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Re: James Arthur Ray - San Francisco, CA (Mar 19-20, 2010)
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 07, 2010 12:41PM

It probably would be the most accurate if anyone who is interested called the JRI toll-free number from a pay-phone, to see what seminars are scheduled, and where.
The number is listed at the bottom of this page.
A person could also inquire about the hotel location to check out hotel rooms.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Anonny_mouse ()
Date: March 07, 2010 11:12PM

The quote "I am a center of expression for the creative will to good which eternally creates and sustains the universe." is from something called "The pattern on the trestleboard. This is the Truth about the self" it is used in Masonic rite (though I do not think Ray is a Mason), it is also used by the Rosicrusians, Gnostics, and it is also supposed to be tied to "Hermetic Wisdom & Mystic Information". What Ray is doing trying to teach this is murky at best. As someone who used to attend his seminars, I find some of his teachings came out of left field, and never really understood how they were supposed to tie together. I blamed myself at the time for lack of understanding, but now I see I probably had it right, they dont tie together, they are only used to set himself up as the "ultimate expert". I clearly remember him telling us as he sold his other seminars that we would not be able to get the information anywhere else. Anyway, for what it's worth here is a copy of the entire trestleboard and a link to a site that explains what it is really supposed to mean. Not sure how Ray is intending it.

"This Is Truth About The Self
0. All the Power that ever was or will be is here now.

1. I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.

2. Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.

3. Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.

4. From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

5. I recognize the manifestation of the Undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.

6. In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of the Divine Expression.

7. Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life.

8. I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of the Limitless Light.

9. In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.

10. The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh."

Here is a link to a site that explains what each line is supposed to mean (they say is has correspondences with both the Tree of Life and the Keys of TAROT):


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James Arthur Ray - Gnosticism plagiarism, Hawaiian Huna, Tad James
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 08, 2010 01:38AM

Thanks for that link about the copied quote from the Gnosticism site, and the other esoteric links.
Gnostic christianity, is the core foundation of the New Thought Christ Consciousness idea, in the end they amount to the same thing. Some people take it as a metaphor, whereas others take it literally and believe they can attain supernatural mystical powers.

Very clearly James Ray just takes various parts of these mystical religions and slaps them together.
He even was trying to cash in on the Kabbalah cult craze. (link below)
Using Rosicrucian ideas, or whatever else he can grab that sounds Magickal is clever, as it allows a model to lure people deeper and deeper into the system, with "higher" levels of esoteric mystery teachings. Scientology does the same thing, as well as countless other systems.

Creating Confusion, is a specific technique used by many Gurus. Because once people are in a fog of confusion, then the Guru is able to lead them where he wants to.
James Ray also claimed to be a Shaman and a supernatural Huna miracle man [] and about 19 other things. The bottom line is he just made it up, he took many seminars and LGAT seminars, and simply just copied the content, and made the Stories his own. And probably also just copied much "content" from various books.

As explained in these threads the overt "content" of these types of seminars is often at best a distraction, and is used to induce confusion, while the real persuasion happens in other ways.

But since James Ray is also selling himself as knowing "supernatural Hawaiian Huna", that points DIRECTLY to Tad James (and his son Matthew James) [] [] who is an NLPer for decades, and also basically the first promoter of the bastardization of the Huna tradition. Of course, they don't REALLY believe that stuff, its just used to induce Trance and altered states and as "content". The first thing on the Huna website says it is neither NLP nor hypnosis. That is how those guys operate, the first thing they say is a bald-faced lie.
They are using "Huna" to implement their advanced NLP persuasion and hypnosis.

James Ray probably took some of their seminars on the way up.
Well, whaddya know, here is a document proving James Ray studied/copied Tad James material, (Timeline), which was stolen/copied from Richard Bandler the creator of NLP.
James Ray not only copied Timeline therapy from Tad James, he also copied Huna.

QUOTE: "The final section is labeled “Quantum Leap Potential Similarities and/” but I think we can safely guess the rest is “or Comparisons”. First listed is Tad James with a hand written note “does timeline”."

