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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: December 21, 2020 05:52AM

Well, well, well, well...

Not only is James on the warpath on Shiningworld, but Sundari has taken to it as well.


The person she writes about is absolutely not what she’s saying. I’m gob-smacked that she/they would stoop to this level of smear-campaign. It’s so unbecoming and incongruous with what I thought they stood for (although I have had very little to do with Sundari, so have little to go on as to whether I would ever have grown to respect her.)

What blows me away is the fake bullshit. I know who they’re referring to and this is pure rubbish. She is below all level of sick, if this is her idea of spiritual teaching.

How the mighty have fallen...some would say. But in reality, it was all smoke and mirrors anyway.

Truly astounding.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: December 21, 2020 08:31AM

I briefly glanced on this before, but i'm so glad that you've highlighted it...

Whether or not a letter from 'Grant' actually exists, or ever existed, would be a matter of debate itself, either way it is a common tactic for the Swartz' to use an e-satsang that has got nothing to do with another person, to settle scores. Or even open the salvo's toward them, sending a not-so coded overt/covert message. So while the letter is between 'Grant' & Isabella, it certainly has got nothing to do with the person who is identified as the former teacher in her reply to Grant.


A 'self-realised' person, who is a teacher, is spoken of at times to 'Grant'. There are similarities in what has been done to that former teacher, and to other former teachers there, and also myself.

I know i'll sound like a weirdo here, but I watch patterns online (well they won't let me watch trains anymore!), and I also know who this is. Someone that i've loved from the start also, and still do. All I can do is show that what's been done to this person, has been done before. Let me explain...

I got a handwritten letter from James some years ago, in which he told me that I was enlightened. That's fine. Fast-forward to when I decided to not let them control my own personal life, or permit them to portray me as some crazed Vedantin with enlightenment sickness (doesn't Isabella also mention 'enlightenment sickness' in this e-satsang??), and I was told by James to go back to Karma Yoga. Which is impossible.

James & I had some email discussion on & around 24/07/2018. This was a little time after their failed intervention into myself and someone else having a romantic relationship, which we did for over a year. The knives were out, particularly by Isabella, and what started was this portrayal of me being spiritually sick which lead to me being ostracised by the Shiningworld community. Here are verbatim excerpts between James & I that are crucial to see competence of what's being taught:


James Swartz email
Moksha is's the fifth stage of enlightenment. You didnt study in a systematic manner.

I seperated self-realization & moksha as that is what you have done in your two core books.

This is one of the major problems that Shiningworld have. It's a common problem when the traditional teachings of Vedanta are changed, or 'expounded upon'.

James Swartz makes a distinction between self-realisation and what he calls self-actualisation. At one point it is said that self-realization is enlightenment. At another point it can be saw that 'self-actualization' is clearly tied into the description of an enlightened person in the Bhagavad Gita, as he even writes it in 'The Essence of Enlightenment' page 242.

Which is it? They will say both. One is knowing what you are, the other is assimilating it to such a degree that it shows in life. The problem is, that you already know what you are in the final stage of sadhana, nididhyasana. Which can be said to be pre-enlightenement. If I can phrase it like this for clarity of point. So they've made a 'stage' in enlightenment that is actually what sadhana is BEFORE that. That shifting of the goalposts is a massive problem.

If that isn't enough of a problem, it is pretty obvious that there is more 'use' placed on self-actualization, than their self-realization. This means that their version of enlightenment (self-realization), has been relegated to their 5th stage, and not the final stage, which is what traditional Vedanta teaches.


James Swartz email
Stage 5 people definitely have vestiges of the previous stages. This is why they do nididhyasana...

Isabella wrote and published an e-satsang to me once, called 'Nididhyasana never ends for jiva'. In it she tells my pseudonym that 'eternal vigilance' is the price for freedom. This never sat right with me, so I got it checked out with Swami. The actual position is that if the teachings have been correct, and enough of nididhyasana has been done, then it does end.

Even so, the most glaring issue with the above quote that I was taught by James is this:

If his stage 5 is moksha, enlightenment, then there is absolutely no way on earth that the enlightened person goes back in sadhana. It's not only not permitted, the person is not able to.

The enlightened person cannot go back and do more nididhyasana. We can see this was told to me two years ago. And, if you read through dis-illusioned link, you will see that the SWartz' advised that former teacher to do nididhyasana. The response that Isabella is saying the former teacher made is exactly the kind of response that the enlightened person would make.

Nididhyasana is the final stage of sadhana. And 'Sadhana' is Sanskrit for 'means to an end', I mentioned before. The 'end' is moksha. So, if someone is enlightened, they have reached the goal and no longer need to do sadhana. Though, they can carry on sadhana yes, for learning. But NOT nididhyasana, as that is only one thing - that I AM Brahman. Once nididhyasana is complete it is moksha. Not both at the same time.


James Swartz email
...Karma Yoga is a constant persistent effort... You need the temperament of a sannyass, which you will get if you practice karma yoga. If you were a karma yogi you would be happy to get bad news.

Like the former teacher they've ejected, I too was told to go back in sadhana. And this is after James SWartz telling me in a handwritten letter two years before, that I Was enlightened. The enlightened person cannot, ever, ever, ever, go back and do karma yoga. It is impossible. This is because they will have set aside the entire karma kanda, subject of karma. We are taught this from the head of our teaching tradition, Adi Shankaracharya.


James Swartz email
We call your reasoning the 'advaita shuffle'...

