Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: solea13 ()
Date: March 19, 2009 07:45PM

Thanks to Pilot for finding and linking to Janaki's Byron Katie Story. It was a fascinating read.

Here's a couple of quick links to Ken Keyes info. for those who don't have time to go looking for it:

Ken Keyes Wiki Info

Ken Keyes Science of Happiness

The links are just for reference and a general overview! ... Be careful with the Wiki stuff as always - it doesn't seem to be entirely objective. Obviously the second site is a kind of uncritical tribute to Keyes ... so everyone be wary when reading.

Ken Keyes wrote a lot of books about the 'science of happiness' and apparently, like Katie began claiming in the last years of his life that he lived in a state of permanent happiness. We probably all know by now from studying this thread that people who make such claims are usually full of it! His apparently turbulent emotional life (he was divorced three or four times!) tells a different story!)

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) NLP, Hypnotherapy, Paul Hessinger
Posted by: quackdave ()
Date: March 19, 2009 10:04PM

Golly gee whiz! I'm sure glad I got some sleep last night; this homework takes a lot out of you. I was just doing some of my (getting to be) habitual due diligence, when I discovered this post from about 8 pages ago. Some poster with the handle geokosmos came in a moment after this information. I'm noting that it is about Katie and her NLP hypnotherapy, Stever Robbins, and Paul Hessinger. Pretty heavy duty stuff, to be sure. If you go back and read the posts which follow this quoted one, you'll see that geokosmos was IMMEDIATELY confronted by Rick Ross. Things have been rather strange and incongruent since the time of that post, I think.

I'll say this, though: I love how TAC just keeps pumping out the heavy, heavy stuff, with only short allusions to the disruptions. Again, peeing in the pool whether deliberate or accidental is not acceptable. There are those of us who enjoy this pool and will call you on it every time. The way I see it, we don't spend 'too much time weeding out trolls' to the non-benefit of those that may be helped; we point out troll-type behavior (yes, whether intended or not) and troll/disruption techniques, (yes, whether intended or not) FOR the benefit of those that might be helped. There are those injured souls (including some, I imagine who are reading this and have never posted) who don't need to hear subjective opinions about how this stuff ain't so bad. They need to read the DATA that has been collected (and referenced) to help them make critically thought-out decisions about following any gurus--in the case of this thread that would be Byron Katie Mitchell, her organization BKI, The Work, Eckart Tolle and those affiliates and connected individuals and groups that have been shown to use people. If I were Dennis Miller, I would now say, "But I could be wrong". Turns out, though, I'm NOT Dennis Miller.

I just thought of something generally on subject: Jesus was said to have sent out disciples in pairs, to get the word out, and I suppose to protect one another and act as a team. Would Byron Katie, who in a thinly-veiled way alludes to herself (or actually allows others to 'voluntarily' tout her) as a kind of 'new Jesus', send out "teams" of two or maybe even more if her obscene income was being threatened? Might a couple or a few 'facilitators' whose incomes were equally threatened even decide on their own to kind of 'team up' to run damage control? Asking is my way of throwing up the searchlights that corboy mentioned. Vigilance to a fault, in some eyes I imagine, but the way I'm going to operate at least for the time being.

Here's the info-filled post I mentioned:

The Anticult
The connection of Byron Katie with covert NLP style Ericksonian hypnotherapy, (as done by her close associate Stever Robbins) has been mentioned a number of times. But its important to remember that BK does much more than these methods, and she has customized them in her own way. A guess might be that at most 30% of what she does is along these lines, with most of the other stuff ranging from social influence techniques, LGAT methods, and a huge grab-bag of psychotherapeutic techniques picked up over the years, as well as dozens of sales techniques. People are being bombarded with more that 50 techniques all at once when they walk into a seminar. It would be possible to list dozens of techniques being used all at once. They do this, as this makes sure it works on as many people as possible, as everyone is unique, and to get the maximum impact, that can last for years.

