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More Pedophile antics from Science Of Identity Foundation cult victim Nanda Ormond
Date: November 18, 2016 10:35PM

Wow,Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, the science of identity foundation cult, Jan Ormond and George Ormond fucked up Nanda Ormond so badly raising Nanda according to the direction of Chris Butler that Nanda Ormond is obviously a man with pedophile tendencies as Nanda Ormond's latest comic strip for Surfing World Australia is sexualizing a 12 year old girl depicting her in a thong and showing off her ass.

Looking at this artwork of Nanda Ormond in the context of his being raised within the Chris Butler cult by one of the worst and most hardcore families within that cult, it is very telling indeed.

Check my post here for the links:

Look for Nanda's 12 year old in a thong at this link:

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Re: More Pedophile antics from Science Of Identity Foundation cult victim Nanda Ormond
Date: November 18, 2016 10:40PM

Nanda, you are a filthy bastard.


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Child Pornography from Nanda Ormond and the Science Of Identity Foundation's cultic influence.
Date: November 19, 2016 01:29AM

Yes, Nanda Ormond, the Chris Butler cult victim born and raised within the Science Of Identity Foundation Cult is a Pedophile who has created child pornography by Australian law. I believe this was also printed in Surfing World magazine making them child pornographers, if they did run this Nanda Ormond piece.

Chris Butler creates Pedophiles and Child Pornography

Main article: Child pornography laws in Australia
All sexualised depictions of children under the age of 18 (or who appear to be under that age[citation needed]) are illegal in Australia, and there is a "zero-tolerance" policy in place.[8]

In December 2008, a man from Sydney was convicted of possessing child pornography after sexually explicit pictures of children characters from The Simpsons were found on his computer. The NSW Supreme Court upheld a Local Court decision that the animated Simpsons characters "depicted", and thus "could be considered", real people.[9] Controversy arose over the perceived ban on small-breasted women in pornography after a South Australian court established that if a consenting adult in pornography were "reasonably" deemed to look under the age of consent, then they could be considered depictions of child pornography.[citation needed] Criteria described stated "small breasts" as one of few examples, leading to the outrage. Again, the classification law is not federal or nationwide and only applies to South Australia.


Soooooo were you guys still trying to meet me in a court room? Like I said, bring it to San Francisco and let the games begin.

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Re: Child Pornography from Nanda Ormond and the Science Of Identity Foundation's cultic influence.
Date: November 19, 2016 05:36AM

I edited my last one a lot, better now. Check back.

"Nanda Ormond is a dirty bastard thanks to cult leader Chris Butler screwing Nanda's head up with pornographic descriptions of homosexual and heterosexual sex played on lecture tapes since he was a baby. Constant bombardment onto the children with this cult leader ranting in graphic detail about sex and forbidding sex outside of marriage and procreation is very traumatic and quite repressive and dissociative. Nanda Ormond is a victim of this upbringing and just look at his artwork.

Naughty naughty Nandies.


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Re: Child Pornography from Nanda Ormond and the Science Of Identity Foundation's cultic influence.
Date: November 19, 2016 07:28AM

Kinda starting to worry myself there! ha ha safe version. Damn Nanda, that's some sketchy art, bro.

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Re: Child Pornography from Nanda Ormond and the Science Of Identity Foundation's cultic influence.
Date: November 19, 2016 08:58PM

Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda made Nanda Ormond a pedophile. Nanda Ormond is a follower and cannot come up with his original ideas for his art, so Nanda gets his inspiration from Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda's current talking points and cult programming.

In LA all the writers for the TV shows, used to go out to the stand up comedy shows at night and rip off the jokes the stand ups were telling and getting show ideas. That is cheap hacky shit and Nanda Ormond is a cult hack artist. His work sucks because it echos Chris Butler's cult programming and is not original. Nanda had a whole art show with a surf character wandering the wastelands with a little crow sidekick, the shit was 100% rip off of Ninjai the weak ass cult cartoon.

I think that Nanda made this art to impress Chris Butler and the other cult members. I think every single one of them saw it and gave Nanda praise for it, including the toenail flavored Pez dispenser we know as Chris Butler.
I'm not sure, but I think that was published in Surfing World Australia located in New South Wales making Nanda Ormond and that surf mag child pornographers.

Well, just know this if little Nanda Ormond is the tragic victim of your shitty cult... every last one of you watched Nanda draw this, applauded him and were excited for him to publish it. You all think you guys are not in a cult and I have the problem, but you are all so arrogant and brainwashed not a single one of you saw the fact you had turned Nanda Ormond into a preteen obsessed pedophile who eagerly created child porn right in front of you all.

If Nanda Ormond fucks up his career and has to drive a cab for the next 10 years we'd be starting to get close to even. This cult killed my Dad Allan Ranson, this cult destroyed my family and left me for dead.

