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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 14, 2018 12:44AM

Mara Fiota:

Please take a "chill pill" and stop judging people.

This thread is not about victim bashing and insulting people.

This thread is about asking the question is "Mooji a cult?"

Please don't distract from the subject of this thread and review the rules. Personal attacks are not allowed according to the rules that you agreed to before posting here.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: August 14, 2018 06:01PM


So happy that people are speaking out, and also interesting to see how these other voices are jumping in and muddying the waters of the thread.

Just last week I saw a quote by Moo saying: "you don't need to strategize your life". So I assume it can't possibly be any of his supporters doing it.

Although I hear you can also get round anything you did on purpose there by saying something like: "It's just happening like this somehow, what more to say?"

So all the bases covered. If you did something on purpose I can accuse you of strategizing. If I injured you, it was just the natural unfolding, and clearly what you needed.

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Why This Moo Discussion on CEI Message Board is Necessary
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 14, 2018 09:17PM

"But it may be that you've heard nothing but good things about him (Mooji) because all other information about him gets censored. Then the censorship is a factor aggravating the danger of becoming deluded." by zizlz - quoted from below

The moderator of the Mooji discussion over on Reddit wrote this:


You are welcome to your opinion, and you can speak about it anywhere you'd like, but please keep it off this subreddit.

Corboy: Fair enough. CEI message board is the one place where people worried about safety issues around Moo can bring in and discuss what the Moo supporters term 'opinions'.

So in fair exchange, let the Moo supporters trust that their Truth shall prevail and NOT come over here to distract.

Persons engaged in this discussion request that the Moo people NOT come here to distract. They have their protected venue over on Reddit and other sites celebratory of Mooji.

Corboy note: I have taken the liberty of changing the order of the posted comments on this reddit. At Corboy' discretion, I have put the harm reports first. I have placed the moderators and other Moo supporters comments at the end of this quoted material.

Those who want to can read them and get a flavor of how Moo supporters responded when concerned persons sought to share harm reports on a discussion supposedly dedicated to seeking Truth.

URL for discussion



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Serious Question For Mooji Sangha (self.Mooji)
submitted 8 hours ago by Shankaromnivyah

I recently posted a statement I found online regarding Mooji and an incident that happened at Sahaja and I see that it was deleted.

With all due respect if we as students follow someone we have the right to know every aspect of him to be able to truly discern if he is right for us or not. I have seen many post that have been deleted by you guys that were seemingly making very valid concerns in regards to Mooji.

I honestly am starting to become suspicious as to why their is a big effort to hide anything that paints Mooji in a negative light especially since he is suppose to be above all of this anyway. I would really appreciate a response and not a deletion. My text followed the guidelines of this reddit so i am really confused here. What is really the deal with Mooji and why are you guys blocking information about him? I never wanted to believe the rumors about him but one can only wonder why criticism of him is not allowed.

5 comments (Clicked on this to open and access printed material below - Corboy)

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zizlz 1 point 2 hours ago

Absolutely truth is a more important topic than Mooji's personal affairs. Truth is what you are and Mooji's pointers can be helpful in becoming aware of that. But the same words that can point you to truth can also lead you away from it. That is, if you're compelled to surrender critical thinking and put someone on a pedestal as a higher authority of truth than yourself, you're being deluded.

I can imagine that if you're in a community centered around a teacher who gets put on a pedestal, literally and figuratively, it can get real hard not to surrender your authority. Especially if the teacher seems to be beyond human, i.e. you've heard nothing but good things about him.

But it may be that you've heard nothing but good things about him because all other information about him gets censored. Then the censorship is a factor aggravating the danger of becoming deluded.

That's why I'd like to say to you and anyone: truth is absolutely more important than gossip but censorship isn't necessarily helpful for finding truth.

Shankaromnivyah 1 point 1 hour ago

At this point I am so suspicious of Mooji and Sahaja that im starting to beome concerned about his teachings, I have friends who all went to Sahaja normal people and came back totally disconnected from reality in which they think Mooji gave them some sort of enlightenment when in reality they have gone completely mental and lost all abilities to critically think.

