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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Ann1986 ()
Date: December 15, 2008 03:46AM

Hi everyone!

I am a member of the desteni forum, and what desteni talks about is not "cult talk". It is seen by everyone who is willing to consider things different then what you have been thought in society, those that can look with an open mind. Thats what I did for some years now and came to the same understandings as desteni. I saw the video of the girl on youtube and I was like: yeah! thats what I also noticed. so I joined the forum and gave me alot of insights.
None of it are believes, because I refuse to believe anything. As darryl said: believes are just things you want to be true for some reason such as self intrest. So I listen to whats been said, whats been written. I dont care if a tree wrote it or a dimensional or my mom.

Is the world fucked up? DUH! But its just not so "urgent" when it isnt happening to you ?

Anyway, I decided to go visit desteni in africa, and thats what I have in summer. I stayed there for 1 month and then went back to belgium. there were some others there to from the forum.
What did they ask or expect from us? nothing. Lol
they gave us free food every day and we could do what we want. I have not spend a single euro on desteni, neither did the ones who were there. No money is asked, none at all. How do they get money? They sell educational software. You need money in this world to survive and you can use the system. Without having to become a system robot living for its own happiness and money or sex or whatever...

The basic things desteni talks about are just common sense, I mean: everyone can see it, everyone can realise it.
And look, I went there and am back home safe and not locked up in an underground bacement LOL. My family had the same worries that it would be a cult and they would never see me again.
Well, thats a load of crap.

And if you want to call it a cult for whatever reason...then its the best cult in the world! Oness and equality for everyone and everything, not 1 above or below the other.

to bad sometimes the ego is to big for wanting to hear that...

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Orthodoxy12 ()
Date: December 15, 2008 03:59AM

I just posted a response. Where is it?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: December 15, 2008 10:24PM


It was deleted.

Preaching is not allowed at this message board per the rules you agreed to before posting here.

Please post within the rules.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: solea13 ()
Date: December 15, 2008 11:44PM

What's interesting here is how many people from Desteni have come to defend their group.

Desteni members please note that the purpose of this forum is to provide a free space for those who are becoming educated on the process of thought-reform and mind control.

The purpose of this thread is to provide information for those who have come to research & learn about the group from a different perspective OR who were once and no longer wish to be involved with Desteni.

I am sure that Desteni runs various Websites that promote a positive image of the group. It should be acceptable, however for people to have this one little corner of the Internet to discuss opposing views.

I was involved with a group once as you were. I believed strongly as you do that my group provided almost all the answers to the overwhelming problems of a corrupt society and declining world. I belived that we were the ones who were liberated. We did not use the term 'system robot'. We spoke of people outside as being 'asleep' or we would simply smile at each other and say 'they don't know' what's really going on.

We thought that we could cure illnesses with our hands for example. We were going to eradicate illness from the face of the earth. We had a spiritual mission on earth to 'help' others - which meant to recruit them into our group.

Certainly, if I had learned that there was a thread criticizing my group, I might have been fascinated too. I might have come here to defend it. If I had learned that my Guru had seduced many women, and had children by different women in several different countries, I would have excused it by saying that my Guru was an Enlightened Being, far above petty 'personal' love and that he was simply obeying God's directives and teaching us something through that.

Our group too, talked about 'love for all mankind'. We learned that all people and events are equal. We used the terms 'It's all good.' or 'There is no good and bad' or 'All is One'. We were encouraged to sacrifice our personal lives for humanity.

Many, many groups use these appeals to these higher ideals ... not just Desteni. It is the modus operandi of such groups to make the members feel that they are very evolved and that they don't live in the selfish, shallow material word any more.

They create a division between the world and the group in this way. All the 'shadow', the lesser instincts of the people inside the group are transferred onto the outside world. No such group focusses on the many good achievements or elements of the outside world. They see 'society' as a single entity instead of remembering that society is made up of individuals both good and bad. They don't remind you that there are many people in the word with strong values ... even strong spirituality.

