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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: cookyspooky ()
Date: June 23, 2010 02:38AM

Boo -

" if someone is weak and they turn to alcohol it is a choice, but if they swallow everything presented to them in an online forum, they are "taken"?"

Addiction is addiction. I'm all for people doing whatever they choose to make themselves feel better, however, when the "choice" is a destructive one, such as alcohol or abandoning your family after draining the family bank account, (as my sister has because she was told they were "old energy" by these "leaders" and encouraged to abandon her past, including her two young sons) intervention is sometimes called for. Anyone who falls into this trap is looking for a way out of something in their lives, and when they choose to drown in spiritual awakening instead of whiskey, this is where we come to find others who were abandoned as we were. There are similar boards for families of alcoholics. We're here trying to understand what happened and why.

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: without_wings ()
Date: December 15, 2011 09:29AM

The CC teaches that everything is inside and not to worship anyone, just love yourself.

SHAUMBRA can have sexual/loving relationships with anyone!

I wish you guys went to the SHAUMBRA forum for information, and asked there, rather than relying on dirt surfacing here. It could have saved your marriages or other relationships.


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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: zathath ()
Date: March 16, 2012 02:50AM

Hi Tohan,

You say you have been to the Crimson Circle for 8 years. Then you asked us to follow another guru by the name of Torben Hansen. I looked into his website.

Torben Hansen says:

- NASA who have been launching rockets to the moon are satanists.

- CIA who protect the united states of america against spies are satanists.


Torben Hansen says masturbation is wrong, and satanist. He says Crimson Circle talks about it.

Ok here's the deal:

90% of the content on the internet is pornography.

That content is there because america laws allows it.

That content is there because people in the USA voted for it.

So, 300,000,000 people in america actually support masturbation on the internet.

And you say that Torben Hansen isn't a maniac?

Torben Hansen says that Crimson Circle is wrong.

But guess what, Torben Hansen want you to join another better cult, actually:

Here's the link to where Torben Hansen thinks the good cult is:



It's just more channelings, and new age dogmas!

Hi there !

I have been joining the crimsoncircle for 8 years.

They are controlling, misleading people, delivering destorting spiritual information.

Do not worship anybody, be yourself, you have the ruth inside. You can always gain information and use what is ethical and integrated.

Look at and see what I have found out.

It is cult and dark.

If you feel for it spread the information to so many people as possible.

Warmly Torben Hansen

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Re: Crimson Circle?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 02, 2017 08:48AM

BEL MOONEY: My wife has left me after 37 years, for 'a cult'

Read more: []


Dear Bel,
Married for 37 years, my wife and I had normal ups and downs. We have three boys, all doing well, and a comfortable lifestyle.

Three or four years ago she told me she didn’t like our life and resented everything associated with being a wife: the daily chores of cooking meals and being at home (she hasn’t worked since our eldest was born).

At the same time she got involved with a group called The Crimson Circle — which (as best I can fathom) is about finding your true self. But I reckon it’s like a potentially divisive (and expensive) cult.

She believes this is the way forward: the focus of her life and raison d’être There’s no talking to her about it. She said she must find her true self and it makes us incompatible, so we must separate.

We did — 12 months ago. Living apart, I’m all for telling myself to get someone else and restart my life, but I do love her and miss the companionship we had. There are no other parties involved — except this group. I cannot fight their indoctrination via webinars etc. And they have seminars which cost about £1,500 to £2,000 a time, that she feels obliged to attend.

She thinks she’s found the solution to her problems and her ‘true friends’ — spending hours listening to their videos. I’m convinced she’s become brainwashed. Her head is elsewhere and I don’t know how to turn it around.
We’ve now talked about divorce as I can’t just limp on. My heart is still with her, as I love her to bits, but my head tells me I’m fighting a losing battle and should just call it a day and walk away.

Tonight she called me about a future family birthday celebration and I realised that we are no longer building projects together, nor planning a retirement together. I feel sad to have come this far with her, only to be defeated by what I see as a big scam. Any advice?

Read more: []


It is a shame that the advice columnist jumped to the conclusion that something was lacking in the marriage.

The advice columnist would do well to get and read Margaret Singer's Cults in Our Midst and Cults Inside Out by Rick Ross.

Cults recruit. People in quite happy relationships can be deceived and sucked in.

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