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Re: Desteni, cult Jargon, Bernard Poolman Applied Kinesiology scam
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 06, 2010 04:27AM

The Anticult
Its usually better to keep the responses about a group to one single thread, as otherwise good information gets buried. Some sects use that as a technique, to flood a message board posting good critical information with testimonials and multiple threads to confuse the issue.

Okay, so I will continue the discussion here under the appropriate heading instead of at []

Everyone uses 'jargon' as a characterized manner of speaking sandman, even you. The words I use are 'my' words that I am choosing in this moment. Words are who we all are. The manner of 'addiction' causes one to progress to other forms of 'addiction' in which one goes from one to another. What I am speaking of is the want, need, and desire to pursue something outside of oneself to fullfill something within that one senses is missing. Maybe you have never experienced what I'm speaking but I can assure you 'self honesty' and 'self forgiveness' when applied effectively releases such behaviors. This I have walked and shown for 'myself'.

I find it interesting that you say if desteni disappeared there would be no context for anyone to apply 'self honesty' and 'self forgiveness'. So what you are saying is you see no need for 'self honesty' and 'self forgiveness'. In this world that we exist in, I can see nothing more beneficial for ones self than 'self honesty' and 'self forgiveness' with 'self'. I don't need a 'website to know this and I do speak for myself and I live on the other side of the world from Bernard Poolman. It seems you are more interested in him than I am which clearly shows a sign of 'addictive behavior' within you. Nothing personal but you know not of that which you speak. You by your own definitiion show signs of destructive 'cult' behavior. I came here to share, you come here to prove wrongs of others.

People use jargon when they are communicating the technicalities of a specialised group or activity, which is partly what you have been doing at this forum, Cathy. One of the technical specialities of the Desteni process is 'applying self honesty and self forgiveness', which as far as language goes is a piece of jargon. Indeed, there is no need whatsoever for the jargoneering of Desteni or its dubious practices.

Your statement that you believe I show signs of addictive or destructive cult behavior is an ad hominem attack with no basis in fact, another predictable strategy often used by members of cults to try to bring down detractors.

However, I am personally interested in controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups or cults from a variety of perspectives as I have experience of having mistakenly wasted my time and energy being involved in some of them in the past. That is why I participate in this forum, because of my experience and to learn, provide information about or discuss these groups or practices in the spirit in which it is intended, from a reasonable and considered point of view; as a form of education about such matters. Cults are a major social problem and if it were not for the likes of the Rick Ross Institute they would be free to manipulate, control and destroy with impunity.

The Anticult
Any sect/group that has such intense higher abstraction re-languaging patterns, (Jargon), using so many words of that nature, is actually extremely dangerous. That is mental quicksand, a mind-trap.
Once an untrained person in these areas gets lured into a SYSTEM like that, using dozens of jargon-laden mental-concepts, they can get lost in that forest for YEARS. It can completely colonize a person's mind and mental concepts, as is its intent.

Even from just a quick initial look, its clear that Bernard Poolman and Desteni are no dummies. They know if they can take control of people's mental CONCEPTS at that higher level of abstraction, then the rest is gravy.

Yes, Desteni addresses the issue of languaging patterns quite thoroughly, and appear to be aware of what you are suggesting, that by re-programming a person's language control can be gained. Although the weird thing is they are generally incapable of using proper syntax or speaking or writing a coherent sentence themselves. It is the art of making gobbeldegook seem like 'common sense' ('common sense' being another Desteni piece of jargon), but of course the re-invention of language is typical of many cultic groups.

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Deconstructing Desteni, cult Jargon, Bernard Poolman who is he?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 06, 2010 08:04AM

People need to be very very careful when they run into these sects that have attached new meanings to so many words.
The people running the sect know that the MEANING of LANGUAGE is the primary aspect of any human's mind. So if they can start to shape those meanings, they shape the mind.
Its a subtle and fast technique of thought-reform, meaning-control, mind-control.
Its very powerful.

A few things to do to Deconstruct Desteni, are to..

- list all of their seminars and workshops, classes, retreats...etc.
- find the actual prices for these workshops and details.
- post the complete content of what goes on inside the workshops, as precisely as possible, all exercises, techniques, etc. (they always try to keep that secret, of course, that is a technique).
- list the belief systems of the group.

