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PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: Mary K ()
Date: December 02, 2007 11:50AM

I have been reading the posts on PSI SEMINARS for the past few days and a few things have occurred to me that I'd like to share and put out there as food for thought. There certainly has been a lot to think about lately as my husband left me after returning from PSI7. It makes me so very sad to think I am going to lose my husband to what literally amounts to brainwashing. The first thing I've noticed is that it seems to me that there are certain times of the year when things seem to happen ...inexplicably. It may be coincidence, like the idea that deaths come in threes. But, as strange as that seems to be, I have noticed that it DOES seem to happen. In much the same way, I've noticed that the Holidays seem to be a time when, if some kind of impasse is going to occur in certain marriages, they seem to come during times of celebration. Much like this celebration the group members have while they are away at the RANCH. I know there is no logic behind it; special days where people become introspective and start thinking about their pasts, their lives, wondering what could have been, might have been, should have been and, often, when certain people go there in their minds, they seem to want to ACT. This seems especially true of people who are thinking about leaving their marriages. It’s fascinating and horrifying to me that this Large Group Awareness Training causes these poor souls to lose themselves and in the process they lose their families. I have read so many posts from the people who have lost their spouses, who say that their spouses left saying “this is what’s right for me.” Coincidental? or is it?

I think this compounds the pain for the people who lost their marriages or relationships. There you are, buzzing along in your life, thinking everything is great, planning parties, special nights, vacations, get-togethers with friends, etc. and, then, BAM! Seemingly out of nowhere, here comes your spouse, returning from the PSI Ranch suddenly disillusioned with the whole thing, bored, needing space to find themselves, unhappy for months or years, (nice of them to let you in on it, finally) or they simply just up and leave with no explanation and, consequently, no need to FEEL any of the pain and chaos they've left behind. And, there we are, trying to pick our chins off the floor and return our hearts to the tattered wounds in our chests. It all feels like some nightmare from which there is no waking or some sad movie for which there is never enough tissue handy. We get left on our wedding anniversaries. We get left when someone dies. We get left when we are either in financial crisis, or when we have reached a point when we are financially content. We get left after the purchase of a new house, or when we are close to living in the street. We get left when we are sick. We get left when the spouse is sick and leaves to "protect" us. We get left...I could go on and on. My point is this; we get left when the other person finally exposes him/her self as someone who cannot deal with the realities of life after returning from these ‘courses.”

Seems like the person you stood with at the altar in front of loved ones and uttered words which meant so much to us suddenly develops amnesia or wakes up from this dream-like state they've been living in and, lo and behold, those promises they made become foreign to them, as if they've been watching a movie in another language without the subtitles. While we're all living our lives, feeling secure that the person who impacts our lives the most, receives the most attention from us, shares our beds, our most intimate thoughts and knows our bodies better than we do, have promised us to love and cherish and be there for us in any and ALL circumstances suddenly seems to use some event, like attending this course at the RANCH, usually when we are distracted by the hundreds of tasks we are performing, working toward what we thought was a shared goal... when lightening strikes. All of a sudden, we are not good enough, rich enough, passionate enough, understanding enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, young enough, not working hard enough, are lacking in mind-reading skills or sophisticated enough to realize that life is more than this. THIS. They look around and say to themselves and, if we're lucky, (mostly, we're not) HEY! THIS in not enough! I want more! I want (insert whatever it is they tell you they really want here). And we are thinking, HEY! I've been giving you _________! In that moment, you are not living with what you thought was a mature adult; you have been transported to the checkout counter at Wal-Mart and your spouse is having a temper-tantrum because they want something from the impulse aisle. Why? Because they are intrigued by the newness, the pretty packaging offered by PSI, the surety that they absolutely CANNOT leave the store unless they have that. And, while you are dutifully paying for your practical purchases, they are busy hiding stuff in their pockets. Stuff they don't need. Stuff they will probably tire of soon. Stuff that just ends up clutter for someone else to clean up. And believe me there is stiff to clean up. Stuff they can't afford. In any case, their emotional pockets are crammed with crap they never told you they required, like buying more of these seminars and emptying out your bank accounts. They just realized they needed it and will do anything to get it. No they didn't need it. They either knew all along that they wanted that stuff and were just biding their time until the right time came along to grab it or they sometime along the way saw it and thought about it until they couldn't ignore it anymore and went back and picked it up. But they NEVER give you a chance to give it to them because they don't want you to know that they always want. Want, want, want. As if we don't want too. We're just not in that big a hurry.