Not only that but they have abandoned all of their family and friends and have become extremely arrogant. They also worship and pray to his pictures.

They completely have phychosis which for me drew alot of red flags. I do not mean to cause any problems sir, I am just really concerned here. I still have friends there and I dont want anything happening to them, I think its odd that all these post being critical of him are being deleted.

I totally understand you wanting to have a space void of these topics but we who follow Mooji have every right to want to discuss these as well. If something is not right with him then I would assume many will not want to even follow his teachings.

Besides they all say they come with the "truth". I dont see any difference between his dogma and others. I know people who follwed his "pointings" to the T and are now in mental health facilities. This is very serious sir and needs more investigating and not people trying to run away from it.

Shankaromnivyah 1 point 50 minutes ago

Also to say he has nothing to teach and we are not students is just a product of him telling you how to think, imagine going into an environment with one pattern of thinking and then coming out with an entirely new set of beliefs that were given to you by one man. you were taught soemthing, despite what Mooji says. Just because he changes the word "teach" for "pointing" doesnt mean its any different.

frittenburg 1 point 7 minutes ago

I think drawing people's attention to absoluteness in order to avoid the relative, but only when it suits you, is another dangerous parlor game that all spiritual seekers should be careful of.

Moderator Comment (In original discussion, this is the first item - Corboy.


A very warm welcome to the group!
We ask that members be respectful in their sharing on this site and that posts and comments be kept directly pertaining to Satsang with Mooji Baba.
When approaching this page, embrace an attitude as though you are entering a Satsang hall. It's sole purpose is to facilitate the recognition of the Truth in the Heart.

May your heart be happy, clear and peaceful, always.

Listen folks, for whatever reason this subreddit has become a place for some people to come vent their negativity, frustrations and personal opinions. This kind of content is not permitted here. You are welcome to your opinion, and you can speak about it anywhere you'd like, but please keep it off this subreddit. Some advice: if you don't like Mooji or what he speaks about, then don't listen to or watch him. Fill your mind and time with something you actually DO enjoy. Negativity will not be permitted here.

created by [deleted]a community for 4 years
message the moderators
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The Truth - Mooji
Welcome to Reddit.
Come for the cats, stay for the empathy.
BECOME A REDDITORand start exploring.

(Posted by Moderator of Mooji discussion in response to Shankaromnivyah's first post. This comes second in the original order as archived on reddit.


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jbrev01 0 points 3 hours ago
Okay listen, I'm the moderator of this subreddit, I have no relation to Mooji or the official Sangha. I took over this subreddit because there were some people coming here to attack, accuse, speak negatively of, and slander Mooji.
This subreddit was created for people who actually ENJOY Mooji's talks and his pointing.

It was NOT created for people to come and vent their negativity or discuss irrelevant dramas.

You are totally welcome to your own opinion and you can speak your opinion all you want --- just not in this subreddit. And for the people who don't like Mooji or his personal life, then don't listen to him or watch him. Go fill your time and mind with something you actually DO enjoy.

The whole negativity and Mooji bashing thing is a complete waste of time, and these kinds of posts will not be permitted here - because they have NOTHING to do with the pointing.

I have no affiliation with Mooji in any way. I, like most other people, am only interested in his pointing. I don't really care about his personal life or the Monte Sahaja community --- all I really care about is his message which is very clear and very simple.

Focusing on his personal life has nothing to do with the pointing.
It's clear for me to say that Mooji does not have students because he has nothing to teach.

If you really want to reap the benefit and the clarity of his pointing, stop caring about his personal life or the little dramas that occur at Monte Sahaja. Again, all of it has NOTHING to do with the pointing.
You are not your mind.

Stop taking the thoughts inside your head so seriously. You - who you Truly Are - are bigger than the thoughts inside the head.

You are the Space of Awareness. Consciousness itself. And never the thoughts or the thinker which appears in the Space.

You are the Empty, Spacious sense of Presence and Awareness. Which does not carry beliefs, judgment of others, and emotional opinion.

