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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: April 08, 2009 11:57PM

Another thread on this website that may help people who have been involved in the Gnostic Movement is Recovering from New Age Mumbo Jumbo. [] Some of the content may not be relevant but much of it is particular the discussions on arguments, logic and language.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: April 10, 2009 01:51AM

I would like to post a statement that has started to be started quite often by followers of the Gnostic Movement. This is a new position of theirs, only being stated within last month or so. The particular discussion posted here, originally occurred on facebook. Without changing the content I have removed identifying markers.

"It is stated clearly that Belzebuub does not run The Gnostic Movement, has no administrative position in it, and is not the author of Gnosticweb’s courses. He’s an independent spiritual teacher and is one of many whose books are studied in the courses at Gnosticweb."

This was my response

"What other teachers are studied by the Gnostic Movement? The only one I am aware of is Victor Gomez alias Samael Aun Weor and that is just something that is interpreted by Marks teaching.

Your statement of Mark not having an administrative position is the same word for word that everyone else in your organization says. Almost as if you are reading of a policy statement, one which has only come about in the last first month. If he has no administrative position than why does he post with the level of adminstrator when he posts on Gnosticweb?

Actually if he has no adminstrative postion than that looks really bad for your organization, since he is clearly the only employee of your organization. It is well known that he doesn't work for a living, but is supported by the funds of the organization and now also the Belzebuub foundation.

Many of other books you study? Questionable translations of Victor Gomez and books written by Mark Pritchard full of dishonest language. Where are these many authors? Just because you state something doesn't make it true.

Sure Mark Pritchard is an independent teacher, he does what he wants, but that does not make the GNostic Movement an independent organization. In his own words Gnosticweb/The Gnostic Movment was set to spread his teachings, free of those from the former organization that didn't agree that he was a master." (in fact it appears they all considered him to a fanatic and magolomaniac, wich was the accusation that got him kicked out of the organization led by Joaquín Amórtegui alias Rabolu.

This change of appearance and becoming less honest looks to be a lot like that well documented activity of cults changing in the face of criticism and their faults being pointed out. Falun Dafa is well documented example with the way they changed in 1999.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: free_free ()
Date: April 22, 2009 07:53AM

Here is the story of some person whom I know personally about Pritchard's cult. This person tried to post this story on different websites including amazon, where Pritchard sells his books, but of course his pappets managed to remove it.


I feel obliged to warn of pseudo-gnostc school whose leaders disguise themselves as true authentic Masters, adulterate the Christic Gnostic Doctrine and mislead people. So you better stay away from them.

I would not be surprised if this story will be once more removed from this forum as it was done before as these “humans” HATE when people SPEAKS OF TRUTH about them.

Happy reading.



I became involved with this organisation in December 2001 when I attended their courses in astral travel, self-discovery, journey to enlightenment, and others.

The teachings were simple, to the core and resonated with my spiritual earnings. The teachers seemed humble and sincere. It was my first encounter with Gnostic teachings.

I wanted to be part of that organisation so that I could help humanity as well. I started to do translations of the course books from English into another language. I thought this would speed up the spreading of the teachings to my native-language speaking population which is around 300 million people.

Sometime later others who speak my native language who are in this organisation asked to join me in translating VM Samael's works and Mr Pritchard's books. At no stage did I ask for their help, they contacted me and asked if they could.

I was the focal point in the team of translators for this language. Besides doing translations myself, I was allocating texts to translate to them, editing them and putting together, formatting, etc. At the time we worked as friends, all believing that we contributing to humanity, that it is our second key of the path (sacrifice to humanity). And it was in some way.

I participated in all the events of the local gnosticweb centre in Brisbane Australia such as distributing flyers, helping during the course, cleaning, contributing funds, etc...


After you have completed the four courses available at gnosticweb, the organisation doesn't have much more to offer, except to become a teacher yourself. So, naturally I signed up for the teacher course.

This was when I started to see little by little the "wrong actions" of this organisation, the hypocritical and judgemental attitude of the teachers, their fears and fanatism.

In the beginning of the teacher course I was given a list advising the requirements to enter the teacher course, whereby you have to agree to the following (there are more points, but below is what I remembered at the moment):

- not to attend the cinemas (it was fine with me);
- not to live in the house with opposite sex unless it is your partner
(this in my opinion was harsh as in modern world where money is a major factor and some people have to share a house or unit to survive, not because they have any interest in the other person. In either case this was not a problem for me);
- not be associated with any other schools and to not visit any church or other religious place. (The teacher told me that Mr Pritchard (the coordinator of this organisation who claims that he is "awakened master of White lodge") said that all religions are under the direction of the Black Lodge.)
This statement astonished me as VM Samael has stated repeatedly the opposite of this! All religions are pearls on the budda's necklace. I myself loved sometime go to church and after visiting there I always felt "cleaner" internally.
The teacher Leila also told me a story where she was a "trainee" (it is pre-teacher title in gnosticweb, after there are "teacher" and "member" titles. "Member" is a hard earned title in this organisation, which is relished very much by those who possess it). So, back to the teacher story, her sister had the christening of her 1st born child in a church and she with husband could not attend, because they both were "trainees" and were too afraid to loose this title as "they had worked hard to become "trainee".

This was when I started to get the first itches in my heart that things in this organisation are not what they first appeared to be; to me it is wrong to stop people attending important occasions on this basis and to make them "fear", but I let it pass at the time....

After 8 weeks of reviews and tests in the "teacher course" and I was preparing for the 9th week final exam of questions and answers. It so happened that I was chatting with the teacher Angela after completing my test of the 8th week about news that made headlines that time: a Nepalese boy who was meditating for 3 consequent months under a tree. I thought that it was interesting and freely talked about it with Angela in the centre. I asked her to give me the email address of one of my friends from the centre, so that I can send him the link about that story. The teacher Angela didn't express any concerns about my "request" at the time but politely refused, saying something about "disclosure of privacy". I said that this was fine and I should not have asked her anyway, but I would ask for the email address directly from that friend. We said "goodbye" to each other and agreed that she will call me sometime during the week to inform me the time and place where I would take my final test.