These people stampede over us and everyone else in their way, whether they love them or not, to get at that THING they want. A lover? Freedom? Space? A better life? Financial security? Things wrapped in shiny paper with big, colorful, fluffy bows? Makes you just want to smack 'em and tell 'em, hey! Look! I want that stuff, too. I'm just not willing to toss everything else out of the cart to make room for what usually turns out to be a beautifully- wrapped, festively adorned EMPTY BOX! And that’s exactly what PSI Seminars is; an empty box!!!!!!! So, after they've sacrificed everything, and went after what they wanted, had time to open it up, and find out that, in digging around in the box, they find nothing. Nothing. Just air. The same air they had before. I don't know why these things seem to happen around certain times. And, at certain points. Seven years in, fourteen, twenty-five. I'm sure some socio-scientist has a theory. I don't EVEN know. All I know is that it happened. It happens way too much and is rewarded way too easily. Marriage, in this society, is not revered anymore and PSI destroys marriages. It is more often reviled as the quick all fix to everyone problems, well it isn’t. It takes a brave person to enter that particular pool anymore. Lots of sharks swimming around in there. I don't have any real answers. I wish I did. I'd sure save each and every one of you one scary, treacherous swim. Truth is, we don't know what we really have until we open the box. Sometimes, some parts are missing. But there's no company to order spare parts from, no service desk to complain to so, we whip out the duct tape and hope it is strong enough to hold. Sometimes, we get lucky but, eventually, the tape weakens and pulls off. And we are left with a broken item or in this case a broken heart and a broken mind. Some of these things can't be fixed.

No matter what is going on or what you have been told, you are NOT broken, so don't waste time looking for the missing parts. It is not you who needs fixing, my friends; it’s them. Let them scramble around, looking for that THING. We may be bent, sometimes. We may be seriously bent, and in danger of snapping. But, then, the wind dies down and, finally, after the storm, we stand tall again, basking in the sun, looking out upon a tranquil blue ocean. That's what happiness is. It’s inside of you. It always was and it always will be...if we let it be.

PSI destroyed my marriage. I will always believe that in my heart and mind. They took my husband and turned him into a mindless PSI drone. More concerned with himself then his family, his wife or children. They are unimportant. Something he was not before his return from PSI7.

Thank you for letting me post.

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: aware ()
Date: December 03, 2007 08:00AM

Mary K...I'm so very sorry for your pain..for your poured your heart out and I know words don't really express your heart is also breaking and my beloved is a man I have known but 9 months..but he is so special...beyond words, as was our relationship/connection...actually it still is there, but he can no longer let himself be happy...for now...I'm fighting mad as are all of the people here..some have lost loved ones and some lost themselves...for a while...but they found themself I know my boyfriend will...just don't know how long it will take...maybe your husband will figure it out..but if he does or does not you have to move forward and be happy thing to remember and I'm sure all of the former victims on here would be mind controled is just as is isn't his fault...something inside of him was looking for personal answers and these people can spot a vulnreable person immediatly...they know the stronger folks cannot be controlled...and I don't mean to imply those who got sucked in are a mess....we all have our stuff but when they see someone who is in a troubled place they know it is time to pounce...I have agreat friend who is married to a famous person in Hollywoodwith some deep seated issues and she is a therapist...she had me get a book called "Facing Shame" by Fossum and is really eye opening...about family structures and how they mold all of boyfriend has his own demons but this book addresses pretty much all of our learned feelings about our self..and how some people are so deeply hurt in hcildhood that they create a false self because to tap into the real them is too painful...I think everyone should read this book...take care...nothing is an accident and good always comes from the most challenging times

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: notmuch4games ()
Date: December 06, 2007 06:50AM

