Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Amitao ()
Date: July 22, 2021 02:50AM

Thank you so much for sharing this.
please join our Facebook group called Mooji, behind the satsangs and share this there too or anything you want to open the eyes of blind followers or past and future victims.


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Amitao ()
Date: July 22, 2021 02:53AM

Please join this Facebook group called Mooji, Behind the Satsangs. For sharing and talking freely. There has been enough censoring and silencing people who want to share their experiences and truth that doesn't approve his desired image.
Thank you


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: sarv ()
Date: July 22, 2021 04:13AM

Sorry I don't have a facebook account but please feel free to repost.

Just putting that out there for anyone who wishes to listen, it's possible for anyone to verify my claims for themselves with some research.
I'm not asking anyone to blindly listen to what a random someone on the internet has to say, there's been enough of that going on already!

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: July 22, 2021 05:59AM

Hi Sarv,

I came to the same conclusion as you some time ago. Mooji uses hypnosis/trance. His videos leave you in a state of very relaxed confusion, if you are susceptible to trance induction. I felt very fuzzy-headed after watching the Mooji material and I began t have 'nihilist' thoughts, such as 'nothing matters'. I became very suspicious that something was not right with these videos.

I'm reposting something I wrote here ages ago, if you are interested:

> Hi Billyboy,
> I would like to post some links for you to
> explore:
> []
> A good general website all about hypnosis.
> The author does say that a type of indirect
> hypnosis can be used on people without their
> consent (they have no idea that they are being
> hypnotized) and that this is skill is dangerous,
> if it ends up in the wrong hands.
> []
> This is a BBC documentary. It goes for a full
> hour, from memory, but is well worth watching. It
> explains the science behind hypnosis. A British
> doctor who uses hypnosis in his practice jokes and
> says that hypnosis is similar to
> 'brain-washing'.

> []
> An article about how cults can use the internet to
> recruit people, just by posting video content that
> is free to watch, but becomes addictive and
> trances people out.
> I recommend you look at all these resources. There
> are also some old posts by a member of Cult Ed
> called 'The Anticult'. He knew a lot about trance
> induction and explained things really well. You
> can do a search for his name here in this forum...
> he was posting 4 years ago. There are a lot of old
> posts to read through, if you have time.
> The stories that you mentioned Mooji telling are a
> special trance induction technique. They are
> called in hypnosis terms "Nested Loops".
> Osho was an expert at these types of 'nested loop'
> stories and much more of an effective hypnotist
> that Moo will ever be. Watch some old Youtube
> clips of Osho, if you have the time. You will see
> that he tells a story within story within a story.
> It is very difficult to follow logically and if
> you are susceptible, then you will become
> spaced-out quite quickly.
> Osho also used the very slow, soft voice and took
> a lot of pauses in his speech. He didn't blink
> much and stared and started into the camera or at
> the audience. This is trance material. The staring
> and the soft voice create a false sense of
> intimacy, and makes whatever he is saying sound
> profound.
> The trick to hypnosis it to remain as vague as
> possible, while sounding profound.
> Then if you dare, watch Moo's trance centerpiece
> "The Invitation" online. Apply all that you have
> learnt. Notice Moo's soft voice, getting slower
> and sower? The pauses in his speech getting longer
> and longer? Then he stops talking completely and
> stares and stares at the camera? He leads the
> audience in a series of questions to which they
> all reply "Noooooo", over and over again,
> like zombies. He even audaciously says to them
> "This is not hypnosis!"
> But unfortunately it is hypnosis.
> As for seeing a therapist about all this, I don't
> think it would do any harm. But I am not a
> psychologist and can only advise you as a friend.
> Make sure you see a trained, registered therapist,
> who is very experienced. Perhaps ask your doctor,
> if you have one you trust, to recommend someone?
> I'm not so sure you should try debauchery. I'll
> leave it up to you, but it may just freak you out
> a bit. What about catching up with old friends?
> Spending time with family? This helped me a lot.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: sarv ()
Date: July 22, 2021 08:18AM

Thanks for reposting that.

I've noted similar things with his speech patterns, and his "invitation" being a trance induction routine.

Tony used to have an almost middle class British accent, someone in the comments here notes he assimilated Papaji, this seems like a fairly accurate opinion. []

Tony's earlier videos were of this assimilated style, but over time his speech pattern has become more broken, spaced, slowed down & sporadic, requiring more conscious effort & focus to follow. Milton Erickson was a master of using speech patterns in this way.
He manufactures consent using rapport techniques. It's the follower at his feet asking him, put up your hands at the back of the room (the new or not so involved people), reply to him (mumble while in trance), asking questions where the whole group replies "yes" etc.

I watched a video in Holland where it was a (large) new crowd, he walked onto the stage, sat & stayed quiet for maybe 10 minutes. He wouldn't speak until they had all stopped shuffling around, were silent & sitting straight up with their hand on their laps.
This is why the regulars instantly assume the position, he doesn't have resistance with them.

He creates an environment where he's leading them. They willingly hand over the keys to their mind & give him full consent with their trust, compliance, wanting & eagerness, they do this through buying into it all.

While someone who's untrusting & is watching these videos for research purposes may not go full wacko & start rambling about the one, mind, ego & recanting his words incessantly, the content can still very much have a hypnotic effect for those who are susceptible.

