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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: shamrock ()
Date: May 10, 2022 02:48AM


“Turn off the critical brain; it will not help you.”

Turning off your danger-sensing mechanism is one of the tricks that leaves people vulnerable to predators.


And when my tears started to flow unbidden because I was so in need of his attention, he told me, “You are so negative.”

Denying that your actions have any effect on other people, or that they have any right to respond, is another trick that keeps people distanced from reality.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Frozen Nick91 ()
Date: September 01, 2022 05:55PM

Hi! I have not written in this thread here yet, but I also once was a follower of Mooji. Now, I just wanted to share my observation and opinion about Mooji's post-covid website appearance and the changes that happened there.

Before Covid people were able to come to Monte Shaja freely and without any invitations or big commitment announcements. The website now says Monte Sahaja is not a "drop in" center. It is a place for chosen, and serious devotees now who can only access the place through an invitation only.


1. The elite - The elitest self-isolating approach that has been taken there now is very typical almost textbook development of any cult: Only long time, sincere seekers of truth are now welcome to visit the temple and see him in person.

It means no sincere seekers can be added now. All sincere seeker are selected now. What decides who is a sincere seeker? The ones who agree to isolation and turning away from the world narrative, which leads to my next point

2. Isolation - Every dogmatic cult on some point will reject the outside world completely, because the dogma makes the cult no longer compatible with the outside world and reality, therefore isolation protects the dogma.

Every religious or spiritual group that self-isolates from the world and turns to dogmatism is doomed to die out. No religion or spiritual seeking can survive when it reject the world around them - which leads to my next point

3. Control: Mooji's image has been struggling the last years, as we all know and he has lost a lof of control over his devotees, his narrative and the way he has been perceived by the audience. Not letting anyone else, than the "most brainwashed" coming to his temple now means that he can still coerce some control, not much of it is left, he is aware of that and this is why he withdraws.

Covid is just an exuse, it would have come to this state anyways on some point. This happened to multiple other cults before. He isolates the completely brainwashed now to coerce 100% control while still trying to run his business with dull statments such as "I am with you.
Physical distance cannot separate us."

Since only the truly brainwashed are there now, he can control the narrative as well, because they will be the only ones who will be able to let out information about him out to the broader audience. This information will be : Mooji baba is soooo great.

They are working now more and more on being self-sufficient and economically independent so they can just run their business online or over YouTube.

But since nobody will get the status of "sincere seeker" anymore and nobody will be allowed to visit him annymore, his business will not run very well anymore.

Maybe some spin-off cults will occur now with other power and money hungry sucessors of mooji, like it happened with ISCKON and many others.

Mooji's cult is in the phase of passing away and dying.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: lostmywife ()
Date: November 18, 2022 04:09AM

Unbelievable all this... I'm only 50 or so pages down this thread but mooji is yet another person that I can find on my wife's youtube playlist. She left me for crimson circle in colorado (a dude called geoffrey hoppe pretending he's some deity called adamus saint germain lol), see here: [] It seems like all these organizations or cults work pretty much the same. I can't believe people fall for this nonsense. I've bought Mr. Ross' book in the hopes of learning more about the mechanisms behind all this. I wish everyone well that was touched by this 'evil'.


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