But its a good idea to do some research into some of the more basic NLP style hypnotherapists out there.
There are many different kinds.

For example, some self-identify themselves as doing NLP style hypnosis, like this guy.

Paul Hessinger, Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner/Hypnotherapist
FREE monthly hypnosis/NLP events - NLP Cafe San Francisco

Now, people need to be extremely careful with guys like this. It literally would take books to explain what these folks are doing, in terms of persuasion. But you can NEVER, and I mean EVER take any type of NLP-hypnotherapist at face value. NEVER. They are not just some dude in a Hawaiian shirt talking to you. (you can be guaranteed, that Hawaiian shirt Paul Hessinger wears is used as a Visual Anchor, and makes you want to ....r-e-l-a-x...that's you now are on a warm tropical island....etc) Standard stuff, but people don't even notice something that obvious.

The only thing positive one could say about this guy, is at least he self-identifies as doing hypnotherapy and NLP, although his explanation of it is very dubious.
The language on his website is very carefully chosen, as well as the design.
For example, people do not know that a "free event" is anything but free. These guys know how to get up and talk, and it sounds pretty tepid, but almost all people have no idea of the kinds or persuasion that is being done to them, just by using language. The "content" of their speaking, is almost irrelevant, depending on their skill level.
Again, it takes book to explain this stuff, but it can be very powerful.
And sadly, its being used just to make money. If they find someone who is highly suggestible, and a bit naive, then next thing you know, 10's of thousands of dollars are gone into 'coaching' sessions.

But guess what?
Guys like this are the most obvious.
You could call them Version 2.0

There are Version 3.0 people, who do all the same techniques of NLP hypno-persuasion, but don't self-identify as such. They sell themselves as selling Sales or Coaching, or whatever. They just modify the language and their marketing image. When they speak, it just sounds like a typical business person.

There are also more advanced Version 4.0 people, who might present themselves as a spiritual New Age Energy Healer, or just a generic psychological seminar leader selling almost anything, when in fact they have all the same training as this guy, but have concealed it completely. Those folks can do very well, as no one knows what is going on. This would have been Byron Katie up to maybe 10 years ago, as you can see in the suppressed out-of-print books from that time.

But the New Byron Katie might be a version 5.0.
She is doing very advanced methods, and doing them very well, and its almost totally concealed, and ambiguous. (this is why her past books were suppressed, as they conflict in certain areas with the newer approach)
On top of that, she markets her Story that she is some type of mystical Savant, and acts like she has no idea of what she is doing.
So she taps into people's spiritual and religious impulses, as well as psychological areas, depression, anxiety, sexual and relationships, health, money, and anything else.
On top of that she carefully engineers people into basically "worshipping" her, when verbally she may say the opposite. She likes to play those opposites, not only in marketing.
These folks learned that if people know you are doing persuasion, or hypnotherapy, they will resist to a much greater degree. But if they have no idea you are doing that, there is almost no resistance.
On top of that, she engineers passivity and acceptance into her subjects, right from the start.

So its not easy to see at first glance, and requires some homework, like studying more obvious people who do similar things.
But there are going to be more Byron Katie 5.0 coming along, that is for sure. Its a brilliant insight. Because there is no licenses, then there is no responsibility.
The audience has no idea of the persuasion methods, so there is little resistance.
And its all done under a veil of plausible deniability. If a journalist, if there are any left, ever does some research, then its easy to deny everything and anything, as its all designed with a double-meaning, and is also done in the manner of a Spiritual Savant.

Regular folks are not aware that people who do this type of persuasion hypnotherapy, spend months and years writing, and refining their inductions, which are their STORIES. All of Byron Katie's stories are a type of induction. And notice, she tells people to drop their stories, so she plays that opposite again.

Thankfully, even if people can't see the specifics and the techniques in her Magick, people generally know when their chain is being jerked.
Why are Byron Katie "fans" so fanatical? Why are their websites full of every word she says?
Why are they "in love" with her, and copying her language patterns?
Its all designed.

