadean sisters & brothers that are putting a lot of effort in to make sure what is a natural assistance is made more empowering even, because of simple heartfelt focus of Oneness.

Only a few so far have posted their own experiences publicly, but privately, in our YT inbox, we have the pleasure of reading many stories of exactly such increases as the video discusses taking place! In our next public Tele-Conference, I will be sure to collect some of the best experiences of human expansion to share with you.

Of course, cosmically speaking, happenings such as have been reported recently by ascended perspective, i.e. 'mind particles' decaying, tachyonic storms causing a geometric alignment between our solar system and the Pleiades and the like, are not ALL that is going on right now. In fact, you do not need ascended senses to know that much is going on. Take our sun, for instance. Mainstream science has reported the enormous solar flare released by our sun April 9 and touching Earth fully on April 11, just four days ago. Noticed anything happening inside of you and others around you since?

The point is: we are in a metaphorical cosmic pressure cooker, although one of our own design; a voluntary experience that we chose to step into and that is destined to propel all of consciousness into an unforeseen evolutionary pattern that is born into humanity's make-up itself. Face it, folks: we are here to evolve everything with us. As humanity shifts, so does everything else. A more restrictive and 'cult'ural paradigm would have you believe things are quite the opposite, but they are not.

Yes, I am indirectly telling you that the solar flares we are experiencing, the earthquakes, tachyonic storms and more is there because WE are placing it there for ourselves… and it is waking up a hell of a lot of people right now.

Do you know why you are emoting so much, why you are mood swinging, why one moment you are depressed and the next you feel ready to fly, why you feel the need to sigh deeply even though you feel perfectly happy, why sometimes your heart space can feel like an abandoned stage yet at other times it's like Woodstock in there, or why -no matter how hard you try- you cannot sleep when you are supposed to and you fall asleep at the most inopportune moments?

EVERYTHING that you have come to Earth to 'hold' within you, is being released. You, the container of everything you came down with, is open for business… and it's all flowing through you, baby! YES, that's right: all of that cosmic activity waking people up is coming in THROUGH YOU and many millions of others like you that are waking up every day. You are the catalyst. "You are the one you have been waiting for" is quite the practical statement, it turns out!

All of that to say that what is happening right now is not an exact science, not quite. In truth, the fact that your body is in any state of cohesion and that, no matter the sense of shifting, everything 'seems' to be business as usual around you, is a miracle, some would say. I would say it's some good cosmic planning and engineering (not to mention teamwork that stretches across star systems and millennia!) but that is just my opinion of course.

The flow's the thing. Lao Tze, yesterday, asked me to release a short little statement in the form of a picture, with the words: "Only love flows. Everything else penetrates its way into you." This is why these days the internet is rampant with messages of surviving these times by getting into your heart. We literally are being turned inside out, into another dimension of ourselves, and the access gate, mainly, is the heart kakra. It's the key to 5D.

Where we are all going, flow is key. It's also one of the true messages of the heart, rhythm being another one. In this journey to our new Home within ourselves, we learn to approach everything we have ever known differently than, well, everything we have ever known in this lifetime. We are learning to flow with time, space, form, death, exchange and separation: once called the 'grand illusions' while, in truth, it has been humanity's stubbornness that is the real illusion that made a prison or matrix out of these concepts. If our matrix existence here is indeed defined by the square of 'mind, body, spirit and ish' than think how differently we can be when it comes to the illusions that we are learning to deal with cosmically rather than linearly. Linearity, after all, is not a constant – not cosmically, and definitely not inter(n)dimensionally. Not where we're going!

The linear cover-up is failing, it's falling apart, and all you need to do to cope is breathe through it… and watch/read a lot of sci-fi to help you break the mold (that last suggestion is a joke; your imagination will do!).

You can help yourself through this evolution easier by willingly breaking up your linear segmentation. That's what thoughts are for, after all: in their true, pristine (tonal) condition they are not as the mental vultures that you have recently come to know them as. Instead, they are like magical carpets that can take you anywhere, if they are processed through the entire holographic brain (a topic for another day). So, imagine yourself more fluid and less solid in every single way, and you will see what a true magical ride you are on. One day you will say you would not have missed this for the world.

* * *
Given some of the things I have pointed out in this letter, I would like to invite you to take time often in the coming weeks and to use your imagination to flow into a more fluid state, as described above.

A good way to do so is to join Imzaia's regular Tele-Conferences and Merkava Trainings, by becoming a Premier Subscriber at only $4 a month!

What we create together during those trainings is a light-ship, a ship-of-thought, a geometry connecting our individual light-bodies (mer-ka-ba's) in one whole. In short, a merkava is a dimension that we create, which is stable, permanent and can be accessed through your inner dimensions at any moment until such time you would decide to move away from it. While the creation of it cannot immediately be seen by most humans in the physical universe, I can assure you that the structure of it exists and is real once we will have created it.

I hope you will all have a great time with your imagination today. In closing, I like to share some more of our recent short video releases with you all:



For more, check out these websites:

[] - our main website

[] - our official online shop

[] - FB Fan Page (like us!)