As I was told this over two years ago, it's almost two years exactly that the latest teacher they've ejected was told the exact same thing, per Isabella's reply.


The last thing i'd like to put out here is that a person is allowed to have their own political beliefs in Vedanta. We don't spiritual idealise such things. Who on earth has the right to claim that any current western political system is dharmic, and another not so? It's ridiculous. We can disagree, but to try to spiritual idealise one over another, is tricky ground indeed.

The former teacher has a human right, in a democracy to think whatever they want. Besides, just because some people say something is 'conspiracy' hardly makes everything/anything claimed, not true. And, to tarnish someone who has selflessly served the Swartz' as having a stain on themselves as a teacher, or even enlightened person, simply because they exercise their freedom to believe what they want, and stand up for themselves, well, it's a foolish assertion to make. The person in question is that highly qualified they would have attained that which was sought, by even going to the shop for a newspaper.

Yes, so the fact that this former teacher never went through a systematic Vedanta teaching process, is a strange thing to make a thing of also. As if that matters actually. The same could be said about me, in fact, it has been by the Swartz. Yet i'm allowed to teach in my lineage.

I know that things can be fluid in Shiningworld, but it is a shame that it came to this with that person.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: December 23, 2020 01:55AM

I just want to make sure I got this right...

That former teacher gave the SWartz his own opinion about what is essentially personal views. I gave the Swartz' my opinion about my own personal views.

That former teacher was told that they didnt study Vedanta systematically. I was told I didnt study Vedanta systematically.

That former teacher was in favour until they stood up for themselves. I was in favour until I stood up for myself.

That former teacher was regarded as being enlightened, until they had a personal opinion about something non vedanta, then they were to go back into sadhana for enlightenment. I was told I was enlightened, until I had an opinion about my oown life, then I was told to go back to do sadhana for enlightenment.

That former teacher was told they were doing the advaita shuffle by explaining Vedanta. I was told I was doing the advaita shuffle by explaining Vedanta.



But let me get this right, as this is box-set material...

That former teacher was obviously viewed as being competent enough to teach Vedanta. UNTIL they decided to not only air, but to stand up for their democratically given right in regard to something that is nothing to do with Vedanta.

Apparently the fact that the former teacher has a different political opinion/interest than the Swartz, somehow means that they're no longer competent to teach Vedanta???

Lmao!!! What's that? It's the music to the twilight zone...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 25, 2020 12:27PM

One Paragraph from
Sri Ramana Maharshi
is enough to show James Swartz
for the pitiful fake that he is.

Often the question comes, "How do I get to the essence of Advaita Vedanta, especially without a 'real' guru?"

The answer I often give is:

'To go to the true Source, to the quintessential essence, to the sages that Ramana Maharshi himself held in the highest regard, go to the Mandukya Upanishad, the commentary about it by Gaudapada (the Gaudapada Karika), and then to Shankara's commentary on these. They are all together in one brilliant document, the translation by (possibly the best translator of Sanskrit into English of all time) Swami Nikhilananda, which is available for free download as a PDF online."

This answer is only one paragraph, but it's one I wish I'd been given decades ago.

One 20th century Sage, at least, can stand with Gaudapada and Shankara. That is Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana had the highest respect for these predecessors. In Shankara's case, he called him an incarnation of Shiva and stayed up all night translating some of his writings into his native Tamil.

Ramana Maharshi was not one to criticize, but it is hard not to imagine at least a raised eyebrow and an internal shake of the head had he ever heard the "teachings" of James Swartz.

For instance:
(Note--the 'I-I' in this passage refers to the Self, All That Is, The Absolute, however it be termed.)

Sri Ramana Maharshi (from "Thus Spake Ramana")

Questioning ‘Who am I’ within one’s mind, when one reaches the Heart, the individual ‘I’ sinks crestfallen, and at once Reality manifests itself spontaneously as ‘I-I’. Though it reveals itself thus, it is not the ego ‘I’, but the Perfect Being the Absolute Self

According to James Swartz, there is no "Heart" in Vedanta. He tells people that the 'heart' should be translated 'mind.'
Ramana Maharshi spoke of the "Heart" so many times that Ramanasram has a booklet with his collected sayings about it available.

Plus, Ramana Maharshi wishes to leave the mind behind, to leave the individual I (the egoic self) to "sink crestfallen."

James Swartz, in comparison, decries "experience," feelings, and the 'Heart,' and calls simply for a mental understanding of the concepts of Advaita, which he claims will bring a person to his perverted version of "Realization."

With Swartz, what he has gained from his mental version of "Realization" is the freedom and ability to distort Advaita into a rationale for doing anything he wants, however criminal, immoral, or unethical it is. He lives by the credo,

James Swartz (as he has lived, taught, and written)

"There is no individual self, so it doesn't matter if I rape her, rip off him, lie to them, tear down other teachers, betray my ex-students, or anything else-- my understanding of Vedanta has given me that freedom, and that understanding is all the Realization I need."

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 29, 2020 05:55AM

A Compliment,
An Insult,
Or Something Else?

I almost disconnected a call with a good friend this weekend. She said something so horrible sounding, at the outset, that my first impulse was to say, "F--- you!" and to hang up. Somehow, I held back.

She said, "Ya' know, you're the best student James Swartz ever had!"

As I already said, somehow I didn't swear and hang up. Instead, I said, "What do you mean?"

"You have gotten to know him more truly, more fully, and more accurately than his students ever get to."