A guy like Werner Erhard was more like a 3.0, he still tried to present himself as being "smart" and knowing what he is talking about.
But the new method, is like Byron Katie, and some other current Mysterians, is far more powerful and subtle.
Version 1.0 people were the ones with shaved heads banging drums in the airport.
Version 5.0 wear pantsuits, and play Savant, and pretend they have no idea of what they are doing, when in fact they run their companies like any other CEO behind the scenes.

Those who have worked closely with the Anti-Guru at many events, would start to see this eventually. But it really is a brilliant performance.

There will be many more new age Version 5.0 Savant Guru's to come, that is for sure.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 19, 2009 10:15PM

Greetings to Our Silent Readers--Beware the Trolls Even When Brining Gifts, such as URL links to Useful Sites

A professor of ours said, 'Every story has one extra character who is never mentioned in the text, but is part of that story.."

'The reader'.

Those who never publish are nevertheless participants on this thread and it may be that you, collectively, may be the intended target audience.

What follows is especially for you...our silent readers.

First...I refuse to use the term 'lurker.' To 'lurk' has a perjorative connotation. It conveys meanings such as waiting concealed to spy or plan an ambush.

Trolls are lurkers rather than the silent readers.

Silent readers are often students. Scholars. Eager to learn. Or you are trying to break free from a particular leader or group and have come here to get tools for liberation.


Be on your guard. It may be that you, silent students, are the ones being targeted by trolls, especially those who profess skepticism and suddenly do 180 degree turnarounds
(Turnaround is a significant term and behavior in BK-Land) by providing useful links.

Its hard to feel skeptical when someone gives us the gift of useful information.

But as was said in the Iliad--'I fear the Greeks, even when they do bring gifts.'

This was said after the Greeks had waged war on the City of Troy, then they seemed to lose interest in the war, and departed, leaving the giant horse.

Some Trojans, wary after long years of war, gave that warning--'Fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts.'

Others were gullible and thought the horse (which was full of Greek commandos) was a sacred offering that would bring luck to the city.

The gullible ones prevailed, brought the Horse into the city, past its defensive walls. That night, the commandoes left the horse and after opening the gates, the rest of the Greek army came in and destroyed the city.

Anticult wrote:


There are some mind-games being played here. Say one thing in one post, and the opposite in the next post. (road-rage, for example).

IMO this is a more sophisticated form of 'programmed confusion.'

I would call it The 'Skepticism Wiggle'

Posing as a skeptic and providing some helpful information about cult busting in general can be an effective disguise for concealing a much longer term strategy to support a particular guru by sowing confusion.

This will not do much to distract those of us who have long term experience on this thread, and know the troll patterns. We're the hard cases. Persons who budget their energy carefully dont waste it on hard cases who wont be convinced.


It may be that the target audience is...(are) the silent readers who dont correspond on the message board but who do come here and read what has already been published.

These silent participants may be the intended target audience of the 'Skepticism Wiggle'.

Bacteria and viruses that do not trigger an immediate response from the immune system can penetrate far more deeply into a compromised hosts body and take up residence in lymph nodes and bone marrow--areas where it is difficult for the hosts immune system to detect and remove pathogens.

(eg as in the Trojan Horse)

An infection of this kind that does not trigger an immediate reaction from the immune system can later make the person far more ill, than a pathogen that does elicit an immediate and efficient reaction from the immune system.

In the latter scenario the infected host may never feel sick at all, or has just a one or two day case of the blahs before making a complete and prompt recovery.

So lets be mindful of something that we may not have been fully aware of earlier:

Our consituency of Silent Readers--the invisible important characters in this ongoing epic.

It may be the Silent Readers are being targeted far more than those of us who publish here.

Silent Readers, Students, Freedom Fighters...

We salute you.

Do know you are considered important targets and keep your minds alert.

You are the citizens of Troy, atop the walls of your minds.

