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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 02, 2013 09:08PM

Sandred asked on September 12, 2010


It appears that the show must go on. Profits must be made. Will the followers and worshipers, follow and worship a substitute? That's a frightening thought. Will they continue to recruit new members? Who buys this BS?

At first, it does not appear to be BS.

Anyone following this discussion should get and read an article from the November 2013 issue of Harpers magazine.



Nobody ever joins a cult. One joins a nonprofit group that promotes green technology, animal rights, or transcendental meditation. One joins a yoga class or an entrepreneurial workshop. One begins practicing an Eastern religion that preaches peace and forbearance.

The first rule of recruitment, writes Margaret Singer, the doyenne of cult scholarship, is that a recruit must never suspect he or she is being recruited.

To get the full text of the article, you will need to purchase a copy or read it at the library. Well worth it.

*Convince recruits that critical thinking is at best inferior, is at worst a trap, proof of inferiority, that critical thinking is an impediment to the the goal of the project.

* Recruits are kept busy. Lots of things to do. Too busy to think or have access to emotion.

*During retreats and 'intensives' the facilitator or guru will seem to be spontaneous but actually be utilizing techniques that manipulate mood up and down.

In the case of Royal Way, former members have reported on this thread that Michael learned these techniques from Rajneesh.

And often, people are introduced to something by a beloved and trusted friend.

And that friend may not be aware that he or she has been inducted into a cult.

Often, advice is given, 'Take what you like and leave the rest.'

But if your friend or you do not know the entire belief system of a project, do not know the actual role and status of the leader, and do not know where the money goes--you lack the information needed to "Take what you like and leave the rest."

How can you "Take what you like and leave the rest" if you dont know what "The rest consists of?"

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Date: November 26, 2013 10:29AM

Granted, Osho was flawed and he succumbed to what every notable guru has given into. Google "stripping the gurus" and read the free online book. They have all become Megalomaniacs. Many of Osho's teachings are sound. Many are tainted, especially in the later years. This thread is about Michael Gottlieb and Royal Way. Let's not flood it with Osho's dirty laundry anymore, because those seeking out info on Royal Way need to hear about Royal Way, the politics, the "rest" of it that poisons what they are seeking there.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: strongbad1907 ()
Date: December 03, 2013 02:50PM

Has anyone been to see what is in the archives at UCSB from CAN (Cult Awareness Network)? They apparently have an archive from before they were shuttered on tons of cults and Jacumba is one of them. Was thinking of making a trip up there.

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CAN archives University of California, Santa Barbara
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 03, 2013 10:34PM

* Call or email ahead of time and find out if you need to produce any ID or credentials to be allowed access

* Find out what days and hours the archives are open

* Find out how much it costs to park and where. Getting a ticket can suck, whether its from the UC police, or from UCSB police.

* Many university libraries have limited hours or close on weekends, state and national holidays, and during inter - session.

If you are allowed to photo copy, you may have to purchase copy cards for the machine. In case the university cash machine doesnt take credit cards, have plenty of cash. If you want privacy, pay cash.

Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Collection
Arrangement and description by Special Collections staff, latest revision by D. Tambo
Department of Special Collections
Davidson Library
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Phone: (805) 893-3062
Fax: (805) 893-5749
URL: []
© 2012
The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.


Preliminary Guide to the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Collection, ca. 1972-2001
Collection number: ARC Mss 19
Department of Special Collections

Davidson Library

University of California, Santa Barbara
Processed by:
Special Collections staff, latest revision by D. Tambo
Date Completed:
June 24, 2011
Encoded by:
A. Demeter
© 2012 The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.


Descriptive Summary

Title: Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Collection
Dates: ca. 1972-2001
Collection number: ARC Mss 19
Collection Size: ca. 150 linear feet (145 cartons and document boxes, ca. 180 audiotapes, ca. 100 videotapes).
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Dept. of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Abstract: Includes files (correspondence, clippings, articles) relating to hundreds of religious groups, as well as internal administrative, financial, and legal files of a cult watchdog group which ceased operations in the mid 1990s.
Physical location: SRLF (Boxes 1-90, 92-145); Annex 2 (Audiovisual).
Languages: Primarily English; French, Spanish, Italian
Access Restrictions

Collection is stored off-site; advance notice required for retrieval. Boxes 104-105, 108 closed pending staff review.
Publication Rights

Copyright has not been assigned to the Department of Special Collections, UCSB. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Department of Special Collections as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which also must be obtained.
Preferred Citation

[Item description], Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Collection. ARC Mss 19. Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.
Acquisition Information

Gift of the Foundation for Religious Freedom, 1999; additions, Anson D. Shupe, 2007.
Scope and Content of Collection