- locate the disclaimers/waivers they use for their workshops, and then post them in this thread.

The public has a RIGHT to be able to specifically review the precise content of any workshop, the total prices, the beliefs of the sect, and the DISCLAIMERS and WAIVERS before they sign-up, and while they are at home and not under pressure.
Where are the waivers for Desteni, if they use them?

There are complete waivers posted at this link for other LGAT seminars. []
James Ray International:
Waiver of Liability,Assumption of Risk, Indemnity Agreement and

Landmark waiver.

PSI seminars waiver



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Bernard Poolman, Desteni Productions Satanic sex Cult?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 06, 2010 08:20AM

What's the deal with this?
Is Desteni trying to create controversy to attract attention to themselves for marketing?

There is a group called OneTaste in SF who also likes to market themselves in the underground as a "sex cult" for "viral" marketing.
Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse, Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults? []

Having looked at many sects, this one is way out there...WARNING!
Their website is a mind-trap, they do a Pre-Frame right on the front-page, where they tell you to NOT make up your mind with just a few videos...they want you to let Desteni Video Productions indoctrinate you first into their sect, before you make up your mind!
You see Desteni talking about money and sex a lot, with some kind of Equal Money System? yikes..equal as in..give it all to Desteni?
Is Desteni targeting young women?

And using long run on sentences like that is also a technique from hypnosis where the conscious Mind is exhausted.... in trying to keep up and with...strange it begins to wear down the conscious Mind and allow...let....the language mind-programming from Desteni sect to begin to be accepted by the mind now - just like it is in the run on sentence below - which this sentence is an example of...don't fall for this technique!


Desteni Productions Satanic sex Cult?
by admin on March 25, 2010

What is Desteni? An Evil Satanic Cult? A New Age Pyramid scheme? A Communist movement? A New World Order agent? Or simply the commonsense Message That All Life is Equal and should be Honored as such – and that nothing less is Acceptable That we Stand up for All Life In Exposing and Stopping the Secret Mind of All Human Beings – Existing in Separation in our Minds – believing we have “free-choice” and “free-will” and that nothing that goes on in the “privacy” of our Minds, has any influence on or Responsibility for what is going on in the world While the World is an exact Reflection of our very Minds and thus Reflect the Abuse, Suffering, Inequality and Separation we Allow ourselves to Exist as and no one takes Responsibility for Actually Stopping what is going on in this World. Equal Life for All Life Support The Equal Money System – Support yourself as Life – Support and Honor All Life Equal

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NO REFUND scam WARNING: Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Course
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 06, 2010 08:44AM

The Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Course is using all kinds of marketing and persuasion tricks. []

They put up fake "barriers" to join, that is called creating Scarcity.
They put a pre-frame in place, telling you its the hardest thing you'll ever do.


Desteni does a brazen BS tactic, and says they will only accept 400 people. This is a typical transparent sales bullshit tactic. Scarcity and Exclusivity.
They will take anyone who gives them the MONEY, that is how it works. That is just Common Sense.

And the crapola they try to use in the Desteni pre-frame material below, is unbelievable.
They say the online course TAKES 4 YEARS. That is an extreme "sucker-test". Of course, those who enrol, are going to go on for many more years than that, and there will be all sorts of other "offers" to make more money off them, one step at a time.

So its Bernard Poolman who is behind Desteni?
If so, its time to pull out the big guns and do some serious research on him.
Desteni just looks like a way for whoever created it to get rich using the internet. They have set-up online "courses" and try to convince people to pay them THOUSANDS.

SERIOUS WARNING about Desteni:
The text below from Desteni is very manipulative, deceptive, and is designed to persuade, lure and entice you to sign up for their courses.
Desteni are making vague medical cure claims, which could be illegal.
They are selling the bogus muscle-testing.
They are trying to lure you to their Desteni Farm, and are upselling "coaching" services. Once they get you on that Desteni Farm, what is going on on that "farm"?

And there are NO REFUNDS. Once they have your money, its gone. Another NO REFUND seminar scam.

Whoever has designed Desteni and Desteni Farms, and Desteni Facilitators, is very smart, and has studied many other LGAT seminars and sects.
They are looking to get people into Desteni for YEARS AND YEARS and it will cost thousands, and even all the money you have.