After few days that teacher Angela called me on the phone and said that in spite of my good topic reviews and tests she decided to not allow me sit the final test because of my "bad behaviour". That I was trying to spread misleading information (about that meditating boy) which could lead others to confusion and this behaviour in a future "teacher" was not acceptable. I did not agree with such "verdict", but couldn't appeal to anyone; so her decision was final and indisputable. My friendly chat with her was not what it appeared to be, I felt betrayed.


At that time I understood I could not trust a gnosticweb "teacher", I could not speak freely, but only parrot what they wanted to hear. Behold, why wasn't it enough for me to realise that there is something seriously wrong is going on in this school? Why did I not leave then?

Unfortunately because my brain was already very much washed during the"journey to enlightenment" course and in the following aspects:

- If you leave these teachings (this organisation) means you haven't passed the test of the Guardian of the Threshold and you are a sure candidate for the hells;

-“Without this organisation the persons spiritually will die out..”

- “Those who betray or reject a “master” will not awaken” – meaning rejecting the 'Mastery' of Mr Pritchard.

-“It is important that there is a “master” (Mr Pritchard refers to himself) to guide students, a real one, who is at the right stage to guide the organisation. A “master” knows the path that the students walk along, and is able to guide the students, giving them what they need, not what they want.” (Directly quoted from his writings).

In this organisation when students are taught, the emphasis is clearly on Mr Pritchard as the ONLY real living guiding master, but little is spoken about our own inner Being who in reality should guide us. Also when Mr Pritchard was asked if there are any other living masters in physical, he answered “No”.

While feeling in my heart the need to change my situation regarding this organisation I was afraid to leave them because I was told that I won’t be able to free myself without them, and so I stayed. I decided to try my luck again and go back to the “teacher course” to go through topic reviews and tests again.

I was thinking that because this time there will be a new teacher Cameroon, who seemed to me to be a good guy, that I might be fairly judged. The previous teacher Angela was sent to another city to establish a new centre. Unfortunately I was to be disappointed again...

Before Cameroon became a “teacher of gnosticweb” he was a good sincere guy, we used to have friendly meals together, talk freely about any subject, spent time together on weekends. But after he got his title of the “teacher”, he radically changed his behaviour: he became judgemental, fearful, and secretive. We used to be friends, but not anymore, he was now a “teacher”, therefore he distanced himself from those who were just “students”. In his last call on the phone when he informed me and my partner that we had been suspended from organisation and not allowed to attend the 'centre', he said: “Do not blame me, I am just a messenger”, the meaning of which I understoodwas “sorry, I do not want to do it, but I was told to and I am afraid if I don’t do this then I will be punished as well” (the “punishment” story is explained below).


Back to my story, I decided to try again to pass the ordeal of the “teacher course” and this time I would be very careful with what I said and how I acted with the teachers and other students, keeping in mind that I am being scrupulously studied by “teachers” as under a magnifying glass and that I can’t trust them and talk freely (in my own example you can see how gnosticweb “teachers” are formed, under the conditioning of fear - a defect that should be removed not FED).

My partner and I tried to pass this course to become “Trainee teachers” for probably 3 rounds without any luck and exact explanations why we are not good enough just “You are very close”, though the topics reviews and tests we made were positively assessed.

Though once a “teacher” Cameroon gave me a “warning” about my behaviour, because I did not agree with some points under discussion and he noticed in me “manifestation of my ego of irritation”. In saying that I personally observed manifestations of many of teachers’ defects, but who am I to judge, we are all in the same boat (so who are they).

It seems that this judgement attitude in gnosticweb was carried on from the “Rabolonian school”, where he encouraged his followers to do it, and it flourished.

Some examples, from Mr. Amortegui Jaquo (R****’s) writings:

Question: “Master when a married woman and married man go to the same room in a hotel and sleep together, each one in a bed, although you haven’t seen anything, just the fact that these two people sleep in the same room?

Mr. Amortegui : Yes, it is adultery, because if one does not commit adultery in facts, one commits adultery with the mind.

Q: How should we act?

Mr. Amortegui : In those cases it is better to be in separate rooms. That is the best, one commits adultery with the mind.

Q: Sorry, that is to say that this situation she is talking about, shouldn’t arise? How should a person who has seen something like this act regarding a situation of this type?

Mr. Amortegui : If I get to such a situation, I would go to another room, because you cannot play with fire, because you burn yourself. That is playing with fire.

Q: But Master I insist, if I see a situation like this and I know the two people whom I mentioned before, before the Law and society, this is covering up. In your opinion should we denounce them or tell their respective husband or wife, or is it better to keep quit?

Mr. Amortegui : For example, if your wife slept with a married man, it is better to report it, so that the situation is clarified straight away. Otherwise, if you keep quit, you are an accomplice and an accomplice also pays.

Q: If they are Gnostics, do we denounce them to the superior authorities?

Mr. Amortegui : Of course, denounce them before the group they belong to, and there and then, report them to the Board. The Board has the duty of expelling them from the Movement immediately.

Q: Although in this case you haven’t seen anything apart from that.

Mr. Amortegui : It does not matter, it does not matter. You inform the Board of the centre of what you saw at once. Whether something happened or not, those things shouldn’t be kept quit because scandals arise against the Gnostic Movement, everything against the Movement.

Q: Will this also include single people. Although they are not married and have nothing to do with each other?

Mr. Amortegui : Yes, those as well, it is the same thing.

I wonder if teachers from the Amortegui and Pritchard schools have ever remembered that Jesus said “do not judge and lest you be judged”, “before pointing at the straw in somebody ‘s eye, take off the trunk from your own eye”, that VM Samael through all his writings was saying when you are pointing at someone’s ego, it is what you are, this is the precise ego IS in your psyche, etc...



