Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Talamasca ()
Date: August 16, 2008 09:45AM


Here is a link to some information about the Jesus Christians in Kenya, from the cult's own website:


The Quakers are good people. In Australia, they realized that the Jesus Christians had infiltrated them, so they threw them out. The Quakers in Kenya do not seem to have realized that they are being used by this cult and at the moment they are working with them. I think this is going to change very soon.

Please do not think the Quakers are bad people. They are good people, but some of them do not realize that they have been infiltrated by a cult.

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: Blackhat ()
Date: August 16, 2008 04:51PM

Wise advice suggests that it is useless trying to communicate with the Jesus Christians.

But the Jesus Christians have always responded quickly to postings on this forum.

Wise advice suggests that the Jesus Christians will stop talking about something when proved wrong.

But I have still not had a response to my question.

Did the Jesus Christians get the name wrong when hounding Kirstie about "Bernie", when they were referring to an incident concerning the name "Bettina"?

Of course, if the incident involved Dave posing as Bettina from an email address he had access to, then that would explain Cherry saying that they had proof about Kirstie lying, but could not produce it.

Cherry posted:
"BTW, her statement that she has never tried to contact Berni is quite false, but we won't go into details on how we know that. We don't have to prove how we know that Kirstie has been deceiving us, and she should not have to go into details with her side."


Have those who have accused someone of prevaricating been guilty of identity fraud?

We like Jesus?

What does that exactly mean?

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: omondi ()
Date: August 17, 2008 06:49PM

thank you talamasca for the informatin of jesus christian cult in kenya. the website you give me is from jesus christian? it look like they were doing good works to get people to like the jesus christian cult and to join them. i am going to keep reading information about them and will tell my friends to not join the cult. someone call cherry talk of joseph going out of kenya. who is joseph? is he the cult leader in kenya of jesus chrsitain? and who is kate? there are many names on that website. i have not finish with this rick ross forum about jesus christian but after i finish i can look at the other website to get more information. it is true that the good works they are doing in kenya looks like a good thing for us kenyans. only if it is to trick people then it is bad but if the information about the good works is true it can be good because we need to have good works in kenya because it is not an easy place and especially because of post election violence now we have many idp camps full of kikuyus. with me the kikuyus can go back to central province because this place in nyanza is for the luo tribe but the violence is not good. only if they can go with peace it could be better. but kibaki stole the elections and made all the problems. only that now we have raila for pm and we are waiting for him to help his people. jesus christian was election monitor? did it work with the EU or UN? did they have permision to do the election monitor?

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: August 19, 2008 02:54AM

Dear Omondi,

By way of introduction, I was one of the original members of the Jesus Christians (December 81 - June 85) and let me confirm to you that as you already intimate ("it look like they were doing good works to get people to like the jesus christian cult and to join them").....David McKay purposely uses "good works" as a marketing strategy.....

The recent organ harvesting for media attention being another more recent such example (...and what of course David made out it all for himself, in "personal cost reimbursement" .....that the indiviudals concerned garnered)

In my time it was free community work and project work in India (very similar to the current activities in Kenya) that were the "Christian example" David employed to somehow make the prospect of being in subservience to him seem "justified".....David is utterly dishonest and only intends these activities as "outreach" ( my day, once the cameras and any media stopped, any "free" community work quietly drew to a close....)

David is psychopathically devoted to nothing other than his own self-worship, and the scriptural fantasy that this is clothed with is only so much make-believe!

If I may be so bold, could I ask you how I might best go about contacting Betty's father "Fred" in Kenya (you can of course privately message me on this web-site).....Fred of course being a parent who has investigated(and commenced!) legal action against the Jesus Christians in Kenya....I would appreciate discussing the basis of this case with him some time.....and of course I do like to travel so......I'd relish dropping in on him, more personally!!

The "Joseph" you inquire of would be none other than Joe Johnson, the young man from America, misled into membership a couple of years ago, whose parents, David is attempting to intimidate into silence with bogus legal claims against them, and thus also bully any other parents into submission ( a replay of Russia's strategy with Georgia....(sigh!) do all the worlds demagogues and would-be-demagogues have to be so patently transparent in their wicked machinations.....!!!)

...I apologize for not writing in response to your earlier remarks......however I have been being distracted by the delightful streetscapes of Helsinki in recent times!!

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: August 19, 2008 06:59AM

It has taken me some time to decide on what to do about this, and I have decided to reply in a public fashion. Omondi, please forgive me for not responding to your recent PM queries. I hate to ignore anybody like that, and do not take it personally. Please understand that it is my general policy in matters related to this affair not to communicate privately with people that I do not know, not until a relationship of some kind and consequent trust develops. So I will not reply to your PMs or write you anywhere other than in public. No offense. Do not be insulted by this. It's just that I figured it'd be rude not to address you at all, and so I am writing here.