It can be a great feeling to be a part of the group, to feel 'special' or 'chosen' to feel like one's life now has a unique purpose or mission. Every little thing that happens has meaning and value. Plus you can go to the group leader with all your concerns and worries and lay them at his/her feet. It's a relief to have someone else helping you make decisions.

So I guess I am once more a 'system robot' as you describe it. I left my group and began making a life for myself in the outside world. I realized when I exited that there is no 'black and white' as you feel when you are in a cultic group or relationship. I realized that if you get sick you probably need medicine to heal, you can't just wish it away.

I began to understand that there is both good and bad in society. I am a member of the society and it is up to me to make positive changes in a realistic, practical way. I decided to do something in the education field that makes a real difference in the lives of children every day. I was able to take my sense that there is something wrong with society and integrate it into a meanigful career where I can effect positive change.

To live on the fringe in a cult has many apparent benefits. Often those of us who have been cult members don't feel like we 'fit' into regular society. We find a group where we find a sense of belonging. Their philosophy matches our ideals much more closely than those of society.

But there is a hidden price we pay to belong to such a group ... an abdication of responsibility for our own lives; a 'true believer' mentality where we absorb the group's philosophy wholesale and abandon critical thinking and fact-checking. Those in power may seem so benign at first. But 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. In time, even the most well-intentioned Guru (and his/her inner circle) can end up involved in financial and sexual abuses of power that the membership never imagined possible.

Society needs people like us; people who are so idealistic and well-meaning. So many of us opt out of society by joining these groups instead of working within it. You don't need to be locked in a basement to be in a cult. The most powerful cults don't use force at all. It is your mind that is the prized possession of these groups. They control insidiously with celestial visions and unearthly promises. I know you believe that it can't happen to you. You are too strong, you are an independent thinker, a free spirit. Well, I felt the same way too, once.

Good luck to you all.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: December 16, 2008 03:07AM

To whom it may concern:

A number of Desteni members seem intent upon attempting to dominate this thread.

But that will not be allowed.

Please understand that posts which violate the rules regarding flaming and personal attacks will not be approved.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 16, 2008 04:14AM

Sandman wrote

"It's run by a 22 year old but there may be some other individuals behind it. She conducts interdimensional portal interviews with Reptilian gods, Marilyn Monroe, Adolf Hitler, Jim Morrison and numerous others. Amazingly, it's totally serious. "

Adlf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison.

Know what all three of them had in common?

None of them handled fame very well.

And all of them committed suicide.

They're not likely to be very reliable guides to those who are unhappy in life.

And that is putting it mildly.

And its just a strange assortment of figures to commune with. Almost a test, to see who will swallow anything
and who would just laugh and walk off.

Will tell you some people have very, very strange taste in role models.

A guy who managed a supermarket told me a teenaged girl who hung out at the place left her backpack there.
He looked in the pack to see if there was info he could use to contact her so she could get the backpack returned.

'In it was a great big knife and a note reading, 'I love you Charlie Manson' the guy said, shaking his head in dismay.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: December 16, 2008 06:51AM


So you dont care to discuss the desteni philosophy? Why is that because then you would not actually have anything else to write about - would rather find dirty little secrets about us and talk about that until your ego's expand.

I won't be discussing the Desteni philosophy with Desteni followers because it would be a pointless argument. Apart from that, it just isn't credible as a philosophy so isn't worth discussing as one.

But for anyone interested, here's a recording of the Desteni leader, Mr. Poolman talking about how he views fear and crime: []

I get what you guys are doing, but it is laughable how you could possible compare a group of people who work together to a list of opinions based on some group that poisoned themselves in the name of God, just because what: Bernard works behind the scenes?

Those lists, which simply provide clarification about the meaning of "cult", are based on far more than one suicidal group. They are the result of decades of research into numerous different cults.

I don't pretend to have first-hand experience of the Desteni group, but based on an assessment of its presence on the web it is possible that it could be that Desteni is a cult, or is on danger of turning into a cult, and not just because of its philosophy.