My disagreement with things that were going on in this organisation grew bigger and bigger. I will try to explain in sequence.

1.When you progress in Gnosticweb you get to the point where the phrase is pronounced by Mr Pritchard that “VM Samael himself did not recommend us to read any of his works other than his last five books” is not satisfactory anymore. So you start to search for truth. I could not understand, why would VM Samael tell us to only read his last five books? (it is well known tale told by Gnosticweb to its students) I checked that he wrote a number of books in his last years, much more that Gnosticweb “recommends”, he also referred to his early works from those his last works. I felt that this is part of a big LIE, some kind of conspiracy. Teachers would not answer advanced questions, they do not discuss and do not comment on anything that is not from his last “recommended” works. Their usual answer to something they do not know: “It is something that you need to investigate”. And at the same time they give students practises and mantras that were extracted from VM Samael’s other “not recommended” works. WHAT A HYPOCRISY.

2. Master Samael stated in “Revolution of Beelzebub” that Beelzebub was born in france as female. After I read this book, I asked Jo, the teacher, at the gnosticweb 2005 retreat how Mr Pritchard can be Belzebub when VM Samael stated very clearly that he was already born as a female in France. Considering when this book was written, it was in the 50's (Mr.Pritchard was born in the 60's). The teacher gave few explanation:

a.His mother miscarried her first child, who was female, his sister (supposedly it was him).

b. Word “France” in Spanish could be also interpreted as “Wales” – the place where his sister and him were born.

c.And lastly they say that VM Samael made mistake writing that, that he wasn’t master at that time and therefore could make mistakes (of course, whatever doesn’t fit to Mr Pritchard is a “mistake” of VM Samael, who was born with awakened consciousness!)

I didn't know Spanish very well, but I looked up an original Spanish version of this book and checked all possible Spanish dictionaries I could find, there is no way that “France” in Spanish could be translated into “Wales”. Mr Pritchard IS NOT AND CANNOT BE BELZEBUUB.

And recently I found out that Mark & Edith Pritchard were excluded from Rabolonial school for their Mythomania and NEVER again were contacted by Mr. Amortegui (who called himself Rabolu). While in his book Pritchard claims to be excluded because he tought "blue terapy" meditation practice to students but after this confusion was cleared Mr. Amortegui resumed his contacts with him via letters. THAT WERE OBVIOUS PRITCHARD'S LIES.

Mr Pritchard told his students (perhaps, that is coming from Mr. Amortegui’s school as well) that when males incarnate their own master they have to announce it. And I believe he thought that the smartest thing to do at the time of Mr. Amortegui’s death is to take the name of Belzebuub or perhaps he was misled by his own ego of mythomania.

Venerable Master (VM) Samael many times said to his students in Mexico that most of his first edition books were full of grammar, spelling and printing mistakes and that he wished those first edition books could be burned, because he corrected and updated many of them. For that purpose, in 1976 he established a printing press in Monterrey, Mexico. Editions of “Revolution of Beelzebub” printed after 70th did not contain any so called by gnosticweb mistakes. VM Samael personally edited it.

3.Realising all of this the “great rebellion” grew inside of me, I was confused by what is going on, why did Mr Pritchard needed to create such HUGE lies around Samael’s works and his identity. WHAT DOES HE REALLY WANT? Is he misleading us to keep away from THE REAL PATH?


After sometime I realised that this is a CULT, a personality cult to be precise, exercising power built on the fear of students that they might be excluded, that they can not ascend without his majesty Mr. Pritchard. You can study for example the Stalin personality cult and will find many similarities, the only thing that Mr Pritchard and his “puppets” could not do is to jail and shoot those who “react” against his regime. Fear of failure and non ascendance is used in gnosticweb to manipulate people.

Despite of everything I still was hanging around their centre. Fear kept me in. My partner and I repeated the “teacher training course” again and again, 2nd, 3rd , etc. round.

Twice a week (excluding weekends) after the work we with my partner rushed to the center to clean it and to do the chains with others teachers and trainees for “VM Belzebuub and his wife”. (Chains - when the group of people with joined hangs pray to Logos for help and protection, etc). Some chains in other centres were done for as long as 24 hours. Some people were doing chains so long they have damaged their health. I was wondering why do we need to keep begging the Logos for the same thing (usually for protection and help for Mr Pritchard and his wife) for so many hours exhausting ourselves. Why do we just not ask the Logos 3 times, and if it is according to the divine law then Logos will fulfil it. If it is not - then what the point of begging them for so many hours? Of course I could not ask a “teacher” such direct question, I would be marked straight away as a “heretic” and would be “thrown away”, I was afraid to do it. But once there was a moment when my irritation on the subject of long chains showed on my face in front of a teacher at the centre. He called me by phone to talk about it and to give me another “warning”. I answered that I do not trust him, that he is not sincere and honest as he used to be, but judgemental and secretive, that I am not going to continue to do the “teacher course” anymore. I was doing that course, which initially was designed for 9 weeks for more then a year! I knew more than the teacher himself, I started to study VM Samael’s other works and joined another school.

Shortly after I stopped my monthly monetary contribution to the centre I received a letter from the teacher Cameroon with a cheque reimbursing me my payment for the upcoming January 2007 retreat that I had planned to attend, stating that in order to attend the retreat I needed to “actively participate in the center (or organisation)”. This was his payback for my straight talk and for stopping monetary contributions.

Some members of this organisation tried to advise to my partner that he would be better in this organisation without me, that he will progress if he leaves me. He ignored their advise.


But my partner was allowed to go to the retreat. He still felt that Mr.Pritchard was a master and this was causing some conflict in our relationship. At the gnosticweb retreat my partner asked Mr Pritchard questions about the teachings which gnosticweb teachers could not clarify. To his surprise Mr Pritchard did not answer them either but said: “This is something you need to investigate” (same old answer to the things they do not know, I think gnosticweb teachers are actually taught to answer this phrase if they do not know the correct answer).