_____quote excerpt for educational research and analysis___________ []

Structural Resonance Alignment Training (S.R.A.T)

What is S.R.A.?

Our Structural Resonance is for instance what we think, how we participate with others, what we experience with ourselves through trusting our emotions and feelings, thoughts and words. What relationships we
develop, how we interpret and perceive the world, how exactly we “fit into the world” amongst other human beings.
Throughout the history of our world we can see that this Structural Resonance is not aligned in oneness and equality for all through the examples of war, greed and constant conflict.
This course focuses on aligning our Structural Resonance to oneness and equality for all.

What is S.R.A.T.?

The Structural Resonance Alignment Training is a newly designed online program, which is based on
communication with the physical body through muscle-communication, aligning our structural resonance to oneness and equality. As muscle-testing is a tool, the answers that you receive will be dependent on the starting Point of the questions that you ask.

Throughout this course you will be given different tools and techniques to assist with self-honest
communication as well as enhance your communication skills with your physical body. Structural Resonance Alignment is a self-honest technique that has been designed to assist oneself to remove the layers of deceit that we have come to believe and live out as an expression of ourselves. Within this you will find a trustworthy reference-point to assist and support yourself through any and all challenges you will come to face throughout your life.
Furthermore, you will master the skills to allocate and directly diffuse conscious, subconscious and
unconscious mind system manifestations that are situated and manifested within and as the human physical body. This includes transcending physical uncomfortabilities such as asthma, scoliosis, rheumatism, etc.

If you are effective within your skills, you will be able to apply them with yourself as well as other beings, assisting and supporting them in revealing what they have accepted and allowed to exist within themselves as well as assisting and supporting them to effectively release it.
The S.R.A.T. is a 4 year self-study program broken up into 4 units. Your effectiveness of self-movement and physical application as well as your method of payment will determine how long this course takes you to complete.


As stated above, the S.R.A.T. is an online course. How does this practically work?

With registration you will gain access to the internet platform which we will be utilizing for the S.R.A. course with your own individual login name and password. After every full payment of € 100 you will gain access to the next months study material. Each month consists of 4 video lessons as well as the relevant manuals and practical lessons. Furthermore, you will gain access to the S.R.A. Forum where you can post questions and receive direct assistance and support in the chat room.

After completion of each unit you are invited to visit the Desteni Farm for practical training for a
period of one month – board and lodging for free. On completion of the fourth and final unit, your visit to the Desteni Farm will include a Structural Resonance Alignment assessment, which will determine whether or not you qualify for accreditation as a Structural Resonance Alignment Facilitator.

Please note:
1)The visit to the farm is optional for those who wish to do this as a self-help course only.
2)For those who wish to further this course into a profession it is optional to visit the farm after

completion of every unit, but compulsory to come to the farm after completion of all four units, whereby

your Structural Resonance Alignment is tested for accreditation.
Structural Resonance Alignment Training (S.R.A.T)

Benefits of a Facilitator

-The ability to financially support yourself by performing Structural Resonance Alignment Sessions
on other beings as well as giving S.R.A.T. courses and accredit other beings.
-Highly developed

Course outline

There are 4 units in the S.R.A. course with each unit consisting of 25 modules.

Unit 1 consists of the following modules:
(Takes 1 year to complete)

M 1 – Setting the Skill M 10 – Dreams M 19 – Media
M 2 – Setting the Skill 2 M 11 – Belief M 20 – Clothes
M 3 – Culture M 12 – Personalities M 21 – Sleep
M 4 – Environment M 13 – Symbol M 22 – Soul
M 5 – Race M 14 - Addiction M 23 – Pre-programming
M 6 – Gender M 15 – Sex M 24 – Desires
M 7 – Nature, Plants, etc. M 16 – Vocabulary M 25 - Need
M 8 – Animals M 17 – Sounds
M 9 – Phobias M 18 – Pictures

Unit 2 consists of the following modules:
(Takes 1 year to complete)