McKay and his people are full of dirty tricks and nothing would surprise me anymore coming from them. If you want to work to further undermine them in Kenya, then I encourage and salute you on that but please be very careful. Do not underestimate their capacity to be elusive and paranoid. There is a wealth of information about the JCs out in public now and you should take the time to go through it and then take it from there in Kenya. I do not know how I could help you privately because practically everything I know about them I have put in the public domain. In other words, there's nothing I know about them that you can't know too, if you take the time to do the research. Anything you are able to find out from where you are, you should report on here. It'd be good to have an "operative" in Kenya also. If you are really serious about going after them in Kenya then you'll figure out who's who, pertinent background data, and all that.

May God bless you. Signing off,


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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: August 19, 2008 11:27AM

Dear Omondi,

May I also encourage you in any intention that you may have to participate in the efforts to expose (and hopefully charge?)David of the "benefits" of becoming involved is the opportunity you will have to mix with the wonderful people engaged here...!

I've been fortunate enough to have occasionally been able to meet up in person with some of the individuals involved.....lovely people,....thoughtful and percepetive....the quality of those who are in opposition to McKay speaks volumes in itself, alone....

You'll find that David seeks to "dehumanize" his opponents (please refer to the recent anti-Kristie pogram on the JC site)... a ploy that of course says much more about him than it does those he seeks to will need to be aware of the fact that NOTHING they state may have any factual basis, whatsoever....they have an absolutist doctrine which "justifies" (to themsleves) disobeying Christ (e.g. fraud, blackmail, slander, larceny) in order to somehow "promote" Christ (..ultimately joining them IS "obediance" to the Gospel in their eyes!).....there would be absolutely no hesitation among them to deceive you ("consciences seared by a hot iron" if you are familiar with the scripture)....

De-"animal"izing David the brute and his oafish minions is the theoretical goal.....however those who choose to wilfully commit the unforgiveable sin ("blaspheming the Holy Spirit" having no qualms about any lies they utter or dishonesty they perputate) may never be capable of being anything other than the Godless self-righteous and (literally!) self flagellating Pharisees, that they have become.

"Living by Faith" (suing the parents of members, hocking each others organs, eating trash?) and "Working for Love" (where there's a camera to record them!) are the platitudes (stolen by McKay from David BERG some 40 years ago) that they will endavour to hide behind. With a little scriptural research, you will be able to see through them with ease....

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: August 19, 2008 12:01PM

I ought to know better than to post again today, but feel compelled to give our new Kenyan acquaintance a heads' up. So, I did some reading on Takatifu Gardens and look at this:


Takatifu Gardens

Be a part of different projects, though the main focus at the moment is a reading program in some of the local schools. Apart from the reading program at the schools we sometimes also organize a running club for local kids and have regular visits to an orphanage in Kakamega.

Anyone wishing to volunteer and participate is welcome. There are no fees you need to pay to participate, and we provide free shared accomodation and meals to all volunteers.Those who are able are welcome to contribute something towards the costs of food, etc, but there is no pressure to do so.

We are a mixture of International and Kenyan volunteers. Our community centre is fairly comfortable, having running cold water (rain water), solar power, a big communal kitchen, a communal hall and chill out area.

Takatifu Gardens is a community centre located 15km from Kakamega, in Western Kenya, not far from the popular Kakamega Forest, a preserved area of natural rainforest. The Centre was started in early 2006 through a joint effort of Kenyans and Australians and welcomes both international and local volunteers to come, stay and assist with various voluntary projects in the local community.

No-one at Takatifu Gardens is paid for their work. We are all volunteers working together as equal members of a team. But we do provide food to volunteers and whenever possible accommodation.

We ask those who are able, to contribute something towards their living expenses.


E-mail: or Frankllin at

Notice that first email address. I do not know if it is still good, but the last time I checked, that's one of Rob's email addresses. ROBIN DUNN is this person's name, and he has been with David McKay for 25-odd years. So, he is one of the contact persons for Takatifu Gardens, huh? I almost cannot believe that I found this. Also be aware of CHRISTINE (MCKAY) DUNN, Rob's wife, as well as FRAN GONZALEZ (sp?) and his wife KIM. They are in Kenya too. I am not certain as to what other JCs are in Kenya at present, but it seems like they are always traveling in and out of there. You may want to keep your eyes on Takatifu Gardens (if you can) over the next several months and see what you may find out as to who among the JCs may be there. I am sure that the other volunteers there may be interested to know who they are working alongside and who the JCs are associated with, and the Takatifu Quakers would like to know who they have been infiltrated by. After all, you cannot pass the information to the contact person and hope to warn Takatifu, as the contact person is one of the infiltrators! So Rob's one of the people who deals with the public on behalf of Takatifu Gardens? You may want to look into that, start there, Omondi. Franandkim? I almost didn't catch that. In other words, Omondi, if you write Takatifu Gardens to warn them of the JCs in their midst, and if you write the contact person mentioned in their literature, then you'll probably be writing to a Jesus Christian. So you'll have to go another route.