Anyway, my partner then told to Mr Pritchard, seeking “his advise”, that I signed up at gnosticteachings website and visiting it often. Mr.Pritchard said that gnostic-usa (gnosticteachings) are “fanatical” people, that it is probably not seen on the net, but in reality they are. And that Samael teachings were for that time and that for these days it is another “teachings” (namely his). I wonder from where Mr.Pritchard’s point of view is coming from? Probably he thinks them as “fanatical” because they believe VM Samael spoke correctly, that the real Belzebuub is a female in France and not Pritchard from Wales.

Because they choose to spread original non-altered teachings delivered by VM Samael and not by Mr. Amortegui or Mr Pritchard.

Really, deep within us, we carry the errors which we blame on others. No one is perfect in this world, we are all cut by the same scissors. Each of us is a bad shell within the bosom of the Great Reality.

The one who does not have a defect in a specific direction, has it in another direction. Some do not covet money but they covet fame, honors, love affairs, etc. Others do not commit adultery with someone else’s wife but they enjoy altering doctrines, mixing creeds in the name of the Universal Fraternity.
” Samael Aun Weor, Revolution of Dialectic

The next thing they did was that they threw my partner from “teacher course” because of my involvement with the gnosticteachings website and which they saw as a “security threat”. Here we can see and observe quite clearly that the most fanatical people are Mr Pritchard, his wife and their 'teachers', who are afraid and judgemental, and accusative.


Despite all this I continued to do translations for them believing that it is for the good of humanity.

While translating “The Great Rebellion” I found that big sections of text were missing in the gnosticweb version of translation (especially this section where VM Samael talks about hypocrisy of Karl Marx, his materialistic dialectics and communists), some paragraphs are misplaced.

In the VM Samael Aun Weor book “Yes, there is Hell, yes, there is evil, yes, there is karma” the translator, Edith Pritchard, has censored whole section in chapter 11 where VM Samael talks about his encounter with Carl Marx in hell, in seventh Dante’s circle.

And these are only what so far I accidentally have discovered. God knows how much they’ve mutilated the content of VM Samael’s books. SHAME ON YOU, so called translators.

I wrote about this to Patricia, the Translations Coordinator of gnosticweb. I actually expected that the reply from her would be to advise me to postpone the translation of this book till the English translators could fix the problem or continue to translate but correcting it along the way. To my surprise the answer I received was to stop to do translations all together and that “the tone of my email was accusatory”. I was perplexed. I thought it is a “test” whether I am going to react or not (in gnosticweb they teach that disciple in the organisation is put through the tests to see if he reacts or not, and if he does not react, he passes the test). I naively believed that Mr Pritchard would eventually see that I was doing right thing, keeping working on translations and this would be solved. So, I replied to her: “Sorry if you read my emails as accusatory, it certainly was not my intention but probably the lack of proper english to convey the concerns. I guess everyone reads and understands something to their abilities. It is fine that gnosticweb does not want my inputs in translations any more, though I wasn't doing it for Gnosticweb but for unfortunate people. I will keep working on it for their sake but just will not submit to you as you requested....”

The gnosticweb Great Rebellion book was translated by Edith Pritchard. I believe she deleted that text about communists from English translation because her procommunists’ views did not coincide with that of VM Samael’s. It is pathetic.

My partner appealed to teachers of the centre, hoping that they will help to resolve it: “I don’t want to cause further problems over this, but I have reviewed e-mails sent by my partner and it appears to me that Patricia is reacting out of context and in a harmful way to what my partner has written”. But the teacher of the centre Angela forwarded my partner’s email back to Patricia who insultingly replied back to my partner.

In spite of all this I continued translating and finished “Great Rebellion” including the missing texts! With the group of other people I translated another 2 books. My situation with Patrica was not resolved, and no one really seemed to care about it, so therefore I could not submit the last translated books to her.


I decided to develop a gnostic website in my native language, because there was little information about Gnosis in my native country. This call to spread the teachings to my brothers and sisters had already burned a long time inside of me. I guess everyone who studies gnosis for sometime (and practices it) arrives at a point were they feel the need to sacrifice themself for others. I felt that too. I could not just sit and wait when the mighty gnosticweb teachers to tell me to do it, so, I just started. I am not a master, but I do have some level of knowledge that I can offer to humanity. And why is it that gnostiweb believes that they are in position to “authorise” someone to spread the Gnostic teachings? Where it is in the Gnostic teachings that says that someone CAN “authorise” it? It has to come from within.

So I developed the web site. I shared the link with the other translators who were helping me. And here began my final separation from gnosticweb. They were “loyal” students of gnosticweb. Some of them already were doing the “teacher course” and their brains were already washed.

At first I received praising emails from my helpers on traslation on how well my website was developed, etc... One of them, Vadim, offered to put the link on gnosticweb. I replied that gnosticweb would not “allow” it as I developed it solely on my own. Then after a pause he said that he is going through the teacher course at the moment, 4th module, and that he cannot participate “in the some kind of projects of other Gnostics”, that he agreed on certain conditions with gnosticweb before the “teacher course” and that he is sorry as he really liked the new website.


So, he “reported” me to gnosticweb. I initially naively thought that gnosticweb people being “spiritual” will be happy that someone has taken the initiative to make further steps in spreading the teachings and would offer their help and support. But I was “stupid” again in this aspect. The hunt of the witch had begun. I received threats FROM Mr. Pritchard and his “pupets” on legal actions and order to remove some text from my website. The teacher of the center, Angela, who once already accused me in “misleading the people” (oh, how much she loves this term ), did it again: “You have recently taken actions which have been in conflict with The Gnostic Movement and carried them out with full knowledge of this conflict. You have infringed laws, taken the work produced by others as your own, and have misled some of The Gnostic Movement's students, who spent many hours translating material for you under the impression it was for Gnosticweb. Based on these actions, you, and your partner, who was aware of your involvement with your website, are no longer permitted to attend any study centre of The Gnostic Movement.”

