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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: January 08, 2021 03:38AM

It’s quite ironic to see that James is in the habit of posting a fake “satsang” (a fake email exchange with someone singing James praises, is hardly a satsang)every time someone writes about him on here.

He’s clearly glued to the unfolding stories here.

And to then twist the posts here, into a subverted version of praise of him, James the man, into “praise of god” - couldn’t be more Trump-esque if it was written for the stage.

Oh the irony....

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: January 09, 2021 08:23PM

It’s now Sundari’s turn to write fake letters to try to create some version of themselves, that aims to paint some warped version of the truth. twisted can it get?

My suspicion is that this ex teacher knows enough about their under-handed dealings, that Sundari is aiming to do “damage control” in anticipation of the forthcoming scandal that could take place if the truth about them, comes to light.

If my waning perspective on them had even the slightest tinge of doubt, the latest post by Sundari has quashed all possibility of redemption in my eyes.

What a joke the entire business of Shingoworld has become.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: January 10, 2021 06:45AM

The Wife of James Swartz,
Is very Scared of Someone...
(which means James has needed a few diaper changes)

This time it's not EQ, Heather, Me,
or any of the other prior Contributors here.
It's trembling fear about someone "New"
and what He or She Knows.

I hope we all get to hear more Facts about Shining World from
This "New Person,"
Their former "Good Friend" and "Defender"

The paragraphs below from Sundari on the Shining World site indicate that Sundari and hubby Sweet Baby James are shuddering in their boots about what (still another) former Teacher for Shining World might perhaps be revealing about their real selves, false teachings, and criminal doings.

First, talking about this teacher Sundari goes into 'Swartz speak' (no surprise). She says that in fact this person is "only attacking himself," and that this "comes from tamas, ignorance." Sure thing, Sundari. Any facts being shared about James and you must be from ignorance, right? And the person stating these must be delusional, correct?

Then she goes on to talk about how James and she find it beneath them "to respond to such nonsense, especially about money." Here is the key! This person must have inside knowledge about their finances. By all accounts, they have been cheating many and defrauding others for years. How did they really get their new center? Who has ever seen Swartz's finances? (One can bet there are two or three sets of books, that is for sure.) Based on Heather's accounts, and tales of him from his later days, Swartz has always been a money grubber, never with enough and always scrounging and cheating for more (even to the point of having his first wife do live sex shows and teen followers do strip performances to bring him income).

Now, to repeat, based on Sundari's writings, it could be that someone with knowledge of their finances who "was a good friend and one of our greatest supporters and defenders" has 'seen the light' about the fraudulent Swartz and the darkness of Shining World. In other words, this person has seen the truth and knows a whole lot more about chiseling James and his female cohort than they would like. Therefore, it seems that the piece partly pasted here is a type of "preemptive strike.' They're trying to limit the damage his or her revelations could portend before this person goes fully public.

Sundari also writes that this person has become a "dues-paid member" of a "toxic nest," a "victims club."

Heather was likely the worst victim ever of James Swartz, Another victim we know by name is Earthquake, Now, this "former friend and defender" seems obviously to be another victim of the evil of Shining World. Hmmm... I'm unaware of a 'club' or of paying any dues, and the only toxic nest I know of related to this forum has James Swartz and Sundari sitting in the middle of a dark odious slippery place, hording all the eggs.

At the end of her posturing, Sundari says that "there really is no point to this conversation. it is over."

Sundari and James wish it was over. And if they shut up, it would no longer be a dialogue, true. But her wishes won't stop "The New Person," will they? Only he or she can make that decision.

Here's the piece from Sundari in SW I based this post upon:

Sundari, poor (and allegedly deranged) wife of James Swartz, on their website.
Sundari: What this person has to say about us has nothing to do with us, not as the Self or as the imaginary person he is attacking. He is only attacking himself. I know where it comes from, tamas, ignorance. It is not his fault but is really beneath us to respond to such nonsense, especially about money. We have nothing hidden in any way about anything, there is nothing to reveal and he knows it. Everything we do is above reproach. But now that he is a fully paid-up member of the alternate reality conspiracists truth no longer matters to him, clearly. Truth can be anything he makes it out to be or wants to believe. And the lowest tactic to injure people is to make veiled accusations of things you ‘claim’ to know about them but do not reveal. He cannot reveal anything but he has nothing. Anyone can say anything about anyone these days, regardless of veracity. Who cares? Anyone who truly knows us or understands the value of what we do knows who we are. He is the only one who gets hurt with his venom.