M 26 – Physical Balance M 35 – Friends M 44 – Charge Levels
M 27 – Writing M 36 – Externalization of Family M 45 – Symptom Placements
M 28 – Reading M 37 – God M 46 – Viruses
M 29 – Speaking M 38 – Spirit M 47 – Parasites
M 30 – Values M 39 – Hormones M 48 – Supplements
M 31 – Manipulation M 40 – Time M 49 – Vitamins
M 32 – Attacks M 41 – Food M 50 – Minerals
M 33 – Defenses M 42 – Wounds
M 34 – Occupation M 43 – Hopes

Unit 3 consists of the following modules:
(Takes 1 year to complete)

M 51 – Additives M 60 – DNA M 69 – Mirror/ Reflections
M 52 – Essences M 61 – Genetics M 70 – Responsibilities
M 53 – Earth M 62 – Past Lives M 71 – Communication
M 54 – Perceptions M 63 – Guides M 72 – Intimacy
M 55 – Fluids M 64 – Frequencies M 73 – Forgiveness
M 56 – Weather M 65 – Patterns M 74 – Honesty & Dishonesty
M 57 – Seasons M 66 – Controls M 75 – Common Sense
M 58 – Planets M 67 – Machine Language
M 59 – Astrology M 68 – Magnetics

Unit 4 consists of the following modules:
(Takes 1 year to complete)

M 76 – Logic M 85 – Influences M 94 – Future
M 77 – Reason M 86 – Insects etc. M 95 – Prophecy
M 78 – Purposes M 87 – Weeds M 96 – Suppressions
M 79 – Matter M 88 – Drugs M 97 – Denials
M 80 – Quantum Reality M 89 – Medicines M 98 – Will
M 81 – Creativity M 90 – Tinctures M 99 – Fears
M 82 – Expression M 91 – Potencies M 100 - Loves
M 83 – Light & Dark M 92 – Maps
M 84 – Good & Evil M 93 – Structural Designs

Payment options
Per unit

•A once off payment of € 1100

•12 monthly payments of € 100
Totaling € 1200
•24 monthly payments of € 50
Totaling € 1200
(Each unit will then take two years to complete)

Per Course

•A once off payment of € 3600

Please do not ask for discounts as this is a dishonest action – all are one and equal in participating and paying for this course.

Registration Fee

A yearly registration fee is required to reserve your seat as there will be a limited number of seats available per course offered. The registration fee is €200 and includes the first 2 months courses which totals 8 lessons.
Please Note: This does not apply to the applicants opting for the Once off payment per unit(€ 1100) or the once off payment per course (€ 3600), as their seats are automatically reserved upon payment received.


Please note, there are no refunds on this course as this course is a service agreement. What does a service agreement mean? Service agreement means that you as a student receive training, assistance and direction from the available facilitators on the Desteni Farm assisting you with the Structural Resonance Alignment, which provides you with life-skills, self-direction, self-honesty, self-trust, self-determination, self-acceptance, self-intimacy, self-discernment, self-responsibility, clarity and insight. Thus, if you choose to stop participation in the S.R.A. course, there are no refunds.

The registration fee is a non-refundable deposit as it acts as a booking or reservation fee – you reserve a seat for yourself in a particular course, upon which this seat cannot be taken in by another person. Upon request your seat may be transferred to a later course, but the reservation fee is non-refundable.

Where do my payments go?

1)To the Farm Facilitators

Our facilitators are committed firstly to their own S.R.A. and through their daily discipline, they are able to assist you as themselves one and equal. This requires the utmost discipline and dedication to themselves and thus, you as themselves. The farm facilitators are available to assist as a directive point for additional support required.

2)To Facilities

Facilities are provided to the facilitators to create an environment of specific focus for structural resonance alignment training and practice. More facilitators are being trained and one day this will be you, visiting the farm for your Structural Resonance Alignment assessment, where you will utilize these facilities.

3)To Equipment

Staying up to date with and maintaining the necessary audio, visual and internet communications equipment is essential to our effective facilitation of the SRA course.

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Re: NO REFUND scam WARNING: Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Course
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 06, 2010 08:52AM

Working on the Desteni S.R.A. - sounds identical to the Scientology cult Preclear.

Preclear. Someone who is getting auditing (spiritual counseling) who is not yet "Clear," Clear being that state of being free of unconscious impulses that cloud your judgment, and not having any memories of pain and unconsciousness or engrams. PC or preclear is often used to mean anyone taking Scientology "therapy" even if they are Clear or above. A person who is OT 1 through OT 8 and being audited may be called a PC or sometimes a pre-OT.