Mary K- Your words gave me chills! It's almost like you were telling my story. I went through the same thing when my wife came back from Discovery training I was just as clueless as you about this sort of brainwashing. The lights were on but she just wasnt in there. I had to educate myself on Ericson, Ernhardt, and similar conditioning/brainwashing tactics. Then I educated my wife. We talked about what had happened to her. The control they had over her lessened as the weeks went on. Her group threatened me when I started contacting people in her class sending them research on what Discovery had done to them.
Have you broken off all contact with your husband? You should show him some of the stories on this site. That helped me to understand that this is just another day and another victim for another LGAT. Good luck to all of you spouses out there. Educate yourselves and your loved ones

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: Enviro_Cop ()
Date: December 06, 2007 09:16AM

Mary K
I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing with the forum.
You post was scary! It is painfully clear how similiar LGATS are.
I recently lost my wife to Discovery-Training Ministries in Dallas. She said the same things.
She said she was never able to be herself (in 7 years) and discovery helped her realize who she was. She said she always agreed with me on things we did because she didn’t know better. I asked her what exactly she didn’t agree with…. She couldn’t give me an answer. This was because we always did things that we both wanted, from vacations, to vehicles, to horses and cattle we bought. They actually convinced her she had a bad life and discovery was her new family and support group.
She truly was a different person when she came back from this LGAT.
I wish I could do something to help, because I truly understand how much this hurts.


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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: December 06, 2007 10:21AM

Mary K,

I'm really sorry about what you're going through.

I like some of your analogies. The tantrum in Wal-Mart is right on (definitely not dealing with a mature adult), as is the fact that the seductive, enticing lgat-package contains a box that is EMPTY!

Also, how the person who's been thought-controlled appears to have sudden amnesia. What you wrote is what I went through after my sister went through an lgat. Her view of me was suddenly different (was ugly) and I told her I didn't like it (at the time I didn't know about lgat mind control, but I knew her new attitude toward me had something to do with the lgat). Essentially she said "too bad if you don't like it" and that she'd been untrue to herself our whole lives and wasn't going to be that way anymore, and maybe I liked her old self but she didn't". BLAH BLAH BLAH. She thought she'd become enlightened and undergone a radical transformation in personal growth (HAHAHAHAHA), and suddenly I was way inferior to her. Enlightened in five days . . . what a LIE!!!!!!!

Reading your post makes me realize that SHE WAS JUST ACTING OUT THE PREDICTABLE LGAT SCRIPT. The script that alienates those who don't follow the program. She succeeded. She's not happy about it nowadays (she's come down off the arrogant sociopathic lgat-high) but she REFUSES to implicate the lgat in any way.

Sickening. So sickening. And so amazing how all the CLONES-DRONES say the EXACT SAME STUFF.

Gives me the CREEPS bad.


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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: December 08, 2007 11:14PM

Don't know if this will work but this is a link to a news article on PSI Seminars. You can leave comments.

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: Mary K ()
Date: December 15, 2007 10:57PM

I understand that the office people at PSI Seminars read these threads.

Thanks to PSI SEMINARS for destroying my life.

Well I have been officially divorced for 2 weeks now thanks to my husband leaving me after returning from PSI Seminars. My husband of 23 years had the gall to text me with his "I want out" statement. It was such a blow. He left a week after his return from the ranch telling me that he loved me, but wasn’t in love with me anymore. The "I love you but am not in love with you" statement is so common that it’s redundant. It's just an excuse for selfish actions. A reason for doing something so unthinkable to someone you care about. I couldn't eat, breathe, was like being one of the walking dead. The only thing I did do was go to work and think about him. I even neglected my children due to the depression.

I have begun to assess my life as a newly-single woman. First of all, let me tell you, it is scary. To be 47 and divorced is not what I had planned. Actually, I had thought that, at this point in my life, I would be enjoying the fruit of my labor; enjoying the freedom to come and go as we pleased, visiting friends and family members, eating breakfast for supper, or vise-versa, sleeping and waking when we wanted, grabbing up the grandkids, spoiling them rotten, then taking them home all rowdy and full of themselves of course,
lots of spontaneous love-making (isn't this what we wait for all of our "nurturing" years for?) Now that none of these things are going to happen or, at least, not with the person I had always planned to do them with, I find myself quite sad.