It is so strange though, because, at one time, he was a good friend and one of our greatest supporters and defenders. He helped us online with the trolls and haters attacking James and Shiningworld, who have formed their own little toxic nest on the internet. The victims club. Now it seems he is one of them. If someone had told me this would happen with this person a few months ago, I would not have believed them. As I said, in Maya, wonders never cease. Anyway, there really is no point to this conversation. it is over.

A Note to "The New Person"

I only know EQ from this site, and I don't know you at all yet. You both are survivors of "Teaching" in the James Swartz framework who realized how fraudulent the whole Shining World paradigm is. EQ (do you know each other?) has used this venue for revealing much about James, Sundari, and SW. Whether you choose to also, to use another venue, or something or nothing else, please let me wish you well.

You are not the first person who used to defend poor, innocent, victimized-due-to-his grandeur Swartz against the horrible friends of Heather and her "terrible, false accusations" who has, over time, realized, "OMG! Based on how I know Swartz now, she's probably telling the truth!" From there, the path away from SW is inevitable. Perhaps it didn't happen exactly like that for you, but, just to make it clear-- No hard feelings.

Until you know otherwise, it is natural to defend "your teacher." Just as it makes sense to move away once you find out that your teacher is not even close to what he or she claimed, and seemed, to have been.

Whatever occurs, "Best Wishes, New Person."

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: January 16, 2021 03:01AM

James Swartz - Fake Teacher Of Traditional Vedanta

”James Swartz”
We have a situation with a former inquirer, Wayne Robert Harrison, who having used Shiningworld to learn Vedanta and set himself up as a teacher on .

I’d prefer if James Swartz didn’t identify himself in regard to my Vedanta learning, and my role as a teacher. I don’t wish my name to be tarnished by any kind of association in Vedanta with him. It is through the founder of my lineage and the teachers I have had in that lineage, that I have the only association. It’s a matter of the heart, in regard to my lineage.

What is taught by Shiningworld isn’t recognised in traditional Vedanta. It’s not enough to repeat what teachers in our lineages say or to simply post their material. The problem is when other ‘creative’ teachings are included. This is what makes something modern Vedanta. It’s the exact definition. Swartz says that he teaches traditional Vedanta in a non-traditional manner. That’s not possible, because the way you teach is what makes it traditional. He is doing the so called ‘advaita shuffle’ (that he likes to throw at others) in regard to his use of the pramana. The pramana is a means of knowledge, the way knowledge is revealed. Changing this makes it not traditional Vedanta. And teaching in a non-traditional manner is changing the pramana. The pramana is the tradition. This is why he is not recognised.

This is what happens when one person doesn’t teach traditional. I personally have to stick to the tradition, or else I am not teaching within my own lineage. It’s the condition that the ashram has given me. That is the sole condition I was told two months ago, when I got permission from the very top. I was told directly, that as long as I stick to the tradition I can use the lineages name. The meaning is that if I change things, I Can't use their name. James Swartz doesn't use his teachers name, Chinmaya Mission. That's because he's changed things.

James Swartz went out on his own as he doesn’t even teach with Chinmaya Mission. I find it really suspicious that he claims to have been told to teach, yet he doesn’t identify with his lineage. Look, simply placing some photos on a website, etc, is not enough. In our lineage we use the name, and teach strictly with what the founder taught. Exactly. We may express it slightly differently, but we use his words and teach in his manner. That is the way it has been for thousands of years. Funnily enough, RV used the fact that I teach the same as the Swami, against me. I found that hilarious, as we all teach using the words of our founder. You are only allowed to use the lineages name if you’ve been gave permission. And, it’s an honour to be allowed to use the name.

James Swartz can claim that he was given permission to teach, though I’m not entirely sure of the context of that to be honest. As well as my challenge for myself and the Swartz’s to make our finance records publicly available, I’m challenging both myself and James Swartz to make our authorisation to teach available. Let’s show our credentials in this regard also. I know you read this, I will show mine when I see your credentials to teach. Some proof you’ve permission to teach at all. In turn, I’ll provide permission from two living Swami, that are in India, and were close to our founder.

At the time of writing this, I’ve now permission from four Swami in my lineage to teach. I and other Swami are in the process of creating an online teaching academy, in which I shall be teaching alongside them. Naturally we teach under our lineages name and permission. It is going to be something special and very ambitious. (Kinda little plug also, lol). I don’t see James Swartz teaching alongside Chinmaya Mission teachers though. That is very important observation, and there must a reason for it.