I think I harrumphed.

She went on, "You have been able to look at his teachings, read what he has written, listen to him on YouTube, peruse his website, and-- perhaps most importantly-- you have been the direct recipient of many e-mail messages in which he bared his evilness, his dark soul. You never accepted him as a teacher or an authority. You have had the opportunity to get to know who you call 'The rapist, fake teacher, criminal Squirts' better than anyone--and you availed yourself of the opportunity."

"So that makes me his 'best student'?"

She said, "More correctly, it makes you the premiere student of James Swartz. That is, you've studied the real him, all of his actions, criminal and otherwise, and his words, more fully than anyone else ever has..."

"Lucky me."

"No, I know that sometimes just the thought of him makes you want to vomit. But what you've been able to share with people, with and for Heather, has been wonderful."

"You mean nightmarish."

"You know what I mean. It's been great that you've been able to share the truth about this monstrous person, helping Heather and warning people at the same time."

I looked at my pretty friend through the screen. (Zoom has become a trusted buddy for many during these times, yes?) It was nice to see her and to hear her. Her dimply face and bright eyes highlighted her intonations, inflections, and expressions. Her sincerity and brightness of spirit showed strong even on the computer screen.

I said, "James Swartz has lived a life of lies and foulness, and I think he feels it. It's eating away at his guts, deep inside in the little spaces that still have some human feelings and hints of a conscience. If he weren't still trying to share his poisonous self with others... If he were out of public view, just rotting away while mumbling about how things had turned out, I would feel very sorry for him. Almost."

She shook her head.

I added. "Except, you're wrong. Sad to say, there is one person who will always know the darkness of Swartz better than I do..."

In her eyes I could see she knew what I was going to say.


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: December 31, 2020 05:51PM


I’ve been very vocal on this forum & this topic for some time and have intimated more than once that at some point if I was challenged I would begin to provide digital evidence of what I was asserting. I feel that it will be a fitting end to the year, and start to the coming one to begin to do this now.

It’s understandable that the idea of attacking me would somehow seem to negate both anything I’ve said, and somehow reflect on Traveller99 & Heather. The first point is that I neither represent them, nor they me. The second point is that I would like to caution anyone who is saying things about me to be prepared to be outed publicly by contextual screenshots. ‘Context’ being a key word here. I maintain all along I never did what was claimed I had, and I can prove that.

I am at the stage now, where I would be willing to publicly show screenshots to support that the source of what was said about me was not true. Indeed, there was an initial piece wrote about me ( I was sent a copy in secret), gave to James Swartz without permission from the author, which Swartz jumped on without due diligence.

The piece that forms the thrust of what has been said about me on Shiningworld and by trolls, is substantially invalidated by my contextual screenshots. In doing so I would also publicly show details of person’s involved. It is proper to counter my name being associated with lies, to their names been associated with attempts to character assassinate a person. Simply because I was unable to pay a loan when they wanted. Context is everything and it’s been genuinely amusing to see assertions being made about me with context absent. It’s like a... helloooooo, why did I report the whole thing to the police so quickly? And why has no action being taking by either the Police or Facebook in regard to me?

I wanted to place this open invitation to the trolls that will no doubt be reading this. Though this article isn’t to be about the person’s who began their vindictive failed campaign against me, nor is it about the groupie trolls that represent the Jimmy Saville of the spiritual world. This piece will be about JS himself. Do you notice what I just did? ;).

This will be a comprehensive read, and what follows are personal email conversations between myself and James & Isabella Swartz. I give my word that what I write is verbatim. For ease of reading I shall separate some of this into sections, and what is wrote will be in a liner timeline fashion, however I will interject with some comments that may be in regard to current events. Please excuse grammar in the emails, I have simply copy/pasted as is.


Shiningworld Cult Controls Personal Relationships

On Friday, 13th July, 2018 at 8.58pm I received an email from James Swartz, some of this is enclosed:

James Swartz
: (Name withheld) forwarded me the email about flirting, I agree... I don’t think it’s appropriate at all. It gives the wrong impression. We are serious people. Not looking for social contact. We form relationships in Vedanta but it’s incidental. If you want to meet spiritual people, I suggest you find another site... If you keep it up, I’ll ask (name withheld) to revoke your privileges. No money, no women. If you want a girlfriend, don’t use the FB group to get one. I don’t think you understand the sanctity of the tradition.

: As I tried to explain to (name withheld) the lady & I were already in close personal contact. We both agreed we did not want a relationship. However, it is like we cannot help it. The situation is that now we are in a full blown relationship and we have become very close.

The comment was one sentence in jest. It was a joke, and wasn't a chat up line as we were already forming that anyhow. I am being misrepresented here. And am happy to get explaining what has really been going on, that is cool. I have not, and do not approach people in Shiningworld in a personal capacity. Or indeed any other person online. This is being took back to front.

The lady and I are very serious, and we are to spend time together within weeks. And we are in fact planning our lives together. You and Sundari just knew from the start (about yourselves wanting to be together – Edit: 31/12/2020). There is no reason why me and the other lady in question should not. It is entirely possible we could spend our lives together. That isn’t wrong.

You think I have been using the Fb group to get a girlfriend. I respect you completely. But that is in accurate. It just happens that the lady in question and I met through Vedanta. But we have personal lives , and we were using our personal lives to create a relationship.