It may seem this thread on is under seige. are part of the battle.

As spectators you are actually participants, because The Other Side wants you to become confused.

You do not have to allow this to happen.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Meadow ()
Date: March 19, 2009 11:26PM

Ken Keyes wrote a lot of books about the 'science of happiness' and apparently began claiming in the last years of his life that he lived in a state of permanent happiness. His apparently turbulent emotional life (he was divorced three or four times!) tells a different story!

Parallel to Katie's story you mean? Stephen Mitchell being husband #3.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and former members, Ex-BK
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 20, 2009 03:10AM

hey, can I made a suggestion?

No question, this thread has attracted "trolls" from BKland at times, and this is irritating, and its also disturbing for people trying to deal with this stuff. Its not easy.
Look at that new blog by Janaki, she was in the Katie rabbit hole for over a decade, and even now is only starting to come out of it, partly!
She still seems to frame her reality in BK terms, as she calls the blog "Just another Story". People are thankful she has spoken out, but at the same time we can be aware she is still using the bogus Katie terminology to define reality. Contrary to what BK teaches, there is such at thing as certain things being more "true" than others. there are such things as Facts. Katie knows this of course, read her contracts to know the Truth of Byron Katie. That ain't no Story, those contracts are reality.

Also, some people post, who might just be "confused", and not understand the complex LGAT stuff yet. Some people think Byron Katie is just some talking-head or writer, and not understand how her system works. So that is at play as well.

anyway, this forum is moderated, so if there are any serious BK "trolls" who wanted to mess things up, they know they can't.

So its impossible to know anyone's real intent when posting only in text.
And its healthy to be skeptical.
and there will always be some who try to disrupt this thread, either by design, or by accident.

So the suggestion is just to stay focussed on the Byron Katie methods and technology.
The new Janaki blog has a lot of important information that needs to be analyzed. She also states that her blog was twice as long, and she deleted all the stories that made Katie "look bad". That makes sense, there is much more to all of this.
So lots of info here to analyze. Maybe she will post or release more info, to help people?

Also, there is the Ken Keyes info above to look into.

One wonders, are there other blogs out there, which are telling the truth about Byron Katie that have not been mentioned?

For example, there is this one..

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Re: Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell, Vicki Chang, marriage divorce?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 20, 2009 04:05AM

So much of what Stephen Mitchell says does not add up.

For example, in the email quote below, he denies that Byron Katie studied Ken Keyes material in the Halfway-House.
How does he know? Was Stephen Mitchell there in 1986? Was he also hiding under Byron Katies bed in 1986? (she says she slept on the floor anyway, with no bed...Stephen Mitchell doesn't even seem to remember that part of the official Story!)

What about the therapist Hannah that Byron Katie studied under at the halfway house? What about all the courses she took, and meditation classes?

Stephen Mitchell says he met Byron Katie in 1999? Is that correct?
In this thread someone asked which year he got divorced from his previous wife Vicki Chang? Here is a product from 2001, that states he was still married to Vicki Chang.
"He is married to Vicki Chang, an acupuncturist, herbalist, and healer."
So what year did he get divorced from Vicki Chang?
do a search for:

"stephen mitchell" "vicki chang"

So how does he know what Byron Katie was doing for 13 years previously? These other folks know what Katie was up to, more than he does. They were there longer than he was.

Also, he says that Katie doesn't read books. total self-conscious BS.
Read the PDF ebook of A Cry In The Desert, which is online.
In that book, its mentioned that Byron Katie studied a Course In Miracles as well. []
A Cry In The Desert was published in 1996, and then the book was killed. Why? Because they rewrote her Official Story, to try and say she doesn't read books and is a Savant, when in fact the book she self-published, gave a lot of detail about the books and methods she studied! That is why they killed that book.

