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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: December 15, 2020 06:33PM

When you know that someone has proven to be a liar in several occasions, will you trust any of his further words or denial of this or that?

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: December 15, 2020 06:54PM

> It's inappropriate for a teacher of Vedanta. I
> respect Vedanta, and particularly the lineage that
> he identifies with. He didn't send nude photos of
> himself only to single women though. He also sent
> them to married women and men.

So you’re saying you recognise Robert as a teacher? Of a lineage?

And how is it that you know all this information about who sent what to whom?

Anyone can say anything. It’s actually considered libel to do so on hearsay.

And why would you be privy to correspondence not taking place between you and the complainants?

I’ve not seen “James” mentioning married couples being sent photos, so either you’re James, or his wife, or you’re making shit up.

Regardless, what you say is pointless without showing evidence of your claims. It’s just some nameless, faceless, random person - making unfounded claims. And even there if there’s an ounce soft fact into these claims, I don’t see how that has any bearing whatsoever, on what this thread is about. If you don’t like someone and what they’re doing - go and deal with it with them (if it’s any business of yours.)

> I'm addressing Robert's lies in this forum.
> Whatever is between him and James is between him
> and James. If something is relevant to what I'm
> talking about, then I will bring it up.

Untrue. Where did this mention of naked photos to married men and women emerge from? Only from you.

Your exaggerations and bare-faced lies, are dis-crediting everything you’ve said - so at least that’s settled the matter.

> That's true. Everyone takes a risk, and some
> people have learnt that through Robert's actions,
> and lack of actions.

So then what’s the issue? If this happened, it happened. That’s a matter between the parties concerned.

> I am here of my own accord. Perhaps it would be
> better if we were talking about this stuff in a
> separate thread dedicated to Robert Harrison.
> There has been a post or two, but they were
> deleted. I am addressing Robert's lies in this
> particular thread, regardless of James Swartz.

No you’re not. You’re spreading your own lies. Why not start that thread if that’s your mission. Let’s see how much interest or response it attracts, instead of riding off the back of something totally unrelated, as a kind of mud-sling attempt to detract from the conversation about James and HIS credibility.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: December 15, 2020 07:09PM

I'm not even reading most of that. You have no authority over my validity as a teacher. What on earth are you talking about? If you are in Vedanra yob are to trust the decision of the lineage. That is a foolish conversation.

In Vedanta if you dont understand something the issue is with the student..not the teacher, or lineage. None of you make the decisions in Vedanta. Who to assert I am not a valid teacher when the top of the lineage says I can teach?

Dont presume you know better than the main Swamis. This is so foolish. In Vedanta when something so.silly comes up we.ignore it. You wrote to numerous Swmai about me, haven't you? Well enough of.your ago. We trust In their decisionn

And who is the Swami you claim said that about me? You are to stop trying to use Swami to invalidate me. They are not interested in this silliness. So dont do that again. But I'm still waiting to hear who the swami is. You liar.

None of you give me the authority to teach either. Noone in Shiningworld holds that authority.

The person who initially said this about me did not want to to get involed in something so public. You were told this. And you ignored it. You are trying to drag thats your call I have screenshot evidence that I have not broke the law. And that no student is involved I have screenshots that there was nothing unsolicited and the police were sent this. These.words are precise. I've had enough, I've said things here, call me out in evidence and be prepared to have 3evidence shown.

Unless me.crazy,the fact I can prove I went to police and the fact.none of you are willing must show you are fools also. Why on earth would I go to the police unless I knew I did not do what was claimed...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: December 15, 2020 08:17PM

Ahh right, so it’s your word against his - and a lot of hearsay and/or unsubstantiated claims.

Glad we could clear that up, and move on. Nothing much happening here.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 15, 2020 11:21PM

A guru is judged by the behavior of his current students.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: December 16, 2020 12:13AM

Rama Vasistha has been banned.

Trolls will be banned.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Dis-illusioned ()
Date: December 17, 2020 02:05AM


What constitutes a troll, if you wouldn’t mind explaining?

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 17, 2020 05:49AM

Hey, EQ.
I hope you never felt unsupported by me.
I never asked for any "proof" because I never needed any.

By my reckoning, EQ, you are a "good guy."

When it comes to a contest between who's telling the truth, you or Squirts, to my mind there was never a contest.

You certainly see James Swartz and Isabella clearly and accurately (by my reckoning) and you have the courage to tell the truth about him publicly.

You stand up to James Swartz, the King of Gaslighting, the Emperor of Untruths, and the Sultan of Slime and Slander even knowing the attacks that are sure to come.

Hey, to me, this is commendable going on heroic.

As to what James Swartz as RV says about you, so what. He is a proven lying, distorting pile of messy excrement lying in a hazardous waste zone.

As one person said about Swartz, "If he told me the time I'd still check my phone to make sure.

And, a note to EQ and Dis-Illusioned (DI):

DI, I know your questions in the above post were largely for the sake of illustration, since you already know the answers to them.

James Swartz loves telling bad tales about the sexuality of others as he hopes to use these to cover up (and perhaps lessen the impact) of his own crimes and doings.

If sex doesn't work, money will do. Can't repay a debt on time in this bad economy? Must be evil, right?

And if it's not sex or money, he'll find something else. After all, he truly is the King of Gaslighting, the The Emperor of Untruths, and...

It seems that in whole-hearted sadistic fashion James Swartz simply finds pleasure in tearing others down. He especially savors ripping into people who are truly above him spiritually (yes, "above" in this way is a very questionable concept, though Swartz in his jealous way is certainly aware of it). If he can find a flaw, a weakness, a misbehavior, real or imaginary, in a spiritual teacher, one of his students who has left him, or anyone who criticizes him in any way, he's ecstatic. Then he gets to do one of his favorite things; he gets to create and share gleeful putdowns and verbal assaults. After all, by knocking down these persons successfully, he rises in comparison, right?

