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Re: Abuse in the Name of Advaita - Charlie Hayes et al.
Posted by: Gbomb ()
Date: October 13, 2022 04:28AM

I was recruited into Scott Kiloby's cult by a 'rogue' mental health therapist about 2 years ago. The 'rogue' mental therapist and myself are not US citizens and our defamation laws are different and I am bound by them and not the US ones so I can speak more freely than perhaps US can. Namely as long as what I say is substantially true and I only speak from my personal experience/observations it is impossible to be liable for defamation.
For background, I started seeing the rogue therapist professionally and he slowly 'befriended' me to the point where he ended up staying in my house. He was a senior facilitator/trainer with Scott Kilobys group and talked me into doing an expensive course on meditative inquiry. Largely on the basis that there would be work at the end of completion and it would take about 12 months.I did not realise Scott Kiloby was a cult leader til much later. And I ended up reporting the rogue therapist to the Government Governing body which resulted in disclipinary action for him.
The 'meditative inquiry' was basically just a variation of Cognitative Behavioural Therapy with meditation thrown in. You can do a similar course of ACT( Russ Harris 'The Happiness Trap Fame') for AUD 450 and have some credibility on your resume. This course cost me AUD4500(yeah yeah Caveat Emptor and all that). I left the course after 12 months because I found there was no support promised and when I actively pursued it, I got deflected/gaslit etc as to why they were not going to provide it.
The KI methods I found were not really going to cure 'trauma' or help permanently with any mental health issues. All the senior facilitators where simply 'spiritually bypassing' and this came evident when the mask slipped there were temper tantrums, ego driven politics/intrigue/infighting/power games.
Anyway,my rogue therapist, Scott, and a few others were claiming to be 'Always Present'/'Enlightened'etc. After having the rogue therapist in my house, it came obvious he was less Self-Aware than the average person off the street ie a fraud. And the information about the senior facilitators I was privy to also made it clear, that neither were they. They were all just con men/fraudsters/charlatans or at the very best self-deluded.

While, I was in the group Scott was advertising on his website his methods could cure physical pain. I was privy to the knowledge he himself was using ketamine. I watched in my own house, the senior facilitators have a zoom conference how they were going to cover it up to protect their (financial) interests/reputational. The gaslighting/denial/word salad they put out was eye-opening. And the senior facilitators seemed to think there was nothing wrong with what they were doing.
I have recently had Scott himself threatening to sue me for slander in an utter rage. I am aware that this is a common tactic he uses on people who see through him. He continued to rage at me despite:
1)I pointed out that I am not a US citizen and the defamation laws to which I am bound are different. I am bound by those laws and I know I have not broken them.
2)I pointed out he has listed himself as a public figure and in the US it is very difficult for a public figure to prosecute an ordinary citizen
3) If he is enlightened and aware as he claims, and therefore have no ego, how can he possibly sue for defamation which is injury against his ego?
4)If he were foolhardy enough to proceed I would be filing a counter claim for the abuse, bullying, lack of duty of care, and financial exploitation his cult subjected me to. This would also result in his cult's dirty laundry being aired out in a courtroom
5) He would need to come to my country where the legal system works from the basis "Is the behaviour of a reasonable person?" and not from legal technicalities. As such they are automatically biased against charlatans who prey on the vulnerable

I have a strong desire to bring down the Kiloby cult because I do not like the idea that they will continue to prey on the vulnerable if not stopped. I know they are benign compared to other cults and also know that I am largely powerless to do so but......

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