Re: Getting back my life and thoughts after LGAT/ Landmark
Posted by: Occam Shave ()
Date: May 24, 2021 12:35PM


I went to a Lifespring course in the 1980s.
(Ironically, the same girl who sucked me into Church of Christ as a teen sucked me into this one too.)

Reading even for a few minutes about the various LGATs is enlightening: they were all started by someone who had been a part of an LGAT, who then "had differences" or "bright ideas" and huffed off to start his own LGAT.

They all blend together to me now, Werner and Werner-offshoots: est, forum, landmark, lifespring, MSIA, ad nauseum. . . .

I stuck out the entire five days of LifeSap because that was the condition for getting my money back.

I got it back, too: $350.00.

The program info said it was for five days. Then, at the very end, they expected a sixth return. I didn't live in the area, and wasn't staying around for it.

The woman who took my phone call about the refund said that another condition was that I could never enroll in another LifeSap LGAT again.

No problem there!

Re: Getting back my life and thoughts after LGAT/ Landmark
Posted by: PurpleOrchid ()
Date: February 24, 2022 07:47AM

I don't know if you're still on here Nettie, but thanks so much for sharing your story and your insights. It has been so helpful to me as I've been further unpacking my five-year experience at Landmark recently. They also made me laugh out loud, you have a great way of satirising ridiculous Landmark concepts!

I was so saddened to hear about the person who committed suicide too, I had to deal with listening on the phone during an 'assisting agreement' to someone telling me their partner had committed suicide. Of course I got no real help afterward and I imagine you didn't either, so help you were able to deal with that trauma in a supportive way whether via therapy, friends, support groups etc. Because that stuff really does have a massive impact and I certainly feel it and the whole Landmark experience contributed to PTSD, which am experiencing the delayed onset of now eight years after the experience.

I hope you are doing ok now and solidarity! I am at the moment doing my best to expose these dangerous predators and I've been sending people to your posts.

Re: Getting back my life and thoughts after LGAT/ Landmark
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: October 09, 2022 10:41AM

To Everyone who wrote about their experiences with Landmark,

I want to thank you all for your courage and foresight in writing your posts many years ago. It is because of your documentation that you've helped so many people.

It sad that some people are no longer here due to suicide. You have given them a voice, respect and some justice. I am so sorry for your loss. It is felt deeply.
May they rest in peace.

Its also important for me to mention how your posts have helped me.

I didn't do Landmark. I attended another personal development course with Excellerated Business Schools called Money and You. The presenters of that seminar did Est/Landmark. They promoted clearing and used many Scientology practices and terminology.

So many things mentioned in the posts about Landmark are the same in Money and You.

Due to the fact that there is very little about the dark side of Money and You and the possible breakdown/psychosis that anyone could experience in this LGAT, I've found validation in your documentation. I was one of those people who had a breakdown in the Saturday night "blocks game" that finished at 2 am and Sunday morning confessions.

Everything you've written about Landmark is a parallel to Money and You.

This LGAT is still running in Australia and many countries around the world. These groups are here to stay.

Education about how these groups operate and all the mind control techniques used is the only inoculation to protect us from these viruses.

I hope you are all well and found some resolve and peace in your lives. I wish you well and the best in life.

My gratitude to all of you.

Wiser Aussie

Re: Getting back my life and thoughts after LGAT/ Landmark
Posted by: Fabgonzo ()
Date: April 15, 2023 08:09AM

Thanks for your post. Landmark destroyed my life, or at best, gave me a huge setback. Turns out if you do the forum, and not go to the advanced course, your life at best, stays stuck in the past. At worst, goes “backwards”. For a personal development seminar, this isn’t suppose to happen and my conclusion with landmark is they are pure hypocrites, and very subtle malevolence. They should have the forum and advanced course as one course together for peoples saferpty and best results. I was doing fine before landmark and the forum changed me for the worse over time. I went to the advanced course years later after discovering it’s dangerous to just attent the forum and not continue. At the end of the day, Landmark is just a company trying to survive and stay alive, with fierce competition. So they will cut corners (morally) to make sales. Subtle evil. I’ve had a FORUM LEADER call my dad a chicken for not joining. At the end of the day, despite all their world-class virtue signaling, they’re just street people trying to make a sale. They’re hypocrites. I wish I never went to the forum, I would’ve been farther at life than I am now. Their goals to eliminate world hunger that they claimed was gonna be done by the year 2000, most likely will never happen, as their distractions to make their profit quotas monthly and annually will be enough distraction for them. Again, thanks for ur real life landmark experience.

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