My infringement of laws was only that I stupidity continued to translate Mr Pritchard’s work after being told by Patricia to stop, though as you can see from above she was clearly informed about my intention to continue translating. I also informed the teachers of the centre that I was continuing to work on translations.

I think Mrs. Pritchard ordered me to stop translations because she afraid I could discover that other works of Samael Aun Weor were also altered.

The claim that I had “infringed laws, taken the work produced by others as my own” is defamatory, as I always informed Patricia about everyone who was participating in the translations, I also always informed her and the centre teachers on my intentions to continue translations in spite of everything and they were fine with that at the time.

Soon afterwards, I received a letter from a lawyer acting for Mr. Pritchard, where I was accused of law infringement because I was continuing translating Mr Pritchard’s “works” after I was told to stop and that I will be held for “injunctions” and legal costs.

I had to hire my own lawyer to defend myself and inform gnosticweb of defamation implications.

At that time many gnosticweb “teachers” from England, Canada, US and Australia “checked” my website and their thoughts were so negative towards to me and my partner that they made us very sick... As you know our negative thoughts can seriously damage someone! Their negative thoughts made us ill. However that which did not kill you can make you stronger :)

No one from gnosticweb made an attempt to communicate directly with me and discuss the issues before hiring the lawyer and judging us through gregarious conduct. All our “friends” from the centre and from gnosticweb in general turned their backs on us, they were not allowed to talk to us, we were “traitors”, “bad guys”.


Where have you seen a Spiritual Being hiring a lawyer for infringement of his teaching? Threatening others with legal actions and injunctions?

Would Jesus, Buddha, or VM Samael do it? Would they pursue their followers for their efforts to spread the teachings? Never.

In the final analysis, all of Mr Pritchard’s “works” if it is not direct rip off from VM Samael or Mr. Amortegui works, then they are adulterations and derivations of their works. How can his consciousness allow him to claim that it is all “his works”.

They even put their copyrights with infringement comments on the VM Samael’s works while everyone knows that VM Samael renounced any copyrights. I am sure I was not the first and won’t be last to be targeted by “threats of legal actions”.


After our lawyers came to some agreement, my partner and I happily joined another school which is faithful to VM Samael's teachings and have drunk from their unceasing source of wisdom and information.

My partner then received a call from the “President” of gnosticweb, John, who used to be one of the “friends”. He said that his hands were tied up and he couldn’t contact him at the time when we were going through rough time but expected my partner to call him. He said that this all happened because they were afraid that I would change the Mr. Pritcharch’s teachings. He said that he knew that we joined the new school and that it is ok (as if we need his permission to do it), and that he knew at the time when he first met my partner that my partner would join the other school sometime in future (implying that he saw the tag of “traitor” on my partner long time ago) and was saying other types of rubbish...

They were right about that “I will change the teachings”. I will try to my best to spread the teachings as they were originally given by VM Samael, not as they were altered by Mr Pritchard and his wife. I have discovered many such alterations which could be damaging and misleading in self-realisation and on the path. Starting that they do not explain how egos manifest using three brains, nor do they talk about impressions and their transformation, and incorrectly teach people that egos could be eliminated by applying “death from moment to moment” as Mr Pritchard and his predecessor Mr. Amortegui explained it.

Mr. Pritchard does not understand correctly the stages of the spiritual path, i.e “three mountains”, and he wrongly claims that that what he experienced on three mountains coincides with VM Samael experiences of three mountains. This is absolutely false and his description of three mountains in his “Hiden wisdom” book is absolutely defferent to VMSamael’s. Poor blind soul, misleading other blinded in this regard.

Gnosticweb is about controlling people, what they do, what they say.

While Gnosticweb talks about sacrifice to humanity, what they do not say is that “students” (unless they are in the “in” crowd) are not allowed to do anything “off their own bat” unless specifically instructed by gnosticweb members, and if they know what is going to happen.

There appears to me to be a misuse of power by certain members of gnosticweb who feel free to decide who is good, who is bad, who is “reactionary” or “accusative”, who can do something or cannot. This stinks with sectarianism and totalitarianism (of which I have direct past comparative experience).

One heavily “brainwashed” ex-teacher, Kurt, who was kicked out from “teachers” because he dared to ask unallowed questions and who was painted as “reactionary” in this organisation, despite of everything commented on my with partner rough time when we were dealing with gnosticweb lawyer as follows:

it was a serious thing to do something without the direction of a master (referring to Mr Pritchard), especially spreading the teachings; you have to have authority to do that…. The path is about obedience.. if you can do something simple or even trivial under the direction of a master.. then you can be tested…. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you aren’t doing what he asks, you don’t ascend” Poor misguided soul, may Your Inner Being guide you in the right direction.

In completion of my story here are few gossips and lies told by Mr. Pritchard and his wife to teachers of gnosticweb from whom we heard in turn:

1.Samael Aun Weor did not complete his 2nd mountain of the path. He completed it after his death in higher dimensions.

2.Litelantes did not incarnate her Master, she failed tests due to family attachments. At the final years of her life she was blinded due to Karma received from refusing to practice alchemy with SAW. (I think this particular lie was laid out to stop people asking about the Gnostic Movement coordinated by Litelantes after SAW physical death and that people would not attempt to seek the truth from that particular school).

3.That it is third time Mr Pritchard reached mastery and is currently on the third mountain. That his being in the hierarchies of the Logos is much higher that those of Jesus Christ. That when he first time incarnated his master, Jesus was ONLY an elemental in the plant kingdom.

4.Mr Pritchard tends to change his story all the time. In his “secret knowledge..” book he says that before he started to do Gnostic works he did not have a head start as VM Samael who was born with awaken consciousness, he says: “my egos were strong. When I first came across this information, I had not even remembered one dream (apart from a nightmare I woke up from) for many years”.