The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Collection includes files (correspondence, clippings, articles) relating to hundreds of religious groups, mainly U.S., as well as internal administrative, financial, and legal files of a cult watchdog group which ceased operations in the mid 1990s. It contains the following series and subseries:

I. Subjects and Groups.
A. U.S. (arranged alphabetically). Mainly files kept by CAN on groups purported to be cults and public enquiries re information about suspect groups. Includes articles and clippings about the groups, correspondence, and materials put out by the respective groups. Boxes 1-82.
B. Europe (arranged alphabetically by country). Boxes 83-84.
C. Groups Outside Europe. Boxes 84-85.
D. CAN-Related Groups and Individuals. Boxes 85-90.
E. Religious Freedom Advocates - Groups and Individuals. R-W only. Box 92.
F. Anti-ARM [CAN?]. Box 93.
G. Religious Leaders. Boxes 94-95.
II. Administrative Files.
A. General.
About/By CAN. Includes articles of incorporation, bylaws, articles about CAN, etc. Boxes 96-98.
Anti-CAN. General, Groups, Individuals. Boxes 99-101.
Statistics. Box 102.
B. Affiliates / Related Organizations.
General. Box 103.
Affiliates by State - CFF. Box 104. This subseries is closed pending review for confidential information.
Affiliates by State - CAN. Box 105. This subseries is closed pending review for confidential information.
CFF [Citizens Freedom Foundation]. Predecessor of CAN. Box 106.
FOCUS [FOrmer CUltists Support Network]. Former members group; offices at CAN. Boxes 107-108. Box 108 is closed pending review for confidential information.
C. Board.
General. Box 109.
Correspondence. Box 109.
Meetings - Minutes. Box 109.
Member Bios. Box 109.
D. Conferences, ca. 1983-1995. Mainly national CAN conferences, with programs and other packet information, correspondence, publicity, and release forms (for taped sessions).
Alpha. Box 109.
Chronological. Box 110.
E. Director / Executive Director.
Coates, Priscilla (ca. early 1980s). Box 110.
Alev, Reginald M. (ca. early 1980s to 1986/1987). Boxes 111.
Kisser, Cynthia (from 1987 to 1996). Boxes 112-114.
F. Financial Records, ca. 1982-1997. Arranged alphabetically by type of file. Includes files for accounting practices, bankruptcy, donations, financial statements, fundraising, grants, registration for tax exempt status, and taxes. Boxes 115-118.
G. Legal / Litigation. Much dealing with bankruptcy and lawsuits involving Scientologists. Boxes 119-134.
H. Legislative / Legislation. Box 135.
I. Publicity / Public Relations. Files about CAN, anti-CAN, and by CAN (including briefing papers, conference information, contributions/solicitations, flyers, intra-office news, mailings, memoranda, news releases, newsletters order forms, packets (produced by CAN for various religions), pamphlets, press kits, promotional materials, and publication lists). Box 136.
III. Scientology. Primarily articles about Scientology and materials produced and distributed by Scientology-related groups. Boxes 137-138.
IV. Photographs. Mainly black/white and color prints of conference speakers; also CAN executives and offices. Box 139.
V. Artifacts. Items relating to CAN and its predecessor CFF, including embosser, Leo J. Ryan medals, pins, and keys. Box 140.
VI. Audiovisual.
A. Audiotapes - Cassettes.
B. Videotapes - Beta.
C. Videotapes - VHS.
VII. Computer Disks. 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" disks. Box 140.
VIII. Anson D. Shupe Addition. Arranged alphabetically. Includes files for AFF, Church of Scientology, CAN, deprogramming, Satanism, and Unification Church. Boxes 141-145.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Cult Awareness Network -- Archives.


Series I: Subjects and Groups
Subseries A: U.S.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: dwest ()
Date: December 22, 2013 11:50AM

I'll call and see when they'll be open in the new years. I didn't know they had CAN's paperwork in their achives or I'd have dug through it years ago. I may be moving out of town, please someone PM me in case I forget which thread I posted this in. Thanks.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: strongbad1907 ()
Date: January 31, 2014 02:00AM

A letter on Sex


Sex, an sich, is not the problem. Sex as such, in and of itself, is never the problem. Sex is a biological, animal instinct, pleasurable and wonderful. And you do it. You get into bed or you get on the floor, or wherever, and you do it, and it is completed and it is magical and it is over-- and you move on to other things. Why is it such an obsession individually, nationally, and today, globally? Why this preoccupation, this constant, 24-hours a day preoccupation with sex? It is not sex. It is all kinds of things that are pseudosexual. If you listen to psychologists and psychiatrists who know, they will tell you that today most sexual activity has little to do with sex. It is primarily an expression of neurotic needs, i.e., power plays, ego plays, desperate insecurity, need to be loved, need be held, need to conquer, need to show how wonderful you are or how macho you are.