I don't think people really understand what really happens when 23 years of your life goes POOF and everything that you have worked toward and looked forward to becomes a wish unfulfilled. Twenty-one years is a long time. Twenty-one Thanksgivings, Christmas', New Years, Valentines, Easters, Fourths of July, Halloweens, birthdays,
anniversaries, so many friends and relatives passed away, the hurt shared, so many new babies born, the joy also would take all day just to list everything that has happened over the course of 21 much fallen behind me, like taillights in the rear-view mirror and the specter of a very long road ahead...where will it take me?

I miss having a partner to share the big and the small happenings of life. I miss having someone there when the furnace goes out, when a tire goes flat or a sink is stopped up. I miss having someone there to rub lotion on my back in that one place you can't reach, no matter how you bend your arm. I miss having someone there who has watched the same TV shows and wonders, along with me, why they killed off a certain character. I miss cooking a special dinner and that special someone digging in with gusto and complimenting me on how good it is and coming back for seconds, or thirds, or fourths...
I miss someone coming along to the mall and grumbling the whole while as I "look" at everything on the shelves. I miss walks in the park or long rides in the country. I miss hearing a great song on the radio, turning up the volume and singing along. I miss having a craving for something and running out at midnight to buy it. I miss dirty socks on the bedroom floor, wet towels thrown over the shower- curtain rod, muddy footprints from work boots, discarded change on the dresser, fighting for custody of the TV remote and I miss snoring.

I know that every person here has a list of things they miss, too. I would give anything to “feel normal again.” The theme of many seems to be "it will be ok"...How? How can it be okay when every second I wonder if this is the last time I will ever see my soul mate again? How will it be ok if looking at my children, whom I love more than life, makes me sick because all I see is my husband. How will it ever be ok for them when I don't want to get out of bed. I love him more than my own life and he doesn't love me because he “found” something called PSI. The hurt might be less but it will never be ok. You lost your family....we all have... and without family life is hide the pain...but it will NEVER be ok!

How do the PSI Drones live with themselves selling this crap to their family and friends?

So Thanks to PSI SEMINARS for destroying my life.

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: December 17, 2007 11:36AM

Did anyone see “The Simpson’s” tonight.

There was another reference to PSI on it tonight.

Homer was reliving his past and he came upon a cell-phone from a company called “Synergy Wireless.”

This struck me was being very funny. “Wired” into the cosmic reality, maybe?

I wondered if someone, a writer maybe, with someone he lost to PSI Seminars?

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: December 20, 2007 12:22PM

I was checking some of the PSI yahoo groups and found this. Apparently this Paul person posted something and got this response from one the PSI Grads. Her response was one you would expect from someone who has been “brainwashed” by PSI. What I didn’t expect was Paul’s response. Thought it was something I should share.

In (name removed)

Dear Paul,
I read your email and while I am not intimately aquainted with the details of your marriage, I feel your pain and am truly sorry for what you are going through. I want to clarify that I am in no way an employee of PSI and have no personal agenda here. My heart broke when I read your email and I am writing with the hope that in some small
way I can humbly offer my perspective. I wish I had great words of wisdom or a magic band-aid but, alas, pain is one of those things that can't be justified away. I in no way want to invalidate your experience but hope that you will give me a chance to share my own experience with you as well.

I took my PSI courses back in 1995 and, having had 12 years of daily life experience since, I think I may be able to offer a little insight from both a personal and bird's eye view. I understand the "high" that comes from the RANCH experience and that this is not
always the norm in our daily living. There is a quote that says, "most men lead lives of quiet desperation". The purpose, I believe, of the introspective and often emotional work that is done during these classes is to "break the seal", to wake us up from this numbness, this "quiet desperation" that has beome the status quo in our society. It is never intended to be the causal factor for making irresponsible decisions or rash selfish choices. In fact, one of the guidelines following every PSI class is that no major decisions regarding
relationships be made in the first 30 days following the course completion. No new relationships, no ending of old ones. The reasons I think are obvious.