His comments below about how stunningly original The Work is are beyond laughable. There is nothing original about it, except in the advertising. The 4 Questions are just about creating Doubt in people's minds and throwing people off-balance into Dissociation. And the Turnaround is simply polarized thinking, which is very unhealthy. Its actually a Checkmate, meant to destabilize people in shame and guilt and confusion, and making them turn more towards Byron Katie.

On top of all this, he goes around onstage, saying that Byron katie never gets angry, or whatever. Its just smoke and mirrors, and salesmenship, trying to play-act that Byron Katie is some type of spiritual Savant, which she is not.
And they are literally making millions.

Watch out for Stephen Mitchell.

The Anticult
This passage shows what a conscious manipulator Stephen Mitchell is, trying to pretend that Byron Katie doesn't read books, what a joke, what a scam. Just bold-faced BS, right in your face..

Read this thread, and it shows how in the suppressed Byron Katie book, A CRY IN THE DESERT, they talk in detail about how Byron Katie studied A Course In Miracles, and many other programs and methods. That is why they killed that book.
The PDF of the book A Cry In The Desert is online as a PDF, and can be downloaded, anyone can check for themselves.

He even admits that someone at the Halfway House had given her Ken Keyes material. Whoops!
Interesting words Stephen Mitchell chose...

...liar and rip-off artist.


Another quote from the Janaki-Byron Katie saga:


After these emails, I spoke with my friend from the Muktananda days, the one who first introduced me to Katie, and I told him what had happened between Katie and me. He said, "And she got most of The Work from the Course in Miracles, because they were all reading that in the halfway house, that is where the turnarounds come from. She also told us that she was reading books by Ken Keyes when she was at the halfway house."

I had never heard that name before and I became curious. I Googled him, and learned that Ken Keyes had a personal growth center in the 70's in Oregon. I found some quotes by him on the internet, that could have been Katie quotes. Quotes like, "A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world; everyone you meet is your mirror." and "Everyone and everything around you is your teacher." and "I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now-unless I am letting my consciousness be dominated by demands and expectations based on the dead past or the imagined future".

I became more curious and ordered some of his books. I was amazed. He called his process The Inner Work. He worked with worksheets that consist of 6 uncompleted sentences. I found a list of all the questions that are on the worksheet from The Work: I want, I need, he should, what I never want to happen again. I also found some of the questions, especially the 3rd question was literal, including the answers that are given to that question. I found the turnarounds, exactly the way they are done in The Work. And there was a lot more.

I scanned everything that is relevant to The Work into a pdf document and sent it to Katie. I emailed her: "Recently someone told me that you were reading books by Ken Keyes Jr., while you were at the halfway house. Having read several of his books, I put together this document, since it is highly confusing to me. The confusing part being that you always told us that you never had any teachers, or read any books, and the fact that it says on your bio on your website that: "Katie's process of self-inquiry, called The Work, didn't develop from this experience; she says that it woke up with her, as her, that February morning in 1986. Would you please explain this?"

Katie replied with, "As to the Ken Keyes pages, I love that there are so many ways of saying the same thing as we all journey through our own experiences. I think the big difference is the four questions and turnarounds. That is The Work."

Stephen also wrote me a note, "P.S. from Stephen: Dear Janaki, My goodness! Anyone who knows Katie knows that she doesn't read books. Furthermore, even if someone had been with her at the halfway house, even if that someone had given her homework assignments from Ken Keyes, how could he know that she actually read the books? Was he hiding underneath Katie's bed? It must be painful to believe that Katie is a liar and a rip-off artist. In addition to the Keyes books, I could find a hundred books on spirituality or cognitive psychology where there are echoes of Katie's words. And I could find even clearer echoes in the words of the Buddha. But nowhere are there the four questions and turnarounds, which are The Work. If you can't see Katie's astounding originality from comparing the passages that you sent in the pdf, then you're not seeing very clearly, in my opinion.