[] - official FB Group (join free!)

[] - youtube channel

[] - Official Imzaia Report

[] - Official Imzaia Body Report

[] - Official Imzaia Earth Report

[] - Official Imzaia Science Report

[] - Official Imzaia Spirit Report

Want to join one of Imzaia's Tele-Conferences? You can! Simply buy a ticket in our official shop, or become a Premier Subscriber at (premier subscriptions are $4 a month at the time of writing).

Be Gentle with Each Other, we are One Heart together.ove, kindness & well-being,
Quan Yin

Corboy note: I went to the URL.

This message is given in English and a variety of languages.


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Re: Imzaia Movement
Date: January 04, 2015 02:16AM

A public letter to my mother, Bonnie Lock (aka Amber Adams)

Dear Mom,

Christmas is almost here and all I can think is “I can’t believe we’re celebrating another Christmas without Mom.” I think the last time I actually saw you was Christmas 2011. I’ve thought a lot about you over the last year, mostly as I rocked & sang to my daughter. I sometimes hear your voice singing those same songs to me (she loves “Ants Go Marching” just like I did). I look at her & think how much you would love her, how much you’re missing. She’s a lot like me, your youngest daughter, your baby. I cannot believe that I got pregnant, went through 9 months of pregnancy, gave birth & have had a child of my own for over a year now & you weren’t there for any of it. That’s when I knew you were really gone, when I found out that you knew I was pregnant & didn’t even attempt to reach out to me. You have no idea (or maybe you do because you too had your children without your mother around) how much this experience has made me miss you, ache for my own mother now more than ever before. But you chose a different life, you chose Rising Life (as you now call yourselves) over your family. You recently wrote a blog including your “story of stepping onto the personal ascension path”. Well, this is my chance to tell my story of what it was like for me when you stepped onto that path. Since we have limited ways of communicating with you this was the only way I could think of to make sure you couldn’t ignore me, to make this letter to you public & post it everywhere I can think of, to tell my side of this very painful & private (& somewhat embarrassing) story. I cannot speak for anyone else. I don’t know the loved ones of the other people on your team so I make no assumptions about the group or anyone else who is a part of it…this is about you and your family.

In 2011 it seemed to us that you started to really drift away (according to your blog, that’s the year you physically connected with “quan yin”). I was planning a wedding & wondering if my own mother was going to make it. I was so scared for you & our family that I started doing some research, trying to find other people out there who may have family members involved in the same group that you were involved in. I reached out on a new age cult website , anonymously, because I didn’t know where else to turn & that’s just how afraid I was for you & our family. And as it turned out, there were people out there who had bad experiences with the same group. Well, I guess I didn’t count on this group patrolling the internet for anything with their name in it because I was found out (I guess I wasn’t being as anonymous as I thought). This was the beginning of the end for me. This is when I was asked with a threat, albeit vague, of legal action to remove my posts. I guess something along the lines of “quan yin would hate for you to get dragged into any legal action” isn’t exactly a direct threat but a threat nonetheless. A day or so later a new message was posted on that anonymous forum from “quan yin” publicly providing my name & state of residence. When I received that same message in my personal email inbox (therefore confirming that he had somehow gotten a hold of my private email address) and you also supported him on the entire issue I knew that was it. How could I continue a relationship with someone who, as my mother, was supposed to do all she could to protect me but instead blindly followed someone who threatened her daughter & publicly provided her private information for the world to see? I could no longer allow you to be in my life as long as you continued to be a part of that group because it was too painful & too dangerous. I wrote you the last email that I ever sent to you begging you to please seek professional help & telling you that as long as you were affiliated with that group I would consider any more communications from you or them harassment. I never truly thought that you would abide. You didn’t totally at first but I stayed strong & never replied to any of your attempts to sweep the whole thing under the rug. Well the ultimatum backfired because I never really thought that it would actually be goodbye forever. I mean how could I possibly believe that my own mother would actually willingly walk away from me? And then cut ties with the rest of her family, including her grandchildren? It didn’t seem like it was really happening.

And now here I am, almost 3 years later with a child of my own wondering what happened, where did my mommy go? I had an exceptional childhood. We had wonderful parents who took good care of us. I had a mother who sang to me every night, did arts & crafts with us, urged me to follow whatever whim I was feeling (piano, violin, soccer, dance, my attempts to save the planet, collect donations for Give A Christmas, etc), who was very involved with my Girl Scouts troop helping sell cookies, going on camping trips, etc. I look back on my childhood so very fondly & all I can do is thank you because you & dad gave that to me. And because of that I know the kind of mother that I want to be for my child. I want to give my child the same wonderful childhood that I had. However, at the same time, it’s because of you that I know what kind of mother I don’t want to be. I will never abandon my child, I will never let her feel like she isn’t good enough for me or that she isn’t important enough for me to be in her life. I will never intentionally leave her when she needs me the most, I will always be there for her no matter what.