Sat 14th July 2018:

James Swartz

It is probably best that you drop out of ShiningWorld and start out on your own and build up your teaching step by step, one mind at a time, not only by precept but by example. Let your students see how you live so they can model their lives on yours.
Enlightenment sickness is a natural part of the spiritual path but you need to know the symptoms and treat it effectively or you are in for a lot of unpleasantness.


Regarding love. Yes I have had problems with samsaric relationships. However, as I pointed out, the lady and I were coming together in private on Facebook. And Facebook is also a platform for private lives.It just so happened we made a flirtatious joke each in the group. That was wrong yes, but I was not picking anyone up. Or approaching others. I challenge anyone saying otherwise to provide some evidence.

I dont know what you think has been happening, but we are actually talking about one sentence, seven words, over two weeks ago. Never happened before, never happened since. There was no need to stop, for as soon as the comment was made it was stopped of its own accord. Notwithstanding at least six members appreciated a bit of levity in the group. They outwardly showed it. not that that excuses my one error of judgment.

The truth is, both myself and the lady are head over heels with one another. If you and Sundari can have it right away, why can we not feel the same also? We are in the process of planning to even live together, a little off yes, but it is that serious. We feel we are in love. And you asked me to stop the behaviour. Which I took to asking me to stop the relationship I am in. I was put in an impossible position. I had to say no to you . Knowing I would be told to leave Shiningworld.

James, it is an actual human right, under the human rights act, to be able to have a relationship. Shiningworld satsangs are rife with this being okay. I am new to vedanta yes. But I can't appreciate how you can come from Swami Chinmaya and have relationships if you choose, and eventually marry Sundari, yet I am not allowed that same freedom of choice. What is the issue if one is in love with someone?

This is fact in a way mirrors you and Sundari...

You rightly tell me that I still dont know what Vedanta is about. Yet I am fired for falling in love with a lady, and us making a flirtatious joke in the group. One joke. Is this not extreme Ramiji?

If i have acted improper it has been from a position of not knowing the rules. The relationship you have with Sundari has created confusion. As I would naturally like to follow the example of my teachers. Notwithstanding, this one comment weeks ago, was improper. I learned my lesson, And it has never been done before nor would again in group or SW stuff. In fact, both myself and my girlfriend spoke at length and agreed to keep our relationship private. I felt, and do feel, that two people in love, could do this, and remain in Shiningworld.

James Swartz
: I accept that you did your flirting, courting or whatever it is off the site. In fact, I wish you well. I hope that you can both love each other in a pure way.

Anyway, I’m glad you wrote back and defended yourself. Most people are too afraid of me to stand up and say what they think... So as far as I am concerned you can post on the site and continue as before.


My Thoughts

As can be saw, there is without doubt clear double standards and hypocrisy. The leader of a spiritual group is permitted to form a relationship with one of his own students. Yet I was initially being prevented from being in a relationship with a fellow student, under threats of being expelled from staff and told to leave Shiningworld. It is only when I stood up for myself that it a clear that I was being treated wrongly.

James Swartz also spoke about me during the three month Carbondale Gita course. He referred to me twice. One was that it is not understood how I can be in the tradition of Vedanta, and have had the karma that I have had. The other comment was in reference to the above event, and in that regard he said on video that I challenged him, and pulled it off.

The daggers where out for me however and the main person was Isabella Swartz. Anyone who is brave enough to challenge the Swartz’ will sooner or later be took down, as happened with me, and the most recent teacher.

Can I refer everyone who reads this to the satsangs that were published about me recently? In one of them James Swartz tells lies to a former student of mine turned kindergarten troll. The satsangs claim that the Swartz’ turned their back on me because I was using Vedanta to get sex with women. Dis-Illusioned, another former student of Shiningworld, and myself both verify that what James Swartz has published recently about this is simply lies. You have just read the emails regarding the one person who I had any kind of anything with in Shininworld. A loving relationship, and not the sordid lies that Swartz told his students about me a couple of months ago. This revealing of what really was going with me and a lady, proves that that James Swartz lied about my conduct in regard to sex and Vedanta back then. We were together a for over a year. I was never with anyone else, not even a wink at anyone else.

You’ll see however, a very important term that James Swartz introduces about me: ‘Enlightenment Sickness’. Please remember this. The next email is between James and I, and in it, I am challenging a massive 23 page e-satsang that Isabella Swartz had wrote about me, to character assassinate me. Merely days later.

The background is that James wanted a Facebook group, Isabella did not. The assertions made about me in regard to my relationship then, was enough to use me as a scapegoat. I will now show the inaccurate, and simply daft teachings they have. And, show the sinister nature of what they will do to mess with your life.

Additionally although I can’t reveal the verbatim conversations that I have had, James Swartz has a history of trying to control people in relationships. He tried to do this to one of my former students also. A former Shiningworld member. James threatened to expel this person from Shiningworld unless they stop their relationship. Which was a perfectly legal relationship, by the way. Even more alarming, the student was publicly humiliated for months in classes, in front of one another, and other students. The student sat there and took it, because they thought a teacher would do that. I went at great lengths to show them this isn’t allowed in traditional vedanta

It’s really interesting James Swartz said to me; no money, no women. While being married to one of his own students. In regard to the ‘no money’ comment, that’s rich coming from him. Since I began teaching Vedanta I have only accepted money on two occasions, by one person, for teaching Vedanta. And, this is with me teaching courses, and also teaching one to one, in which i regularly would stay up at night to video call students for free.