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Re: NO REFUND scam WARNING: Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Course
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 06, 2010 09:21AM

Anyone have links to any websites that have information on "Bernard Poolman".

Searching for this turns up some links:

"Bernard Poolman" cult

Is this an image of him? []

Has "Bernard Poolman" changed his name, did he used to go under any other names?

One sales technique Bernard Poolman has missed is this one...tell people if they mail a photo of themselves and a $100 "gift", then Desteni will do a chanelling "remote healing" for them. For a bigger healing, send a bigger check.
Many New Wage scam sects use that one. Or maybe Bernard does that method too?

This Desteni sect is getting quite disturbing what may be really going on with the young women.
There was some Desteni advertising propaganda posted below, and some harsh responses, with more propaganda from Desteni Facilitators.
A young woman being used as a "front" to try and cash-in on the New Wage market, and worse.

Who is Desteni - Is She A Crystal Child? []

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Re: NO REFUND scam WARNING: Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Course
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 06, 2010 10:54AM

Just to reiterate, its going to be essential to really dig into who "Bernard Poolman" is, and his associates.
The teenagers are not running the Desteni business, they are the front.

And guys like Bernard Poolman don't come out of nowhere, and start running some big New Age channelling sect with their own "farm/compound" and the rest of it. He is going to have a history in this business going back many years.
Although he may have used another name, or a variation of that name.
Perhaps someone has done the dossier on Bernard Poolman already, and that can be linked to?

One huge clue about the Desteni scam, is that right from the front, they are using the words Mind-Control, that is very telling.
Of course, they try and say that society is mind-controlling you, blah blah, same old.
But in every case, when some sect starts by talking about Mind-Control, in fact that is exactly what they are practicing on their own members.
Its nothing mystical.

A part of Mind-control, for example, is redefining the meanings of hundreds of key words and core beliefs used by the sect as Jargon, like Desteni does.

What this is pointing to, is that Bernard Poolman and his associates have spent many years studying advanced group persuasion and indoctrination, in various different ways. There will be clues in their materials that they have copied from others.

For example, do they use an acronym for Desteni?
They changed Destiny, to Desteni.

Even the David Ickeists think Desteni has gone too far over the edge!
The Desteni cult []

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Re: Desteni, Bernard Poolman, cult
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: April 06, 2010 07:22PM

Bernard Poolman, the main driving force behind the Desteni organization, has employed a deliberate tactic to make it look like he is just another regular member of Desteni.

It would be easy to make the mistake of assuming that Desteni is Sunette Spies, but Desteni is a group. Sunette is or was supposedly an interdimensional portal for numerous famous persons including Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Terence McKenna as well as various cosmic beings. All these famous names on YouTube are keywords for common search terms which means Desteni went viral. Sunette Spies in her role as pop star YouTube guru-'portal' has done most of the work in establishing the presence of the Desteni group on the internet, and helping the recruitment process, while Poolman stayed behind the scenes.

The videos of Poolman on his YouTube page at [] never show his face. The image posted by Anticult is not of Poolman. Amongst videos promoting the bizarre campaign to get 100 million people to shave their heads in support of Desteni one or two images of him may pop up ... []

With all the language re-programming, muscle testing, channeling of famous people, shaven heads, targeting of young people etc Desteni is almost a parody of a cult, and in many ways it's all quite laughable. But however outlandish and ridiculous it seems, they are totally serious.

Darryl Thomas
I supposed personal attacks are allowed if one is being criticized and accused of leading a "new religious movement."

Daryll, there haven't been any actual personal attacks. Existing information about your group and leader has been posted and discussed. Just because you have got involved in a dubious or controversial group does not mean to say you deserve to be attacked.

'Godlike Productions' is not usually a reliable source of information, no, but in this case the post I quoted summed up the mode of operation of Desteni as it can be understood simply by reading the Desteni websites. I also pointed out one of the mistakes in that post. It's not generally teenagers involved but young people. Just for the record, ThomDarc's implication that Desteni may be involved in child molestation is as far as I can see totally unfounded.