You’re repeating the cycle you realize. It may have happened later in life for us but you abandoned us just like your mother abandoned you. And as I imagine it was for you, it’s so hard because my mother’s not dead. I know how that must sound but it’s true. But at least you knew where your mother was. Before I found the website, we didn’t even know if you were alive or dead or if we’d ever know if you’d fallen ill or passed away. But, now we know you’re out there somewhere, choosing a life without us & flaunting it all over the internet. Not only were we never really given a chance to grieve & move on but we are reminded constantly of your choice via the internet. I’ve never asked them but I’m sure that must be hard for your older granddaughters. The ones who are on the internet now & who may someday (if they haven’t already) find you out there living your wonderful life full of “love” & “light” & “happiness” without them. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them to have such a wonderful loving & devoted Mom Mom in their lives & having her disappear but knowing she’s still alive. I know they ask why you won't come back and no matter what we say & the oldest cries for you a lot and wishes you hadn't left her. Thank god for your sister & your ex-boyfriend who have stepped up to the plate & filled the void that you left for them (and for us quite frankly).

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to accomplish by writing this to you. Mostly I just need closure & in my own way this is how to get it, no matter what comes out of this. Stef & I both often have dreams where we are so angrily screaming & yelling at you & you are still as calm as can be, trying to explain ascension & your lifestyle, why it’s so important & how someday it will all be peace & love. We both say how incredibly frustrated we are in our dreams because we’re expressing our anger with you so loudly & violently & you have absolutely no reaction to it. I’m sure that indicates how we feel you don’t seem to care about the pain & hurt that you’ve caused us. But, I think too it’s our subconscious telling us that the anger will never get us anywhere, that there’s absolutely no point in being so angry because it won’t change anything & will only get us more frustrated & upset in the end. So, my New Year’s resolution is to work on my anger towards you, to move past the pain & forgive you, and this is my first step in doing that.

I guess part of me hopes for a response, part of me hopes you don’t. Part of me just wants a chance to publicly share my story since you so publicly offer your journey (none of which seems to indicate how incredibly difficult it was to leave your family behind I might add, not sure if that’s because it wasn’t hard for you or because you don’t want people to know the reality of what it might mean to “ascend”). I’ve been so terrified to share anything publicly because of possible retaliation from your group. The last time I tried to speak out & find some support for what I was going through I was shut down by the group. But, if you know me at all you know that I have to share in order to move on. I know I’d never be able to really heal or relieve some guilt of not trying hard enough unless I had one last ditch effort to communicate with you & plead for you to come home to us.

So I beg of you…please, please, please, come home. We all miss you. I want you to know my daughter, to be a part of our lives. I know you think what you’re doing is “the grandest service to others you could ever undertake” but you’ve been on the verge of ascension for years now & every year it’s the same story…”this is a pivotal year for planetary ascension etc etc etc” & every place that you decide to be is “a pivotal place for the work you’re doing etc etc etc”. Don’t you see that it’s the same thing over & over again year after year? Nothing ever changes except for some secret invisible thing that apparently only enlightened people can see. The only thing that is really truly changing is time. Time is continuing to pass you by & you’re aging & your children & grandchildren are aging & you’re going to realize one day that it’s too late & you missed all of it. Just because your children are grown, it doesn't mean we don't need our mother. Children always need their mother, especially daughters & your grandchildren need their Mom Mom. I know you think that somehow one day when this ascension happens none of that will matter & all will be love & light & peace on earth but when is that supposed to happen? And what happens if you ascend but your loved ones never do, we just go through our lives in pain & suffering never having the closure you have gotten for yourself? I understand, it must seem impossible to come home now but the longer you stay away from us the harder it will be to come back. It’s only been a few years now. As hard as it might be for everyone we would figure it out together…it’s not too late for you, for us to be a family again, for you to know my daughter & reconnect with your children, grandchildren & the rest of your family. I’m begging you to please find that tiny part of you that was a mother first, that loved her children (and grandchildren) more than anything & listen to her. There’s some part of you deep down inside that knows that I might be right. I know this is all in vain but I have to try. I know you think you’re doing something that you always thought you were meant to do, something bigger than yourself. But being a mother & a grandmother is bigger than yourself. Sacrificing what you think is for the better of the planet because your family needs you is something that’s bigger than yourself. That itself is actually “the grandest service to others you could ever undertake”. I’m your daughter, you know me, there’s not an evil, malicious bone in my body…I just love & miss you so very much & I just want my mommy back. We love you, we miss you, it hurts…please come home.



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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: sunny99 ()
Date: February 28, 2015 03:42AM

This is one of the most heartfelt and moving posts I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I hope you mother sees this. Whatever she decides to do, she will always know that you love her, and you will know that you have done everything you can. Wishing you peace one way or the other.

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Re: Imzaia Movement
Posted by: Zonk ()
Date: March 13, 2016 01:29AM

Did a little digging on this group. They change names/websites frequently.

Their newest sites:


YouTube channel

The Imzaia site was from when they were based in England.
The Risinglifemedia site was from when they were in Amsterdam.
It appears that they are now based in Algarve, Portugal.

Hope the above helps anyone trying to track down a loved one.

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