The needs are almost endless, and they are not sexual. They are wrapped in a blanket of sex. There is no need here to enumerate the various elements involved in today's preoccupation and session with sex. Most people who are in the world know at least some of it. If you are interested, it is easy enough to find out all of it.

What I am here to tell you is that while all this is true, it is not the truth. The truth, the underlying dynamic of all the sexual preoccupations, behind all those other reasons and needs, is simply the ego-mind’s greatest trick to divert you away from your own self. It is the ego-minds’s most clever, most powerful, and most significant instrument for keeping man from himself is the most dangerous ego hand— which eventually succeeds in destroying any possibility of discovering one's true self--because first, it is constant, and second, it is wrapped with primitive animal instinct.

Man is an animal. The sex drive is the animal part of mans and it is basic. It is crucial. It is crucial to the preservation of the race, and so its immediacy and power is such that it succeeds totally. It does indeed keep man from discovering himself.

Another example of the same dynamic is the other primitive animal instinct, eating. Eating is as powerful nay, more powerful---than sex. It is the other primary instinct of the animal part in us -- not the preservation of the race, but the preservation of our own being.

Now, look at what we have done with eating. The instinct to eat, the drive to preserve ourselves, is simply to eat food, be nourished, and exist-- period. It does not involve cooking, boiling, baking, frying, poaching, marinating. Have you ever seen an animal prepare his grass or broil his morsel for dinner? They go out. It is there. They eat it. This is how you preserve yourself. What is all this stuff, the thousands and thousands of variations upon variations of foods and gourmet foods and connoisseur foods and different cuisines, etc., etc.? Mankind has given itself over primarily to the refinement of a simple instinct for preservation.

Again, this is the ego-mind, grabbing us at the very root of our existence and hypnotizing us to think that these are the greatest pleasures or our life. So food indeed has become, even more than sex, the preoccupation of man and woman -- how to eat, with what to eat, with whom to eat, where to eat, etc., etc. Do I need to go into this? These are all refinements upon refinements of a simple drive to give nourishment to the body.

Now, nature has provided us with pleasure points both for eating and for sex, because if these pleasure points were not there, who would bother? These pleasure receptors make the effort worthwhile. Fine. Wonderful. You know that I am not against pleasure. I am for every pleasure. These are God-given pleasures. But we have so abused these gifts that they now control our destiny.

The animal does not have this problem. Not having an ego-mind, it satisfies its instinct for survival by simply eating. It satisfies its instinct to preserve this particular species by having sex. Man has an ego-mind and has been using it to perpetuate and refine and expand on all his animal instincts, completely forgetting that these human qualities are there to help us rise above the animal, to reach and transcend and flower into another consciousness.

Otherwise, what is the point? To employ our human talents and capacities for refinement and growth merely on our animal side-- why not just be an animal and be really an animal? This is an ersatz animal. This is a pretend, imitation animal. This is an animal filled with neuroses and holes and flaws.

Our human qualities are for the purpose of transcending, and the ego-mind has successfully employed this talent, this potential, and put it in the service of the animal instinct, and has successfully kept us from ever discovering our seed, our divinity. How can we discover our true nature when we are constantly with the refinements or sex and the refinement of food? Everything else is merely an appendage to these two—acquiring wealth, having beautiful clothes, having massages and facials, going on vacations, etc., etc. These are all subjugated to the refinement of the animal aspect of ourselves.

You have to think about it. Nothing else is going on in the human theater. It is all subject to these two, including power. Power is the direct arm of the ego. Sex and food are his instruments. And all of it -- all of it, all of it, all of it is to keep us mired in our animal side; a refined animal side. So we never reach our potential. We never become who we really are.

Now, let us be very clear about one thing. I am not teaching the abandonment of the refinements. I am certainly not teaching the abandonment of all the human refinements. I am not teaching to eat like an animal and forget all about the pleasures of the palate. I am not teaching to have sex like an animal and forget all about romance. I am teaching: Wake up! I am teaching clarity. Be clear about it. Know what it is. Do it if you want to. Enjoy it to the utmost. But then move on. Do not stop there or you will die.

You will die -- not the body. I am not talking about the body. The body will die. We know that. Every body will die. I am talking to you, you who are carrying the body. Move on. Find you. The body will take care of itself. It is autonomic. You are not autonomic. But the ego-mind has turned you into an automaton, a sleepwalker. Have mercy on you. Save you. Do not drown in these two basic drives.
It is fascinating to realize that these two basic drives for existence in the animal are the same two channels of destruction for the human. Pause and realize what I am saying here. And you can go either way. You can use them and enjoy them and keep them in their proper perspective, and then do the real living… or "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh." The very same tools for survival become the instruments of death.

I want you to live. I want you live the animal life with all its pleasures and move on. Move on to your destiny. Move on to your quest. Do not drown in the other.