Very surprised, very amused, and with love, Stephen"

I answered him with, Hi Stephen, Painful? No. Confused? Yes. That is why I asked. If it were just echoes, I probably wouldn't be confused. Liar and rip-off artist are your words, not mine. I love that you are amused. Janaki

I let Katie know exactly who had given me the Ken Keyes information. After that, I received an email from my friend, saying that upon reflecting, he and his wife could not confirm that Katie had actually told them she read the Ken Keyes books. But that back in the early days, they kept pointing out the similarities to her, between Keyes' work and her own.

I never got a response to my answers to her email.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: Pilot ()
Date: March 20, 2009 05:47AM

It seems Janaki is updating her blog and rewriting bits, a new post "notes from Janaki" admits as much. I wish she would go ahead and spill the beans thoroughly. She's already getting hit with followers telling her she hasn't done enough "work". meh, if anybody has done it to death it's her, sounds like, she started her own modified version of it with the corporate training stuff and bk decided to rein her in, why?? bk is a megalomaniac. maybe some other of her long time followers who do a lot of "volunteering" will pipe up now that Janaki has opened the door.
she can't be the only one who got burned like that.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and former members, Ex-BK
Posted by: quackdave ()
Date: March 20, 2009 08:01PM

The Anticult

One wonders, are there other blogs out there, which are telling the truth about Byron Katie that have not been mentioned?

For example, there is this one..

Thanks, TAC. That's some very interesting, and heartening, reading. It appears that there are some folks out there who are being careful about their identity, but telling their story boldly. Did you just find it in the usual Googling fashion?


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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 20, 2009 11:02PM

Pilot, I owe you an apology. I let myself get rattled, after the troll visits weve had.

Your directing us to Janaki's blog has been a huge, huge, help.

This is the saddest thing about troll attacks. It leads us (certainly me) to get nervous and then hit out at friends.


This says a very great deal:


Perfect & Untouchable

Katie says, ‘I am here for your projection’, and ‘I am what it looks like on the other side’ (of doing The Work), and ‘You are what is left of my story’.

For me this always meant that she had risen above and beyond all earthly vices and negative emotions (she has become perfect and untouchable). If she is here for our projection, it surely must mean that she no longer projects herself.

If she is what it looks like on the other side, it surely must mean that I still have a long way to go, since I am nowhere near that point.

Then she would also say, ‘It’s not called The Work for nothing’.

So in all appearances, I still had a lot to do.

This is being reinforced by Katie’s stories about her personal life in A Thousand Names for Joy and in the various Katie-isms booklets and newsletters.

It paints a picture of a woman who is never unhappy, who has no negative emotions left and who can deal with any situation in a peaceful way, because she is the living example of Loving What Is.

I have heard Katie say several times (on stage), that she hasn’t been angry ever since her awakening experience. To prove this she will ask Stephen who sits on the front row, ‘honey, have you ever seen me angry?’. His answer is always the same, ‘No, I haven’t’.

In private, I have rarely seen Katie go in and make turnarounds. Not with any of the feedback she ever gave me, or with any of the feedback I ever gave her.

If I would give her feedback, she would immediately call me on the turnaround and want examples.

She told me in her feedback that there was a smelly flavor in the way I compare myself to other trainers, yet she says The School is unlike any other school on the planet.

Is this not a comparison?

I have seen Katie get irritated and angry at people.

I have seen her stressed out.

I have seen how she doesn’t stay in her business, every time she gave me feedback, she went into mine. I have heard her defend, justify and explain. I have often seen her as someone who goes into a story and doesn’t question it. I have experienced how she believes the stories reported back to her by her staff members and doesn’t question those stories, or checks with the person involved.

Note: 'I am here for your projection'--THIS IS FUCKING CREEPY.

Note: Janaki was exposed to her first guru by living at an ashram when she was 14. Then she lived in the Muktananda ashram during final years of Muk's life.

It was only too easy for BK to fill that 'guru shaped hole', left after Muk had died.

It is interesting that Janakis friend stated that BK loved to hear stories about Baba (Muktananda).