Indeed, one of the trolls banned on here is a former student of mine, who was here spouting about money. I never received any money for teaching from him, even though I would stay up at 1am to give him satsang, as he was in the land of the rising sun (yes, I know who you are ;) ). I have gave this dedication to students from USA, Canada, India, Indonesia, Australia & Japan for two years now. And to date, I still do not take one penny from them even though I live in poverty (which I prefer to be honest, lol). While the trolls come on here and represent James Swartz who is sitting in his cosy Spanish love nest, on the backs of Shiningworld members. Swartz’ who won’t take one skype call without prior donation, being defended by my former student in regard to attacking me over money, when I actually gave him free video calls for 18 months. Yes, this is the twilight zone...

Yes, I want to publicly share two years of my bank statements if James & Isabella Swartz share two years of theirs. They won’t do this, and I want them to know that I know why also. Let’s see what’s really going on with this money thing in both myself and them.


Swartz’ Lie to Shiningworld Members About Other Members

This email was sent on: 17th July, 2018, a mere three days after I ‘won’ the right to be in love and remain a Shiningworld staff member:

Hello James,

Can I mention something please? It is concerns I have regarding the latest email exchanged between Sundari and I. Sundari had said she intends to post our exchange online, complete emails and names intact.

What I personally am concerned about is discrepancies and inaccuracies in what Sundari was portraying I, and my life is like. I feel that it may appear that I am some kind of complete train wreck. Whilst it is common knowledge I have had challenges, and prarabdha Karma for sure, my life is most certainly fair better than it was..

(Edit: 31/12/2020) I included Isabella’s comments in this reply to James)

: I will be honest with you, I was always concerned about you being appointed a moderator on our social media because of your jiva karma and conditioning.

Me to James
: As far as I can recall, Sundari had always been positive to me about me joining the social media part.

: It went to your head and you became a pain in the ass to (name withheld), enlightenment sickness took hold.

Me to James
: (Name Withheld) has told me that he never did say or feel I became a pain in the ass to him. I approached him about this, out of respect, as he never intimated this to me at any other time. Sundari even recently told me we work well together as a team.

About enlightenment sickness. That can happen to anyone, and it has. But I feel the way the sentence is wrote implies that somehow enlightenment sickness is a mark against me. The first part says it went to my head. Second I was a pain in the ass... See, what I am saying? :) .

I have emails from Sundari, where she says in response to me... that I should not worry. My self-honesty is my protection. And dont be hard on myself. And I am doing just fine.

wrote: Your life karma seemed to crash and burn just as it has before, losing your job, relationship, car, police after you, looming prison sentence, etc. You say all that has changed now, but sorry - I don;t mean to put you down at all, but I have heard that before, many times.

Me to James
: Is it not true that there are all kinds of reasons why Karma plays out as it does? And is not necessarily a sign of ones life now?

The part about losing my job and car. My car broke down, I could not afford to get it fixed. So I lost my job as a delivery driver.

The police were not after me. That sounds as if i was on the run or something.
(there was never a looming prison sentence either, she lied about that – Edit: 31/12/2020)

: As for comparing your situation with (my then girlfreind) with me and Ramji, you are way off the mark.

Me to James"
: What I did was compare the freedom to choose. That is all. Never did I imply, non-dual relationship. I did imply that like you two fell in love, so have we. and that is completely reasonable to suggest.


My Thoughts

I’m going to leave the email disclosure at this, for the moment. Though there is much more to reveal. The reason why I want to stop here in this article is because we can see there’s been a move form the failure to make me look bad for being in a relationship, to invalidating me in regard to having ‘enlightenment sickness’.

I’m not entirely sure of the traditional view on this term, ‘enlightenment sickness’, as we be very precise in actual Vedanta. However, generally this term means that the person thinks they are enlightened, when they are not. Generally a person who says they’re enlightened is not actually. It’s a subtle point. Perhaps you will recall in my exchange with RV, he tried to get me to claim if I was jnani, an enlightened person. To which I told him to stop being silly. Kindergarten tactics.

You will also see that this has recently been done in regard to attacking the latest teacher to be expelled from Shiningworld. Enlightenment Sickness was mentioned in Isabella’s e-satsang in which she mentioned him.

We can see from the date above that this was being said to me in July 2018. I was admin of their Facebook group. After their failed first attempt to discredit me, they then began to tell people that I had enlightenment sickness, and I was acting improper in ways in the Facebook group. The truth is, that I was trying to cultivate a community atmosphere there, which is what sangha is. However, I was being accused by them of trying to take it for my own. Something that RV also accused me of on here.

When the Swartz’ say something Shiningworld members automatically believe it without thinking. I cast no blame, for I was the same. I lost a lot of friends when it became obvious that I was out of favour with the Swartz’. I also lost credibility in their version of whatever Vedanta is, because I Was labelled as having enlightenment sickness, wrongly thinking that I'm enlightened. This is what they were telling my friends.

The only people I had in my life was Shiningworld, I had no-one else. And while this is being told to you with no emotion at all, my heart is still racing as I type because it’s time I used their own words as evidence against them to show they publicly told lies about me.

I lost so many friends because of what they said about me, and to this day, I am a pariah among many. The brainwashing is so extreme that the members disregard that the head ashram in India has gave me permission to teach in their name. As saw by the ludicrous behaviour of RV on here. They will not ever see me as a teacher, simply because of that attack on my credibility by the Swartz’.