And yet in another part of the same book he says: “Before I started this work I was searching for the path, and came across a spiritualistic school that was holding a weekend events. One of them included channelling, which I attended. There were two mediums and they were going to contact some spiritually advanced Chinese person who was on the other side. The lights went out and candles illuminated the scene. The two mediums began twitching in exact unison, and at that moment I SAW WITH POLYVISION, the entity coming down to possess them; it was horrible and evil and its vile presence permeated the room” (those who read Samael’s works would find striking similarities of the above described scene in the “Three mountains”, chapter Mediums) Here MrPritchard P. claims having “polyvision” before he started gnosis while earlier he was saying opposite.

He is the follower of Mr. Amortegui school who did not teach meditation on the ego but only “death in march” (or in gnosticweb organisation they call it “death from instance to instance”). But he states in his “secret knowledge..” book that he used to practice meditation on the ego up to 8 hours at a time… When? When he was in Mr. Amortegui organisation? he “wouldn’t be allowed” ¦when Mr.Amortegui died? Then how he could reach “mastery” without meditation because it is after Mr. Amortegui’s death he declared his “mastery”. Master without meditation means Hanasmussen.

At the end I am thankful to gnosticweb in that they introduced me to Gnostic teachings (I would call it pre-school or as they called on one website “fast food” Gnosis)... also I am thankful them that they finally kicked me and my partner out of this organisation, otherwise I probably would be still “hanging around” them, stagnant and with internal conflicts.

After I felt more free in my activities: I can visit any website I want, I can read all VM Samael books and other great books, to practice more exercises, given in more detail and understanding by VM Samael, discuss anything with same minded people at other sites without looking over my shoulder. I wish that gnosticweb kicked people out more regularly, so they do not have to waste as much time as we did!

So why I decided to post this article? Is it revenge or hurt feelings? Look, I am not a saint but it happened that today (march 2008) my partner called a now ex-friend from that organisation, Trent, and that ex-friend literally pied his pants, fearing that my partner will pay him a visit and his loyalty to the cult would be jeopardised. And this my friends is sickening!!!

If you're reading these lines thinking to engage yourself with this organisation, think again. Ask yourself what real goals pursues this org, what real purpose it serves.

Ask these questions:

1. If Mr. Pritchard incarnated his Real Being, how came he puts copyrights on all “his” writings and is “afraid” that others might “change his teachings”. Did the Budda, Jesus, VM Samael aun Weor do the same? (in fact VM Samael declared the opposite!)

2. Did they pursue with legal actions their former followers who were trying to spread the Universal Teachings of Gnosis?

3. Did they claim that the teachings they were delivering to humanity were “THEIR teachings” and not Universal and belong only to the CHRIST?

4. Is it Mr. Pritchard’s being who pursued with legal actions his former students or his “I” of pride, mythomania and fear?

5. Is it Mr. Pritchard’s Being that ordered other students to cease any contacts with those, whom he expelled from his beloved organisation or it was his ego of fear and pride?

6. Why would Mr. Pritchard’s Being makes his students sign or agree to special “agreements” and “rules” before “promoting” them to teachers or members? After which these students are bound to a cage of “rules”and not to their inner Being, after which they become puppets in the hands of Mr. Pritchard?

7. When Mr. Pritchard says that others from other Gnostic organisations are “fanatics”, who is saying that? His real Being or his ego of pride and “fanatism”?

8. How come Mr. Pritchard’s Being adores himself so much that he now quotes himself on his official website? He even hints to his followers to take note of every word HIS GREATNESS says? Is it really doings of his Real Being or the ego of vanity and pride?

9. How come Mr. Pritchard has taken the name of a Being which does not belong to him? Doesn’t he know that such lies will make him to be born as cripple in his next life? Or has his ego of mythomania blinded him so much?...

At the time of going through the torture of emotional detachment from this org and comprehension of all what happened to me and my partner I was blessed with astral experience of meeting the Real Self-realised Being. That Being was filled with love, compassion to humanity and great suffering. I felt it by all my fibre and it is such a great feeling that I hope I will never forget. I could feel his love, compassion and sufferings in the same way as you can feel wind and sun on your skin. That Being was living in poverty, he did not have a single desire for himself, not even for a piece of bread. He was committed to help humanity and every day he went to ease somebody's sufferings.

That was an incredible experience and at the difficult times I try to recall the memories of that Being, recall the feeling of that ineffable love...

Mr. Pritchard is far, very far from that Self-realised Being.

Here are some exerts from another site which I found inspiring and self-explanatory:

Throughout his life, Samael Aun Weor did not place prohibitions on students, or restrict them in anyway. Instead, he required that all students learn to think and choose for themselves. As he wrote, “Students should learn to think for themselves and not only repeat others' theories like parrots or chatterboxes. Teachers should struggle to put an end to fear in students. Teachers should allow their students freedom to disagree and healthily criticize, in a constructive manner, all theories that are studied. It is absurd to force them to accept in a dogmatic way, all the theories taught in school, college and university. It is necessary and imperative for students to abandon fear to be able to think for themselves and analyze theories which they study...
When students by their own free and spontaneous initiative, can freely analyze and criticize the theories they study, they will stop being mere subjective and stupid, mechanical entities. It is imperative for free initiative to exist so that the student's creative intelligence emerges. It is necessary to give to students the freedom of spontaneous creative expression, without any type of conditioning, so that they become conscious of what they study.
” - Fundamentals of Gnostic Education

“The psychology of the western disciple is one of fear; the disciple is usually afraid of any spiritual authority figure and fears punishment, going to hell, being excommunicated, or exiled. And this is because of the western development of spiritual authority through churches and religions in the west. So we have to recognize, in our own psyche, these unconscious tendencies of how we perceive our teachers. Do we approach our teacher with this subtle fear, with this subtle influence, that pushes us to show ourselves as good student because we are afraid of hell, our we are afraid of being kicked out, or exiled or rejected? This is a harmful attitude; this is a very harmful point of view, which is generally unconscious in students. It is harmful for both the student and the instructor. The student who feels afraid, who wants to prove themselves or be seen as a good student in order to feel secure, damages their own potential, and also puts the instructor in an unfortunate position. This is an attitude that is very important for western students to analyze.

