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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: September 19, 2006 10:20AM

They relive their time at the ranch. I pasted it here because of the quote from whillhites book.

Re: I've been reliving our time together at the ranch this week

Hi Bryan! Great to hear you are still growing and glowing in the
light of the 7 experience. I spoke with Melinda last night, and she
is flying out today for the final circle, I believe. Tell her "hey"!

I finished Tom Willhites book "Path to Liberty" recently. Toward the
end (page 204)he says "What we need to do is keep the thoughts and
attitudes the same as the day we finished that last class. Each
morning when I wake up, I like to imagine that the class was just
yesterday. Positive and warm feelings flood into my conciousness. I
feel revived, refreshed and ready to get on with it." It seems like
you are living in this spirit. I hope you are going to MLS. You are
already a fine leader, but I'm sure there are great growth
opportunities for us there as well.

The week at PSI7 was awesome, realizing we were all a part of each
other, and having the closeness and love grow in each of us was
excellent growth. However, what I seem to reflect on just as much or
more was my re-introduction into the "normal" world. At the ranch we
were one. Going outside of this awesome sense of togetherness,
peace, and excitment could have been a real culture shock. My
experience coming out was really powerful though. In the airport, I
felt like I was looking into, and becoming a part of everyone I
looked at (actually, I already was, but it never felt this strong
before). I could see them, and feel them at the higher level we
should all have become very aware of by now. They too were a part of
me, and in that open time of brighter colors & light just after
having been opened by the experience of 7, I loved them, and they,
in turn, loved me. That is something I am attempting to allow to
grow in me.

Love you all!!

--- In, "Bryan" <bwtollefson@...> wrote:
> A long-time good friend and co-worker is getting ready to leave the
> ranch this morning and head back into the world, having just
> PSI 7. Every day this week I've found time to pause, look at my
> remember which day it was and picture us all doing it again, as
> has wonder how he and his Team are doing. I can't wait to hear his
> stories.
> My wife, Maria, and I will be in final circle tonight for the San
> Diego Basic to support my friend's wife (he lands too late from
SFO to
> be there) and a couple of othe friends who we've helped find their
> into the seminar. As an added bonus I'll get to see Maika, who's
> auditing the Basic here this week, and perhaps even Melinda - I
> did see whteher or not she was coming out from Amarillo for her
> I hope you are all in a realy good place today. Love and Peace from
> San Diego,
> Bryan

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: September 22, 2006 11:02AM

Ok, has anyone noticed that after leaving their wives and/or husbands the people going to PSI find they can't find that "number 10 relationship" and start using the internet dating services to
to find it? In reviewing some of the groups I find that several of the women turn towards these services and they are having problems. Anyone with thoughts on this subject??

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 02, 2006 12:18AM

Here is another is one talking about their code of ethics. Wonder what the code says about breaking up peoples marraiges/relationships? PSI has no ethics except to make money, no matter what.

--- In, "Ann Passwaters" <ann@...> wrote:

Hello Hawaii PLD Team 206,

This message is a reminder to adhere to the code of ethics you signed
and turned in after first weekend. Every item on it is important for
the integrity of the individual and the welfare of the Team to live by
for the 90 days of play. A few that could damage the Team the worst
are item #4 (no new relationships...), #19 (24 hour rule), and #21 (no
new business partnerships...), however, they are all there for a reason
that has the Team welfare in mind. Please make up your mind to read
this on a regular basis and hold it as your own rule book for the entire
90 days of play.

Thanks & Love,

p.s. remember to read and adhere to #25 as well :-)

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: October 09, 2006 12:11AM

I woke up this morning after deaming of my wife. Not that this was unusual; it was just I felt so sad over the death of my relationship with her because of PSI. I have never felt this bad in all my life. It's been two years and it still hurts. I just wonder how an organization like this, one that 'promotes" peace, can influence the minds of this many people and destroy their lives without any remorse whatsoever. I want to recover from this but it seems that I can't. I must have loved my wife very much; much more than she gave me credit for. Have you ever wished your loved one had never been born, so that you never would have met her just so you wouldn't feel this pain? That's how I feel. She taught me to love and trust her unconditionally; she taught me they were just words. How sad is that?

So thanks to PSI for destroying my life.

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 12, 2006 07:08AM

Sam, I hope you''re ok. That last post is exactly how I feel about my wife. I hope you find peace someday.

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: October 15, 2006 01:06PM

Thanks Steve, I wish the best for you also. I have read your posts and know what you are living though. I wished I could wipe my memory of her away and move on, but it is hard. I guess I am part of the 25 percent that it effects. Take care my friend.