It may be that if you can get a person talking about guru stories, its a very quick way to access their deep structure, their DOS.

And...remember, according to Stuart Resnicks website, Baba Muktananda was friend with Werner Erhard of EST, and Stuart claimed that Muk had incorporated EST tech into his 'intensives.' So Janaki had been on the recieving end of some mightily potent guru imprinting--by a guru who had then died, leaving her with a guru shaped hole...into which someone else could easily step in, if that person knew what to guess.

From Chapter 02 of Janaki's blog


02 - Meeting Katie


Meeting Katie

Katie and I have a very close friend in common. My friend and I were both part of Baba Muktananda’s staff in the late 70’s and early 80’s. After Muktananda died in 1982, I went back to Holland and my friend and I stayed in regular touch with each other.
In 1995 he told me the story of a woman he had heard about. He told me that she was from a desert town in California, and once when she was sleeping on the floor of an attic room, a cockroach crawled over her foot. When she woke up, she was everything and nothing at the same time. He told me that it reminded him of the state described in Kashmir Shaivism, that Baba always used to talk about.
I remember him telling me this story, and that I failed to see the point of the cockroach.

Then Janaki met BK in Amsterdam: (also chapter 2)


When I got to the house in Amsterdam, I found myself in someone’s living room with about 20 people I didn’t know and didn’t want to know. I realized that I had come to the workshop after all. I was just coming out of a period of a severe depression, and socializing wasn’t my strong point in those days.

I was into Native American stuff. I made dream catchers, painted medicine shields, practiced shamanic journeying and was dressed in full Native American attire: coats and boots with fringes, long hair with feathers, braids and beads and of course a hat.

I met Katie. She looked wonderful. Round face, lovely smile and of course those radiant blue eyes. I didn’t know what to say to her. Before the program started we sat close to each other, there was a buzz going on in the room, as people were still coming in and getting their tea. Our eyes met and locked. Very slowly it appeared as if everything around me slowed down and then came to a full stop. Like in a movie, when they do a flash back of someone’s dream. The noises faded into the background and the room started to fall away. Then everything else started to fall away, her face, her body, everything except the eyes. We stayed like that to what appeared a timeless moment, and it probably lasted for at least 15 minutes.

We got worksheets, and I filled one out. Didn’t know what to write on, or how. I wrote on my throat, but it didn’t feel like anything. Katie started to speak. She was saying things I had never heard before, and her words resonated deeply. She said, ‘life is not about making money, or having a relationship… it is about finding truth’. My world fell from underneath my feet. Of course, that’s it! I had been struggling for so many years with precisely those things, and now I heard that they were not what my life was about. It felt like a huge turning point, and a great relief.

During lunch she asked me if I wanted to go for a walk, and so we did. We walked the streets of Amsterdam. Again, I didn’t know what to say to her. In the distance a woman was approaching. She took my arm. ‘Look’, she said, ‘look at her’, as we walked towards her. ‘Sometimes there is a gate’. I looked and the woman didn’t look back at us. We passed her. ‘Ok, she said, this time there wasn’t a gate’.
My friend had told me that she loved to hear stories about Baba, so I told her about my life with him, about my love and devotion for him. He had told us that after his death we would never miss him, because he would merge with our hearts. And it felt true. But I told her how I had loved his physical form, and how I missed having that. She stopped and turned to me. Her face very close to mine. She looked into my eyes and put her hand on my cheek and she said: ‘my thought is, I am here now’.
A shock went through me. What was she saying? I didn’t understand.

That afternoon in the workshop, Katie was speaking. I was sitting on the floor, staring at her beautiful face. I can’t remember what she said, but I know I had never heard such words before. They were like a healing for my soul, which had felt in pain for as long as I can remember.

At some moment tears were flowing down my cheeks. Katie noticed and said, ‘What’s the sound of it?’ Something stirred way down below, in the region of my toes, and wanted to surface. I pushed it down. No way was I going to give in to this in a room full of strangers.