When we approach the study of religion, the study of spirituality, these kinds of unconscious attitudes can corrupt our own reception of the teaching. Rather than receiving the dharma or the teachings in a pure way, consciously, we can be receiving it filtered through the fear that “if we do not do it right, we will be kicked out,” “if we do not do it right, we will go to hell,” and this is a wrong attitude. Instructors have the obligation to teach the student without manipulation, without relying on fear to inspire a student. Instructors who use fear to inspire a student are creating a problem in that student.:

The only lineage that we recognize in Gnosis is spiritual, internal, and is something that you cannot see physically. This lineage is not inherited of passed down physically: it is earned in the internal worlds, and is invisible to the eyes of the flesh. Regarding this issue, the master Samael Aun Weor stated something very clear that is important for us to reflect upon. He said:
The Gnostic Movement is impersonal: it is made up by humble laborers; therefore, let us reject any personalization; let us not accept imposing individuals; no one is better than anyone else. Among us, we are all laborers, bricklayers, mechanics, farmers, writers, physicians, etc. We do not worship noble titles, nor resounding titles like “doctor, lawyer, guru, master, elder brother, avatar,” etc., because among Gnostics we are all friends, and Aquarius is the house of friends. We humans are more or less imperfect, thus I, the one who writes this book, am not anyone’s Master, and I beg people to not follow me; I am an imperfect human just like anyone else, and it is an
error to follow someone who is imperfect. Let every one follow their “I Am.”
So in the Gnostic tradition, we do not use titles. We do not use or rely upon so-called “recognitions.”
Previously, there were attempts to use a lineage type of system. But it was noticed that when someone has been given a kind of spiritual authority, the ego quickly takes advantage of that and harms both the teacher and the students. Therefore in the Gnostic tradition, we do not place any person over any other person. As the master said, we are all friends. So we would probably be better off if we used the term “spiritual friend” rather than teacher. Or “spiritual friend” rather than “master.” And the reason is that all of us have with in the “I Am.” All of us have within our own inner divinity. We are in fact equal. We may be at different stages of life, or different stages of development, but no one is better than anyone else.
A teacher looked at from the point of view of a spiritual friend is someone who can simply give us spiritual advice, someone who can help us understand a given subject. But such a person should never be put in the position of being a dictator or having the power or authority to tell people how to live their lives. That is up to each individual. In Gnosis, we do not recognize authority in this form. As Krishnamurti said: “Authority destroys.” Authority, in terms of physical authority in a school, is a very dangerous element. When the sense of authority becomes imbalanced, it is destructive for the student and the teacher.
The physical teacher does not have the right to tell you how you should live your life. The physical teacher can make a suggestion if you ask, but has no right to make demands of you, or manipulate you, or reject you from the teaching if you do not do something the way the teacher demands you do it. These are all forms of manipulation and pride. Another reason that this is so important is that there are a lot of charlatans, there are a lot of people who call them selves “masters.” They go around boasting about themselves, in very humble ways, even in very subtle ways, that they are “such and such master.” They may not say it in a public classes, they may say it only in a so-called “advanced classes.” But the proclamation, the self-proclamation of mastery, is a lie. Why is that? Because the master, the guru is not us, it is the Being, it is the I Am. It is that primordial base of consciousness that we all share inside. The Master Samael stated in a very clear way:
The value of the human person, which is the intellectual animal called a human being is less than the ash of a cigarette. However, the fools feel themselves to be giants. Unfortunately, within all the pseudo- esoteric currents, a great amount of mythomaniac people exist. Individuals who fell themselves to be masters, people who enjoy when other people call them masters, individuals who believe themselves to be Gods, individuals who presume to be saints. The only one who is truly great is the Spirit, the Innermost. We, the intellectual animals, are leaves that the wind tosses about. No student of occultism is a master. True masters are only those who have reached the fifth initiation of major mysteries. And before the fifth initiation, nobody is a master. But even then, when the fifth initiation of major mysteries has been accomplished, spiritual, internally, the master is the Being, not the physical person.

May Your Inner Being Guide You Always
With Love to All

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: April 22, 2009 01:23PM

Thanks for that Free_Free,

Any other information you may have would be appreciated. There appears to be a lot we are not hearing about how the Gnostic Movement operates.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: April 23, 2009 04:11AM

In my supplying of definitions I seem to have failed to give a definition for the most misused word, Ego. By definition you can only have one ego. There are no such thing as egos. I think even people with multiple personality disorder would still be consider to have one ego. Essentially the ego is the conscious self.

Here is the Oxford English Dictionary definition. ego 1. the self; the part of the mind that reacts to reality and has a sense of individuality.

My feeling is if anyone tells you you should kill your ego that means you need to loose your sense of self. When you hear that run.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: May 06, 2009 10:54AM

I would like to re post something from another thread [], that is relevant to this discussion.

Date Added: 09/01/2008
Posts: 1

Re: New Gurdjieff Group


Ouspensky said that all thoughts are an “I”. He taught methods to eliminate the “I”, by gradually increasing consciousness. The premises upon which this concept was based is that all thoughts are different. People go through different states of being, and are thus expressing different “Is”. There is no individuality.

This ideology has been perpetuated right even through to the Gnostic Movement. Keir rightly mentioned that the Gnostics are similar (much of the techniques they teach are actually rooted in Gurdjieff and Ouspensky). Of course, not unlike the techniques Gurdjieff and Ouspensky used, the Gnostics also teach ego destruction.