I also agree with you that we are not broken. In fact, I believe that this statement is the ultimate message of PSI and other similar work... that while we are all fallible by the nature of our mere humaness, that these imperfections do not define us. In my mind, the
greatest thing I have learned by attending classes like PSI is that my weaknesses may be another's strength. For example, I am a creative soul. I have the ability to write music, to lead a group, to be a conduit of compassion, but... you ask me to create a financial
statement and I convulse. I used to think that this made me incomplete, weak, imperfect. What I have come to discover is that there are others whose strengths and weaknesses complement mine and this somehow gives me permission to be OK with my imperfections knowing that together, we are more than we are alone.

I want you to know that you are not the only one to feel this way. Over the past 12 years, unfortunately, I have seen situations unfold that caused more pain than good. Choices that were made from that place you referred to as the "wanting more" syndrome. I've seen people end marriages and quit perfectly good jobs to seek after that ever
illusive "more" only to wake up broke and alone wishing they could go back to life they knew. But I have also seen marriages healed, people start companies that make a radical difference in our world. I myself have had experiences on both ends of the spectrum.

Over the years since my PSI work, Amongst other decisions, I ended a good relationship with the father of my child, bought a car I couldn't afford, and quit a perfectly good career as a special ed teacher. But, I have also healed relationships with my family and
created a level of intimacy I had never before experienced. I turned one of my ideas into a product that lead to a nationalo licensing agreement with a major promotional product company. I started a career in a field I was told I could never break into and climbed to #5 in the nation. I channelled my creative skills into my love of songwriting and have been able to use my music to raise many thousands of dollars to fund inner city education, to open feeding centers in hondurus. I have sat face to face with cancer patients, drug addicts, stroke victims, brain injured, homeless, hungry and broken people and have seen the magic of music create healing and hope that simply put, humbles me.

Yes, I have seen and tasted the fall out that you are tasting. I have, at times, been the cause. But, more than anything, I have seen a golden thread of hope tying these pat 12 years together that is colored with more joy, more beauty, more love, more healing, more
success. Even with all of the snags along the way, the fabric of my life is truly richer and more vibrant as a result of the journey I began 12 years ago.

PSI is by no means the end all, say all of how to live our lives. It is simply a vehicle. It is we who choose how to drive, and what road to take. Just as we may not like our car salesman, but it doesn't keep us from buying the car, or we may not agree with certain church teachings,but it doesn't keep us from believeing in God, so it is with many experiences in our life, PSI included. I truly mean it when I tell you that it is totally OK if you don't agree with PSI, but not doesn't keep us as human beings from searching, hoping, from trying to be more of who we're here to be. In fact, you may not like or agree with your wife, but it will never keep you from loving her. Separate yourself, if you can, from your anger with PSI and see your wife as a woman, a wonderfully fallible person who is simply trying to be more of who she believes she is here to be in this lifetime. You don't have to like it. you don't have to agree with it. But love her through it. Toddlers will throw tantrums, teenagers will rebel, but we love them still. Your beautiful wife, the woman you love is simply going through the growing pains of becoming who she truly is. Love her anyway. Just when the caterpillar thought it's life was over, it became a butterfly. So, let her fly. Better yet, meet her there.

I wish you happiness and healing in your life Paul and know that whatever happens somehow, you will both come through this with a greater insight, compassion, and love for yourselves and for each other. Peace and blessings to you Paul,

(name remover)

Re: Dear Paul...

I don't think you understand. I can never have a relationship with my wife again. That's because she killed herself a few months after coming back from PSI7. It will be three years ago this Christmas. Would you like to tell these things to my children? They were the ones who found her.

Thanks for the kind words but PSI is a candy bar wrapped around a pile of shit.

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Re: PSI Seminars: MINDLESS Drones and the ONES left behind.
Posted by: aware ()
Date: December 21, 2007 10:56AM

This is as sad as it manipulate someone into turning over their money is criminal and the consequences might be far reaching and long asting... but to manipulate someone into turining over their mind is immoral and the consequences will be untold and forever

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