Also because it is apparent that Desteni does not appear to accept criticism or engage in any reasonable dialogue with anyone other than those who show they agree with the group. Group members in interaction with outsiders seem to either only proselytize or attack. Ex-members have complained about the way they've been put down or dismissed.

Desteni says that humanity is corrupt. This involves apocalyptic prophecies as well as a very negative view of human nature. There appears to be ongoing encouragement for the group members to constantly analyze or evaluate themselves in relation to morbid theories about demons, ufos, crime, vampires, murder, famous dead people, reptilian aliens etc.

Desteni is mainly the work of one person pulling the strings while other people represent his ideas for him. It seems that this is carried out to the exclusion of anything else. There are unsavory reports about the leader which may or may not be true.

The key phrases I've referred to, which are continually repeated by the group, such as "equal and one", "self-honesty" and "common sense" seem to indicate rote behavior, a system of fixed ideas, dogma, a "group think" mentality.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 17, 2008 07:24AM

Here is an exhaustive link from some character that has bothered to listen to all the innane channeling of Destini. He comes up with more contradictions and inconsistencies than ever:


And here is ONE link to their money-making schemes (i.e., selling stuff to the believers).

(follow the money)

And Destini on MySpace.


My conclusion from these sites is that either the "channeler" at Destini is a true believer (which I doubt) or is a new-age con-artist in the same vein as a gypsy fortune-teller (which I believe is the case here).

This is not a cult (yet) per se, but merely at this time a crass-money making endeaver. How many people are being emotionally retarded by the belief in this nonsense? I blame the science teachers in our public schools for not instilling a sense of LOGIC in their students so they fall victim to this (in my opinion) crap.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: anonymousprime ()
Date: December 18, 2008 02:07PM

i came across this forum specifically looking for the background on this desteni thing i found on youtube actually. i was intrigued by the videos, the meaningless pseudospiritual things they talked about made me think of schizophrenics or brainwashed cult members, so i had to see if there was any record of some compound where these people were living and brainwashing each other. after reading through these posts that were left, it seems clear that it is very cultish in nature. despite talking about peace and understanding, they come off as very dangerous. i only hope that more people dont fall prey to whatever it is that is going on.

if it is just about money, then its similar to scientology. many people at the lower levels will eat that junk up while giving their money to their "saviors". just because the people at the top dont believe it doesnt make it any less of a cult i think.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Bastian ()
Date: January 09, 2009 12:52AM

Hi, this is Bastian and i am just here, to say something about desteni, because one part of me is still believing the message they are giving and the other is doubtful. I occupied myself with some of the things desteni is talking about and i was fascinated with them. If it`s ok, i will talk from both views i have:


Very much inteligent informations about simularitys which every human being carries.

an if you can`t afford it store ( so they do not make money )


One is not supposed to have oppinons, because they are not real, just self-images.. ( i can puzzle that, that we were born with the awareness that we are all one, nothing missing, but i think, that life is special, because we are all unique aswell and because everyone is expressing oneself in a different way, of cause there is alot suffering in the world and everyone should do something about it, but how we are responsible for that just by thinking, feeling, because we create reality that way i do not get, neither how channeling energy works. I mean, when you have a message, which is important for all humanity, are you going to fool around like that or do you present it in an serious way, so that even an 4 year old can understand it?)

What i realy don`t get is, how the Afterlife or the Dimensions are supposed to be, like when she is channeling someone in the following video:

From: []

When he is reincarnated as a beggar now who LOST his Realisations and Knowledge about oneness and equality, how can he then talk about it?

Are that then just storys told, so that we become better people? Because i can`t see what profit do they have and why should someone fudge such a huge story in great detail?

What i kept in mind, was Devide and Conquer and one is supposed to give up everything to realise everything. So one has no more choices.. And that makes me angry, when there is such a thing as a realisation of truth, but one can`t know if one can trust, because it`s also said, that there is a danger, that one gives himself away to systems, but one is suppost to give up every attachment, so when desteni is right, it`s one nearly impossible task, being alone and giving away everything one ever knew for something one doesn`t even understand, of cause death might be kinda like that... And as Ken Wilber said, die while you are alive..

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