It’’s important to stress without a doubt that I don’t care about this at all. I don’t need validation. My lineage has given me permission, to date from three Swami now (including Swami that RV said are not relevant to me. I’ve written permission from both of those Swami to teach. The correct teachings mean I don’t care about money, or power though. It is important however, to lay everything out in their Machiavellian abuse of students in order to allow the public to be better informed.

The problem that the Swartz’ have, is that in saying to their students in Shiningworld in July 2018 that I am wrongly thinking I am enlightened, they failed to let their students know why I felt this...

In the summer of 2015, I received a handwritten letter from James Swartz. In it he tells me:

James Swartz"
“It’s safe to say that you're at the stage of moksha (enlightenment).”

In February of 2016 I make reference to this in a handwritten letter to both of the Swartz’.

This was included in a major e-satsang that Sundari created on September 17th 2016, and she named it: ‘No Prison For The Self’. Shiningworld has since removed both it, and any other e-satsang they ever wrote praising me. However, I learned from the way they publicly abused Daniel Band (another former teacher), and I downloaded copies of everything they ever wrote about me. As well as many other things.

Why are the letters to me important? The letters’ show that the Swartz’ regarded me as enlightened three years prior to when they character assassinated me as having enlightenment sickness. You do not wrongly think you are enlightened if your Guru has already stated numerous times that you are enlightened, lmao. The enlightened person cannot have enlightenment sickness. And simply because they no longer liked me is no validation, nor a moral reason to publicly try to humiliate me, and to manipulate the only friends I had into turning their backs on me.

This proves that they also lied about me when they said I had enlightenment sickness. I was gaslight publicly, and ostracised from the Shiningworld community.

This is what they will do to you, if you do not accept their controls on your private life. We’ve seen it again recently, in that a former Vedanta teacher isn’t allowed to have his own political views. This topic is in the correct place, in the correct forum. Thank you for giving the abused students of Shiningworld a voice. Be brave, and come forward...

If anyone wants, please contact me for un-redacted exact copies of what I have shared here.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: January 02, 2021 11:21AM

Ongoing Successful Challenges to Defamation

Just a small post. I wasn't going to mention this, as it is actually dated a few weeks ago...

I have been accusing Google of being complicit in defamation against me, by showing the defamatory articles that Shiningworld have wrote about me. After explaining the situation in a dispute with Google they have upheld my complaint and have begin removing listings in their searches that are in relation to Shiningworld and the lies.

More action is on-going but I just thought that I'd give this update for everyone. I can provide screenshots of the email notification and public notification and to be precise it states my complaint against Google is one of defamation, in that Shiningworld are lieing about me and Google was helping to promote that in their listings. And, that the listings have been removed from Google.

It is my hope & expectation that more will follow.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: January 03, 2021 09:57PM

Shiningworld Use Spiritual Titles To Control

By now you might begin to see that the Swartz’ feel that it is valid in their version of what they teach to gaslight, publicly humiliate and ostracise any member that dares to refuse to bend to their will in regard to personal beliefs. While my last article addressed the initial attempts to gaslight me two years ago, this article will invalidate recent publications about me, and further show that they have no problem lying about someone to their members for many years.

November 1st 2020:

Isabella Swartz
: “We have a situation with a former inquirer, Wayne Robert Harrison, who having used Shiningworld to learn Vedanta and set himself up as a teacher on Facebook, is abusing his ‘students’”

It is a matter of fact that almost all of what I was taught in Shiningworld I had to disregard. This is because it has not been taught properly. Not only have I had to do this, the Shiningworld members that came with me have also had to. In fact, I have created a specific 'de-programming' Vedanta package that is specifically tailored toward ex-Shiningworld members. It has been running for some time, and has had much success. I'm not joking here. There is a reason why that happened to me, and a reason why i'm in Vedanta still, and a reason why i'm on here. I learn a lot from members here, and from youtube things that Rick shares. And his book, well, what can I say, it's a complete actionable manual.

I’m also mentioning other Shiningworld members that have come to me as James Swartz has previously shown in emails he is upset about this. Perhaps this is one motivation.

I also did not set myself up as a teacher on Facebook. I was asked by a Swami in India to teach Vedanta. And also eventually to teach his classes online for him. It is a matter of fact that I have in correspondence.

As explained to the point of exhaustion, I have not been abusing any students. I have yet to know what students are being spoke of. I’ve not been accused by any student of abuse. An ex-student came on here to troll me, and said I was, before he was banned here, on Facebook & Youtube. I don’t know what student he is speaking about, and to date he hasn't even told me in private who this is. The truth is that there is no student, or former student that has complained that I have abused them. The reason why I am bringing this up again in the context of this article, is that Isabella Swartz opens up her own article with gaslighting right away, in the first two sentences.

November 1st 2020:

Isabella Swartz on Shiningworld

“And for those who don’t know better, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Wayne had the worst case of enlightenment sickness we had seen, minus the enlightenment.”

Summer 2015:
James Swartz to me

“It’s safe to say that you’re at the stage of moksha (enlightenment).”

17th August 2018, In the last ever joint email they sent me:

Me to them
: When you and Sundari were writing to me in prison, you yourself said it’s probably safe to say I was at the stage of moksha. and Sundari would satsang me in similar ways. Then it seemed I went from that to self-realization lately. Now I am being told that I didn’t study Vedanta in a systematic manner.

James/Isabella Swartz

Yes, we did say that you had realized your true identity as the Self...

...Moksa is self-realization, Wayne...