If Nanda Ormond has to go to prison, maybe that is what it would take for his family of loving cult members to realize they did this to Nanda's head, Chris Butler did this to Nanda's head and all your heads are so deluded you let Nanda Ormond ruin everything he had producing and publishing Child Pornography.

Courtesy of The Scirnce Of Identity Foundation and cult leader Chris Butler brainwashing the shit out of all of us.

At least I know that I win in the end.

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Cabinet Position? Donald Trump meets with Rep Tulsi Gabbard
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 21, 2016 11:22PM

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Re: Cabinet Position? Donald Trump meets with Rep Tulsi Gabbard
Date: December 08, 2016 12:33AM

Hello everyone, I hope all is well, the cult is still fucking with my life, so I still fight.

Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda creates Pedophiles. Kids raised under the teachings of Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa are completely fucked up in the head and are running around completely unconscious of their own sickness, like pedophile surf artist Nanda Ormond.

The cult members in NZ had a few of my facebook posts removed so I wrote another to replace them.

I am copying it here for the record:

I guess the Ormond/Webb/Ranson cult members are very busy getting my posts removed from facebook. This does not change the unfortunate fact that my childhood friend Nanda Ormond has a real problem with sexual attraction to under aged girls. I am pointing this out for the public safety as Nanda Ormond seems unconscious of his own problem and there are vast amounts of children being raised within this closed "religious group", many are around Nanda Ormond.

Based on multiple points of evidence I put in my articles found on Nanda's own website and within Nanda's artwork. I will dub these the Nanda Ormond Pedo Files:

Part 1: []

Part 2:

Part 3:

If this post gets reported to facebook, this is a matter of seriousness. It may not be comfortable to the people I am exposing, but these people are all abusive cult members who are all raising innocent children within the same belief system of worshipping and obeying their spiritual leader Chris Butler "Siddhaswarupananda" that has lead to Nanda Ormond being a man in his mid thirties who depicts 12 year old girls wearing g-strings and gets this shit published in New South Wales, Australia, where they have a zero tolerance policy against sexual depictions of underaged girls. Nanda Ormond also admits in his own writing to being sexually attracted to girls younger than 15 while him and his disgusting friend made sexual advances towards these girls. This is all written in Nanda Ormond's own words, so be sure that I am basing everything I am saying on documented evidenced, all linked in the above articles.

Hari Balls.


Big hugs and kisses from your homie Rama!

Oh yeah, love Tulsi running up to Trump tower! what a flip flopping politically promiscuous bimbo!

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Juliavalon ()
Date: December 09, 2016 01:58AM

I also had some interaction with him when his name was sidaswarup - i chanted with them in Hawaii, i also checked out the iskon group. i also sat in darshan with both swami Bhaktivendanta the leader of iskon and siddha who at the time didn't have a name for his group. some one in this thread -one of his followers said there was no group to join - this is misleading - i was never invited to join anything but it was heavily suggested i get initiated - and there are rules to fallow so that seems like a group to me. I loved the chanting it was so hypnotic and you felt some how ritious doing it. Both swamis seemed to be truly sincere and i believe they believed they were serving humanity and trying to liberate them from the suffering of the "material world" Sidda was as i understand initiated by Bhaktivendanta so the message should and seemed to be the same although i never heard either talk about gays Bhaktivendanta seemed partial to celibacy at least for the men. I have since met many ex devotees very disillusioned. and after bahaktivedant passed the bunch of gurus who took over were definitely not to the same standard and although they claimed they were appointed by the guru himself - it latter was confessed by some that they were not. I guess its hard to not be a cult if you set yourself up as better than your followers make them fallow rules or get out. etc. but then i also don't buy the sanitised version of hinduism they preach here - if you spend some time in India [ i have] you will find all the same problems in those religions as all the rest. Krishna by the way had 108 girlfriends who were married to other men. so as a woman worshiping him didn't feel right to me in the end even though i loved the food :-) the incense - the saris - the singing etc etc and who would want their name to be said - shouted - sung all day by a bunch a groupies ?? a megalomaniac? so if iskon or sif are cults or not just look at what they are asking you to worship - that might be a big clue.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: AC4711 ()
Date: December 16, 2016 09:22PM

dear cult leaders and followers.
you are all crazy. can't believe you will keep doing this to the children (rama and more) who were raised in your cult. shame on you.
have you no faith in god? your guru is not leading you to god. but in to a materialistic life of law and judges. can't believe it... but oh well.
soon enough the charade will be uncovered, we need more truth.
I feel sorry for everyone associated with this cult.
may god have mercy on you. ease up on the kids.. but I guess Mr. butler wants them to pay for his Glory. That is messed up chris.. .have you lost your mind?
you have.

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