This page has names, addresses, phone numbers, everything.


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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: August 20, 2008 06:38PM

OH MY GOD!! The chance of a LIFETIME!!

The following email has been posted off to roving wombat.....of course I'll get a polite and prompt reply.....otherwise the management of Takafitu Gardens may find their participation in called into question......

Dear R(oving) W(ombat),

I'd be interested to hear more of your program and know more of how I might participate. I have seen your details on and elsewhere.

I hold a Masters in Linguistics, Grad. Dip in Planning and Design a Masters of Arts (with studies in three languages Hindi, Indonesian and Arabic) and have completed most of one of the CELTA programs offered by one of the franchises to Cambidge University, (I'm aiming to complete the course or a similar qualification within the next 12 months), hence basically instruct in accordance with that programs pedagogy.

I've taught English as a foreign language to all age ranges, from kindergarden through to adults, in the positions of both class and individual tuition, for approximately nine years now and am able to produce references to that effect from a couple of local primary schools and one of the nearby universities. I would have to be one of the most qualified individuals you would have ever been approached by, for the type of work that you say that do.

I have travelled frequently over the course of my years and am very accustomed to the trials of settling into new positions overseas that are also located in fairly spartan circumstances. Hence I don't think that working in Kenya would prove a difficult adjustment for me.

I admire your aims of providing English instruction to youth in countries, where the national government is hard pressed to provide it. As you would no doubt agree already agree, English, for better or worse, has become a passport to career and life opportunities. I believe that it is very important that programs such as yours are encouraged and supported.

I am aware that there is some nature of "religious" body behind your English instruction program. I would prefer not to be involved in any religious duties, and I assume that in accord with any obligations that you would have agreed to originally in advertising on that you would not oblige or pressure me in any way to participate in the matters of your own faith.

I'd only really be interested in the instruction of the Kenyan youth (and adults?) that you teach and in other general community work, you are engaged in. (My basket ball skills are poor, although I'm willing to learn. I'm a reasonable runner for my age, although my preference would be to teach roller-blading!)

I love travelling and would adore the chance to see Kenya, if not a little more of Africa at the same time.

I'd like some more details of exactly who and how you teach. (You mention a "Reading Program". Are you instructing in the manner of inter-active tuition as recommended by Professor Waring?. My preference would be to fly over for a month sometime (this coming January or February?....I can afford to do this, it's just a matter of finding time off work!) for a trial period beforehand, prior to actually committing myself to a year with you. Would you have any problem with that?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Malcolm Wesley Wrest

20th August 2008

Numbers, numbers, weight, division....

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Posted by: cultmalleus ()
Date: August 20, 2008 08:39PM

Good luck, Malcolm, but there are lots of other volunteer opportunities that seem a lot (sorry, alot) better. Lots of other voluntary opportunities on that site look much more sincere and open in that they are just there to do the job, working for love instead of working for an organisation or an ideology. That whole volunteerism philosophy that has so many multifaceted opportunities looks to be an inspiring way that the invisible Kingdom of Heaven is manifesting. You can come and go from one project to the other in total freedom.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that Takafitu Gardens is just a front for an evangelical fundamentalist religious sect. I hear they are burdened by dictates from a distant leader who is out of touch with the situation yet expects to be obeyed. You would see it on their weary joyless faces, forced to spend hours in pointless emails back and forth justifying every little decision because the leader still treats them like little children. The leaders clumsy interference probably creates more problems than it solves and just leads them away from the real work. I think that Apostate may understand what i'm talking about....

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Re: "Jesus Christians," "Australian cult," Dave McKay
Date: August 20, 2008 11:34PM


W-e-l-l....perhaps you are right Cultmalleus, but you know, I wouldn't want to assume the worst straight away, would I?

.....although of course IF for some reason, they chose not to reply to me at all or did so in a manner deliberately designed to designed to discourage me, then I MIGHT just assume the worst and eventually decide to contact the management of and advise them not to advertise a cult that preys on the idealism of the young by entrapping them in a life where they are paid not a cent to spend the rest of their days, distributing the sorry work of some sick and poisoned mind.....

If you see what I mean....

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