You are not the thinker who holds emotional judgment. You are the Awareness of the thinker.

You are the Is-ness.

Is-ness is not concerned with personal dramas or emotional opinions.
Only the personal identity gets caught up in dramas, opinions, judgments.
But you come before the personal identity, before the thinking mind.
To say it another way, the person needs the Space of Awareness in order to exist. But the Space of Awareness does not need the person to exist... So which is greater?

Because you are the greater. Not the small I me person who gets caught up in dramas and negativity.

This is the pointing, and This is all that matters. Everything else is a waste of time. And this is why drama related and negative posts will not be permitted in this subreddit.

This subreddit is for Truth.

We all have only one shot at discovering Truth. To waste your time on this Earth getting involved in mind activity and emotional drama is pointless. Don't miss your chance at discovering the truth of who you are, because it has to happen while the body is still warm.

Again, I really don't care that much about Mooji's personal life or what happens with the Sangha at Monte Sahaja. All I care about is the clarity of his message. And if you're looking to be a "student" then ignore everything and just listen to the simplicity of what he speaks about. Everything else is a waste of your time.

"There is Presence, but nobody being presence... Live like this."

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Re: Why This Moo Discussion on CEI Message Board is Necessary
Posted by: swissalyst ()
Date: August 16, 2018 08:48PM

corboy Wrote:
> So in fair exchange, let the Moo supporters trust
> that their Truth shall prevail and NOT come over
> here to distract.
> Persons engaged in this discussion request that
> the Moo people NOT come here to distract. They
> have their protected venue over on Reddit and
> other sites celebratory of Mooji.

I agree that it is in the public interest that there be a forum for harm reports to be published. The way cult members defend their leader is reminiscent of the way young children will cling to transitional objects (Winnicott, 1953). Young (1990) explicitly draws attention to this similarity: "[The c]ult leader may serve as a transitional object for people who are in a transition between developmental stages (Wright and Wright, 1980). For example, a young person who joins a cult may separate from the family of origin while at the same time retaining a parental figure and a surrogate family." It is not surprising that cult members experience anxiety when their idealization is threatened by the intrusion of reality.


Winnicott, D. W. (1953). "Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena -- A Study of the First Not-Me Possession." International Journal of Psychoanalysis, vol. 34, pp. 89-97. []

Wright, F., and Wright, P. (1980). "The Charismatic Leader and the Violent Surrogate Family." Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 347, no. 1, pp. 266-276. []

Young, Thomas J. (1990). "Cult Violence and the Identity Movement." Cultic Studies Journal, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 150-159. []

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: August 18, 2018 12:51AM

Thanks for your experience with Mooji direct from Monte Sahaja, I posted your story and comments on G+Moojiji and at YT video;
A spontaneous meeting with MOOJI, at Monte Sahaja, Portugal (summer of 2018). Please do not hesitate to post more stories and direct experience about Mooji; here, or Gururating-Mooji. Reddit-Mooji and metoo.., and at YT Who is Mooji?

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CEI discussion of Mooji - view count
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 19, 2018 09:31AM

August 11 2018 Mooji thread 45,338 views 12:35 PM PST

August 12 2018 Mooji thread 45,506 views 5:39 AM PST --- +172 views

August 13 Mooji thread 45,736 7:49 AM PST +230 views

August 17 Mooji thread 46,396 8:08 AM PST +660 views

660 divided by 4 days averages to 165 views per day

August 18 Mooji thread 46,687 6:29 PM PST +291 views since the 17th

September 7 Mooji thread 51,383 (10 hours later) 51,489 views

This is 4,696 views since August 18th -- averages to 223 views per day.

Note: ten hours later view count is 51,489 views - that's over 100 views!

September 9 Mooji thread 51,917 views

September 17 Mooji thread 54,032 views thats 2115 views

2115 divided by 12 = 176 views per day from September 9 and September 17

September 30 Mooji thread 59,060 views

minus 54,032 views (September 17) = 5,028 views in 13 days

5,028 divided by 13 days =386.76 views per day! So, if the math is done right, views of this discussion on CEI have jumped about three fold in the past 13 days.