That is a very dangerous thing. I’ll give my explanation. By increasing their “awareness” (being aware of the outside world and the body centers), many gnostic students loose touch with their thoughts. Over the years, the effects of this become degenerative…the constant methods that they practice (they practice them every minute of the day) prevent them from recuperating. The brain can’t restore itself, so they begin to experience a depletion in their sensorial and cognitive faculties.

The tissue in their eyes can’t recuperate, so they loose the ability to see certain things in their visual fields. If you notice (search Mark Pritchard on google…that’s the leader of the Gnostic Movement) his eyes are sometimes very wide. That is because the awareness method is actually stimulating the muscle that lifts the eyelids. Other eye muscles get stimulated as well…

Another thing I should mention, is that the eyes are like cameras. The cord (optic nerve) that connects them to the brain causes a gap in the visual field (blind spot). There is an actual spot (on both eyes) that you can’t see through (because there are no rods and cones there).

Ouspensky taught of the five centers. He didn’t know that there are actual areas (nuclei) for planning and carrying out movements in the brain (body movements). Also, he didn’t know that the spinal cord sends nerves out to the different muscles of the body. Flex your upper arm. If you put your hand there and flex, you will feel the muscles there grow tighter. They shrink because they are stimulated by a (partly electrical) impulse from the spinal cord.

Ironically, the gnostics (which have misunderstood Ouspensky) teach that the “motor center” is in the upper back, when in reality it is the spinal cord (and the brain stem). If you break your spinal cord, you loose movement in the areas of the body that it was connected to, from that point downward. There are people (quadriplegics) who can no longer move their arms and legs because they have damaged their spinal cords.

There are also areas for facilitating movement in mostly the cortical regions of the brain.

I’m not going to respond to this thread again because playing cult leader is not my forte. I’ll just leave by saying that Ouspensky, Gurdjieff and the modern gnostics (so-called) misunderstand human anatomy and physiology. They don’t understand that many of the practices that they do have no real affects (apart from dehumanizing oneself) and they are even harmful (they leave a strain on the brain and body).

Another affect is that they leave one more vulnerable to non-physical entities… (again…my reason for not wanting to play cult leader)…As a matter of fact, I might never post in the actual forums again because of the seriousness of the matter.

Notanantignostic mentioned in a post on the gnostic movement that Mark Pritchard does not accept liability in the case of death or coma. This is because the methods can lead to just that (Ouspensky’s)

Be informed Luthergrunge.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 06, 2009 09:59PM

What is described above is what I call the onion model--a socially structured lie.

Members on the outer layers get a benign version of the organization, and often experience genuine personal benefit.

But the outer circle members are kept unaware of the anxiety, fear, social control and suffering visited upon members of the inner circle--and in this case, on those trying to join the inner circle as teachers.

So long as someone stays in the outer circle and does not become a teacher, that outer circle member will have no frame of reference for the abuse teacher candidates are put through.

And it also means that those who do become teachers 1) have demonstrated they are obedient material for the leader and 2) by the time they become teachers, they have absorbed so much emotional battery and social control that whatever ancient wisdom they learned earlier will be taught by them through a distorting medium of anger, anxiety and tension---which will soil the knowledge passed on to members of the outer circle.

Its like enjoying a party, not knowing that the people cooking the food are being screamed at, abused in the kitchen.

Here for comparison is a description of inner circle life in a totally different organization.

One way to break the spell is to see that one's group is not unique at all, and its patterns can be found elsewhere.


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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: May 06, 2009 11:10PM

Thanks Corboy,

This relates to a similar matter I was recently listening to Tori Magoo who is an ex scientologist who puts videos up on youtube talk about. The matter of the student being the failure not the program and how so many people after they left were able to compare nots and realize that it wasn't so wonderful for any of them. While they were scientologist they were given the impression that it was better for the people at the higher levels.

With the Gnostic Movement there is no illusion of it being wonderful and fun or anything but just that people will be spiritually advanced and psychologically in a good state, also that their state of awareness will improve. Although it was not my intention I talked to enough people and asked enough questions to see that this wasn't true. You may remember Jordan who decided it was ok to attack me personally in the other thread, well he really didn' t like it that I would not stop looking at the bigger picture and comparing how the program worked for others. My interest was seen as being against the teachings and that I should focus on my own spiritual path, but realistically it is pretty obvious that such comparison is scary for a group that is full of fear. By the way Jordan felt the need to give me a good talking to about such an interested, using all the matters of intimidation he had at his disposal.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: May 25, 2009 11:39AM

Here is a site that details some of the internet traffic and statistics of the people who tend to visit Gnosticweb from the united states. Hopefully this will be helpful to some.


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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: Free_955 ()
Date: May 25, 2009 07:11PM

quantcast says 58 percent of the people who go there have not done college

does this mean anything, or is it just some random statistic?

I just noticed that the website attracts many un-educated people who have never gotten the opportunity to learn how to be cautious of what they read

most of them probably haven't read books like 1984 in school, or else they would have noticed similarities and cultic stereotypes sooner

Some of them believe anything they are told. Problems with syllogisms...

something that gives off smoke is a train... then a cigarette is a train

similar to

someone who fails to do the work is manipulated by evil...therefore everyone but the movement is evil

even if a cult member notices these strange flaws in the leader's teachings, the suspicion is covered up with sleep deprivation, excessive exposure to trollers, social pressure, dehumanization (egos, infra, guilt, etc.), and meditation (because many people believe that people who meditate are somehow smarter or wiser and also they think it getting closer in touch with their "true selves". But unfortunately, the "true self" they claim to be searching seems to be only a construction from the strange Gnosticweb teachings......

De-programming former cult members is very difficult, I have heard. They need to know how to just get back to everyday things in life and stop obsessing about what the organization would say. (Make connections and find similarities and coincidences in life that are not part of the organization.) They need to know how to reclaim their independance and their spontaneity...........


I've bought myself a new apricot facial cleanser

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