________quote excerpt________________ [] Qabalah Tree of Life Journeys | Frontiers of Consciousness, Exploring the Hidden Frontiers of Consciousness by James Arthur Ray
Exploring the Hidden Frontiers of Consciousness by James Arthur Ray

What is Qabalah?
Qabalah is the foundation of all Western esoteric and magickal thought. The word Qabalah (from the Hebrew ÷ÇáÈÌìÈä; also rendered as Cabala, Kabbala or Kabbalah) literally means "to receive tradition" and is built of four main branches. While all branches are important and have their distinct purpose, the focus of this series is on the Unwritten Qabalah and its sacred map of consciousness: the Tree of Life.

In Exploring the Hidden Frontiers of Consciousness, you will experientially travel through paths and portals to awaken powers and abilities dormant within you. Buckle up, and prepare yourself for greater authority and ability in every dimension of your life.

About James Arthur Ray
Known as a "practical mystic," James Arthur Ray grew up the son of a minister, immersed in traditional Christian religion. He later expanded his studies to include a multitude of other spiritual traditions and has been initiated into three shamanic orders from the Incan culture and the supernatural Huna tradition of ancient Hawaii. James is one of the few spiritual teachers who has achieved top honors in the corporate world and has succeeded as a thriving entrepreneur. His background in behavioral sciences and entrepreneurship along with his spiritual quest give him a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: March 08, 2010 03:04AM

I think what is clear is that, in the same way that JAR took the sacred traditions and practices of the Native American sweatlodge and bastardised them for his own commercial ends, he plagiarises the writings of any other esoteric system and presents them in a way that serves his goal at the time.

JAR is an equal opportunity plagiariser, and this must be equally offensive to the many sincere adherents who see their cherished beliefs twisted and used in such a cavalier fashion by this destructive manipulator.

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James Arthur Ray Huna, Tad James, NLP, LGAT seminar Darwinism
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 08, 2010 06:40AM

One post that slipped by a bit, was about how James Ray was linked to the NLPer Matthew James, the son of NLPer Tad James. []

James Arthur Ray - Matthew James, Tad James NLP []

Matthew James was trying to dissociate himself from James Ray, as pointed out here on Pervlina's site.
"The second interview is with Dr. Matthew B. James, who carries on a lineage of and teaches Hawaiian Huna. According to Dr. Matthew, James Ray used to be a student of his, but because Ray had been too eager to become a teacher of Huna without wanting to go through the normal 10-15 years of preparation (having only taken 3 workshops), they cut ties with Ray in 2005."

But Matthew James is incredibly dishonest, and has pulled some outrageous scamolas [] and has pulled his Huna lineage out of you know where. For an NLPer like him to say it takes 15 years to study his bogus Huna, is just comically ridiculous. Meanwhile, on his other websites, he sells NLP and says that they can make learning anything rapid through NLP modeling.
They will say anything.
But even Matthew James admits that James Ray took several seminars with him, which makes sense with the Hawaii connection. More likely, is that James Ray took some seminars from him, and then met with him and made some type of deal to commission SELL seminar tickets for him, for example. That gives you access to the insider info, and then you go to Kinkos and copy it.
James Ray did that with many seminar Gurus, just copied their stuff, stuck them together and made his own seminars, and just changed some of the words around.

It becomes like a type of LGAT seminar Darwinism, where the most effective techniques of making money doing LGAT seminars get condensed and copied. There are techniques in those seminars going back to EST, and through the 1980's until now. So they have become unbelievably powerful.
The Tad James and Matthew James seminars are laced with advanced NLP modeled persuasion tech, from top to bottom. Between them and Tony Robbins, James Ray picked up a lot of the NLP modeled persuasion tech, and hypnosis material, which is why it is there in what he does.
Of course, current NLPers will try to deny it, as they don't want to get associated to James Ray either. But it is obviously there.

And when James Ray is doing his late night hypnotic mumbling [] while having people stand for hours, that is another derivative of group hypnosis. Perhaps James Ray was trying to communicate with the unconscious, maybe, or maybe not. Or maybe he was just getting his followers to be conformist and follow him, even though they have no idea of what was happening, or all of the above.

