Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: just-googling ()
Date: September 17, 2016 06:37AM

VoxVeritasVita Das said:

And as you watch this film and close your eyes, why, it SOUNDS like Butler talking with the sing-song pidgeon English.

Good observation, Vox! The tone of the voice is very similar. The intonation during the lecture is just like Chris Butler's intonation. Especially when Speedo is making fun of the heavy breathing that people do whilst copulating ~ definitely very Butleresque ... complete with the starry-eyed audience laughing along with the joke ...

Maybe the Speedo's infatuation with ballet could be compared with Chris Butler's infatuation with politics?

And, speaking of politics, this quote from Frank Zappa certainly makes one think out of the box:

"Politics is the entertainment division of the industrial-military complex"

Mr. Zappa made this statement decades ago, probably around the same time he produced the "Slime from the Video" song?

Tulsi certainly went along with industrial-military complex paradigm by volunteering to go to Iraq (twice) .... possibly on Butler's orders to gain political Brownie points?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: October 16, 2016 02:50PM

It looks like some news on the Sri Shim Sai Hansen case


Apologies if this was posted already

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: October 17, 2016 02:37AM

It is progress, Rama, small steps, but steps none the less.
Did all of you catch this part:”Family members say they’re frustrated the state has not yet taken action against the boat’s operator, Sai Hansen, so they’re filing a lawsuit."

Why all the delays?

Article states this is all still under investigation.....really?

In the meantime let us support the Shim Family in their fight for justice.
A NO vote for Tulsi Gabbard is a YES vote for justice (and honesty).

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: October 17, 2016 07:42AM

Sounds like Mike Gabbard made that little mess go away for Sai Hansen, At least from the state of Hawaii. Now all Sai has to do is face the civil suit, bankrupt out and the Science Of Identity cult is in the clear for the death of Sri Shim.

Wow, that little disaster sure took some money out of Chris Butler's cult stashes of drug smuggling proceeds, courtesy of his loyal foot fetish enthusiasts and international drug traffickers Patrick Bowler and Gregory Timewell. Thanks lads, your decades of loyal drug trafficking have helped bail your God and his knucklehead donkeys out of a sticky situation.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: October 17, 2016 11:29AM

There is also the little fact of the soon to be added, additional 10 co- defendents.
This is not only about Sai.
Its also about who is behind Sai.

And we all know who that is.

There are now 2 court actions taking place.
That means two sets of attorneys.
Two different court cases.

That adds up to a great deal of money.
The official court pages do show this.

Sai has a new attorney (firm) for his civil lawsuit.

Talk about a money pit.

And, let’s not forget, King Butler also has to pay off..err, I mean re-elect
his favorite politician.

More money
More money
More money


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The Science Of Identity Cult Is Responsible For Sri Shim's Death
Date: October 22, 2016 08:52PM

Vox, I actually only just caught what you said about the additional unnamed "Doe" defendants on the Shim family vs Sai Hansen plus 10 other individuals only named "Doe" so far.

This is brilliant, Sai Hansen was absolutely operating that boat 100% out of devotional service to his spiritual master Chris Butler "Siddhaswarupananda".

The Science Of Identity Foundation is an international cult with decades of ties to convicted international drug traffickers, countless businesses and fronts owned and operated by the cult members, profits are all directed to this cult, and thousands of brainwashed idiots around the world all donate as much as they can to Chris Butler and The Science Of Identity Foundation.

I have people from the U.K. telling me that the cult is in big operations all through the U.K. and that there is still enormous numbers of Polish cult recruits.

The U.K. connection told me that they felt very sorry for the Polish cult members who they felt were being taken advantage of, and preyed upon most having very poor English this person said, thus they were manipulated easily presumably because they had to conduct themselves in English, putting them at a disadvantage.

The U.K. connection also said that these Polish cult recruits were transporting lots of cash across international borders.

All the cult cash, it's big big money these guys roll in, and they are certainly making untold fortunes off of the income donations of 20% or more that the cult members are required to give to Chris Butler every month.

This stuff is all off the books or laundered through the multitudes of Chris Butler cult businesses around the globe.

Maybe you rent a villa from George Ormond and Patrick Bowler's but never actually stay there. Boom, you just donated your monthly percentage to Chris Butler! Maybe they'll send you some fresh toenails for all your hard earned cash.

Maybe you'd do the same at the cult front business [] the place my mum owns on paper, yet my grandparents told me she is cleaning rooms at the Mt. Cook hotel to make money! So my mother owns this bed and breakfast on paper, but I heard the cult member Jivi Gabriel is in charge of running my mother's own business while she is forced by Chris Butler to hold some degrading manual labor job.

Sound familiar, ex cult members? Do you think that Chris Butler is perpetually fucking with my mum out of frustration over me?

You better believe it, nothing changed since Siddhaswarupananda Chris Butler wheeled my mother out calling her a piece of shit in front of everyone for burning his toast or folding his gay ass turtleneck the wrong way back in 1987.

Back to my point, this is a massive international cult operation that is all about money. it is only right that the damages to the family of Sri Shim be directly paid from the wealth of the cult, Sai Hansen would never have been in Hawaii in an expensive privately owned speed boat were it not for the sole purpose of serving/working for Chris Butler.

If Sri Shim's attorneys are reading this, it is my understanding that Sai Hansen would likely be under an employment contract that is also a Non Disclosure Agreement drawn up by the Science Of Identity lawyers.