Also, as I'm sure, DI, that you already understand, James Swartz has as much in common with a true spiritual sage as skunkweed does with a Redwood.

Oops. To compare James Swartz to that plant is perhaps an insult to Skunkweed...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: December 19, 2020 03:29AM

Hey Trav,

Sorry for not getting back sooner. There was a passing of a relative, and I've been with family all week. I'm only home now. I was directing my posts at the trolls, but I can see it may have looked otherwise. I can only say, I was distracted with real world things as I was posting. :).

I'd mentioned in one of my latter postings that i'd not even read most of what RV had begun to write. I'm fairly sure I know who this person is, they've been using multiple accounts on various social media. It's both ludicrous and a hallmark of their own hypocrisy that they list two of my real names and this forums's 'pen-name' when addressing me, as if thats something sinister, while using three alias's themselves. This RV account has already been banned on Facebook and Youtube weeks ago.

RV began to spam the Vedanta platforms I admin some weeks go. Of course, RV doesn't give a toss that those platform are to carry on by the lineage. And here we can already see how they seem to think they're opinion matters more than the lineage.

Facebook and Youtube were very robust in taking down his accounts, and in stopping bad language and such being on what is a spiritual platform. There is now in place on those platforms security measures which means they're wasting their time.

RV then decided to try to infiltrate the main Vedanta study group I admin. This type of behaviour isn't permitted within my lineage, and they are aware of this possibility. As late as last weekend I was advised to take measures to prevent silly people such as RV. It is an online learning platform, a classroom. If there are any grievances it is baffling me why Facebook have not been notified. As of 5 minutes ago, there are no reports on any of my platforms, from the day they have been formed. I'm able to screenshot that history.

Even though the lineage has told me digitally that the platforms are to stay, RV et al, seem to think they know better. its' pure egotism.

Not so long ago, RV using the same RV name as on here, began posting the same message on comments section on the Vedanta Facebook & Youtube platforms I admin. This had nil affect, and they were immediately took down. Now there are mechanisms in place to prevent such things happenings full stop. Since this had no effect, RV then tried to post personal messages to people, using the same cut/paste job. People are not so stupid, and I was shown these messages and the accounts involved have been reported and deleted.

RV's unwillingness to tell me in private which Swami was supposed to have said that about me, and my (by now) quite public offering of backing up what I say, should show anyone sane what is really going on.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: December 20, 2020 06:38PM

On Guru's...

How many? You move forward until you find the correct one. That's how it's always been. A good guru can tell if a person is "right" for him or her or not. Some have been known to say, "That's not a question for me. You should be with (that teacher), not me," and to in a positive way to send the person onward. (For that matter, many of the great gurus of India attended the satsang of many teachers before finding the "final" one, and Buddha himself deliberately sought out every great master of his era in his quest to find the full Truth. Does Squirts say these persons were wrong to do so?)

Swartz, of course, only wants people to have "one teacher," and for that one to be him. Teach your students its not properly spiritual to change teachers, and they're more likely to stick around, right?

Yes, this is true, the person can move from teacher to teacher and there is scripture that suggests that this is beneficial. I've heard it from the horse's mouth that 'its not usual for the student to change teachers'. This was speaking to a former Shiningworld member who left, and then went back. The opposite is true in traditional Vedanta though.

The reason why a person will have a teacher can also vary. Generally a person is in sadhana (Sanskrit for a 'means to and end'). There's a clear goal. In the case of freedom, or as some say, enlightenment, that is the goal (sahaja). So, the person is in moksha sadhana, a process that is a means to an end for freedom.

Once freedom is attained, the perception that is enlightenment, what then? A person is free to drop everything, and walk away. In fact, in the tradition the student should already be on their own mostly in nididhyasana, the advanced stage of sadhana.

The Jnani (lets say enlightened being) no longer has enlightenment as a goal of course, so can no longer be in moksha sadhana. Yet even though they're free to walk away and abandon Vedanta, often they won't. And this is because they've developed a love for it. So while there's no sadhana for enlightenment there will continue to be study. As there will always be things to learn. It's this accepting that even though the person may be enlightened, may even be a teacher, that they're a student always first, and always learning. It's a humble perspective.

Within the sannyass tradition there are Chaitanya sannyass, and they will retain use of the mantra OM and also a Guru. It's the sannyass that have 'ananda' in their name that have neither the use of the mantra OM, nor a Guru. However, in our lineage even the direct disciples of the head of our lineage, will still regard him as their Guru. In fact, those SWami/Swamini will always keep the student perception in regard to my paramaguru (guru of my guru).

So yea, a person may or may not retain a Guru, and it can be for a number of reasons. Be they Swami/Swamini, or Grihasta (householders).


RV showed his playground attitude and knowledge of Vedanta by trying to make a thing out of a Swami & I parting ways. Such things happen, In the tradition that is Vedanta, it's understood that when two people come together, like in any other relationship that there can be mis-understandings.

We even begin teaching by reciting what is called Shanti Pada, peace prayer. And in that prayer we are recognising that issues can come forth, personalities can come forth, and to not let that get in the way of the knowledge that is Vedanta. Sometimes though, it does happen, and it's simply shrug of the shoulders and a... 'so what'.... If it's a run-of-the-mill difference of opinion, that's the Vedanta view.

I'm not sure what hyperbole RV was trying to troll, perhaps that too was a work in progress..

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