Headaches, dizziness, anxiety or "feeling weird" might be the outcome. A lack of focus is probably a good sign, switching off while others are talking to you, hearing the sounds but not processing them, perpetually drifting off into inner focus (daydreaming) while the physical senses stop processing information. This is a normal neurological condition related to sleeping.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: sarv ()
Date: July 22, 2021 08:39PM

Slightly off topic but for those interested in understanding the efficacy of these techniques, Derren Brown is a bit of a master.
I’m no expert on the subject but will share my take on this (interesting) video, to demonstrate & demystify somewhat.

Derren opens by asking for something the participant will most likely be happy to give (directions), it's his initial way into building a chain of "yes" responses.
By the time the participant replies he’s already in a slightly confused state (on the back foot) because of Derren’s body language & his way of asking (speech pattern).
Derren then uses mirroring, he overtly mirrors body language in order to gain subconscious psychological rapport (trust). It’s a rapport technique, similar to the way Tony asks people to respond & put their hands up. He asks & they respond, he says & they do, it’s him leading them.

Derren takes a big step back in the hope the man will step forward to join him. Derren's now leading him to see if the mirroring is working, also creating the subconscious psychological environment where he’s in control.
As the man steps forward (complies) Derren asks “you don’t mind me asking, you’re happy to give that to me?”, he’s now asking for direct consent to enter into this arrangement.
Needless to say this guy is starting to look quite bewildered & overexerted mentally at this point as it all happens so fast.

All has gone to plan in this calculated rapport building routine so he moves onto a handshake induction, breaking mid handshake & swapping hands to hold the participants hand mid flight. The core of this concept is one of many things Milton Erickson was known for, it’s an instantaneous way to induce trance when executed by a skilled practitioner.
Derren also uses the water bottle he’s been carrying as part of the induction, he places it in the participants hand as an anchor which he’s binding that trance state to.
Anchors occur naturally, just like an old song that brings back memories & their related emotions, all he's doing is leveraging this.

After Derren’s cleared out his pockets & the participant gives him the requested directions he firmly completes the previously broken handshake while saying “you’re fine”. Providing the off switch.
As the participant comes to his senses & approaches Derren again, Derren hands him the bottle, which instantly puts him under again. This is the strength of an anchor, Derren could quite likely pull this same stunt off a few weeks or even months later.

A confident showman who understands these psychological manipulation techniques really can get people to do some strange things, that's my point...
This is a fine example of how quickly a (very) talented practitioner can apply these concepts & also a practical example of how effective they can be.

Here’s another. I won’t explain but this is essentially what Tony is doing to his followers, inducing this same mental state Shaheer demonstrates. The stone is an anchor.
Tony also uses similar (on the back foot) pressure tactics, but with him rather than slamming the box shut it’s all “be like that”.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Gaja ()
Date: July 24, 2021 01:49PM

Mooji is not a true teacher, nor guru, nor holy...

He is looking for validation from outside world(he didn't find yet his inner goodness and love and peace). Whenever he didn't get worship from me, he was getting a girl of similar look at his ashram as me and he told her to bow to his feet. He was very frustrated at that time of not getting what he wanted from me(I am glad I never bowed to his feet. I saw Sheela bowing to feet Osho with great dedication and she did so many crimes, abused so many people. Bowing didn't help her). He also was reading with high emotions all the letters that were validating him as the greatest master. He was saing with anger GOOD, this is very good, I love you very much. He was selling words of love for words of validation, just exchange like at supermarket.

His devotiees had no courage to stop him whenever he was acting from anger toward people, or uncounsciously. I mean how uncounscious they might be, so they cannot even react wisly in those moments?. He very often was projecting. He was trying to manipulate people into the guilt and responsibility for the things he did, for the tragedy he did, for the abuses he did, in order for he was not feeling guilty.He needed sensitive people around himself to feel all of his pain, he was acting out, in order to sustain his false identity and to not feel those pains , he is having undernith and is asleep to them.

He is just a fasade.

He is just using those weak people who cannot stand for themselves. Who cannot stand on their owwn feet, who fear of not belonging to any group, who fear of being strong on their own, who have illusory of being supported while in truth they are being abused emotionally, psychologically, used to work for ashram for free for many hours a day. And this cult is not contributing any good to the world. They just gather all of people goodness and sacrifice of their time, money and energy for themselves, so they could enjoy it. When people's sources finish, they just kicking them out as usless things.

So as I said, Mooji is just a fasade who needs constant people's validation in order to sustain his guru, master character he plays. When he is not getting any attention, validations he is meeting this fear, sadness, because he is too afraid to see himself as nothing.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Amitao ()
Date: July 24, 2021 05:29PM

Hello Dear Gaja,
Will you be courageous enough to post this on our group that we have opened on Facebook to help people wake up from Mooji's Abuse. Its a space for all people to come and share their personal experiences of this Abuse and psychological harm. Thank you so much.


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Gaja ()
Date: July 24, 2021 07:56PM

Hi, Amitao,
I would have to create facebook profile...I do not know yet, we will see.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: July 25, 2021 07:48AM

Hi Gaja,

It's good to see you posting here again. I hope everything is going well for you!

I have a question for everyone: Where is Mooji?

I've noticed this year that Moo has been increasingly absent. The Moo Organization issued a mysterious statement back on June 23rd this year, stating that the weekly release of their online Satsung had "reached a natural conclusion". See:

They continue to release archival footage on a regular basis - looking spookily like Mooji is still giving Satsung, however, these are old recordings. See:
This recording was released on July 20th 2021, but it is an old recording from October 2020!

Has anyone seen Mooji this month? What is he doing? He was strangely absent on Guru Purnima Day recently where he only released a statement with a photo that may or may not have been recent. Who can tell?

Where is Moo?

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