My Thoughts

So, Isabella publishes an e-satsang about me two months ago, saying I had this sickness, minus the enlightenment. Yet, they’ve already stated multiple times previously that I had attained enlightenment. They've been caught out lying & gaslighting again.

And before the Swartz ‘Vedanta-Police’ come onto the forum to troll asking why should I care about whether i’’m regarded as enlightened or not– I’m a teacher in traditional vedanta, and am hardly caring about that. This is about them telling lies and abusing students. That’s the only point, keep things in context.


Wrongly Accused In My Conduct In Shiningworld Facebook Group

On February 15th, 2018 I created and Founded Shiningworld’s Facebook group, under the permission of James Swartz. I placed all initial content in it, and got it ‘member-ready’ within 24-hours. The following verbatim comments are email conversations that I was given by James & Isabella Swartz that were made to me when I had left both the Facebook group and Shiningworld. These are portions of the last joint email that I received from them.

17th August 2018:
James Swartz
: I don’t always agree with Sundari’s use of words but I’m starting to think that the word ‘narcissist’ is pretty accurate. Mind you, this is not the kiss of death. I get the unpleasant task of taking narcissists to task two or three times a year.

Isabella Swartz
: You were a great help to (name withheld) on Facebook until you weren’t and became a hindrance. Nothing is lost or gained for Vedanta or SW by the fact that you took over our Facebook under the disguise of an enlightened ego. I told you once before, when Daniel was on the rampage venting his anger at Ram and me publicly about being kicked off SW, that nothing can damage the truth. (Name withheld) tells us you used your connection to me and Ramji on Facebook to get the attention and validation you so crave. C’est las vie! Too bad, for you. You got enlightenment sickness without the enlightenment.

Isabella Swartz
: you then saw a way to use your ‘honesty’ to you advantage; it made you look so dispassionate and free of people’s opinions about you. What a guy! The ladies particularly loved it...

It's evident they've made a huge thing made about me in regard to my supposed actions in the Shiningworld Facebook group. It’s typical gaslighting, and it is time that the truth is shown digitally...

...At the time of writing I have maintained access to the Shiningworld Facebook group, and what I have done is download colour screenshots in PDF form of every single post that I made in their Facebook group. Right from the first ever post made in their group (mine) on February 15th 2018, to last post that I made on August 6th 2018. It is around August 17th 2018, that the group was 'archived, effectively stopping all activity. So anything I will have done wrong will be there.

Going through the posts that I made, through the words that I was using, and through the content that I was posting, there is absolutely no signs of me trying to be above my station. At no time do I make myself out to be something special, or important. I carry out my duties properly. Absolutely all of my interactions with the members were proper, appropriate and of a ‘professional’ level. I'm giving an open challenge for anyone to find where I have acted wrong in my posts in the Shiningworld group. Be specific please, and prepared to compare actual screenshots.

Perhaps my access to that group will be took away now, but I have the proof that I need to show that they have yet again, told lies. It’s not enough for me to say this, so I am prepared to make my downloaded posts available to anyone. Even though I’m pretty sure that Shiningworld members don’t care about my privacy when my life is took out of context and defamed on that site (many support it), I will still have to try to think about the value of the truth being shown, and others privacy. Even so, if anyone needs independent proof that I’ve been accused wrongly by their public and private gaslighting, please contact me. I can collate this evidence and make it available within hours (its in raw format atm). We're talking about chronological posts and comments made by me, and the other members in regard to me and my posts.

I think that the actual, factual & contextual truth matters.

There is much more that I can release. Perhaps another one that the forum would be interested in is email conversations in which I tell the Swartz’ of the horrible effects that their actions have in regard to me physically & emotionally, and let the world see that they even gaslight me for being traumatised when they abuse me. How’s that for forum relevance...

If I choose to post in this nature again, that will be the next one.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: January 05, 2021 01:54AM

The Abusive Teachings Of James & Isabella Swartz

It is one thing to be personally gaslighted by leaders in a so-called spiritual organisation, but it is quite another for the Swartz’ to talk complete rubbish in regard to Vedanta. Rubbish that is used spitefully to abuse members. In this short article I’m going to reveal even further how they are making up teachings in Vedanta that are being used to control and punish members.

This has been done to me, and others, even recently. A once very loyal member of Shiningworld, my mentor in fact, who became a teacher, was also recently accused of this so-called enlightenment sickness. Which I said was wrong from the very start. I don’t know if that person comes on here, or if anyone knows him to let him know, but what i’m about to reveal is relevent to him, to me, to another former teacher–Daniel Band, and countless others.

When I left Shiningworld and came to actual Vedanta, the differences were amazing. The whole outlook is completely different. So, I was unsure about whether this so called ‘enlightenment sickness’ thing even exists in Vedanta. So what I have done is speak to Swami directly in India, to find out from the horses mouth. I will not give verbatim quotes in this as I don’t want to do that with Swami’s, but I will give very close to, and I will provide screenshot evidence (with Swami’s Identity protected) of what I’m about to say.

Conversation to Swami's in India: 04/01/2021

Me to Swami’s
: I’ve come across a term that is used a lot in modern Vedanta. It is ‘enlightenment sickness’. It is said that this is when someone thinks they’ve attained moksha/enlightenment but haven’t. But this term, its been said that people wrongly think they’re enlightened, when they’re not. Is this a traditional teaching?