She kept saying this a couple of times, ‘what’s the sound of it?’, and I kept pushing it down. Then she straightened her back and said, ‘I haven’t been in her presence for a long time’. All hell broke loose inside of me.

In that moment Katie became Baba Muktananda incarnate, and I was back with my Guru.

The floodgates opened and tears poured, it felt like they had been sitting there, waiting for this precise moment, for years and years. Along with the tears the sound came, it was a deep wailing and sobbing. It didn’t come from my toes, it came from far beyond my toes. I fully let go. Along with the tears and the wailing, of course there was the spit and the snot that also poured out. I lost full control.

It was as if in that moment a lot of pent up pain, sadness and rage came out.



Chapter 41 'Conclusions' Janaki wrote


Perhaps I will lose friends over this publication, perhaps people will throw The Work back at me, perhaps people will feel offended. I don’t know. It is not my intention to offend anyone. I do know that I need to tell this, and somehow, in the writing of this, many things were seen through.

It seems to me that people don’t give Katie feedback anymore. Perhaps it is to protect all their invested time, energy, devotion and money. Perhaps they are afraid of her. I understand this only too well, I have been in that position myself. I also understand the fear, it runs deeper than most would care to admit, or even understand why. What comes to mind here is the tale of the emperor’s clothes.

This story may indicate that there is a gap between the Katie personality in front of an audience and the woman Katie in private. Perhaps I am telling tales out of school, but Katie addresses every audience as ‘my family’, and she says she has no secrets.

People seem to attribute many qualities to Katie, some of them being wisdom and insight. Qualities that are being attributed to many gurus, teachers and masters, and this keeps us firmly locked in the role of the seeker or the follower, emphasizing the fact that they have reached a place that we still need to reach.

I don’t know if Katie has a wisdom and an insight, and not because I can’t know that, but simply because I don’t believe that anyone does.

These concepts are often seen as possessions that some have and some others don’t, and in my opinion they aren’t possessions. I know that stuff comes out of my mouth which may often sound very clear, and I also know that it isn’t mine.

It has nothing to do with me. it has nothing to do with something that I ‘learned’ or ‘understood’ or a wisdom I might possess, it simply comes out. Like the air that comes out of my mouth, which has the same value as the words: nothing.

During the first meeting with Katie, it appeared that she made a reference to either being Muktananda, or pretending to be, or being one with him. I never fully understood.

For many years I was very overwhelmed by what she had said during that first meeting. It made me feel special, and it certainly made Katie seem special. Once I asked her what that was all about, and she said, ‘Well… I was only telling the truth..’.
The process of writing this story was like riding a roller coaster of emotions, much like what happened in the very beginning when I started doing The Work. There was anger, bitterness, and sadness, but also a sense of freedom, of being on my own, of not being dependent and of not needing to hold back anymore.

I never fully got to hear from Katie why she threw me out. Her list of reasons seemed petty, and we never actually spoke to each other about all of this, so there is a sense of something being unfinished.

But then something occurred to me. She appears to have an issue with ‘mine’.

She said, this is my pizza, Emmaplein is mine, I introduced you to my daughter, you stroke up a friendship with my publisher, the domain names are mine, Tony Parsons also has my state.

And then a thought arose in me, perhaps Katie thought, Europe is mine… and The Work is mine…

And I can’t know that this is true.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
- Byron Katie

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: March 20, 2009 11:15PM

I second that apology. I feel deeply appreciative that Pilot has contributed some incredibly helpful information. Who knows how many people will be helped by it. Especially those who have "worked" for Byron Katie, as Janaki did, and got deeply burned.

Thank you so much, Pilot.

Pilot, I owe you an apology. I let myself get rattled, after the troll visits weve had.

Your directing us to Janaki's blog has been a huge, huge, help.

This is the saddest thing about troll attacks. It leads us (certainly me) to get nervous and then hit out at friends.

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