I have spoken to multiple kids born into the cult of my generation who were required to sign these contracts if they were allowed to be in Kailua in Chris Butler's vicinity and working for him.

These people have stated that the contract that Sai Hansen would likely have been on indefinitely and during the Sri Shim death would be a non disclosure agreement that they cannot mention any aspect of any project they are working on for the cult/Chris Butler. These contracts are said to be including a monthly salary, but it is a pittance of about $500 per month.

So go looking for those contracts and NDA's, that would surely establish that Sai Hansen was directly in the employment of this wealthy cult.

Funny that Siddha Bellord is trying to sue me and Henry, who knows, maybe Siddha Bellord might just turn up as one of those John Does in this case.

Remember, it sure sounds like two men talking on that 911 call and I have multiple ex cult members who knew Siddha Bellord swear one of the voices is Siddha Bellord's voice.

Is that good, Henry?

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Re: The Science Of Identity Cult Is Responsible For Sri Shim's Death
Date: October 22, 2016 09:06PM


That is 3 different male voices heard in the first 12 seconds.

Trey Albrecht says "I'm gonna bleed out" his voice is distinct with the Hawaiian American accent. He got a little bit of the Hawaiian pigeon inflection. Then you hear two voices that are different in tone than each other, and different in tone and accent than Trey's voice.

Also Trey's voice is clearly in distress, the other two are not, and the other two are non American accents.

So who is that mysterious man, and will he be the key to Sri Shim getting the Justice he deserves and the appropriate damages be paid to his family.

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Re: The Science Of Identity Cult Is Responsible For Sri Shim's Death
Date: October 22, 2016 09:29PM

Henry Jolicouer now spends his days telling me that I must apologize to Siddha Bellord and that I should not fight the cult anymore.

Henry took down every video he made exposing the Chris Butler cult, including his interview with me that I put a lot of work into.

Henry just took it down without any regard for the reasons I wanted it to stay up and I think that is so weak.
Henry decides it is time for me to leave all this behind and talks down on me because I have no money the cult can take, always saying "well what are they gonna get from you? They know you are a lost cause"

I was prepared for this from day one when I stepped in the ring. I knew they may well try to sue me and it's why I called my blog ramaransonvsthecult, kinda just telling them to bring it.
Henry should've known what he was getting into, but now he has just withered into the most pathetic specimen I've ever seen.

Good job, Chris Butler, you guys did a number on Henry.

But here is the point now, Henry has no connection to this cult. He wasn't a member, he doesn't have family still inside and he's running around trying his best to stop me upsetting the cult.

Henry, you are free to get the hell out of the fight and get on with your life, but leave me the hell alone with your crying bullshit, guilt tripping me to stop is insane, I can't believe you are the same guy who was getting annoyed when I called Butler's cult a "group" not a cult, the same guy who made all those videos is now telling me to stop saying Chris Butler was a drug trafficker!

Henry messaged me that today after reading my week old post here. Unbelievable.

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Re: The Science Of Identity Cult Is Responsible For Sri Shim's Death
Date: October 22, 2016 09:39PM

The bottom line on Siddha Bellord trying to sue me and Henry is that it's a complete joke.

Henry lives in Canada and I live in California.

There is no trial or anything, it's just a complaint stamped by a court clerk.

The court is the first district court of Oahu or Hawaii, this court has absolutely no jurisdiction over either Henry or myself. It's a joke, it's a legal fart in the wind and it is essentially legal phishing and Henry chomped it hook, line and sinker.

It just looks official, but no judge has looked at it, that court has not attempted to get in touch with me in any way. That court handles domestic abuse cases in Hawaii all day, they will laugh that out of their courtroom in a second.

Henry just gave it all away for free. Absolutely defeated by a stupid cult trick. Oh well, it didn't work on me.

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Re: The Science Of Identity Cult Is Responsible For Sri Shim's Death
Date: October 23, 2016 01:43PM

The “Sue me Sue you Blues.

In another ironic twist, lest one think that
The Science Of Identity Cult-
is only a litigious Cult,
comes yet another court case, this one aimed at none other than Tulsi Gabbard.
Just in time for her re-elction gambit, with many people now aware of her connections to Guru Butler and the Cult, Tulsi is being sued in court.
A libel suit, no less.
Honest, we cannot make this up, dear readers.
Tulsi Gabbard, the State of Hawaii and 1 to 50 Jane and John Doe's, stand accused of- wait for it- LIBEL.
Oh and a little thing known as - TREASON.

Enjoy the laugh, except, this is a real case, and it has been filed with the First Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii, Civil action # 16-1-1740-09.

Here’s Angie-

"In a response to the Democratic Party’s complaint filed by Kaaihue, she [Angela Kaaihue] took issue with both parties, Gabbard and the state of Hawaii.

Kaaihue claims in her counter-complaint that she has been subject to slander, defamation, fraud, malice and discrimination because she is a Christian.

Of Gabbard specifically, Kaaihue’s counter-lawsuit alleges that the congresswoman is not an American and that it is unconstitutional and “a burden on Christians” that she serves in elected office.

Kaaihue claims she has received death threats and has become “the mockery of ill-jokes, and redundancy. Her campaign has been dragged into the mud…”
End quote.

Source: []

Here is the text of Angela Kaaihue’s counter-complaint:


PS: Angie wants Ten Million Dollars


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