But its a fact that James Ray copied some of the most powerful LGAT seminar techniques in the world, from many different Gurus, and combined them in his own way. And those techniques include the covert persuasion and NLP modeled coversational hypnosis, and many other methods as well.
It is interesting how so-called NLPers fight against those assertions, but its very simple. They don't want their business to get associated with someone like James Ray, and they also don't want their own customers to think about their own techniques.
Same as the New Wage channelers don't want to get associate with James Ray either, as he got busted.

Its not surprising that James Ray was able to abuse these powerful techniques, as there are many hundreds of others out there doing the same thing, just with a different label and different "content".

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: March 08, 2010 08:37AM

I agree that the late night mumbling was probably an attempt at hypnosis. He was essentially keeping the already weary participants in a stress position when any suggestions are more easily slipped past the normal defences.
There are some interesting studies on how much information is picked up from barely audible speech (not subliminal sound) and it seems that some people register the meaning despite not consciously hearing what is said.

Dr Mathew James sounds like another shark to stay well away from.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: scaro ()
Date: March 08, 2010 08:53AM

The Pattern on the Trestleboard is a sort of 'qabalist creed' written by Paul Foster Case, founder of the Builders of the Adytum, an occult school teaching tarot and qabalah. B.O.T.A. started out in the 1920s, and derived from the former New York temple of the Alpha et Omega, the successor of the Golden Dawn.

I suppose you'd categorise B.O.T.A. as a Rosicrucian school, though they wouldn't use that name in public. It is considered a pretty reputable group, as occult schools go.

I do not know if the Pattern on the Trestleboard is really associated with Masonry. Even though the name suggests it, ie the similarity to Masonic 'tracing boards', I do not think it has a Masonic origin.

The Pattern is the most basic statement of Case's philosophy, and hardly secret, though many of the New Age sites quoting it don't attribute it to him. I am sure a lot of 'gurus' and NLPers will quote it as if it were their own; it sounds and is suitably profound.


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Re: James Arthur Ray - Matthew B. James hypnosis, NLP
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 08, 2010 09:24AM

There are even some who try Dual-Inductions, where 2 speakers do conversational hypnosis at the same time to the room. They try all sorts of weird stuff, what work and what doesn't work is another question.

Matthew B. James, that guy is a piece of work. James Ray would have learned a lot of his techniques off that guy, cut from the same cloth.

President of Unaccredited American Pacific University in Honolulu Brings in More then $3 Million Per Year on Hypnosis
"I’ve heard some of MBJ’s so-called “Empowerment” programs. I wanted to cut off my own arm and beat myself with it after listening to this charlatan blather on about how great he was and how his ‘methods’ (which include NLP and some bastardization of Hawaiian Huna) would help people reach the full life they deserved. And he goes on to talk about how he’s been meditating since he was 5. Yes, that’s not a typo: 5 years old. Puhleeeeze.

Have you seen this man? He looks and sounds like a child. I’m not kidding. He is a complete fraud. Taught by one of the very best in the field: His own FATHER.

One more snakeoil salesmen preying upon the insecurities of others to fuel his own narcissistic guru delusions. He holds a “Ph.D.” from a University that HE started and that HE is the PRESIDENT of. Begs the question: who did he have to defend his dissertation to? The mirror?"

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Matthew B. James hypnosis, NLP
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: March 08, 2010 04:39PM

Thinking about the placement of the exercise, Death Ray spent the mumbling time moving about inside the closed circle of attendees. Even for those who missed picking up on whatever he was trying to implant, that physical placement would have made an impression over the hour or so that he maintained it.
Death Ray placed himself, the only one with freedom of speech and movement, at the centre of the attendees world for that time-------and the attendees unknowingly consented/allowed that to happen. They accepted the arbitrary constraints he placed on their freedom of speech and movement without understanding what a powerful impression that would have created in themselves.

Just as a speaker on a stage above the audience is instantly creating authority just by the higher to lower placement and the natural tendency of the audience to focus on and look up to the speaker, JAR was deliberately placing himself and his speechifying right in the centre of the the participants world.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Anonny_mouse ()
Date: March 09, 2010 11:39AM

When I first saw the pattern on the trestleboard I thought it was cool sounding, and shared it with a friend who is a mason. He replied very casually that he'd seen it already, because they use it in masonic rites. But you are right, I haven't ever seen anyone give credit paul Foster Case, and your mention of it was the first I'd ever heard of him.

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