So before you say that Desteni are being misjudged on this forum, and no outsiders can truly understand it, please try to step back a bit, look at things objectively and see it how others see it. Sure, there are many injustices in the world but joining a group that so blatantly exhibits the signs of being an out and out delusional and fraudulent cult is not the way forward.

I say that as someone who has done a lot of study, research and had active involvement in all aspects of religion, occultism, the New Age, spiritualism etc etc. With experience of all these things, having been involved in cults myself in the past, I don't pretend to be an expert but do know what I'm talking about, as do many other contributors to this forum.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 04/06/2010 07:25PM by Sandman.

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Desteni Education, Bernard Poolman, OSHO/Rajneesh cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 07, 2010 02:10AM

Thanks for clarifying that pic was not the Bernard Poolman of Desteni, there seem to be a few Bernard Poolman's out there.

And yes, Godlike Productions is a public message board, but there is some good information there from former members from various obscure and strange sects. For example, there were people there posting in great detail about a Stuart Wilde retreat where people were robbed at machine gunpoint, using drugs, and other expose's of his business scams. []
Why I dislike like Stuart Wilde []

Also, Desteni is using "teenagers" in the technical sense, as even Sunette Spies was said to be 18 when she started? So people 18-19 are still technically teenagers, but yes Desteni is targeting young people.
One hopes young females are not being lured to the Desteni "Farm" to stay for "free".
Some of what is going on sounds like what has gone on in the OSHO communes.

And as far as underage teenagers being used in sexual activity in various sects, there have been many cases along those lines. One has to take any reports seriously, as it can take years for the authorities to move in. And if the sect is offshore somewhere, they can often bribe the local officials to look the other way at what is going on at the compound. Sai Baba has evaded justice by doing that, even with many reports of the sexual abuse of boys and Sai Baba being called a "sexual predator". []

There are so many red flags waving in the Desteni group, one can't count them.

This is another blurred image that comes up for the name Bernard Poolman.

There is also a facebook entry for Bernard Poolman, which does link to Desteni Education and Sunette Spies. []
That Bernard Poolman facebook page also links to OSHO which is the Rajneesh cult which was involved globally in many abuses, illegal activities, druggings, poisonings, and sexual abuses in their various compounds around the world.
Osho, Rajneesh, Bhagwhan Shree Rajneesh []

Was Bernard Poolman involved with OSHO/Rajneesh for an extended period of time?
Its looking like Poolman picked up some of the techniques from Rajneesh. There are listings of former Rajneesh/OSHO followers and commune members, perhaps his name will turn up in one of those lists.
Did he use another name?
Was he involved in OSHO South Africa?

"bernard poolman" osho
osho "bernard poolman"
"bernard poolman" Rajneesh

Its interesting Desteni Productions also uses the term Desteni Education.
[] []
That sounds very much like Landmark Education, and Desteni Education offer "free" treatments, like Scientology offers a free "stress test". Its just a way to grab new customers.

But regardless, if in fact Bernie Poolman is the brains behind the operation, trying to find out what he has been involved in for the last 10-20 years in this business would be very enlightening on the tactics and methods being used by Desteni Productions. They are being run like a corporation with several areas, and at least the internet material is quite organized and planned out in its methods of luring young people.
As mentioned, Sunette Spies is the "face" of the sect. This is not a new technique, to find a young person to front a sect of this nature, acting as a "channel". That has been going on for years, some smaller groups have used their own kids.

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Re: Desteni Education, Bernard Poolman, OSHO/Rajneesh cult
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 07, 2010 02:32AM

If one searches for:

"Bernard Poolman" producer

"Bernard Poolman" "south africa"

some interesting links come up.
Here we have another entrepreneur/producer, like Rhonda Byrne of The Secret, using video to try and market their product to the masses, and make millions. Rhonda Byrne made millions and then retired.

This page is very revealing on the techniques being used by the people running the Desteni Corporation

Poolman - South Africa Directory | LinkedIn
Bernard Poolman Independent Writing and Editing Professional

South Africa

Education North-West University/Noordwes-Universiteit

Bernard Poolman’s Education
North-West University/Noordwes-Universiteit

Bernard Poolman’s Contact Settings
Interested In:
consulting offers new ventures business deals

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