I'm not the only person to think this, and I really want the Swartz’ to read this, and read into it. A former teacher of Shiningworld has told me that he contacted both the Chinmayananda Mission and Arsha Vidya (HH Pujya Svami Dayananada Sarasvati’s lineage) and asked both of them would they kindly place the Shiningworld link on their sites. Both of those two lineages refused. Now, why on earth would the website of James Swartz' own teacher (Chinmaya Mission) refuse to knowledge Shiningworld?

The person that uses the lineage name has checks and balances. The person who is their own ‘boss’ can make whatever they want up. wing it, and refine that over the years. So, we come to teachings that are problematic. If all the marketing hype is set aside, I’m not sure that James Swartz was and is qualified to teach traditional Vedanta. I simply cannot see that what he is teaching is that. As I’ve already mentioned, simply repeating some teachings of traditional Vedanta is not teaching traditional Vedanta. It’s an all or nothing thing. And it starts with direct permission from one’s own teacher.


James Swartz Wants Students To Worship him

A few people validate James Swartz' authorization to teach, by their personal results. A highly qualified person is able to attain enlightenment under any teachings really, so that is not an actual good yardstick. In our tradition we’re only interested in the most expedient way for everyone.

Another very telling point is that the people that have come on here trolling, and all those egotistical glorification false e-satsangs saying that James has ‘freed’ them, doesn’t wash. And that is because the teacher never, ever, ever frees someone. If they were taught properly they wouldn’t speak about enlightenment like that. It’s a foolish thing to say. Obviously they've ben taught that, else why do so many say such a thing?

It is never taught that the teacher frees a person in our tradition, as this gives power to the teacher, and a traditional Vedanta teacher doesn’t want power over the student. It’s fine to appreciate the teacher, but we’re taught to keep students at arms length, so to speak. There can be all manners of problems otherwise. And anyhow, as a teacher our primary directive is to empower the student to independence. Independence of the teacher, and even of the teachings. To owe your freedom to a person may make you indebted to that person beyond all measure. And you will begin to excuse their behaviour. This is what has happened in Shiningworld...

Shiningworld members reading this: You know I speak the truth. Are you going to carry on ignoring the teachings of traditional Vedanta that will protect you, in favour of ignoring how many times James Swartz' abuses students? It will be one of you next. Then another. Then another. But you know this. And I know the fear that is in Shiningworld, I also know that once you leave, you are free. Not everyone is like the Swartz', I'd vouch for many that I know that are noble. Now is the time to stand up for the actual, factual & contextual truth. Don't dilute or ignore the meaning of those three powerful words. For honour is there. Castle Swartz is made of glass and is besieged by truth. The cracks are too many now, and it's going to collapse. Perhaps that is what it will take for you to see the truth. Then join us in sharing the truth. I know you read this James & Isabella, and I can imagine what you're like in private. As James says... here's egg on your face...


Legal Update Challenging Shiningworld Defamation

I’m waiting on a defamation challenge on one remaining listing. I’ve been successful in my various legal challenges in both the UK and entire European continent listings, in regard to Google listing James Swartz' lies he published about me.

I had challenged Google to make it a blanket global ban, however the way they work is that they want me to explain country by country what the issue in the listings in that country would be. I can explain to them, but to be honest, I would have to go through all of the countries of the world one by one. And I can’t be bothered. I feel I’ve done enough by taking screens of my police reports against the so-called injured party. And my legal success in regard to defamation in Google, in relation to Shiningworld. I’ll give a little update, on the decision on the remaining UK/European listing I am challenging, once I get it.

And for the sheer joy of letting everyone see successful legal action been taken in relation to a Shiningworld defamatory article against a former member, please read the following link. Note that Google is the respondent to my legal challenge, and that Shiningworld is mentioned as the offending URL.

Lumen Database
The Lumen database collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. These data enable us to study the prevalence of legal threats and let Internet users see the source of content removals.

One of the Shiningworld defamation legal challenges: []

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: January 16, 2021 05:35AM

So, if everyone reading types 'Robert Harrison Vedanta' into google and scrolls to the bottom of the first page you will see a 'legal notice' as well as a European data protection notice. This works for UK and European Google search engines, I am not sure about other countries, though I've had it tested in the USA. Scroll to the bottom of the first page anyhow.

Those two legal notices are in relation to those keywords you just typed. Click the link and you will be shown the reason for the legal removal by google. It is the link I've just posted previously.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: January 18, 2021 04:13AM

Telling Lies Doesn't Qualify To Teach Dharma

Today’s e-satsang, that the Swartz’ post is very important, though not for the reason they think...

”Kate/Inquirer to Isabella Swartz”
...For instance, the email you posted about the Vedanta teacher you recently unsubscribed when you realized his thinking has gone down the Alice in Wonderland route, that really fascinates me. Especially as he is now spreading false stories about you and Ram when he was once a close friend. I know who he must be talking about and it really surprises me. Clearly, you are gracious enough not to mention his name.