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 16, 2006 11:28AM

He is anyone one who believes she owes PSI her sucess in life.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!
I was being honest, open, passionate, vulnerable and courageous and
it worked...........
Before I walked into the courtroom, I was reflecting on my feelings
and they were exactly the same feelings I had before I climbed the
pole. Anxious, excited, courageous just like sitting at the top of
the [b:3be8160345]rollercoaster [/b:3be8160345]before plummeting down into the loopty-loop.
I had an awesome opening statement, made objections that were
sustained and never felt intimidated by my ex or his family.

Wanted to let you all know that I felt like I had all of you on my
belay rope today! and when the judge came back with her decision, I
was [b:3be8160345]visualizing myself on top of the pole, [/b:3be8160345]breathing, then turning
and waiting for her decision and as she stated that she would grant
me temporary full custody, saw myself jumping for the

Today was a big, giant, huge day for me and I feel like if I can do
this, I can do anything!

Belayers Ready????

Love you all!

Top o the morning to all of you!!!
I thank you for all of the words of encouragement and love and support!
I truly felt all of you in the courtroom with me.
I go back again in December to review the custody situation. I know
that I will retain full custody of my beautiful boys and I know
exactly who to reach out to for support and who I trust completely
with my spiritual "belay" ropes! Team 441!

The weeks since 7 have been very challeging for me. [b:3be8160345]At first, I was
very dissappointed that my life didn't look the way I "expected" it to
when I got back. [/b:3be8160345]Expectations...............what a lesson!

I think a lot of you still don't know that [b:3be8160345]I called of my engagement
about a week after I got back[/b:3be8160345]. It was such a difficult decision, but
the right one. And honestly, I'm so proud of myself that I recognized
I wasn't being true to myself and did something about it. Being
honest and true to myself in romantic relationships is a big challenge
for me................ So, now I can look back at that decision as
completely taking on my life. [b:3be8160345]At the time, I was dissappointed
because I chose to mostly ignore all the little challenges I had
planned on attacking as soon as I got home.[/b:3be8160345]

I also saw this custody issue as a huge problem when it first came
up. The circumstances surrounding it are horrible, at best,
especially for my kids. While watching The Secret, and listening to
the part about how everything I have in my life, I have brought it in,
I felt incredulous. How could I have brought this situation into my
life? [b:3be8160345]I've been sending positive energy into the universe and I
get "this" back?[/b:3be8160345]
Then, it dawned on me. I recently shifted my work schedule around to
prepare for having my boys every other weekend. Starting in January,
I was going to stop working Saturdays. That way I could go back to
court and get every other weekend. I had also started looking at
other ways, besides cutting hair, to make money. I was shifting my
energy and focusing on making room in my life for my kids, [b:3be8160345](like shouldn't she be doing this as a parent anyway?) [/b:3be8160345]so the
universe said "she's ready." So, even though, the events in my life
could be viewed as not so great, they are some of the biggest and most
defining decisions I have ever made. And I have made them from the
So, I AM taking on my life, even though it looks different than I
thought it should!

I love and miss you all! I long for the day when we can be together,
holding hands, listening to music, or passing a candle, or climbing a
wall, or walking arm in arm to our destination. And I know that we
are doing all of this in spirit, but I want real hugs too!!!!

All my love,

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: October 16, 2006 07:42PM


Stop posting personal information such as names and email addresses on this board.

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 19, 2006 10:04AM

rrmoderator, sorry. It won't happen again.

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Help, my wife just returned from PSI 7
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: October 22, 2006 11:57AM

My wife took off shortly after her return from PSI7. We were divorced a year ago. This afternoon, I took my daughters to catch a movie. They are 5 and 2 years old. This whole time, the 5 year old has been very aware of what had been going on, and has even been a bit tough on her mom for leaving. Drawing pictures of all of us together, and the ever so tough, "mom, why dont you just go home?" Well today, as we left the theatre, my 5 year old broke down. I had not seen this from her, and it tore me apart. In a crowded lobby of the theatre, she is crying to me, asking me why mommy was not there with us. Off course all I want to do is join her in her emotions, but I just tried my best to be strong and supportive. I am now on my way to take them to mom,
and I have a knot in my stomach.

All I can think is this person, who I committed myself to, who I trusted, is even content with putting our kids through such trauma. I had a few strong days, but today I feel as if I am back to square one in terms of the grief and pain that I feel.

All I want to do is go to her and tell her how could she be ok with all the suffering, but it will not
hurt. Her constant defense will come out, and it will be ugly.

Now do I tell my daughters that they are victims of PSI SEMINARS? How do I tell them their mother loves her PSI group more than she loves them?

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