Early morning September 30th about 7 AM PST 59,060 views
Late morning September 30th abot 11 AM PST 59,123 views = 63 views. Subtract 10 to eliminate possible repeat views. = 53 views

That's 53 views in 4 hours!

September 30 59,123

October 2 59,907

People have been quite interested in reading this.

Since September 17, 2018 people have yet more interested in reading this.

Regard all distractions with the utmost suspicion.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 22, 2018 09:33PM

One person's descriptions of social behaviors at Moo's Monte Sahaja ashram in Portugal.



Played the crowdTuesday, March 27, 2018 at 9:41:00 AM PDT

I'm very happy to read this. The line "playing to the crowd" just hit me so hard.

I have six months into a stay in Mooji's Ashram. I was very down and lost because of pressures I was under there. Suffering and seemingly surrounded by people who were psychologically absent (no not in a good way). It was all 'satsang' so it's all accepted and allowed, until they decide something is wrong with you and then you're quietly bustled out.

One day I was herded in front of a group of fifty people while Mooji was holding court. It was so inappropriate. And I tried to explain what was happening. But he just started talking and everyone started giggling, and it immediately struck me "Wow, he's just playing to the crowd".

And then I chose to push that feeling away. If you've been there, or if you're still there, then you know how the grouptalk allows you write off what I'm saying.

"If you're in your mind, he won't see you"
"He wants your 'A' questions not your 'B' and 'C' questions"
"You're projecting"
"He gave you what you needed in that moment"

And any number of little slogans that you've been conditioned to believe that allow this sort of behavior to be justified. But it wasn't. I pushed away that thought of him playing to the crowd, because there was no one there who would allow that idea.

But it's exactly what he was doing.

If readers want a flavor of how anything can be explained away or rationalized using neo advaita jargon in general, read the comments following the article.

17 August 2011
Watch this Mooji video. Tell me what is wrong.


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: August 28, 2018 08:03AM

I have been following this discussion for some time; I am especially interested in the recent comments by 'xivoparig'. I would like to see this charlatan Mooji brought down before he does any more damage to innocent lives.

I too was almost caught up in this distructive cult... luckily I saw something that opened my eyes to what was really going on, and since then I have done a lot of time-consuming investigations into this group.

The Mooji Foundation is registered in the UK. Therefore, it would be possible to make a formal complaint against them if you were a UK citizen, still residing in the UK. It seems very obvious to me that this group are guilty of human rights abuse. Once one person has come forward, it can be reported on by the media and I am sure many more people would then feel safe to come forward. A bit like the #metoo movement, I guess.

The media are reluctant to report on anything that is simply an anonymous comment due to defamation laws... It would have to be in the from a registered formal complaint, which means you would need to involve the police to begin with.

You would not have to go back to Portugal to do this... to make the complaint.

Xivoparig, believe me, you are not the only one who has managed to escape this cult. I don't know if you are reading this or if someone else who has been effected is reading this... But I do hope someone will come forward.

I am not a UK citizen, but I have informed the authorities in my county about this Mooji character and what he is up to. It's very hard to do anything about him unless you have been to his ashram in person and suffered abuse directly. (Which I haven't.)

But anyone residing in the UK who has been directly effected - then they are in a good position to speak out. The Mooji Foundation is where this cult harbour their ill-gotten money, and this is where you could really make a difference.

Anyway, of the course the most important thing to do is to look after your own well-being and mental health first.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Shmarl ()
Date: August 30, 2018 03:16AM

Someone posted to a Facebook group called "Mooji Sangha" that they were leaving because apparently, Mooji is having an intimate relationship with one of the residents. I read it yesterday (Aug. 28) and by then the comments had been closed. Now, (Aug 29) it looks like the post was removed. There was lots of neo-Advaita spirtual B.S. posted by Mooji's sycophants in the comments, and also some just saying "goodbye and good luck."

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/30/2018 03:27AM by Shmarl.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Date: September 03, 2018 04:58AM

That Facebook message referred to in the previous post can be seen on the chi-ting facebook page:


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