Swami’s to me
: No, it is not. This is because of those that want to make quick money so they go around bringing in various ideas that are not Vedanta. Enlightenment sickness, the idea is really sick!

Not only is that a definitive response, it is also a very strong one. Notice the view from traditional Vedanta is that it's about making money of people (i'll get to that). Swami's actually told me that this teaching in itself is sick!

To the best of Swami's knowledge, the teaching on ‘enlightenment sickness’ doesn’t exist in traditional Vedanta. If it did exist i'm pretty sure it would be known about, yeah? And the reason it doesn't exist is quite clear. It is because the teachings will have been given properly, so there will be no question of a person wrongly thinking anything. Now, if you cannot teach properly, then of course perhaps there may be issues with your students. Which is one of the reasons that James Swartz uses this in Shiningworld. To cover impotent teachings.

The question then is, why do they teach this damaging stuff? One only has to look to my example. When I was being a good boy, doing what I was told by them, I was celebrated in Shiningworld. And this was in fact spoken about behind my back by Shiningworld staff ( I got the emails gave to me), that the Swartz’ raised me up on high. The moment that I decide to not let them interfere with my private life, they take ‘titles’ away, and then they publicly humiliate me and ostracise me from the community that I felt was my family.

To enable them to do this they include teachings that in fact will keep you reliant on them, with the carrot and stick approach. All of you on here, you are knowledgeable in the subject matter of this forum. It’s getting pretty obvious what kind of operation the Swartz’ are running. There’s certainly enough evidence that I’m sharing and willing to provide, to show cult-like behaviour. I've been completely gaslighted for years now, and Shiningworld members bought into it, and so many other things without even looking critically at what's been said about me. Shiningworld members, have been duped in regard to Vedanta. Just like I was, so there’s no blame.

People have been kind and cautioned me in regard to James Swartz. The truth is that his power and reach ends at the border of Shiningworld, a modern mishmash of teachings, and a den of abuse. He doesn’t have the power that he claims to have. He;s made everyone scared to try to control them into obedience. Take courage from the fact that there’s been a steady trend of Facebook, Youtube, Google & Vedanta decisions that have been showing the impotence of James Swartz.

I’ve got so, so much more to reveal, including one truly massive thing. But I’d like everyone to digest these last four posts of mine, if that’s okay. And please, don’t forget that I always have evidence of what I post, that I will gladly share in private with concerned individuals.

Julian Assange

If wars can be started with lies, peace can be started with truth.”

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: January 07, 2021 11:37PM

James Swartz and Donald Trump--
Two Peas in a Pod,
Both Burning Down Their Houses
With Delusions and Lies

It is a shame to have a President of the USA who mirrors so much of James Swartz. Both are liars, shameless, and narcissistic. Both claim to be loved by multitudes-- "Look at the 70 million votes I got," says Trump, and (in a recent SW post) "I get 200 likes for every 'anti' message now" from James Swartz.

Trump leaves out the majority who voted for Biden. Swartz attempts to discount this whole site, with its over 47,500 Views, 550 Posts, and ever-growing. Swartz tries to forget the many who have read, "Guru? The Story of Heather," which is all about him. Swartz tries to ignore the many who have left him, or not come to him at all, since Heather revealed her experiences with him.

Swartz even tries to set himself up as God, again. He twists Krishna's words into claiming that revealing the facts about him makes those who do so his worshipers.

At least Swartz does call it a "perverted form of bhakti." As regards Swartz, so much is "perverted" that this could indeed be the only form of bhakti that exists in his world. And talk about distorting and twisting, to imply that Krishna's words below portend that to think of Swartz is to make him god, "whether you know it or not", is absolutely repulsive.

Does any person distort Vedanta more completely and efficiently than James Swartz? It is hard to imagine that anyone surpasses him in this area. Yes, as goes corrupt, false, criminal Teachers, James Swartz is a small-time crook compared to some, but none are bigger or worse in their distortion of a wonderful spiritual teaching or in attempted self-aggrandizement of their own egoic "self."

Below is the part of the SW bit to which I refer above.

James Swartz -- Showing his self-proclaimed grandeur on his SW site
And, although they don’t realize it, criticizing a teacher like me is actually a perverted form of bhakti. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t even think of me. In the Gita Krishna says, “In whatever way you worship me, I respond by making your faith strong.” It means that all one’s thoughts are thoughts of God, whether you know it or not.

One more point about this-- Swartz writes, "If they didn't care, they wouldn't think about me." 'Care' is the wrong word. I care for Heather. I have been very concerned about the evilness of Swartz and his ill-effects upon many since I first heard of his rapes and evilness.


A note to EQ

It is hard to have a teacher who turns out to have feet of clay. It's worse to have one that has a spine of excrement and a mind of filth.

You had the latter. So, at one point, did I. In my case, I've never joined a "group" or pledged to follow any "teacher" or "leader" since. There are some teachers I respect highly whose words are spiritually golden, but these are also ones who never require money or to be obeyed. (That's one way I know that he or she is "for real.")

EQ, you are publicly sharing your withdrawal from your Fake Teacher. This is an unusual step. Most persons do as I did, and go into a sort of seclusion for awhile to "lick our wounds" for a while after having been messed up by a false teacher (of whom Swartz is virtually an archtype).

You, by going so public, have helped to show Swartz for the slimy, manipulative, back-stabbing (spiritual equivalent of Donald Trump) that he is.

Please know, though, that at least for me, you have proved your point. You, in this dialogue with your ex-Teacher, have "won."


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