”Isabella Swartz”
Sundari: We have not exposed the name of the teacher whom we recently unendorsed as it is not relevant, and to do so would be following the same adharmic route he took, which is not who we are. It is doubly surprising that a person who is supposedly Self-realized could fall down that black hole, but that is Maya for you! He is absolutely convinced he is right, there is no way to converse in a sane way about the issue because he inhabits an alternate ‘factual’ reality.

I see. Thank you for clarifying this Sundari...

You would be following the same adharmic route he took, and that’s not who you are? Yes, that could be saw as noble. There's only one problem...

You say to follow that path and mention his name is you on an adharmic path. You've caught yourself out. You and James DID name him! Caught out lying again. Myself and others read it. Both of you just cannot stop telling lies. The ex-teachers name was live for a day or two, so any Shiningworld member that read his name, now look to Isabella’s lies she is telling you all. Ask yourself, once again, do you want a liar as a teacher?

Taking the moral high ground using Vedanta, on the basis of lies. I’m certain some of the members saw that you did name him, it’ll damage you further. I’m starting to think that you don’t know what the truth is. The truth is actual, factual & contextual. Kate, you've been told lies in regard to this point. They are not as gracious as you thought. They mentioned his name in an e-satsang on Nov 20, 2020, then they edited it out, after. But it was too late by then, ;).

”Isabella Swartz”
James keeps trying to get through to him because he cares, but I tell him he is wasting his time. Not only has this person lost all discrimination if ever he had it, which is unlikely, but he also has clearly never developed the capacity to evaluate and fact check information and sources, i.e., no critical thinking skills.

I’ve received this ‘loving’ attention as late as a few months ago in email. If it’s anything like he has historically written to people, what he will be doing to trying to prove that he is right, while the other person is abused and gaslit.

”Isabella Swartz”
Sundari: The teacher we unendorsed is a good person basically, and pretty harmless. He is a good person who tries to live a good life. Conspiracy theorists’ ideas may all seem ridiculous and harmless in the long run, I mean, who cares about the crazy ideas some people hold as truth, or what universe they access their ‘information’ from? It’s a free world, haha. But when these ideas gain traction the way they have these days, they have a big impact on dharma, which has serious consequences both individually and globally. If the mind does not have critical thinking skills and the ability to discriminate between fact and fiction, self-inquiry is not possible. Moreover, and more importantly, people whose minds have been radicalized in this way justify breaking dharma, under the guise of ‘truth’ as we saw in the US recently.

I also share quite a few of the same political views as your ex-teacher. As well as my Vedanta presence on Facebook, I also make posts in regard to my political views. This is in front of Swami in my lineage. And sometimes they interact with me. Guess what? I’m allowed to have my own political beliefs. They have got absolutely nothing to do with my role as a teacher. They have got absolutely nothing to do with my competency as a teacher. They’ve got absolutely nothing to do with Brahamanista (one two requirements of ability to teach Vedanta–everyone) . I make my political views known when I feel like it, in a personal capacity, but it has nothing to do with Vedanta. Not only are you gaslighting this ex-teacher, you are also gaslighting a sizeable portion of your own Shiningworld students. The view of traditional Vedanta is that one is free to have their own views, and they are free to challenge politics or anything else. I’ve had this same conversation with others, while Swami are present. This view is the way it is.

Those political views certainly don’t invalidate my ability to be a teacher, and they don’t invalidate his either. At least, not in traditional vedanta. It’s no reflection of a person’s internal understandings in vedanta. Though, to punish otherwise is certainly a lack of understanding.

Also, in traditional Vedanta the teacher must be srotriya and Brahmanista. They must know how to wield the teachings, and they must be free, enlightened. For you to say that this ex-teachers views get in the way of Vedanta would be saying that he was not enlightened, i'll say - free person. It isn't something that comes and goes Isabella. You keep character assassinating all of us who leave, and it's simply foolish talk that has no basis in Vedanta.

: Could you please expound on the topic of dharma for me. I have been following James’ zoom teaching on it and I heard him mention the teacher you unendorsed in reference to dharma.

No surprises here. A few of us where talking, and we knew that James would backstab this ex-teacher. It’s what he does. I’ve an idea. Why doesn’t James upload the teaching of dharma to Youtube? Let’s see exactly what he was saying about this ex-teacher, how he put it, and what the context and reason for even mentioning it was. I know that James does say some unusual things in satsangs. James, I assume there is no problem in letting us all hear what you said about him?

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