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Re: Getting back my life and thoughts after LGAT/ Landmark
Posted by: Occam Shave ()
Date: May 24, 2021 12:35PM


I went to a Lifespring course in the 1980s.
(Ironically, the same girl who sucked me into Church of Christ as a teen sucked me into this one too.)

Reading even for a few minutes about the various LGATs is enlightening: they were all started by someone who had been a part of an LGAT, who then "had differences" or "bright ideas" and huffed off to start his own LGAT.

They all blend together to me now, Werner and Werner-offshoots: est, forum, landmark, lifespring, MSIA, ad nauseum. . . .

I stuck out the entire five days of LifeSap because that was the condition for getting my money back.

I got it back, too: $350.00.

The program info said it was for five days. Then, at the very end, they expected a sixth return. I didn't live in the area, and wasn't staying around for it.

The woman who took my phone call about the refund said that another condition was that I could never enroll in another LifeSap LGAT again.

No problem there!

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