So be it.


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Words are birds...
Date: June 09, 2014 09:00AM

Michael lifted this nearly word for word…
Here is an excerpt from the talk where Osho first introduced the gibberish meditation:

"The first part is gibberish. The word 'gibberish' comes from a Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar never spoke any language, he just uttered nonsense. Still he had thousands of disciples because what he was saying was, 'Your mind is nothing but gibberish. Put it aside and you will have a taste of your own being.'

To use gibberish, don't say things which are meaningful, don't use the language that you know. Use Chinese, if you don't know Chinese. Use Japanese if you don't know Japanese. Don't use German if you know German. For the first time have a freedom -- the same as all the birds have. Simply allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reasonability, meaning, significance -- just the way the birds are doing. For the first part, leave language and mind aside.

Out of this will arise the second part, a great silence in which you have to close your eyes and freeze your body, all its movements, gather your energy within yourself. Remain here and now.

In the third part I will say, let go. Then you relax your body and let it fall without any effort, without your mind controlling. Just fall like a bag of rice.”

It makes me wonder whether Michael felt any remorse about never giving credit to Osho for most of his teachings, and in many cases, most of his actual words.

What was the purpose of taking credit for whole discourses and encouraging pupils to thank him for his “incredible insights?"

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael Gottlieb
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 09, 2014 09:08PM

Data lost through a backup failure some months ago has now been restored to this message board.

This board is also now open for indexing by search engines such as Google.

Information posted on the board should soon be appearing in searches as this is a public resource.

The data recovered and restored included many individual posts and some threads.

Lost membership registratio was not restored. Old members not currently listed must register as new members again in order to become active members of the message board.

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Just in case Jacumba currently follows Osho
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 11, 2014 04:32AM

There is quite interesting new research on the ties beween the Osho ashram in Pune, India, the trance music scene in Goa, and the club scene in Ibiza, Spain.

Look for current work by anthropologist Michael D'Andrea

The Spiritual Economoy of Nightclubs and Ravves, Osho Sanyassins as Party Promoters in Ibiza, Pune, Goa.


This book contains a detailed chapter on the Osho commune in Pune -- can be stressful there.

Reportedly many couples, married and unmarried, break up during or after time at the ashram.

Global Nomads Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibiza and Goa Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as ...

Global Nomads provides a unique introduction to the globalization of countercultures, a topic largely unknown in and outside academia. Anthony D'Andrea ...
Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational ..

by C De Ledesma - ?2009 - ?Related articles
review by Charles de Ledesma. University of East London (UK). Anthony D'Andrea is a "transnationalist" researcher who has set out to explore the fissures and ...

Global nomad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Global nomad is a term applied to people who are living a mobile and international lifestyle. The term is a ... D'Andrea, Anthony 2006. Global Nomads. Techno ..
Global nomads: techno and New Age as transnational ... › Music › Genres & Styles › Dance

Google Book

Global Nomads provides a unique introduction to the globalization of countercultures, a topic largely unknown in and outside academia. Anthony D'?"Andrea ..
Anthony D'Andrea (Author of Global Nomads) - Goodreads


Rating: 4.8 - ?5 votes
Anthony D'Andrea is the author of Global Nomads (4.80 avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review, published 2007), Global Nomads (0.0 avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 revie...

Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational ...


Griffith University

by C De Ledesma - ?2009 - ?Related articles
Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibiza and Goa. Anthony D'Andrea. London and New York, Routledge, 2007

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Re: Just in case Jacumba currently follows Osho
Date: July 11, 2014 05:20AM

Jacumba is the old name, dropped because of a gay discrimination lawsuit.
Michael re-christened the community, “Royal Way” for this reason. This was not a part of his explanation. He said did it for “higher” reasons.

His molestation of women in private sessions, screwing “worldly” people in business deals, character assassinations of people who were aware of his sins, etc. were very “Royal” of him! His behavior was so destructive it still has repercussions. Anyone who follows such a man and knows these things is either brainwashed or a fool. Anyone who keeps silent about his destructive acts are complicit. Royal Way has miles of negative karma out in the world. Many lives have been scarred from Michaels and the communities acts.

The near fatal accident he caused on Hwy 18 permanently affected the lives of those involved and their loved ones, yet the community could not have cared less about those people. RW members prayed for Michael’s recovery but cared not about the victims of his actions. How “Royal” was that?

Michael was a cult leader in every sense. Members of RW are cult members in every sense. As he once said, "God will not forgive you..” Did God speak through him? Whisper in his ear? Bestow on him a divine hotline? No one has the right to demand money for God’s grace. Wake up, Royal Wayans! Your leader was a liar, a cheat and a sexual predator. Wake up or live with your shameful acceptance.

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